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Publication numberDE3474948 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19843474948
Publication date8 Dec 1988
Filing date27 Feb 1984
Priority date25 Feb 1983
Also published asEP0117755A2, EP0117755A3, EP0117755B1, US4574078, US4687643
Publication number19843474948, 843474948, DE 3474948 D1, DE 3474948D1, DE-D1-3474948, DE19843474948, DE3474948 D1, DE3474948D1, DE843474948
InventorsPaolo Cortesi, Gianni Donati, Giuseppe Saggese
ApplicantMontedison Spa
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Process and apparatus for preparing metal oxide particles
DE 3474948 D1
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International ClassificationC01F7/02, C01G37/033, C01G15/00, C01G1/02, C01G49/06, C01B13/34, C09C1/00, C09C1/36, C01G31/02, C01B13/20, C01G25/02, C01F7/30, B01J19/26, B01F5/04, C01G23/053, C01G23/07, C01G23/04
Cooperative ClassificationY10S261/75, C01P2002/50, C01G23/07, C01G25/02, C01B13/20, C01P2004/32, B01J19/26, B01J2208/00371, C01F7/304, C01P2006/22, B01J2219/00123, B01F5/0413, C01P2004/51, C01P2004/62
European ClassificationC01G23/07, B01J19/26, B01F5/04C12, C01B13/20, C01F7/30B2, C01G25/02
Legal Events
23 Nov 19898364No opposition during term of opposition
16 Feb 19958339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee