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Publication numberDE1572421 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19671572421
Publication date20 Aug 1970
Filing date3 Aug 1967
Priority date5 Aug 1966
Also published asDE1572421B2, US3503465
Publication number19671572421, 671572421, DE 1572421 A1, DE 1572421A1, DE-A1-1572421, DE1572421 A1, DE1572421A1, DE19671572421, DE671572421
InventorsShunji Kobayashi, Koichi Hiramatsu, Isao Yoshihara, Sathihiro Kuwabara
ApplicantChiyoda Chem Eng Construct Co
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Daempfer fuer das Ansaug-oder Auspuffgeraeusch bei unter Druck stehenden Fluden Shock absorbers for the intake or Auspuffgeraeusch in pressurized Fluden translated from German
DE 1572421 A1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE2617000A1 *17 Apr 197620 Oct 1977Gruenzweig Hartmann GlasfaserKulissen-schalldaempfer
DE3401210A1 *14 Jan 198425 Jul 1985Asea AbSound absorber for connection to a flow duct
DE102006060266A1 *19 Dec 200610 Jul 2008Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbhMuffler for gas carrying systems, comprises muffler chamber, having gas outlet and carries gas over inlet pipe, which meets in funnel section, which forwards flowing gas
International ClassificationF02C7/24, F04D19/00, F01N1/24, F16L55/033, F04D29/66, F01B31/16
Cooperative ClassificationF16L55/033, F04D29/664, F04D19/002, F02C7/24, F01N1/24, F01B31/16
European ClassificationF04D19/00B, F01N1/24, F16L55/033, F02C7/24, F01B31/16, F04D29/66C4B
Legal Events
22 Apr 1971SHRequest for examination between 03.10.1968 and 22.04.1971
4 Mar 1976C3Grant after two publication steps (3rd publication)
31 Dec 1977E77Valid patent as to the heymanns-index 1977