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Publication numberDE502005010418 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200550010418
Publication date2 Dec 2010
Filing date29 Jun 2005
Priority date29 Jun 2005
Also published asDE502006007176D1, EP1739461A1, EP1739461B1, EP1896880A1, EP1896880B1, US7855839, US8130450, US20090128777, US20110149242, WO2007000280A1
Publication number0550010418, 200550010418, DE 2005/50010418 D1, DE 502005010418 D1, DE 502005010418D1, DE-D1-502005010418, DE0550010418, DE2005/50010418D1, DE200550010418, DE502005010418 D1, DE502005010418D1
InventorsVolker Goetzinger, Andreas Schnalke, Arthur Michling, Kurt Heiberger
ApplicantWavelight Gmbh
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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Untersuchen der Akkommodationsfähigkeit eines Auges Device and method for examining the accommodation ability of an eye translated from German
DE 502005010418 D1
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International ClassificationA61B3/09, G02B3/14
Cooperative ClassificationA61B3/09, A61B3/0025, G02B26/005, G02B3/14
European ClassificationA61B3/09, G02B3/14, A61B3/00C1, G02B26/00L1