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Publication numberCN1280482 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 98811607
PCT numberPCT/EP1998/007536
Publication date17 Jan 2001
Filing date18 Nov 1998
Priority date26 Nov 1997
Also published asEP1047370A1, US6277360, US20020001605, WO1999026585A1
Publication number98811607.3, CN 1280482 A, CN 1280482A, CN 98811607, CN-A-1280482, CN1280482 A, CN1280482A, CN98811607, CN98811607.3, PCT/1998/7536, PCT/EP/1998/007536, PCT/EP/1998/07536, PCT/EP/98/007536, PCT/EP/98/07536, PCT/EP1998/007536, PCT/EP1998/07536, PCT/EP1998007536, PCT/EP199807536, PCT/EP98/007536, PCT/EP98/07536, PCT/EP98007536, PCT/EP9807536
InventorsPS卡鲁, P加拉格赫, PC科尼达里斯, S拉姆, ES里德, IB沃尔顿
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洗涤组合物 Detergent composition translated from Chinese
CN 1280482 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明提供一种洗涤表面使其上沉积固态活性剂的洗涤组合物,此洗涤组合物含有硅氧烷微滴乳液,而硅氧烷微滴含有:(a)连续的硅氧烷相;及(b)固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 The present invention provides a method of cleaning a surface so that the active agent is deposited on the solid detergent composition, the detergent composition comprises a silicone microemulsion, and silicone droplets comprising: (a) a continuous silicone phase; and (b) a dispersed phase of solid particulate active agent. 优选的固态活性剂是固态抗微生物剂如巯氧吡啶锌。 Preferred solid active agent is an antimicrobial agent such as solid zinc pyrithione.
Claims(8)  translated from Chinese
1. 1. 用于洗涤表面使其上沉积固态活性剂的洗涤组合物,所述洗涤组合物含有硅氧烷微滴的乳液,而此硅氧烷微滴含有:(a)连续的硅氧烷相;及(b)固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 It is used to wash the surface active agent is deposited on the solid detergent composition, the detergent composition containing a silicone emulsion droplets, and this silicone droplets comprising: (a) a continuous silicone phase; and (b) a dispersed phase of solid particulate active agent.
2. 2. 根据权利要求1的洗涤组合物,其中固态活性剂是固态杀微生物剂,优选巯氧吡啶锌。 Detergent composition according to claim 1, wherein the solid active agent is a solid microbicide, preferably zinc pyrithione.
3. 3. 根据权利要求1或2的洗涤组合物,其中硅氧烷微滴的平均粒径为1~100微米,优选为2~30微米,更优选为3~10微米。 A cleaning composition as claimed in claim 1 or 2, wherein the average particle diameter of the silicone droplets is from 1 to 100 microns, preferably from 2 to 30 microns, more preferably 3 to 10 microns.
4. 4. 根据权利要求1~3的任一项的洗涤剂组合物,系发用或体用洗去式清洁香波组合物形式,此香波组合物包含:(a)以总重量计0.1~50%的一种或多种表面活性剂;(b)以总重量计0.001~5%的固态活性剂,优选固态杀微生物剂,最优选巯氧吡啶锌。 A detergent composition according to any one of claims 1 to 3, with a line wash hair or body shampoo composition in the form of cleaning, this shampoo composition comprising: (a) the total weight of 0.1 to 50% of one or more surfactants; (b) based on the total weight of 0.001 to 5% of the solid active agent, preferably solid microbicide, most preferably zinc pyrithione. (c)以总重量计0.01~10%的硅氧烷;(d)以总重量计0.01~10%的沉积聚合物,优选选自阳离子聚丙烯酰胺,阳离子羟烷基纤维素醚及阳离子瓜尔胶衍生物。 (C) based on the total weight of 0.01 to 10% silicone; (d) based on the total weight of 0.01 to 10% of the deposition polymer, preferably selected from cationic polyacrylamides, cationic hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers and cationic guar derivatives.
5. 5. 根据权利要求4的洗涤组合物,它还包含0.1~5%硅氧烷悬浮剂。 Detergent composition according to claim 4, further comprising 0.1 to 5% of a silicone suspending agent.
6. 6. 根据权利要求4或5的洗涤组合物,还包含以总重量计0.1~10%的调理剂,所述调理剂选自阳离子表面活性剂、季铵5、季铵-31、季铵-18(Quaternium-5,Quaternium-31,Quaternium-18)、蛋白质水解产物、季铵化的蛋白质水解产物,全氟聚醚材料,脂肪酸,脂肪醇,及它们的混合物。 A cleaning composition as claimed in claim 4 or 5, further comprising based on the total weight of 0.1 to 10% of the conditioning agent, the conditioning agent is selected from cationic surfactants, quaternary ammonium 5, -31 quaternary ammonium, quaternary ammonium - 18 (Quaternium-5, Quaternium-31, Quaternium-18), protein hydrolysates, quaternized protein hydrolysates, perfluoropolyether materials, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and mixtures thereof.
7. 7. 制造加到洗涤组合物中去的硅氧烷微滴乳液的方法,所述硅氧烷微滴含有:(a)连续的硅氧烷相;及(b)固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 Manufacturing added to detergent compositions to silicone microemulsions method, the silicone droplets comprising: (a) a continuous silicone phase; and dispersed phase (b) solid particles of the active agent. 所述方法包括下列步骤:(a)把固态活性剂分散到硅氧烷液体中,(b)把如此制得的分散液乳化,形成硅氧烷微滴乳液,所述硅氧烷微滴含有:(a)连续的硅氧烷相;及(b)固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 Said method comprising the steps of: (a) the solid active agent dispersed in a silicone fluid, (b) the thus obtained emulsified dispersion, to form a silicone emulsion droplets, the droplets containing the silicone : (a) a continuous silicone phase; and (b) a dispersed phase of solid particulate active agent.
8. 8. 根据权利要求7的方法,其中固态活化剂是杀微生物剂,优选巯氧吡啶锌,而且其中硅氧烷相的粘度至少为10000,优选至少50000厘沲,此外其中第一步中,将固态活性剂用低粘度硅氧烷预润湿,所述低粘度范围为5~500厘沲,优选5~200厘沲。 Further wherein the first step, the solid active method according to claim 7, wherein the solid activator is a microbicide, preferably zinc pyrithione, and wherein the viscosity of the silicone phase is at least 10,000, preferably at least 50,000 centistokes, agents with a low viscosity silicone pre-wetting, the low viscosity in the range of 5 to 500 centistokes, preferably from 5 to 200 centistokes.
Description  translated from Chinese
洗涤组合物 Detergent composition

发明领域本发明涉及洗涤组合物,更具体地说,涉及在表面上沉积固态活性剂,例如固态抗微生物剂颗粒而洗涤表面的洗涤组合物。 Field of the Invention The present invention relates to cleaning compositions, and more particularly, relates to a solid active agent is deposited on a surface, such as solid state antimicrobial agent particles and the surface of the washing detergent compositions. 这类洗涤组合物包括洗涤头发或皮肤的组合物,例如洗发香波,调理剂,洗浴香波,淋浴凝胶,洗脸组合物,条状皂及盆浴泡沫。 Such washing compositions include washing the hair or skin a composition, e.g., shampoo, conditioner, bath shampoo, shower gel, face compositions, soaps and bath foam strip. 它们还可包括家用清洗组合物,如硬表面清洗剂。 They may also include household cleaning compositions such as hard surface cleaners.

发明背景及现有技术当以洗去式组合物(例如洗发和洗浴香波、调理剂等)中加入固态活性剂这种方式,输送固态活性剂,要使之有效沉积在表面,例如皮肤或头发上时,会遇到困难。 Background of the invention and the prior art as to wash away the formula compositions (e.g., shampoo and bath shampoos, conditioners and the like) solid surfactant is added in this manner, conveying solid active agent, To be effective deposited on the surface, such as skin or the hair, it will encounter difficulties. 这类活性剂常常优先从其欲沉积处被洗去,而不是被沉积下来。 Such agents often are washed away therefrom to be deposited preferentially at, instead of being deposited.

US 5037818描述了在含水洗涤组合物中存在某些阳离子聚合物能增强水不溶性颗粒,例如固态抗微生物剂的沉积。 US 5037818 describes the presence of certain cationic polymers to enhance the water-insoluble particles in the aqueous washing compositions, e.g., deposition of solid antimicrobial agent.

然而仍存在一些问题:典型的优选抗微生物剂(例如硫磺、二硫化硒及巯氧吡啶的重金属盐)是相当致密的物质,贮存时有从所混合的组合物中沉淀出的倾向。 However, there are still some problems: typical preferred antimicrobial agents (e.g., sulfur, selenium disulfide and heavy metal salts of pyrithione) is a relatively dense material, tends to precipitate out from the mixed composition upon storage. 因此,为了使含有这些类型活性剂的组合物从外观上看符合美学要求,并产生恒定、有效的功能,而不需将含有此组合物的包装物加以剧烈摇动,通常的做法是用悬浮剂将它们悬浮在组合物中。 Therefore, in order to make these types of compositions containing the active agent from the exterior meet the aesthetic requirements and produces a constant, effective function, without the need to contain the composition of the packaging to be vigorously shaken, the usual practice is to use a suspending agent they are suspended in the composition. 常用的悬浮剂包括结晶形悬浮剂(如乙二醇二硬脂酸酯),无机结构剂(如溶胀粘土)及亲水聚合物增稠剂(例如聚羧乙烯制剂)。 Commonly used suspending agents include crystalline suspending agents (such as ethylene glycol distearate) and inorganic structurants (such as swelling clays) and a hydrophilic polymer thickeners (e.g. carbomer). 虽然这些物质在使微粒物悬浮方面是有效的,但是它们又会有害地影响发泡性能,使组合物具有不希望的混浊外观。 Although these substances in the microparticles was suspended is effective, they would adversely affect the foaming properties, the composition having an undesired cloudy appearance. 特别是影响了活性剂在所希望的位置沉积,从而降低了性能。 Particularly those that affect the location of deposition of the active agent at a desired, thereby reducing performance.

本发明欲解决上述问题,和加速和/或提高固态活性剂,例如微粒状抗微生物剂,从洗涤组合物,特别是从洗去式组合物中沉积。 The present invention is intended to solve the above problems, and to accelerate and / or improve the solid active agent, e.g., a particulate antimicrobial agents, in particular deposition from detergent compositions wherein the composition from the wash.

EP 0552024描述了包含乳液的洗去式清洗组合物,此乳液含有聚硅氧烷型油的内油相,其中,内相含有(优选溶解其中)表面活性剂溶解的化妆试剂。 EP 0552024 describes an emulsion comprising a wash cleaning composition, the emulsion containing a silicone type oil within the oil phase, wherein the inner phase contains (preferably dissolve) the surfactants were dissolved makeup reagents. 苯基硅氧烷是特别优选的硅氧烷型油。 Phenyl silicones are particularly preferred silicone type oil. 其他的烷基硅氧烷由于其对优选化妆试剂疏水物质不具有溶解能力,因此不优选使用。 Other alkyl group is preferably a silicone because of its cosmetic agent having no ability to dissolve a hydrophobic substance, it is not preferable to use. 据说该组合物对提高表面活性剂溶解的防晒物质从清洗组合物(例如香波)中沉积特别有用。 The composition is said to improve the surfactants were dissolved sunscreen substances from the cleaning composition (e.g., shampoos) deposition is particularly useful.

我们已惊异地发现,固态活性剂,例如微粒抗微生物剂,能成功地以分散相加到硅氧烷乳液的硅氧烷相中去。 We have surprisingly found that solid active agents such as particulate antimicrobial agents, can be successfully added to the silicone emulsion to dispersed phase to the silicone phase. 以这一方法把固态活性剂加到硅氧烷相中,能增进沉积和增强固态活性剂从洗去式洗涤组合物输送,特别是与阳离子聚合物一起输送。 In this approach the active agent is added to the solid silicone phase, can enhance deposition and enhanced active agent delivery from the washed solid washing composition, particularly in conjunction with a cationic polymer delivery. 仔细控制硅氧烷粒径也能有利地提高活性剂针对毛囊作用。 Carefully controlling the particle size of the silicone can advantageously improve the effect of the active agent for the hair follicles.

本发明的概要第一方面,本发明提供了一种洗涤表面以便在其上沉积固态活性剂的洗涤组合物,此洗涤组合物含有硅氧烷微滴的乳液,而所述硅氧0 烷微滴含有:(a)连续的硅氧烷相;及(b)固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The first aspect, the present invention provides a method of cleaning a surface so that the detergent composition which is deposited solid active agent, the detergent compositions containing a silicone emulsion droplets, and the silicone alkoxy micro 0 drop comprising: (a) a continuous silicone phase; and (b) dispersed solid particles of the active agent.

第二方面,本发明提供一种制造加到洗涤组合物中去的硅氧烷微滴乳液的方法,所述硅氧烷微滴含有:(a)连续的硅氧烷相;及(b)固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 A second aspect, the present invention provides a method of manufacturing added to the wash composition to silicone microemulsions method, the silicone droplets comprising: (a) a continuous silicone phase; and (b) dispersed solid particles of the active agent.

所述方法包括下列步骤:(a)把固态活性剂分散到硅氧烷液体中,及(b)把如此制得的分散液乳化,形成硅氧烷微滴的乳液,所述硅氧烷微滴含有:(a)连续的硅氧烷相;及(b)固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 Said method comprising the steps of: (a) the solid active agent dispersed in a silicone fluid, and (b) the thus obtained emulsified dispersion, the emulsion droplets to form a siloxane, the siloxane micro drop comprising: (a) a continuous silicone phase; and (b) dispersed solid particles of the active agent.

详细描述及优选实施方案乳液根据本发明的洗涤组合物含有硅氧烷微滴的乳液,而硅氧烷微滴含有连续的硅氧烷相,及固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 Detailed Description and preferred embodiments of the emulsion containing the silicone emulsion droplets detergent composition according to the present invention, the silicone droplets contain a dispersed phase and a continuous silicone phase, and solid particles of the active agent.

乳液本身具有连续相(相中硅氧烷微滴被乳化),而相中又含有一种或多种表面活性剂,至少可作为硅氧烷微滴的乳化剂,其量为乳液重量的0.1~50%,优选为0.5~30%,典型值为1~10%。 Emulsion itself has a continuous phase (phase is emulsified silicone droplets), while another phase comprises one or more surfactants, at least as a droplet of silicone emulsifier, in an amount of 0 weight of the emulsion .1 to 50%, preferably 0.5 to 30%, typically 1 to 10%.

合适的乳化剂在现有技术中是公知的,包括阴离子和非离子乳化剂。 Suitable emulsifiers are well known in the prior art, including anionic and nonionic emulsifiers. 阴离子乳化剂的例子是烷芳基磺酸盐,例如十二烷基苯磺酸钠,烷基硫酸盐,例如月桂基硫酸钠,烷基醚硫酸盐,例如月桂基醚硫酸钠nEO,式中n是1~20,烷基酚醚硫酸盐,如辛基酚醚硫酸盐nEO,式中n是1~20,以及磺基琥珀酸盐,如二辛基磺基琥珀酸钠。 Examples of anionic emulsifiers are alkyl aryl sulfonates, such as sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, alkyl sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate, alkyl ether sulfates, such as lauryl ether sulphate nEO, where n is 1 to 20, alkylphenol ether sulfates, such as octyl phenol ether sulphate nEO, where n is 1 to 20, and sulphosuccinates, such as dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate.

非离子表面活性剂的例子是烷基酚乙氧化物,如壬基酚乙氧化物nEO,式中n是1~50,醇乙氧化物,如月桂醇nEO,式中n是1~50,酯乙氧化物,如聚氧乙烯单硬脂酸酯,其中氧乙烯单元的数目为1~30。 Examples of non-ionic surfactants are alkyl phenol ethoxylates, such as nonylphenol ethoxylate nEO, where n is 1 to 50, alcohol ethoxylates, e.g., lauryl alcohol nEO, where n is 1 to 50, ester ethoxylates, e.g., polyoxyethylene monostearate where the number of oxyethylene units is from 1 to 30.

乳液的连续相可以而且优选含有水,其含量优选为乳液重量的0.1~70%,典型为0.5~50%。 The continuous phase of the emulsion and preferably may contain water, the content thereof is preferably from 0.1 to 70% by weight of the emulsion, typically from 0.5 to 50%.

硅氧烷相适用于硅氧烷相的硅氧烷是不挥发的硅氧烷液体,它们可以是一种或多种聚烷基硅氧烷,一种或多种聚烷芳基硅氧烷,或它们的混合物。 Silicone silicone silicone phase with suitable non-volatile silicone is a liquid, which may be one or more polyalkyl siloxanes, one or more polyalkylaryl siloxanes , or mixtures thereof. 硅氧烷以乳化形式,例如分散微滴存在。 Silicone in emulsified form, e.g., the presence of dispersed droplets.

适用的聚烷基硅氧烷包括聚二甲基硅氧烷,其CTFA名称为“dimethicone”其在25℃下的粘度为5~1,000,000厘沲。 Suitable polyalkyl siloxanes include polydimethyl siloxanes which have the CTFA designation "dimethicone" having a viscosity at 25 ℃ 5 to 1,000,000 centistokes. 这些硅氧烷由General Electric Company以Viscasil系列出售,和由DowCorning以DC 200系列供应。 These siloxanes to Viscasil series sold by General Electric Company, and to the DC supply by the DowCorning 200 series. 其粘度以玻璃毛细管粘度计测出,如Dow Corning Corporate试验法CTM 004,1970年7月20日详述。 Its viscosity glass capillary viscometer out, such as Dow Corning Corporate Test Method CTM 004,1970 elaborate on July 20.

聚二乙基硅氧烷也适用。 Polydiethylsiloxane also suitable.

硅氧烷胶也适用,例如美国专利4152416(Spitzer)所述,以及General Electric硅氧烷橡胶产品资料表SE 30,SE 33,SE 54和SE 76所述。 Silicone gum is also applicable, for example, U.S. Patent No. 4152416 (Spitzer) described, and General Electric silicone rubber sheet SE 30, SE 33, SE 54 and SE 76 the. “硅氧烷胶”指分子量为200,000~1,000,000的聚二有机硅氧烷类,其具体例子包括聚二甲基硅氧烷聚合物,聚二甲基硅氧烷/二苯基/甲基乙烯基硅氧烷共聚物,聚二甲基硅氧烷/甲基乙烯基硅氧烷共聚物,以及它们的混合物。 "Silicone gum" means a molecular weight of 200,000 to 1,000,000 polydiorganosiloxane type, and specific examples include polydimethyl siloxane polymers, polydimethyl siloxane / two phenyl / methylvinylsiloxane copolymers, polydimethylsiloxane / methylvinylsiloxane copolymers, and mixtures thereof.

其CTFA名称为“amodimethicone”的氨基官能团硅氧烷在本发明的组合物中也是适用的,同样适用的是含端羟基的聚二甲基硅氧烷(其CTFA名称为“dimethiconol”)。 Amino functional silicones which have the CTFA designation "amodimethicone" in the compositions of the present invention are also suitable, are equally applicable polydimethylsiloxane containing terminal hydroxyl groups (which have the CTFA designation "dimethiconol").

硅氧烷相的最适粘度取决于被分散于其中的固态活性剂的物理性能。 The optimum viscosity of the silicone phase is dispersed therein depends on the physical properties of the solid state of the active agent. 若固态活性剂是抗微生物剂,例如金属(典型的是锌)巯氧吡啶(Pyridinethione)盐,一般来说建议硅氧烷相的粘度至少为10000厘沲,优选至少为50,000厘沲,例如60,000厘沲。 If the solid active agent is an antimicrobial agent, e.g., a metal (typically zinc) pyrithione (Pyridinethione) salt, silicone phase generally recommended that the viscosity of at least 10,000 centistokes, preferably at least 50,000 centistokes, For example 60,000 centistokes. 我们已发现,这有助于固态活性剂的分散相在连续硅氧烷相微滴中的适当保留性。 We have found that this helps solid active agent dispersed in the continuous silicone phase droplets of an appropriate retention. 如果连续硅氧烷相的粘度太低,则分散颗粒,例如巯氧吡啶锌会从它们所在的硅氧烷微滴内部迁移至外表面。 If the viscosity of the continuous silicone phase is too low, the dispersed particles, such as zinc pyrithione be from the silicone droplets where they migrate to the outer surface of the internal. 如果粘度太高,则洗涤组合物会变得难于加工。 If the viscosity is too high, the detergent composition becomes difficult to process.

本发明洗涤组合物中的硅氧烷微滴的合适平均粒径为1~100微米,优选为2~30微米,更优选为3~10微米。 Suitable average particle diameter of the detergent compositions of the present invention the silicone droplets is from 1 to 100 microns, preferably from 2 to 30 microns, more preferably 3 to 10 microns. 当此组合物欲用于头发时,硅氧烷粒径为3~10微米是特别优选的,因为据信这一大小使硅氧烷颗粒能最理想地针对毛囊产生作用,因而最佳地使固态活性剂,例如抗微生物剂针对毛囊产生作用。 When this combination of materialism applied to the hair, the silicone particle size of 3 to 10 microns are particularly preferred, because it is believed that the size of the silicone particles can make the best for the hair follicles to produce an effect, so the best way to make solid active agents, such as antimicrobial agents for the hair follicles have an effect. 粒径可以用激光光散射技术,使用产自Malvern Instruments的2600D颗粒测定仪(2600D ParticleSizer)进行测定。 You can use a laser light scattering particle technology, the use of 2600D produced from Malvern Instruments particle analyzer (2600D ParticleSizer) were measured.

本发明的洗涤组合物以洗涤组合物总量计,通常含有0.01~10%重量、优选0.5~5%重量硅氧烷(指硅氧烷本身,而非硅氧烷微滴乳液)。 Detergent compositions of the present invention to the total amount of detergent compositions, typically contains from 0.01 to 10% by weight, preferably 0.5 to 5% by weight of silicone (of the silicone itself, rather than silicone microemulsions ). 具体地说,在此洗涤组合物是用于洗发和洗浴的洗去式洗涤香波组合物时,如果组合物中硅氧烷量小于0.01%重量,则硅氧烷护理效果很小,而如果量大于10%重量,则皮肤和/或头发会感到油腻。 Specifically, in this washing composition for hair and bath erasing type washing shampoo composition, if the composition in an amount less than 0.01% by weight silicone, the silicone conditioning effect is small, If greater than 10% by weight, the skin and / or hair feel greasy. 固态微粒活性剂相用于本发明的固态微粒活性剂种类并不严格,很多材料均可以从本发明的洗涤组合物沉积到各种基质上。 Solid phase for solid particulate active agent particles of the present invention is the type of the active agent is not critical, a lot of material can be deposited from the wash composition of the present invention to various substrates. 美国专利3489686中提到了沉积于基质上有实际利益的材料,这些材料亦可用于本发明的洗涤组合物。 U.S. Patent No. 3,489,686 mentioned material deposited on the substrate of practical interest, these materials can also be used in the detergent compositions of the present invention. 这些材料包括平均粒径约为0.2~50微米、优选约0.4~10微米的物质,它们可以是杀微生物剂,防晒剂,织物增白剂,以及洗后能产生舒肤感的各种物质。 These materials include an average particle size of about 0.2 to 50 microns, preferably from about 0.4 to 10 microns substance, which may be a microbicide, sunscreens, fabric brighteners, and washed to produce a sense of Safeguard various substances. 特别令人感兴趣的一类固态活性剂是巯氧吡啶的重金属盐,特别巯氧吡啶锌。 Of particular interest is a class of solid active agents heavy metal salts of pyrithione, especially zinc pyrithione.

当固态活性剂是杀微生物,例如巯氧吡啶锌时,其在洗涤组合物中的合适用量为组合物总重量的0.001%~1%。 When the solid active agent is to kill microorganisms, e.g., zinc pyrithione, suitable in the detergent compositions an amount of the total weight of the composition from 0.001% to 1%.

其他适用的固态活性剂包括其它杀微生物剂,如苯咪丁酮(climbazole)、吡罗克酮(piroctone)乙醇胺、硫化硒和酮康唑(ketoconazole)、颜料颗粒,如适用于头发的固态染料或着色剂,还有金属胶体。 Other suitable solid active agents include other microbicides, such as climbazole (climbazole), piroctone (piroctone) ethanolamine, selenium sulphide and ketoconazole (ketoconazole), pigment particles, such as solid-state applied to the hair dye or colorants, and metal colloids.

制剂最优选用附加组分调配入所述乳液,以形成本发明的最终洗涤组合物。 Formulation most preferably formulated into the emulsion additional components, to form a final detergent composition of the invention. 优选乳液占洗涤组合物总重量的1~100%,典型为1~70%,优选为5~60%。 Preferably the emulsion accounts for 1 to 100% by weight of the total detergent composition, typically 1 to 70%, preferably 5 to 60%.

可以与乳液一起配入最终组合物的附加组分包括表面活性剂,调理剂,多醇,增稠剂,沉积助剂,珠光剂,缓冲剂,以及其他视需要加入的附加材料,例如泡沫促进剂,香料,染料,着色剂,防腐剂,蛋白质,聚合物,保温剂,皮肤及头发的天然营养剂(例如氨基酸),头发纤维增益剂(例如N-脂酰基鞘氨醇及类脂),水果和草本植物提取物。 Together can be formulated into the final emulsion composition additional components include surfactants, conditioning agents, polyols, thickeners, deposition aids, pearlescent agents, buffers, and other additional material added as required, for example lather boosters agents, perfumes, dyes, coloring agents, preservatives, proteins, polymers, humectant, skin and hair's natural nutrients (e.g. amino acids), the hair fiber gain agent (e.g., N- acyl sphingosine and lipids), fruit and herb extracts.

在优选实施方案中,本发明的洗涤组合物可以是含有一种或多种表面活性剂的洗发或洗浴用的洗去式洗涤香波组合物。 In a preferred embodiment, the detergent compositions of the present invention may be contain one or more surfactants in shampoo or wash-type washing bath with shampoo compositions.

当作为含有分散固态活性剂的硅氧烷微滴乳液的乳化剂不能达到足够的清洗目的时,还可以再加入些表面活性剂作为附加成分。 When used as a solid dispersion containing an active agent silicone microemulsions emulsifiers can not achieve sufficient cleaning purposes, these may also be added as an additional surfactant component. 这类表面活性剂一般选自阴离子、非离子、两性离子及两性表面活性剂,或它们的混合物。 Such surfactants are generally selected from anionic, nonionic, zwitterionic and amphoteric surfactants, or mixtures thereof.

在特别优选实施方案中,本发明的洗涤组合物可以是上述的洗发或洗浴用的洗去式洗涤香波组合物,其中固态活性剂是杀微生物剂,特别是巯氧吡啶锌或巯氧吡啶锆。 In a particularly preferred embodiment, the detergent compositions of the present invention described above can be used to wash away the shampoo or bath-type washing shampoo composition, wherein the active agent is a solid microbicide, especially zinc pyrithione or pyrithione zirconium.

表面活性剂适合于本发明洗去式洗涤香波组合物的阴离子表面活性剂包括烷基硫酸盐,烷基醚硫酸盐,烷芳基磺酸盐,烷酰基羟乙磺酸盐,烷基琥珀酸盐,烷基磺基琥珀酸盐,N-烷基肌氨酸盐,烷基磷酸盐、烷基醚磷酸盐,烷基醚羧酸盐,及α-烯烃磺酸盐,特别是它们的钠盐、镁盐、铵盐及单-、双-和三乙醇胺盐。 Surfactants suitable for use in the present invention is to wash away the washing shampoo compositions anionic surfactants include alkyl sulphates, alkyl ether sulphates, alkaryl sulphonates, alkanoyl isethionates, alkyl succinic acids salts, alkyl sulphosuccinates, N- alkyl sarcosinates, alkyl phosphates, alkyl ether phosphates, alkyl ether carboxylates, and α- olefin sulphonates, especially their sodium salts, magnesium, ammonium and single -, bis - and triethanolamine salts. 所述烷基和酰基通常含有8~18个碳原子,而且可以是不饱和的。 The alkyl and acyl groups generally contain from 8 to 18 carbon atoms and may be unsaturated. 烷基醚硫酸盐、烷基醚磷酸盐及烷基醚羧酸盐的每个分子含有1~10个环氧乙烷单元或环氧丙烷单元,优选每个分子含有2-3个环氧乙烷单元。 Alkyl ether sulfates, alkyl ether phosphates per molecule and alkyl ether carboxylates contain from 1 to 10 ethylene oxide units or propylene oxide units per molecule, preferably ethylene oxide containing 2-3 alkyl units.

适用阴离子表面活性剂的例子包括油基琥珀酸钠,月桂基磺基琥珀酸铵,月桂基磷酸铵,十二烷基苯磺酸钠,十二烷基苯磺酸三乙醇胺盐,椰子基羟乙磺酸钠,月桂酰羟乙磺酸钠,及N-月桂基肌氨酸钠。 Examples of suitable anionic surfactants include sodium oleyl succinate, ammonium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium lauryl phosphate, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid triethanolamine salt, cocoyl hydroxyethyl acetate, sodium lauroyl isethionate, and sodium N- lauryl sarcosinate. 最优选的阴离子表面活性剂是月桂基硫酸钠,月桂基硫酸三乙醇胺盐,单月桂基磷酸三乙醇胺盐,月桂基醚硫酸钠1EO、2EO及3EO,月桂基硫酸铵,及月桂基醚硫酸铵1EO,2EO及3EO。 The most preferred anionic surfactants are sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, triethanolamine salts, monolauryl phosphate triethanolamine salt, sodium lauryl ether sulfate 1EO, 2EO and 3EO, ammonium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium lauryl ether sulfate 1EO, 2EO and 3EO.

适用于本发明香波组合物的非离子表面活性剂可包括直链或支化链脂肪(C8-C18)伯或仲醇或酚与环氧烷(通常是环氧乙烷的缩合产物,且一般含6~30个环氧乙烷基。其他适用的非离子表面活性剂包括单-或双烷醇酰胺。例子包括椰子单-或二乙醇酰胺及椰子单异丙醇酰胺。 Suitable for use in the shampoo compositions of the present invention nonionic surfactants may include straight or branched chain aliphatic (C8-C18) primary or secondary alcohol or phenol with an alkylene oxide (usually a condensation product of ethylene oxide, and generally having from 6 to 30 ethylene oxide groups Other suitable nonionic surfactants include mono- -.. or di alkanolamide Examples include coco mono - or di-ethanolamide and coco monoisopropanolamide.

适用于本发明组合物的两性和两性离子表面活性剂可包括烷基氧化胺,烷基甜菜碱,烷基酰胺丙基甜菜碱,烷基磺基甜菜碱,甘氨酸烷基酯(盐),羰基甘氨酸烷基酯(盐),两性丙酸烷基酯(盐),两性甘氨基烷基酯(盐),烷基酰胺丙基羟甜菜碱,酰基牛磺酸盐及酰基谷氨酸盐,其中烷基和酰基含8-19个碳原子,例子包括月桂基氧化胺,椰子二甲基磺丙基甜菜碱,优选月桂基甜菜碱,椰子酰胺基丙基甜菜碱及两性椰子丙酸钠。 Useful in the compositions of this invention amphoteric and zwitterionic surfactants may include alkyl amine oxides, alkyl betaines, alkyl amidopropyl betaines, alkyl sultaines, alkyl ester (salt), a carbonyl group glycine alkyl esters (salts), amphoteric alkyl propionate (salts), amphoteric Gan aminoalkyl ester (salt), a hydroxyl alkyl amide propyl betaine, acyl taurates and acyl glutamates, wherein alkyl and acyl groups having 8 to 19 carbon atoms, examples of which include lauryl amine oxide, coco dimethyl sulfopropyl betaine, preferably lauryl betaine, coco amidopropyl betaine, and amphoteric coconut sodium propionate.

本发明香波组合物中表面活性剂的总量(包括用作硅氧烷微滴的乳化剂),以香波组合物的总重量计,通常为0.1~50%,优选为5~30%,更优选为10~25%。 The shampoo compositions of the present invention, the total amount of surfactant (including use as a silicone emulsifier droplets) to shampoo the total weight of the composition, generally from 0.1 to 50%, preferably 5 to 30% , more preferably 10 to 25%.

沉积聚合物本发明香波组合物中特别优选的另一组分是沉积聚合物。 Deposition polymers shampoo compositions of the present invention, particularly preferred is the deposition of the other component polymer. 它进一步增进了硅氧烷颗粒从组合物中沉积,因此也增进了颗粒中所包含的固态活性剂的沉积。 It further enhanced silicone deposition of particles from the composition, and thus enhance the deposition of solid particles contained in the active agent. 这就改进了组合物的性能,也改进了成本-效率比,因为高的沉积量意味着组合物中需加入的固态活性剂少了。 This improves the performance of the composition, but also improves the cost - efficiency ratio, because of the high deposition amount means the composition must be added to the solid active agent less.

所述沉积聚合物可以是均聚物或由两类或多类单体制成。 The deposition polymer may be a homopolymer or be made of two or more kinds of monomer. 聚合物的分子量通常为5,000~10,000,000,典型为至少10,000,优选为100,000~2,000,000,此聚合物将带有含氮阳离子基团,例如季铵基或质子化了的氨基,或它们的混合物。 Molecular weight of the polymer is generally from 5,000 to 10,000,000, typically at least 10,000, preferably 100,000 to 2,000,000, the polymer having a nitrogen-containing cationic groups, e.g., quaternary ammonium group or protonated amino groups, or mixtures thereof.

适合的阳离子电荷密度为至少0.1meq/g,优选大于0.8或更高。 Suitable cationic charge density of at least 0.1meq / g, preferably greater than 0.8 or higher. 阳离子电荷密度不应大于3meq/g,优选小于2meq/g。 The cationic charge density should not exceed 3meq / g, preferably less than 2meq / g. 可以用克氏法测定电荷密度,在使用所需的pH值(通常约为3~9,优选为4~8)下,电荷密度应在上述范围内。 Charge density can be measured using the Kjeldahl method, using the desired pH (usually about 3 to 9, preferably 4 to 8), the charge density should be within the above range.

含氮阳离子基团一般以阳离子沉积聚合物总单体单元总数一部分上的取代基存在。 Cationic nitrogen-containing substituent groups are generally part of the total number of total monomer units of the cationic deposition polymer exists. 因此,当此聚合物不是均聚物时,它可含有非阳离子单体单元间隔。 Thus, when the polymer is not a homopolymer it can contain spacer non-cationic monomer units. 这类聚合物描述在“CTFA化妆品成分词典”第三版中。 Such polymers are described in the "CTFA Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary," third edition.

合适的阳离子沉积聚合物例如包括含阳离子胺或季铵官能团的单体与水溶性间隔单体的共聚物,而间隔单体例如是甲基丙烯酰胺、烷基和二烷基甲基丙烯酰胺、甲基丙烯酸烷基酯,乙烯基己内酯和乙烯基吡咯烷。 Suitable cationic deposition polymers include, for example with water soluble spacer monomers containing cationic monomer is an amine or quaternary ammonium functional groups of the copolymer, and a spacer monomers such as methacrylamide, alkyl and dialkyl methacrylamides, alkyl methacrylate, vinyl caprolactone and vinyl pyrrolidine. 烷基或二烷基取代的单体优选含C1-C7烷基,更优选为C1-C3烷基,其他适用间隔物包括乙烯基酯,乙烯基醇,马来酸酐,丙二醇及乙二醇。 Alkyl or dialkyl substituted monomers preferably containing C1-C7 alkyl, more preferably C1-C3 alkyl, Other suitable spacers include vinyl esters, vinyl alcohol, maleic anhydride, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol.

阳离子胺可以是伯胺、仲胺或叔胺,这取决于组合物的特殊种类和pH值。 The cationic amines can be primary amines, secondary or tertiary amines, depending upon the particular species and the pH of the composition. 通常,仲胺和叔胺,特别是叔胺是优选的。 Typically, secondary and tertiary amines, especially tertiary amines are preferred.

胺取代的乙烯基单体与胺可以以胺的形式进行聚合,然后经季铵化转变为铵。 Amine substituted vinyl monomers and amines can be polymerized in the amine form and then converted to quaternized ammonium.

适用的阳离子氨基和季铵单体,例如包括以下列基团取代的乙烯基化合物:丙烯酸二烷基氨烷基酯,甲基丙烯酸二烷氨基烷基酯,丙烯酸单烷氨基烷基酯,甲基丙烯酸单烷氨基烷基酯,三烷基甲基丙烯酰氧烷基铵盐,三烷基丙烯酰氧烷基铵盐,二烯丙基季铵盐;以及带有环状阳离子含氮环,如吡啶鎓、咪唑鎓和季铵化的吡咯烷,例如烷基乙烯基咪唑鎓,烷基乙烯基吡啶鎓及烷基乙烯基吡咯烷盐。 Suitable cationic amino and quaternary ammonium monomers include, for example to the following groups substituted vinyl compound: dialkylaminoalkyl acrylate, methacrylate, dialkylaminoalkyl acrylate, monoalkyl aminoalkyl methacrylate, methyl methacrylic acid monoalkyl aminoalkyl methacrylate, trialkyl methacryloyloxy alkylammonium salts, trialkyl acryloxy alkyl ammonium salt, diallyl quaternary ammonium salt; and with cyclic, cationic nitrogen-containing ring , such as pyridinium, imidazolium, and quaternized pyrrolidine, e.g., alkyl vinyl imidazolium, alkyl vinyl pyridinium, and alkyl vinyl pyrrolidine salts. 这些单体的烷基部分优选为低级烷基,如C1-C3烷基,更优选为C1和C2烷基。 The alkyl portions of these monomers are preferably lower alkyl, such as C1-C3 alkyl, more preferably C1 and C2 alkyl.

适合的胺取代乙烯基单体包括丙烯酸二烷氨基烷基酯,甲基丙烯酸二烷氨基烷基酯,二烷氨基烷基丙烯酰胺,及二烷氨基烷基甲基丙烯酰胺,其中烷基优选为C1-C7烃基,更优选为C1-C3烷基。 Suitable amine-substituted vinyl monomers include acrylic acid dialkylaminoalkyl methacrylate, dialkylaminoalkyl methacrylate, dialkylaminoalkyl acrylamide, and dialkylaminoalkyl methacrylamide, wherein the alkyl group is preferably is C1-C7 hydrocarbon group, more preferably a C1-C3 alkyl.

阳离子沉积聚合物可包括由胺-和/或季铵取代单体和/或相容的间隔单体衍生的单体单元的混合物。 Cationic deposition polymers can comprise from amine - a mixture of monomer and / or compatible spacer monomers derived monomer units substituted and / or quaternary ammonium.

适用的阳离子沉积聚合物包括例如:1-乙烯基-2-吡咯烷与1-乙烯基-3-甲基-咪唑鎓盐(例如氯化物盐)的共聚物(由本行业“化妆品、卫生用品和香料协会”“CTFA”称之为“聚合季铵盐-16”(Polyquaternium-16)),例如由BASF Wyandotte Corp. Suitable cationic deposition polymers include, for example: vinyl-2-pyrrolidine and 1-vinyl-3-methyl - imidazolium salt (e.g. chloride salt) copolymer (by this industry, "Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association "" CTFA "called" polymeric quaternary ammonium -16 "(Polyquaternium-16)), for example, by BASF Wyandotte Corp. (Parsippany,NJ,USA)以商品名LUVIQUAT供应的(如LUVIQUATFC 370);1-乙烯基-2-吡咯烷与甲基丙烯酸二甲基氨乙酯的共聚物(在CTFA行业中称之为“聚合季铵盐-11”(Polyquaternium-11)),例如Gaf Corporation(Wayne,NJ,USA)以商品名GAFQUAT供应的(例如GAFQUAT 755N);含二烯丙基季铵盐的阳离子聚合物,例如包括二甲基二烯丙基氯化铵均聚物及丙烯酰胺与二甲基二烯丙基氯化铵的共聚物,本行业(CTFA)分别称之为“聚合季铵盐6”(Polyquaternium 6)和“聚合季铵盐7”(Polyquaternium 7)含3-5个碳原子的不饱和羧酸的均聚物和共聚物的氨烷基酯的无机酸盐,如美国专利4009256中所描述的;以及在我们共同未决的英国申请9403156.4号(WO 95/22311)中描述的阳离子聚丙烯酰胺。 (Parsippany, NJ, USA) under the trade name LUVIQUAT supply (e.g. LUVIQUATFC 370); 1- vinyl-2-pyrrolidine and dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate methacrylic acid copolymer (referred to as "in the CTFA industry polymeric quaternary ammonium salts -11 "(Polyquaternium-11)), e.g., Gaf Corporation (Wayne, NJ, USA) under the GAFQUAT tradename supply (e.g., GAFQUAT 755N); cationic diallyl quaternary ammonium-containing polymers, e.g. including diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride homopolymer and acrylamide and diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, the industry (CTFA) were called "polymeric quaternary ammonium salts 6" (Polyquaternium 6) and inorganic acid salts "polymeric quaternary ammonium salts 7" (Polyquaternium 7) containing 3-5 carbon atoms, unsaturated carboxylic acids, homopolymers and copolymers of aminoalkyl esters, such as described in U.S. Patent No. 4,009,256 ; and in our co-pending British Application No. 9403156.4 (WO 95/22311) described cationic polyacrylamide.

其他能用的阳离子沉积聚合物包括多糖聚合物,如阳离子纤维素衍生物及阳离子淀粉衍生物。 Other cationic deposition polymers can be used include polysaccharide polymers, such as cationic cellulose derivatives and cationic starch derivatives.

适用于本发明组合物的阳离子多糖聚合物包括下列通式的那出: Useful in the compositions of this invention include cationic polysaccharide polymers of the formula that the: 式中:A是葡糖酐残基,如淀粉或纤维素葡糖酐残基;R是亚烷基,氧亚烷基,聚氧亚烷基,或羟亚烷基,或它们的组合,R1,R2和R3独立地为烷基,芳基,烷芳基,芳烷基,烷氧烷基,或烷氧芳基,每个基含最高约18个碳原子,每个阳离子部分的碳原子总数(即R1,R2和R3的碳原子总数)优选为20或20以下,而X是阴性反离子,如前所述。 Wherein: A is an anhydroglucose residual group, such as a starch or cellulose anhydroglucose residual group; R is alkylene, oxyalkylene, polyoxyalkylene, or hydroxyalkylene group, or combination thereof, R1, R2 and R3 are independently alkyl, aryl, alkaryl, aralkyl, alkoxyalkyl, or alkoxyaryl groups, up to about 18 carbon atoms per group including, for each cationic moiety carbon The total number of atoms (i.e. R1, the total number of carbon atoms in R2 and R3) is preferably 20 or 20 or less, and X is a negative counterion, as previously described.

阳离子纤维素购自Amerchol Corp. Cationic cellulose is available from Amerchol Corp. (Edison,NJ,USA)的聚合物系列,称为Polymer JR(商标)及polymer LR(商标),是与三甲基铵取代的环氧化物反应的羟乙基纤维素的盐,本行业(CTFA)称之为“聚合季铵盐10”(Polyquaternium 10)。 (Edison, NJ, USA) series of polymers, known as Polymer JR (trade mark) and polymer LR (trade mark), is a salt of hydroxyethyl cellulose reacted with trimethyl ammonium substituted epoxide, the industry ( CTFA) as "polymeric quaternary ammonium salts 10" (Polyquaternium 10). 另一类阳离子纤维素包括与月桂基二甲基铵取代的环氧化物起反应的羟乙基纤维素的聚合季铵盐,本行业(CTFA)中称之为“聚合季铵盐24”(Polyquaternium 24)。 Another type of cationic cellulose includes lauryl dimethyl ammonium substituted epoxide reactive polymeric quaternary ammonium salts of hydroxyethyl cellulose, the industry (CTFA) referred to as "polymeric quaternary ammonium salts 24" ( Polyquaternium 24). 这些材料由Amerchol Corp. These materials by Amerchol Corp. (Edison,NJ,USA)以商品名Polymer LM-200供应。 (Edison, NJ, USA) under the tradename Polymer LM-200 supply.

其他可用的阳离子沉积聚合物包括阳离子瓜尔胶衍生物,例如瓜尔胶羟丙基三氯化鎓盐(Celanese Corp.以其Jaguar商标系列推入市场)。 Other useful cationic deposition polymers include cationic guar gum derivatives such as guar hydroxypropyl trichloride salt (Celanese Corp. in their Jaguar trademark series into the market). 其他材料包括含季氮的纤维素醚(例如美国专利3962418中所述),及醚化纤维素与淀粉的共聚物(例如美国专利3958581中所述)。 Other materials include quaternary nitrogen-containing cellulose ethers (e.g. as described in U.S. Patent No. 3,962,418), and copolymers of etherified cellulose and starch (e.g. as described in U.S. Patent No. 3,958,581).

阳离子沉积聚合物优选选自阳离子聚丙烯酰胺,羟烷基纤维素醚及阳离子瓜尔胶衍生物。 Preferably the cationic deposition polymer selected from cationic polyacrylamides, hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers and cationic guar gum derivatives.

特别优选的是阳离子电荷密度为0.8meq/g的Jaguar C13S。 Particularly preferred is a cationic charge density of 0.8meq / g of Jaguar C13S. Jaguar C13S是瓜尔胶羟丙基三氯化鎓盐。 Jaguar C13S is guar hydroxypropyl trichloride salt. 其他特别适用的材料包括Jaguar C15,Jaguar C17及Jaguar C16和Jaguar C162。 Other particularly suitable materials include Jaguar C15, Jaguar C17 and Jaguar C16 and Jaguar C162. 优选的纤维素醚是Polymer JR400。 The preferred cellulose ether is Polymer JR400.

适用于本发明香波组合物的具体含量取决于所采用的特殊表面活性剂体系。 Suitable for use in the shampoo compositions of the invention depends on the specific content of the specific surfactant system employed. 一般说来,以香波组合物总重量计,此量可在0.01%至10%范围内变动,优选为0.02%至5%,典型值为从0.05%至1%。 In general, to the total weight of the shampoo compositions, this amount may be in the range of 0.01 to 10% change, preferably from 0.02 to 5%, a typical value of from 0.05 to 1%.

本发明的香波组合物还可再含有0.1%~5%硅氧烷悬浮剂。 The shampoo compositions of the present invention may also further contain from 0.1% to 5% of a silicone suspending agent. 其例子为聚丙烯酸类,交联的丙烯酸聚合物,丙烯酸与疏水单体的共聚物,含丙烯酸的单体与丙烯酸酯的共聚物,交联的丙烯酸与丙烯酸酯的共聚物。 Examples are polyacrylic acids, cross-linked acrylic acid polymers, copolymers of acrylic acid with a hydrophobic monomer, copolymers of acrylic acid-containing monomers and acrylic esters, cross-linked copolymers of acrylic acid and acrylate esters. 杂多糖胶和结晶长链酰基衍生物,长链酰基衍生物选自乙二醇硬脂酸酯,含16~22个碳原子的脂肪酸的烷醇酰胺,以及它们的混合物。 Heteropolysaccharide gums and crystalline long chain acyl derivatives, long chain acyl derivative is selected from ethylene glycol stearate, alkanolamides of fatty acids containing 16 to 22 carbon atoms, and mixtures thereof. 乙二醇二硬脂酸酯及聚乙二醇3二硬脂酸酯是优选的长链酰基衍生物。 Ethylene glycol distearate and polyethylene glycol 3 distearate are preferred long chain acyl derivatives. 聚丙烯酸以Carbopol 420,Carbopol 488或Carbopol493市售。 Polyacrylic acid in Carbopol 420, Carbopol 488 or Carbopol493 commercially. 以多官能团试剂交联的丙烯酸聚合物也可使用。 Acrylic polymer polyfunctional crosslinking agent may also be used. 它们以Carbopol 910,Carbopol 934,Carbopol 940,Carbopol 941和Carbopol 980市售含羧酸单体与丙烯酸酯的合适共聚物的例子为Carbopol 1342。 They Carbopol 910, Carbopol 934, Carbopol 940, Carbopol 941 and Carbopol 980 Commercial examples of suitable copolymers of a carboxylic acid containing monomer and acrylic esters is Carbopol 1342. 所有的Carbopol材料均来自Goodrich,Carbopol是其商标。 All Carbopol materials are from Goodrich, Carbopol is its trademark.

合适的交联的丙烯酸与丙烯酸酯聚合物是Pemulen TR1或PemulenTR2。 Acrylic acid and acrylate polymers suitable crosslinking is Pemulen TR1 or PemulenTR2. 合适的杂多糖胶是黄原胶,例如以Keizan mu供应的那种。 Suitable heteropolysaccharide gum is xanthan gum, for example, the kind of Keizan mu supply. 调理剂本发明的香波组合物除了已含有的硅氧烷微滴外,还可再含有一种或多种调理剂,它们有利于赋予调理效果。 Conditioning shampoo compositions of the present invention in addition to that already contains the silicone droplets, but also contain one or more further conditioning agents, which is conducive to impart a conditioning effect.

适合的调理剂包括阳离子表面活性剂(例如卤化季铵盐),季铵-5、季铵-31、季铵-18(Quaternium-5,Quaternium-31,Quaternium-18),蛋白质水解产物,季铵化的蛋白质水解产物,全氟聚醚材料,脂肪酸,脂肪醇,以及它们的混合物。 Suitable conditioning agents include cationic surfactants (e.g. quaternary ammonium halide salt), quaternary ammonium -5, -31 quaternary ammonium, quaternary ammonium -18 (Quaternium-5, Quaternium-31, Quaternium-18), protein hydrolysates, quaternary quaternized protein hydrolysates, perfluoropolyether materials, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and mixtures thereof.

这类调理剂如果存在的话,其在洗涤组合物中的总量通常为洗涤组合物总重量的0.1~10%,优选为0.2~5%。 Such conditioning agents, if present, from 0.1 to 10% of the total amount of the detergent compositions is generally the total weight of the detergent composition, preferably from 0.2 to 5%.

洗涤组合物的制备和最终形状根据本发明的洗涤组合物可如此制得:首先将固态活性剂分散于硅氧烷液体中,然后将如此得到的分散液乳化,从而形成硅氧烷微滴的乳液,此硅氧烷微滴含有连续的硅氧烷相及固态微粒活性剂的分散相。 Preparation and the final shape of the detergent composition can be thus prepared according to the present invention detergent composition was: firstly the solid active agent dispersed in a silicone fluid, and then the emulsified dispersion thus obtained, thereby forming droplets of the silicone emulsion, the silicone droplets contain a continuous silicone phase and a dispersed phase solid particles of the active agent.

在乳化阶段视需要可加入上述的任选组分,乳化按照常规技术在高速搅拌/混合下进行。 In the emulsification phase of the above may be added as required, optional components, emulsified in accordance with conventional techniques in high-speed stirring / mixing.

如果此乳液与其他组分一起配制成最终洗涤组合物,则如现有技术所公知的可采用简单混合而达到。 If the emulsion is formulated together with the other components into the final detergent composition, then, as is well known in the art may be used to achieve the simple mixing.

在固态活性剂是杀微生物剂例如重金属(典型是锌)巯氧吡啶的场合,通常建议硅氧烷相的粘度至少为10,000,优选至少为50000厘沲,例如60,000厘沲,其理由如上(见“硅氧烷相”一段)。 In the solid active agent is a microbicide such as heavy metals (typically zinc) pyrithione, it is commonly recommended that the viscosity of the silicone phase is at least 10,000, preferably at least 50,000 centistokes, e.g., 60,000 centistokes, which As reasons (see "silicone phase" section).

我们亦已发现,在这一情况下,若在第一阶段用低粘度硅氧烷将固态活性剂进行预润湿,这是有好处的。 We have also found that, in this case, if in the first stage the solid silicone with a low viscosity pre-wetting agent, which is good. “低粘度硅氧烷”的指一种硅氧烷液体(典型的是聚烷基硅氧烷或聚烷芳基硅氧烷),其粘度范围约为5~500厘沲,优选约为5~200厘沲。 "Low viscosity silicone" refers to a silicone fluid (typically polyalkylsiloxane or poly alkylaryl siloxane) having a viscosity ranging from about 5 to 500 centistokes, preferably about 5 to 200 centistokes. 当用粘度为100厘沲的聚二甲基硅氧烷(Dow Corning以“DC 200”系列供应)进行预润湿时,固态活性剂巯氧吡啶锌获得良好结果。 When using a viscosity of 100 centistokes polydimethylsiloxane (Dow Corning in "DC 200" series supply) were pre-wet, solid active agent zinc pyrithione to obtain good results.

然而,如果采用合适的混合方法以促进固态活性剂的结合,则预湿这一工序并不一定需要。 However, if a suitable mixing method in order to promote the combination of the solid state of the active agent, the pre-wet step is not necessarily required.

洗涤组合物的应用本发明的组合物可采用任何对其所含的和打算沉积的固态活化剂相宜的形式。 The composition of the detergent composition of the present invention may be applied to any of its contained and the intended deposition of solid activator suitable form. 通过适当选择必要组分和非必要组分以及它们的相对含量,本发明的洗涤组合物可以是例如洗发香波和其他洗去式头发处理组合物,洗浴香波,淋浴凝胶,洗脸组合物,条形皂,盆浴泡沫等等。 By appropriately selecting the necessary components and optional components and their relative amounts, the detergent compositions of the present invention may be, for example shampoos and other hair treatment composition formula wash, bath shampoo, shower gel, wash compositions, bar soap, bubble bath and so on. 洗浴或洗发香波状的优选组合物合适时可用于皮肤或头发,并产生泡沫。 Preferred compositions or shampoos wavy bath where appropriate may be applied to the skin or hair, and foam. 此泡沫在洗去前在被涂抹的地方可停留短暂时间,例如一分钟或几分钟,或者也可马上洗去,此过程如需要可以重复。 This foam wash before being coated in place can stay a short time, such as one minute or a few minutes, or it can be washed away immediately, this process can be repeated if necessary.

泡沫在涂抹处的停留及涂抹方式的重复,对于增加固态活性剂沉积量和速度,和/或将其输送至毛囊都有额外的好处。 Foam and spreads in the way of staying at the applied repetition, an active agent for increasing the deposition amount and the solid-state speed, and / or its delivery to the hair follicle has additional benefits.

其他应用然而,一般说来,根据本发明的洗涤组合物也适用于洗涤织物,此时固态活性剂包括织物调理剂或处理剂的颗粒,例如丙烯酸类胶乳;或适用于洗涤硬表面,此时固态活性剂可包括杀菌剂,例如用作盥洗室清洗的组合物。 Other applications, however, in general, according to the washing compositions of the invention are also suitable for washing fabrics, when solid particles comprising the active agent or a fabric conditioning agent treatment agent, such as an acrylic latex; or suitable for cleaning a hard surface, then solid active agent may comprise fungicides, for example, as lavatory cleaning compositions.

另一方面,固态活性剂可设计成用于被清洗表面留下一层聚合物膜,例如使表面产生光泽外观的聚合物胶乳。 On the other hand, solid active agent can be designed to be used to clean the surface leaving a layer of polymer film, e.g., surface gloss appearance produced polymer latex. 本发明的洗涤组合物还可在口腔卫生方面找到应用,在这种场合,为了护理口腔,使用含有活性化合物颗粒的口腔处理组合物,使之产生沉积是有益的。 Detergent compositions of the present invention may also find application in oral hygiene, in this case, for oral care, oral treatment compositions containing the active compound particles, thus producing a deposition is beneficial.

本发明用下面的非限制实施例作进一步解释。 By the following non-limiting examples further illustrate the present invention.

实施例实施例1制备硅氧烷相中含有固态杀微生物剂的活性硅氧烷微滴乳液把5g巯氧吡啶锌(Aldrich,干粉)与15g硅氧烷油(100厘沲,Dow Corning)进行混合,生成乳膏状粘稠液体,此混合物中再加入30g高粘度硅氧烷油(60,000厘沲,Dow Corning),并充分搅拌此混合物。 EXAMPLES Example 1 Preparation of the silicone phase contains a solid microbicide reactive silicone microemulsions to 5g pyrithione zinc (Aldrich, dry powder) and 15g silicone oil (100 centistokes, Dow Corning) were mixed, generate creamy viscous liquid, this mixture was further added 30g of high viscosity silicone oil (60,000 centistokes, Dow Corning), and the mixture was thoroughly stirred.

把150g SLES-2EO(26%)进行搅拌,加入上面制得的巯氧吡啶锌/硅氧烷油混合物11g。 The 150g SLES-2EO (26%) and stirred, was added the above-obtained zinc pyrithione / silicone oil mixture 11g. 把此混合物搅动至形成均匀分散液为止,再加入11g 10%Carbopol凝胶,并把此混合物再搅拌至均匀。 The mixture was agitated to form a uniform dispersion so far, then add 11g 10% Carbopol gel, and the mixture was further stirred until homogeneous.

用光学显微镜观察表明,此产品含有硅氧烷油微滴的乳液,而该硅氧烷油微滴中包有大量巯氧吡啶锌。 Was observed with an optical microscope showed that this product contains silicone oil droplets of an emulsion, and the silicone oil droplets in the package has a large number of zinc pyrithione.

实施例2制备香波组合物把实施例1的乳液配进香波组合物中,方法是把SLES-2EO溶液、JAGUAR C13S及甲醛水进行混合,生成具有下表所示成分的香波,表中所有含量均以香波组合物总重量的%表示。 Example 2 Preparation of shampoo compositions according to the emulsion of Example 1 fitted into the shampoo composition, method is to SLES-2EO solution, JAGUAR C13S and formalin were mixed to produce a shampoo having a composition shown in the table, the table all content % of the total weight of the shampoo compositions are represented. 表<tables id="table1" num="001"> <table>组分%重量巯氧吡啶锌0.55硅氧烷油(100厘沲)1.65硅氧烷油(60000厘沲)3.30SLES-2EO16.00JAGUAR C13S0.30Carbopol0.55甲醛水0.10水至100</table> </tables> Table <tables id = "table1" num = "001"> <table> Components wt.% Zinc pyrithione 0.55 silicone oil (100 centistokes) 1.65 silicone oil (60,000 centistokes) 3 .30SLES-2EO16.00JAGUAR C13S0.30Carbopol0.55 formalin 0.10 water to 100 </ table> </ tables>

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