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Publication numberUS1563052 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date24 Nov 1925
Filing date3 Aug 1925
Priority date24 Jul 1925
Publication numberUS 1563052 A, US 1563052A, US-A-1563052, US1563052 A, US1563052A
InventorsHeinrich Vollmer
Original AssigneeHeinrich Vollmer
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Cartridge-feed mechanism
US 1563052 A
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Nov. 24, m5. 1,563,052

' H. VQLLMER RIDGE FEE-D MECHANISM Huan :5, 1925 I certain new and useful Cartridge-Feed Mechanism (for jwhich I .have filed the following applications: Ger- Patented Nov. '24, l 925.




Application filed August s, 1925.

To all rv'hom it may concern:

, Beit kno-wn that I, HEINRIo s VOLLMER, f Y residing at Wurtternberg, Germany, a citi-.

zen of the German Republic, have invented Improvements in 1 many, May'3, 1924; Sweden, May 17 1924; Holland, May 19, 1924; Czechoslovakia, May

' 0 26, 1924);.of which the following is a speci- Accordingto this invention cartridges for machine guns, automati'c ordnance and auto "matic rifles or pistols are expelled by an. automatically rotating driver from i a magaxzine which is in cross-section circular but has i f .a'gap wherein there is mounted, by means of a suitable-bearing, a notchedwheel or starwheel, a portion of which lies within [an aperture of the magazine,"towards which the I ,-cartridges. are propelled, so that during roqtation of the star wheel received one by one notches of the wheel, and are delivered-to '1 the loading mechanism.

' i The invention'isillustrated in the accom' panying drawing, showing an example of I the improved mechanism.

'Fig. 1 is'an end view, and

Fig. 2 a side view, p r Fig. 3 being a vertical cross-section to a I larger scale.

I 'In thedrawing hdesignates the magazine, .which is a truncated,, coni'cal drum with a gapnearly equal to a quadrant of the cone.

' Within this gap a bearing 6 is fixed tov the drum '71, by means of a flange a, and in the bearing is mounted a shafts having fixed to 'it a star-wheel d, aportion of which pro 9.

jects intothe drum, the latter having an aperture 2. in the gap. The drum. h is in- .ternally about equal in length to the cartridgesp, which are droppedin loosely, forv F fwhich purpose'the drum has a door not .vi'si- N v ble inthe drawing. h

; At thejcenterof the drum h there "is a spindie 6, on which is mounted a radial cartridge *driver plate k urged around the spindle,- to-. Q wards the drum aperture '2, by a powerful the cartridges are azine substantially by successive gaps or .rotatably mounted in said means for yieldably urging specification.

Serial No. 47,861.

spring f, so that it propelsthecartridges-to; J wards that portion of'the star wheel which L The cartridges drop projects into the drum.

into the notches of the star-wheel, and are carried'out of the drum by row in Fig. 3. I

'What I-claiin as my invention and dj sire to secure by Letters Patent of theUnited 7 States is 1 A cartridge feed mechanism for "ante. mat-1c fire-arms, comprising a cartridge inagazine substantially circular in cross -section and having a gap therein substantially equal toga quadrant thereof; said magazine having 7 an. aperture opening into said gap; and, means projecting through said aperture into rotation of the wheel in the'direction indioated byf the arthe magazine and adapted to discharge the cartridges through the aperture. 7 2. A cartridge feed mechanism for automatic fire-arms, comprising, a cartridge mag-' star-wheel rotatably mounted in said gap and having portions projecting through said aperture into said magazine, said star-wheel being adapted to receiveacartridges and to discharge saine throughthe aperture.

3..A cartridge feed mechanism for auto matic fire-arms, comprising a cartridgemag? azine substantially circular in cross-section j and havlnga gap therein substantially equal tea quadrant thereof; said magazine having an aperture opening into said gap; ast ar wheel rotatably mounted in said gap and having portions projecting through said aperture into the magazine, said star-wheel discharge same one by one through the aperture; a radially disposed cartridge .dri-ver' wards "said aperture. g g V In witness whereoffI have signed this;

being adapted to receive cartridges-and to 90 magazine and the driver' to- HEINRICH VOLLMER. f 'j

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U.S. Classification89/33.1, 89/33.1, 89/33.17, 89/33.2
International ClassificationF41A9/00, F41A9/73, F41A9/30
Cooperative ClassificationF41A9/73, F41A9/30
European ClassificationF41A9/73, F41A9/30