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Publication numberUS2573749 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date6 Nov 1951
Filing date3 Apr 1945
Priority date3 Apr 1945
Publication numberUS 2573749 A, US 2573749A, US-A-2573749, US2573749 A, US2573749A
InventorsSchoening Frederick C, Wheeler Phillip R
Original AssigneeSchoening Frederick C, Wheeler Phillip R
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Machine gun ammunition feed
US 2573749 A
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' MACHINE GUN AMMUNITION FEED Filed April 3, 1945 5 Sheets-Sheet 5 Uli j ml M hlmiim MACHINE GUN AMMUNITION FEED Phillip R. Wheeler, Alexandria, Va., Lee Morgan, United States. Navy, and Frederick C. Schoening, Alexandria, Va.

Application April 3, 1945, Serial No. 586,429

(Granted underI the. act of March 3, 1883, as

11 Claims.

'The invention relates toimprovements in machine gun ammunition supply and feed apparatussand has for an object the provision of Vmeans for readily positioning a supply of ammunition in association with a machine gun and for effectively guidingand feeding the ammunition tothemachine gun.

. f Another object. is to provide a feedchute or vfeed-Way assembly which is of simple and easily assembled construction and Which is adapted to y lbe fixedly mounted' upon the gun cradle structure AV further Objectis the provisionof mounting means on the gun cradle structure in association with thel feedvvay assembly-v for removably' supporting anammunition box. Another object'Y is to. provide a novel and effectivelatchmechanism provid-ing for rapid positioningrand removal' of the ammunition box.

A further-Objectis to4 provide means for quick loading of'machine guns', such as the Browning type of' machine guns, Withoutv the necessity of handlingthe. ammunition belt', nor of opening thecoverf of the gun in. order to Vplace the loaded n belt. properly intoY the belt opening of the gun.

`A .still further object is to provide means mountingthe ammunition box; in a substantially balanced: position substantially half above. and

. 'half below the. elevationitrunnions or thecenter line ofi thesgun-.toprovi'de substantial equilibrium of therstrucurerotatably supporteds on the ele.-

vaton. trunnions. in. variousv anglesY oft elevation. n Another` object-is: to provide. means whereby v the ieedvvayi assemblyis-.adjustable by reversal of abortion: thereofY fori use` for: either right orA left hand feed of the guns.. :Another object is. to: provide; aV common supy portinggmeansior the feedway assembly and the ammunition bore, and to provide suclr a support .whchis adaptedto be removably fixed to either side-ofthe` gun cradle for either right: orA left hand-feed.A

Other.- objects YandV advantages of theY present invent-ion which contribute to the provisionv of an etective, efficient ammunition supply and feedwaytmeunting for machine guns, will beapparent from. the following more detailed disclosure hav'- inggreference. to the drawings thereof; which. are exen'iplarvir and in which: Eig-"Lis asidefelevationof the apparatus as.-

sembled: vwith the machine gun; and: associated structure.

Eiga. 2-is a; iront; elevatonof the same. .1"Eig. 3ds. a vertical crossfsection, on line 313- of Eiga 9;. partly in: elevation. of: the ammunition amended April 30, 1928; 370 O. G. 757) box and its mount and the feedway assembly and the common support therefor.

Fig. 4 is a perspective View of the ammunition box supporting bracket. Y

Fig. 5 is a sectional view substantially on the line 5-5 of Fig. 3.

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary detail plan view of ammunition retaining pawl assembly.

Fig. '7 is a plan view of the feedway assembly.

Fig. 8 is a detail side elevation of the feedway assembly.

Fig. 9 is an elevation of the feedway' assembly with the support plateshown in phantom.

Referring to the drawings, an` ammunition container or box I is provided, containing a supply of ammunition preferably in thel form of' a metallic link belt of cartridges 2. The box is mounted on a bracket 41 which is secured by bolt means 6 to a support plate 66, and which in. turn is bolted to the lugs 9a of the gun cradle 9 at 61. B8, 69, and 10, the support plate being provided with holes at thesepoints for the purpose; The belt of. cartridges discharges from a lateral opening 4 near the top of the box, into the mouth 5 of the feed chute 3, which cooperates with the feedopening T of the machine gun 8.

The feed chute 3 is also mounted upon the support plate 66 which is secured to the gun cradle 9, with the discharge end I0 of the feed chute in operative position to discharge into the feed opening of the gun 8. A desirable fixed mounting of the feed chute upon the support plate 66 which is fixed to the gun cradle, consists in the anges II on the feed chute or feedway assembly 3 having openings I2 therein for alignment with corresponding openings I3 in the support plate 66 with securing means such as bolts i4 in said aligned openings.

A. sprocket or star wheel assembly is-mounted inA bearings I5 in the upper part of the feed chute assembly 3 and comprises an axle H5 received in said bearings I5 and a sprocket or star wheel member Il receiving said axle andsecured on saidaxle by pin means I8 or the like. The pin means I8 may desirably be held in place by a removable clamping means I9 having resilient fingers 2!) which clamp around the central portion of the star wheel member. The sprocketY or star wheel member Il preferably is provided .with spacedapart sprocket or star wheels 2l, one of larger diameter than the other for receiving and moving the belted cartridges of .theammunition supply fromthe exit opening i of the ammunition box` I into the entrance opening 5 of thev feed chu-te 3, the. sprocket memberk I1 isrotated the . plate 66 secured to the gun cradle, and a feed chute cover member 3a pinned to the apertured v ears 23 o-f the main feed chute member 3 by means f of a pin 24 extending through the upper end of the cover member 3a and through the apertures of said ears, and held in place by cotter keys 25 in l the ends of the pin. Lateral projections26 of the cover are slidably received in slots 2l provided in the side members 28 of the main feed chute member 3.

At the lower end of the feed chute cover there is provided a roller assembly comprising a roller receiving recess 29 in the lower end of the feed chute cover 3a between arrn members 30 having openings 3l thereinY receiving the roller shaft 32. The roller shaft is secured in the feed chute cover by pins33 extending throughl the arm members 30 and through the roller shaft.y lThe roller 34 may desirably be of metal or other suitable material and is rotatively mounted on the 'roller shaft 32 so as to be capable of sliding axially thereon. Bumpers 35are provided on the roller shaft within the opposite arm members l.'-36 of the feed chute cover 3a on either side of the roller 34 and normally spaced from said roller,

ybeing preferably of rubber or like resilient ma- Aprojecting partly into the feed opening 'l of the gun to guide the cartridges into the gun. The resilient fingers permit the belt of cartridges to move with the recoil and counterrecoil motion of the gun during firing. The resilient, fingers or guide blades 36 may desirably be of Spring metal. They are preferably curved to conform'to the feed chute and extend from a point of attachment in the upper portion of the feedway assembly and may desirably be secured at their upper ends to the main feed chute member. The upper ends 31 of the fingers or 'guide blades are turned over and receive pins 38 passing therethrough and seated in outwardly extending apertured ears 39 of the main feed chute member 3, openings 4U being provided in the sides of the said member for receiving the turned over ends 3l of the guide blades or fingers. l

Liners 4l and 42 of suitable material such as spring steel are secured Vwithin the main feed chute member and the cover, by means of rivets 43 or the like. VThe liner 42 for the cover is pro'- vided with a turned over part 44- which embraces the upper edge of the cover and is riveted through.

The gun feed opening I is provided with a feed pawl 46 and a retaining pawlV 45'.

At the upper ends of the side walls of the ammunition box bracket 4l notches 48 are provided -for receiving lugs or pins 49 projecting `from. the

'out of connection with the bracket. Y Vmeans 59 are provided between the side wall of provided with an inturned lip 53, providing surfaces inclining inwardly and downwardly for sliding reception of correspondingly inclined projections -54 on the oppositeksides 50 of the ammunitionV box. The inclined lips 53 on the bracket arms constitute retaining means for the box requiring the box to be lifted for removal from Ythe bracket. v

The bracket 41 is provided with a latch 5571101' retaining the box in position in the bracket, the latch being pivotally mounted to the side of the bracket and vcomprising a detent portion 56 below the pivot 5] for engagementwithV the'upper surface 58 of the projection 54 on the side of the ammunition box to retain the box in posi-,- 73; Y,

tion in the bracket by preventing its being lifted Spring the bracket'and the upper part 6llof rthe pivoted latch for urging the latch into box retain- .ing position. `Thelatch is pivoted at thefinsideV of theside wall of the bracket vand is desirably j provided with an operating handle portion. 6I or iingertpiece inthe formof a, bent extension embracing the vfront edge 62 of the sidewall of the bracket and providing a stop properly Dositioning the latch in operative vpositionamd lim- -iting its movement underthe spring action. rlhe latch is released by moving the upper partj thereof outwardly against the spring action which swings the lower or detent .portion v56 inwardly away from the projection 54 on the side of the box, so that the box may be removed from the bracket by lifting the box upwardly. j

The inner wall of the ammunition box is shaped inwardly of the box providingy a :recess 63 to enable the wall of the box to clear portions cartridge exit. A spring-pressed retaining Da fwlY V65 is vprovided in the top of the ammunition box for engaging the cartridges in the exit opening of the ibox and preventing the ammunition belt from slipping backinto the box wl'lenither beltv is not engaged and retained by the belt holding or retaining pawl 45 on the gun. TheV pawl 65 yields upwardly about its pivot infeed- .ingmovement of the belt but retains the cartridge belt against retractioninto the box.

' The special latch `mechanism permits rapidV positioning and removal of the ammunition box.V When the box is latched into position, the exit openingv is in operative communication with the feed chute entrance opening. Y

The ammunition box and its supporting bracket are so disposed that the box is mounted'in a balanced position on Athe gun substantially half above and half below the center of the elevation trunnions substantially onl the center line' of the gun, to provide substantial equilibrium Vof the structure rotatably supported on the elevation trunnions in various angles of elevation.

or feedway assembly upon the gun cradle structure instead of making ita part of the ammunition box is that the cost of the ammunition box is lowered, Vand sinc'e there must be numerous y ammunition" boxe'sor magazines `for each gun, lfewer feed chutes or feedway assemblies Y are needed. Y v y l The feedwayv mechanism is adapted to be adjusted for either right or left hand feed guns, for example. in the case of twin guns, depend#- The advantage of mounting of the feed chute ingnpon whichgside of; the cradle structure it attached; The feed sprocket must be'so positioned tha-tthe larger diameter sprocket-wheelris towards. the gun muzzle., The sprocketpmember thereforefis `reversed the feed chute orfeedv Vway'l assembly in order to adapt they feed chute dznbelchanged from the right to the left side of the cradle structure or viceversa. The reversal v, f iof the feed sprocket' or star Wheel member is: ac,-

' complished by simply removing the. pin which holds the star Wheel or sprocket member on: its

'axle-y removing: the axle, reversing the sprocket member endi for end and reinserting thel axl n ,Thefaxlemay bereversed, if desired.A Fpfllhe vertically disposed supporting plate; Sii

whichris bolted to the lugs 9a, of the gun cradle, and to which theI feed*Y chute` assembly and' the .ammunition box: bracket are secured'to be supzported by said plate, is interchangeable'or trans;-

\ferable in thatfit is adapted to be applied and at,

#tacked tothe lugs Swat either sideA of the gun cradleas is indicated inphantom in Eig. 2;

The vammunition boxesy are suppliedr as needed filled condition, being differently loaded and v marked for right andi-left hand feed, so that` the cartridges in the ammunition belt: within the l:boxes are; pointed in the proper direction .for

kright or left hand feed.

sity of `maennglthecover of the gun The malchine gun.apparatusy of the present invention is 4particularly.suitable for anti-aircraft? use Where .the time element is of great importance, While not being limited to such use.

In the operation of the'apparatus; the box is! loaded with the ammunition belt',v with the first cartridge in the belt held in theA cartridge exit. of the box by the spring'. pressed pawl. When' .the-"box islatched into: position, the first cartridge is in lcontact withithe starwheel or sprock- :etimemben and rotation of the hand crank aduvarices the beltdoW-n into the feed chuter under Vtlielllower roller, :and past. the feed and. holding pawlslof the gun; The gun is charged twice;v and isti-ien ready Vto fire. -lifThe lgun cradle is mounted onA thefcarriage yoke 11,04: which in turn is supported by the standt.

Hose for cool-ingfhiid is indicated at 12; The ele- Mation trunnionisindicated at'13.

` -Although'but one embodiment of the invention is' herein shown and: described, ity Will be'under- YstoodthatVarious?changesin the size-shape', and

K Y :arrangement of parts may be made without denparting, from the spirit of the inventionV and it 'isnottintended .to limit the invention other than bythe terms of the appended claims.

The invention described herein may be manufactured and used byV or for: the Government'of *theV United States of America for governmental purposes Without the payment of any royalties thereon or therefor. Y

yWhat isrclaimed is:

' Al. In combination, a machine gunV having-` a cartridge feed opening and agun cradle structure, said gun cradle; structure having horizontally disposedelevation trunnions, a cartridge feed chute xedly mounted upon said gun cradle structure in communication with said-cartridge feedppenin? and extending upwardly and outwardly'there- V:from and-havinga laterally disposed inlet openatitsfupper endforcomm-unicationwith-fan.

- having'spaced' apart sprocket wheels and` an axial bore, an axle in said bore andhaving a cran-k handle for. rotating said sprocket member,y means pinning saidf sprocket member towsa'id axle; retaining means. for the pin means, bearings int-said main vfeed chute member supporting said'faxle and sprocket member beneath Iand in cooperative relation with said inlet opening to feed-cartridges thereinto, resilient guide members having; overturned upper ends passed through-openings. in Athe sides of said main feed' chute memberpapertured ears; on said feed chute member, and pins in-saidears and in said overturned ends of there- 'silient guide members, Vsaidguidemembers. extending along saidA feed chute .to the cartridge feed yopeningof the gun, a feed chute coverhaving'side portions receivedinslots inthemain feed chutefmember and means securing theA cover to said member at the upper ends thereof,` arroller shaft and roller thereon mounted in the lower end .of-the feed chute'coverover `the exitopening ofA the chute,;said roller: being capable: of axial movement onsaid shaft andy resilientbuflersat l either sideof said roller and normally spaced therefrom and limitingrsaid axial morement` of the roller. l f v `2. Apparatus accordingv to claim. l.'V in which one of said spacedapart sprocket wheelsisilarger than theother; said retaining means for the sprocket pin means comprisingV a clamp `engaging the pinmeans and havingresilient `fingers which clamp" on the central portion of the sprocket member, said apparatus. being adjust,- able in thatthe retainingmeans and sprocketzpin means and axleI are removable, andgthesprocket .mem-ber' is reversible, for' either right orleft hand feedof the guns.

3f. In combination Witha machine gun yhaving a cartridge feed openinggagun cradle, saidfigun cradle having horizontally disposed elevation trunnions, a' vertically disposed support plate Amounted-on said gun cradle at the side thereof, an ammunition beltfcontainer .n'i'ountedonf one side oi" said vertical support plate anddisposed 'in a balanced position'in respect tothe center opening at Vits upper endin communication with "said inlet opening of thefeed chute, saidverti- Vcally disposed" support plate 'providing' aA common support forr said' feed. chute and said ammunition box disposed on opposite. sides' of, rvsaid vertical plate.

`4. In l apparatus according to claim 73 said ver-'- ktically disposed supportuplate andsaid 4cradle having conforming surfaces thereon rendering said verticalV support plate interchangeable-*or v transferable in that i-tlisy aclaptedto.v beapplied posed adjacent to7 said feed chute, anv ammunition belt container, `meansr removably mounting said ammunition container on I"said supporting bracket, the upper portion of said container having ailateral discharge opening therein 'disposed in operativeA communication with said inlet opening o'f'the'feed chute,a sprocket mounted in the cartridge feed chute at the inlet opening thereof, an external crank -attached to the sprocket, vand means in the ammunition container for holding the'ammunition belt so .that a cartridgein the belt is engagedl by the sprocket with the ammu- 'nitionv container in place Yon its supporting bracket. Y x .Y 'j f f 6. In combination with a machine gun having a cartridge feed opening and a gun cradle-structure, a cartridge feed'chute mounted upon said gun cradle structure in communication with said cartridge feed opening, an ammunition container supporting :bracket mounted on the gun cradle structure, an ammunition container, means re,- movably mounting said ammunition container on said supporting bracket comprising projecting members on said ammunition container, and -cooperating surfaces on said bracket removably receiving said projecting members of said container', and a spring pressed pivoted latch on said supporting bracket for manually detachable engagement rwith a projecting member of the container to detachably retain the container in positionon said bracket, and a sprocket Wheel mounted in the cartridge feed chute and disposed in engage'- ment with a cartridgein the ammunition container with the containerin place on its supporting bracket.

- `"1. In combination with a machine gun having a cartridge feed opening and a gun cradle,-a ver tically disposed support plate secured to said gun cradleiat the side thereof,v an ammunition feed chute fixedly mounted upon'said support plate anddisposed in communication withthe ammunition feed opening of the gun and having an inflet opening, an ammunition container supporting bracket mounted on said support plate, an ammunition container having an outlet opening, means removably mounting said ammunition container on said supporting bracket with its outlet opening in operative communication, with the, inlet opening of said feed chute adjacent its inlet opening, an ammunition feed sprocket mounted in the said. feed/chute, the said vertically disposed support plate providing acommon support for said feed chute and said ammunition box bracket, said vertically. disposed support plate and said cradle having conforming surfaces thereonrenderngsaid yvertical support plate interchangeable or transferable in that it is v constructed to be applied and secured to either side of the gun cradle for eitherv right or left hand feed' ofthe gun 8. In combination with a machine gun having an .ammunition feed opening, a feedpawl, a supporting kcradle for the gun, and an ammunition feed chute mounted on the supporting cradle and adapted to feedV the ammunition from 'af-'con- 8 Y 'tainer' intothe gun feed opening, a feed sprocket mounted atvthe inlet end of said feed chute, the

f feed chute being mounted symmetrically except for its feed sprocket in rel-ation to a central plane normal to the axis -of the feed vsprocket so that v the feed chute can be used on either side ofthe gun cradle, the said feed sprocket being reversible on its shaft, amounting bracket for an ammuni'ev Ytion container, an vammunition container, and means on the container for engaging the mount'- ing bracket. 1

9.1Incombination with a machine gun having a cartridge feed opening, a feed pa'wl', a guncradle i:

structure, a cartridge feed chute mountedrupon said gun cradle structure and disposed inrco'me munication with said cartridge feednopning, Vva feed sprocket with an externally operated hand crank mounted in the said cartridge. feed chute,

an ammunition container supporting Vbracket mounted on the gun cradle, an ammunition 'con'-v ,tainer mounted on the said bracket, an -ammunition belt in said container, the ammunition container having a .cartridge of its load disposed to mate with and engage the sprocket which .is

mounted inthe said feed Chute, and the saidY sprocket and hand crank being disposed to crankY feed chute to resist the upward pull of the ammu; 1

nition beltl as it is fedinto the gun, the said'guide roller being mounted .to provide limited; longitudinal movement thereof, so that itwill permit the ammunition belt to follow the recoil motion of the gun with a minimum of friction and'drag. 11. In combinationwith a machine gunhaving a cartridge feed opening, a gun crad1e,"said gun cradle having horizontally disposed lelevation trunnions, a verticallyV disposed support platef secured to said gun cradle at 'the side thereof, 'a cartridge`v feed chute mountedonsaid support plate in communication with said cartridge feedV 'openingl and extending upwardly from saiducartri'dgefeed opening and having an inlet opening at its upper end, an ammunition container-supporting bracket also mounted on said' support plate and Vdisposed adjacent saidfeedchute, an ammunition container disposed at one side of said cradle and having an outlet opening at its upper end disposed in communication with the Ainlet opening of' said feed chute, -means removablymounting said ammunition container on saidsupportingbracket in a substantially balancedposl- Y I tion in respectto the center line of -the elevation trunnions of the cradle, saidvertically:V disposed support -plate Vproviding a common supportffor said feed chutey and said ammunition boxv and bracket, vsaid means removably mounting :jsaidV ammunition container on said supporting bracket f comprising arms depending from said bracket and providing inclined'surfaces, and notches in the top of said bracket, and projecting members on said ammunition container providing surfaces `removably engaging said inclined surfaces and notches of said bracket, and pivoted springpressed manually releasable Vlatch means on said bracket releasably engaging a projecting member of said container, the Wall of said container adja-V cent said feed chuteY being shaped inwardly -to clear portions of the feed chute assembly, the

upper partof said wall of the container beingv Y bent over and providing the lowerv wall ofsaid outlet opening, and a spring pressed retaining 'pawl mounted in the top of said container and extending into said outlet opening to engage the cartridges.




' M'file of this patent:

Number Number 10 UNITED STATES PATENTS Name Date Sturgeon Jan. '7, 1919 Trotter Nov. 9, 1943 Trotter Jan. 2, 1945 Trotter May 22, 1945 FOREIGN PATENTS Country Date Great Britain Apr. 13, 1933 Certificate of Correction Patent No. 2,573,749 November 6, 1951 PHILLIP R. WHEELER ET AL.

It is hereby certified that error appears in the printed specification of the above numbered patent requiring correction as follows: i

Column 7, line 59, strike out adjacent its inlet opening and insert the same after chute and before the comn. n in line 61 and that the said Letters Patent should be read as corrected above, so that the same I nay conform to the record of the case in the Patent Ofce.

Slgned and sealed this 4th day of March, A. D. 1952.


Assistant ommz'ssz'oner of Patents.

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