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Publication numberDE3144286 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19813144286
Publication date19 May 1983
Filing date7 Nov 1981
Priority date7 Nov 1981
Publication number19813144286, 813144286, DE 3144286 A1, DE 3144286A1, DE-A1-3144286, DE19813144286, DE3144286 A1, DE3144286A1, DE813144286
InventorsJean St-Germain
ApplicantTepla Trading Co S A
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Apparatus for floating
DE 3144286 A1
The invention relates to an apparatus, in particular in the form of a building, containing a room or a chamber, in which there is an upwardly directed air flow in order to allow people to float freely. This apparatus, which is described as a livitationarium is constructed and arranged in such a way as to allow simple, safe and economic operation. The apparatus primarily contains a propeller of a fan, the propeller being arranged in a channel in such a way that a vacuum air flow is produced in the surrounding annular air path, specifically under the effect of the direct air flow which is produced by the propeller inside the channel. Furthermore, an annular air path is provided in order to maintain a closed air flow through the said air path and the adjoining floating chamber. The device according to the invention has an annular core which is arranged between the floating chamber and the said annular air path and additionally contains a spectators gallery and an access to the floating chamber. <IMAGE>
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Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE3430106A1 *16 Aug 198417 Jan 1985Rodenhurst LtdApparatus for the artificial production of a slipstream
DE4241574C1 *10 Dec 199217 Mar 1994Istvan SzekelyFlying with closed flying chamber and mesh floor - comprises track with fans under flight path producing air currents upwardly and forwardly inclined through floor and lateral limiting walls
DE4339580A1 *19 Nov 199314 Apr 1994Steffen SchmelzerAppliance enabling person to fly in accelerated air column - has underneath frame on which is air cushion, with rope attached to centre, drive motors, air ducts
International ClassificationB64D23/00, A63G31/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63G2031/005, B64D23/00, A63G31/00
European ClassificationA63G31/00, B64D23/00
Legal Events
8 Nov 19848139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee