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Publication numberUS1596178 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date17 Aug 1926
Filing date30 Nov 1925
Priority date9 Jan 1925
Publication numberUS 1596178 A, US 1596178A, US-A-1596178, US1596178 A, US1596178A
InventorsLassen Haubroe Werner Christia
Original AssigneeLassen Haubroe Werner Christia
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Drum-shaped cartridge magazine for machine guns or the like
US 1596178 A
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Aug. 17 1926.



Application filed November 30, 1925, Serial The present invention relates to improvements in drum-shaped cartridge-magazines for machine guns or the like by which a spiral spring when wound up turns an arm of varying length serving to move the cartridges forward between spiral-shaped guides, the said arm being furthermore actuated by a helical spring, as it may be difiicult for the said spiral spring to move the cartridges out from the magazine, when the latter is entirely filled with cartridges, so that some irregularity may occur in the forward motion and, consequently, in loading the machine gun, when firing commences with filled magazine. The present invention relates to the special attachment and shape of this auxiliary spring.

On the drawing,

Fig. 1 shows a section of the magazine along the line 1'I in Fig. 2, and

Fig. 2 a section along the line 11-11 in Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing, 1 is the conical casing of the magazine, 8 the spindle journalled centrally in the same, 13 the casing of the spiral spring and 10, 1.1, 12 the three parts ofthe feeding lever. 4 and 5 are the spiral-shaped guides attached to the bottom and top plate, respectively, of the casing while 22 is an arm attached to the free end of the lever part 12 and resting against the innermost cartridge in the magazine.

About the spindle 8 there is provided, between the feeding lever and the bottom of the casing l, a helical spring a the free ends of which form resilient arms 3) and c, the said arm 5 engaging a notch (Z in the guide 4 near the inner end of the latter, while the arm 0, when the helical spring is under stress, rests against the side of the arm 22 which faces away from the innermost cartridge. hen the helical spring a is not subject to any stress, the'arms b and 0 will be about in line with one another. The spring a is stressed when the lever 22, .during the insertion of cartridges into the magazine, has been moved so far into the track formed between the windings of the guide 4 that it strikes the spring arm 0. During the continued insertion of cartridges, the arm No. 72,097, and in Denmark January 9, 1925.

0 will then he swung back on top of the rail 4 and, du'ing simultaneous stress on the helical spring a proper, it will become bent about the spindle 8, until after all of the cartridges have been inserted into the magazine the said arm 0 will finally occupy the position marked 0 in Fig. 1, when it it is nearly parallel to the spring arm 6.

The hereby produced stress in the helical spring a and its arms I) and a will assist in facilitating the forward motion of the cartridges during the first period of firing commencing with filled magazine. while the spiral spring, when first a smaller number of cartridges have been moved out from the magazine, and the spring has been partly expanded, will then by itself be able to move the remaining cartridges out from the magaz' i I, without the occurrence of any irregularity in the feeding operation.

The arrangement described is to be considered merely as one mode of constructing the invention, as the auxiliary spring may be shaped and disposed in other manner than here described.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is Improvement in drum-shaped cartridge magazines for machine guns or the like by which the cartridges are fed forward in a spiral track by means of a feeding lever of varying length, which feeding lever is actuated partly by a spiral spring. partly by a.

helicalspring acting as auxiliary spring, characterized in that the helical spring a is disposed about the spindle 8 of the magazine, and in that its ends form arms I) and 0, one of which 5 is attached to the wall 4 of the spiral track, while the other arm 0 during the first period of feeding the car tridges with filled magazine rests against an arm 22 provided on the free end of the feeding lever 10, ll, 12 and resting against the innermost cartridge in the magazine, whereby the forward motion of the cartridges is promoted.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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