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Publication numberDE602006007016 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200660007016
Publication date9 Jul 2009
Filing date7 Aug 2006
Priority date10 Aug 2005
Also published asEP1924971A1, EP1924971B1, US8896608, US20090141031, WO2007018435A1
Publication number0660007016, 200660007016, DE 2006/60007016 D1, DE 602006007016 D1, DE 602006007016D1, DE-D1-602006007016, DE0660007016, DE2006/60007016D1, DE200660007016, DE602006007016 D1, DE602006007016D1
InventorsArve Meisingset
ApplicantMovinpics As
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Verfahren zur bereitstellung einer animation aus einer voraufgezeichneten reihe von standbildern Process for the provision of a pre-recorded animation from a series of still images translated from German
DE 602006007016 D1
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International ClassificationG06T13/80, G06T
Cooperative ClassificationG06T13/80
European ClassificationG06T13/80
Legal Events
17 Jun 20108364No opposition during term of opposition