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Publication numberUS2559714 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date10 Jul 1951
Filing date27 Jun 1946
Priority date27 Jun 1946
Publication numberUS 2559714 A, US 2559714A, US-A-2559714, US2559714 A, US2559714A
InventorsDuplessis Rene E
Original AssigneeUnited Shoe Machinery Corp
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Gun turret
US 2559714 A
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July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet 1 [III/6n for N Ren 1i Duplessis g By his/i2 for/76y July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 7 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet 2 [721/677 for Rene E DupZessis By his fllzorney July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-$heet 4 fizz/en for Rani-2 EDupZessis B51 721's Azzorne July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet 5 I fiwen for Rem? E Dup/essis By his Attorney July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS GUN TURRET l9 Sheets-Sheet 6 Filed June 27, 1946 wrlh lyllhrlh .lllllllllllllll I! Q Q lg July 10, 19 51 R. E. DUPLESSIS GUN TURRET l9 Sheets-Sheet 7 Filed June 27, 1946 July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714

. GUN TURRET 7 Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet 9 Jill/672 for Rem? EDupZeasz's By hzKsAzL orney July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 2'7, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet l0 [kl/6n for Filed June 27, 1946 v l9 Sheets-Sheet 11 J y 1951 R. E. DUPLESS'IS 2,559,714

GUN TURRET [III/6721 07" Fen EDuplessis By his torne July 10, 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714 GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet 15 [220672 far PsnEDupZessis 5 By his/1t zorney July 10, 1951 DUPLESSIS 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet 14 [70612 for Rem: EDup lesaz's By his At torne y 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 sheets-sheet 15 213916 688 fizz/6n far Ren E Dupless is By his/i2 forney 19 Sheets-Sheet 16' R. E. DUPLESSIS GUN TURRET July 10, 1951 Filed June 27, 1946 65's EDupZessz 5 By his 212 to rn ey y 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS I 2,559,714

GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 19 Sheets-Sheet 1'7 118 fizz/enter Rene EDup/essz's 116 By his A2 for/7e 5/ y 10, 1951 R. E; DUPLESSIS 2,5 1

A GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946 r 19 Sheets-Sheet l8 fizz/672101" Reh E D uplessis 5 his Attorney y 1951 R. E. DUPLESSIS 2,559,714 I GUN TURRET Filed June 27, 1946' 19 Sheets-Sheet l9 iatented July 10, 1951 UNITE STATES? ENT FICEZ GUN' TURRET v Ren E. Duplessis, Beverly rMassi, assignor-to' United Shoe, Machinery Gorporation, Fleming.- ton, N. J., a corporation of' New Jersey ApplicationJune 2-7 1946; Serial-No: 6795827 4 Claims (Cl.-89-.-37

- Thisinvention relatesto gun-turrets,.and:more particularly to those in: which a:plurality of guns, may" be directedsimultaneously' for their: :dis.-; charge thi's being preiera'blyunder thecontroi of a plurality oi-gunners;

I Thei'nvention has as annbject. the mountin of the-plural guns stably within a quitealimited space yet in such a manner: that ready access to all may. behad' -by the: gunners, the, ammu: n-ition eifeetively andmeliably supplied to them and spent ammunitionsparts conveniently dis: posed at. It is alsodesiredto: direct the gun: fire -by-'- simple and eom'pactLmo-tor mechanism and; alternatively, by manual means.

' Toattain'this' ohjectl combine with. a. turret rotatable in azimuth a" gun-carrier rotatablein elevation upon the turret-said carrier consist.- ing of a plurality of separable sections: each havingmeansf'on mounting one or more. of the ---gu-ns-. There is thus furnished-- -means. for moving-the gunstogether thettwo planes,. the sectional formation of the carrier making-g pose si-ble' a structure which is strong: and. yet. relativeiy light and whic h -thei gunsv may readily be installed. As'herei-n disclosed; the. guns are at-difierent levels -and l in diiierent, numberssin thecarrier-seetiens',= reducing .the space required, increasing the accessibility and. giving; a; structure balanced. with. respect. togun-discharge. Moanting means for diiferentportions Of ea h gun. are: so. disposed in the. carrier as to insure I rigidity and to ive.- a cempaet ar ng m n This. monntingnieansin tsempresents. ov l y- Forv gun groups. at; Qnposite; sides .01 h .Q ter of -the.-;carrier there are. onnasiteigreupsot ammuniticnecontainersz oit-annul-antroughs in the turret, the troughs: be ng;,nested, one within anothernand ,preierahly; being-arranged. concentEiQaH-yi about; the :axis of rotation of said turret. This:.arrangementagiizes; a; very lar e storagecanacity in a limited space, with the containers 2 nally. extending. spring or spriness for? pistes-ts ing; their: engagement, angular tdispla fiemti andcloggingmt thedinks... At-the iront of the basket-floor, between the containers and-in; saigi floor; are doors or: removable: sections thrmi which access: maybe had to' the turret andicoms munication permittedxbetween turret-and a tank upon which. it. may be mountede 'TQTIQ'! i'ieve theibreech..mechanism.of the suns. (lit load which. would; be: created Jay-- the elevation 91 the ammunition-belts from the containers-,..,there is lifting motor means: in): eachibelt disposed in the most. convenient;- manneraupon the .t Q- 'QBS" or upon the: turret; togetherswith. manuallnidperable means for initially elevating the balm from: certain of." the :trougghs. 1 Toi-guarsiifle' i tz the accumulation of a: belt; at the. .outgoing 5 side of its motor: mechanism thelzoneltaitiqn inf i gun ceases, means may be proiridebif-Qr discern nesting powerfrom the: motor; means. this-- 111 connecting: means being eontrol'led. by ia m mber movable by 'the.accumulatingzbelti Tu rotate t turret. and: carrier forathe, direction Of; 1 133831 25 there is a motor: mechanismior. each attachedi o a wall oil-the turret; it being.eeared-directl-yrto the turret or to the. carriers Each ofi-twqaunneiis in thez-turret'.'hasLmanuai-means by which; ne of thegun-di recting movements may be: produced as a substitute for tthe.motoredrivea andethrere' is means- -wh'ereby either'xthe manual means? or the motor -mechanisrn maybe 'efiectivelyjceninected selectivelyto the gearingi-bylwhich. either the turretor carrier is rotated This-connecting means, as herein disclosedgconsists: ofwa clutch with-which-is associated me'ana formal zing the corresponding-metermethanisminefifecs tive as the'manual 'means becomes eflectivew The preferred "form o'f support upe-nwhich theagnncarrier is rotatable COHSiSUS'-0-f brackets spaced transversely of the-turretand -attached t0 the front and upper turret-walls: acrew of two gunnersthe bracketsare respectively in front of their gun-positions; arid-theirmetercontrolling or grip mechanisms areattac'hed to the"brackets, which; because of theirsizeand location; afford protection to both the gunners and the grip mechanisms. Torah/es which-gove rn the azimuth and elevation motor mechanisma the gripf mechanisms of the"two-guns are "joined: by a; leverand cable-system, so disposed -as'to-ayoid interference with the crew or the contents ofthe turret; In the'cable's' are shown loadedisprings by which theyare maintained taut. i

n h a ompany ng. draw ngs il ust at n a v5 {parti ul r emb diment 'oif'my'iifnventicn,

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