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Publication numberUS2187674 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date16 Jan 1940
Filing date8 Nov 1937
Priority date14 Nov 1936
Publication numberUS 2187674 A, US 2187674A, US-A-2187674, US2187674 A, US2187674A
InventorsHill George, Anderson Alfred John
Original AssigneeAnderson Alfred John, Arthur David Leonard Griffiths, Dorothy Bennett, Hill George, Vivien Jacobsen
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Gas burner
US 2187674 A
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Jam 1940. A. .1. ANDERSON ET AL 2,137,574

GAS BURNER Filed Nov. 8, 1937 W IIIlElIr Patented Jan. 16, 1940 PATENT OFFICE GAS BURNER Alfred John Anderson and George Hill, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand, assignors to Dorothy Bennett, Vivien Jacobsen,

Arthur David Leonard Griffiths, and themselves, all of Auckland, New Zealand Application November 8, 1937, Serial No. 173,510 In New Zealand November 14, 1936 5 Claims.

Theinvention relates to gas burners of the type comprising a bowl to which gas and air are admitted to form a combustible fuel mixture adapted to pass upwards through, and be ignited above,

5 a perforated top fitted to said bowl.

The object of the invention, is to provide improvements in the aforesaid type of burner, in order to render same more efficient and economical in generaluse than existing burners of the 10 same type, the improvements to be hereinafter described, being directed to the form of the perforated top, and to the provision of means in the bowl for ensuring thorough mixing of the gas and air to produce an efficient fuel mixture.

According to the invention the improved burner comprises a bowl provided with a fuel inlet thereto; and also with a top containing apertures for the passage of gas therethrough, said apertures tapering inwards and widening in the direction of 20 the passage of the gas.

The apertures can be in the form of slots and in a practical form of the invention, are arranged in circles around a downwardly tapering central hole, also the top can be fitted directly onto the 28 bowl, or over a perforated plate secured thereon, said bowl containing a number of bafile bars or plates placed across its interior at varying angles.

In the accompanying drawing in conjunction with which the invention will be more particu- 30 larly described:

Figure 1 is a sectional elevation, and

Figure 2 a plan view of the improved burner, while Figure 3 is a part sectional elevation of a modified form thereof,

Figure 4 is a part perspective view of the perforated top, and

Figure 5 illustrates one way of securing the top on the bowl.

In the drawing, 1 represents a pipe through whichgas mixed with the requisite amount of air to promote combustion, is fed to a bowl 2, the interior surface of which is vertical and perfectly straight.

The bowl 2 is preferably enlarged or thickened around its upper edge as at 2a, the enlargement being screw threaded or left plain as required.

The top to the bowl 2 is formed with a downwardly depending ring 3 which can be screw threaded to screw on to the enlargement 2a. if the latter is screw threaded, or if said enlargement 2a is left plain, the ring-3 has formed therein any desired number of open ended bayonet slots 4 55 adapted to pass upon pins .5 which project from the enlargementla. for the purpose of securing said top on the bowl 2.

The upper or covering portion 6 of the top can be formed of metal or of any suitable heat resisting material fitted into the ring 3, said portion 6 5 containing a central downwardly tapering hole 1, an inner ring of slotted aperturesa, and an outer ring of slotted apertures 9, while on its under side, said portion 6 has a downwardly depending ring I0.

Both the slotted apertures 8 and 9 taper inwards or towards the central hole 1, and taper inwards or widen outwards through the portion 6.

The bowl 2 contains two or more baiile bars or plates H of suitable cross section, placed at varying angles across its interior.

Instead of being fitted directly onto the bowl 2 as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, the apertured top just described can be used over or in conjunction with a perforated and slotted plate I2 having an inverted dome formation 12a, depending from its underside and retained on the bowl 2, by means of a flanged ring l3 either adapted to screw on to the enlargement 2a, or to be retainedthereon by means of bayonet slots and pins.

In the last described form of burner the improved top comprising the ring 3 and upper or covering portion 6 can be formed and fitted so that the lower edge of the ring 3 will fit between the upper edge of the plate I! and the inner edge of the flange retaining ring l3, so that when the latter is tightened or secured on the enlargement 2a, it will also secure the apertured top consisting of the ring 3 and the portion 6 over the plate l2.

If desired the ring 3 of the apertured top can be made large enough to surround the flanged retaining ring 13, in which case the ring 3 can be screw threaded internally to screw onto an external screw thread on the ring I3, or said ring can contain bayonet slots to pass upon pins projecting from the ring I3.

The tapering of the slots 8 and 9 in the upper or covering portion of the top, downwards to a slit, has the effect of preventing back firing or ignition of the gas below said portion 6, when lighting the burner, also the expansion or widening of the slots 8 and 9 upwards or in the direction of flow of the gas passing through said portion 6 allows the gas to expand and produce a flame of large area for heating purposes.

When the improved top herein described, is fitted over the perforated plate l2, a further mixing chamber I4 is provided between the latter and the top, while the provision of the baflle bars or plates II in the bowl 2, ensures the gas being deflected during its passage therethrough in a manner which ensures complete mixing with the air admitted to support combustion.

What we do claim and desire to obtain by Letters Patent of the United States of America is:

1. A gas burner comprising a bowl having a fuel inlet, a plate having apertures therein located on said bowl, a top located over said plate and spaced therefrom to provide a chamber between said top and said plate and said top having apertures tapering radially and widening in the direction of the passage of the gas.

2. A gas burner as set forth in claim 1 in which a ring is provided on said top and a flanged retaining ring is associated with said plate in order to secure said ring on said top between said plate and said retaining ring.

3. A gas burner comprising a bowl having a fuel inlet, a plate having apertures therein disposed on said bowl, a flanged retainingring associated with said plate having a threaded portion thereon, a top located above said plate, a ring on said top screwing onto said threaded portion and said top having apertures therein tapering radially and widening in the direction of the flow of gas.

4. A gas burner comprising a bowl having a fuel inlet, a plate having apertures positioned on said bowl, a flanged retaining ring associated with said plate having pins projecting therefrom, a top located over said plate having apertures therein tapering radially and widening in the direction of the flow of gas and a ring on said top having bayonet slots therein cooperating with said pins.

5. A gas burner as set forth in claim 4 in which said bowl is provided with baflles extending transversely therein at varying angles.


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