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Publication numberDE3430106 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19843430106
Publication date17 Jan 1985
Filing date16 Aug 1984
Priority date16 Aug 1984
Also published asCA1247158A, CA1247158A1, DE3430106C2
Publication number19843430106, 843430106, DE 3430106 A1, DE 3430106A1, DE-A1-3430106, DE19843430106, DE3430106 A1, DE3430106A1, DE843430106
InventorsDes Erfinders Auf Nennung Verzicht
ApplicantRodenhurst Ltd
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Apparatus for the artificial production of a slipstream
DE 3430106 A1
In order to effect the artificial production of a slipstream for the purpose of suspending persons in the air, a collapsible and transportable apparatus in the form of a supporting skeleton is used which can be erected on a flat base and has a wind channel in which can be arranged a unit for air acceleration with an assigned flow rectifier. The wind channel is advantageously of cylindrical or frustoconical shape. To protect the hovering persons, the hovering space is limited by nets. One net is arranged above the flow rectifier and a further net above the apparatus as a whole. The net serving as an upper limiting means is arched upwards by the air flow generated, to which end it has a central air-impermeable or sparingly air-permeable layer. For spectators, a stand is arranged around the supporting skeleton which simultaneously serves as a means of access for the persons entering the slipstream.
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International ClassificationA63G31/00, B64D23/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63G2031/005, B64D23/00, A63G31/00
European ClassificationA63G31/00, B64D23/00
Legal Events
17 Jan 1985OAVApplicant agreed to the publication of the unexamined application as to paragraph 31 lit. 2 z1
17 Jan 1985OP8Request for examination as to paragraph 44 patent law
14 May 1987D2Grant after examination
12 Nov 19878364No opposition during term of opposition
10 Aug 19958339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee