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Publication numberCN102853987 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201210358709
Publication date2 Jan 2013
Filing date25 Sep 2012
Priority date25 Sep 2012
Publication number201210358709.X, CN 102853987 A, CN 102853987A, CN 201210358709, CN-A-102853987, CN102853987 A, CN102853987A, CN201210358709, CN201210358709.X
Inventors吉洪湖, 胡娅萍, 王健, 陈宁立, 朱强华
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Tester for researching ice accretion and ice prevention of aero-engine cowling in icing wind tunnel
CN 102853987 A
The invention relates to a tester for researching ice accretion and ice prevention of an aero-engine cowling in an icing wind tunnel, belonging to the technical field of ice accretion and ice prevention of an aero-engine. The tester comprises an external component arranged outside an icing wind tunnel and an internal component arranged inside the icing wind tunnel, wherein the external component comprises an electromotor (1), a driving pulley (18) and a protective cover (19) arranged outside the driving pulley; the internal component comprises a substrate (2), a shaft sleeve (9) installed on the substrate by a support (8), and a revolving shaft (12) installed in the shaft sleeve by a left bearing (7) and a right bearing (10); one end of the revolving shaft is equipped with a conical axis connector (4) on which a cowling (3) is installed; the other end of the revolving shaft is equipped with a passive pulley (13); and the passive pulley is connected with the driving pulley (18) by a belt (14). The tester is designed reasonably, so that the structure size is reduced effectively, and block influences on the icing wind tunnel and disturbances of airflows in the icing wind tunnel are decreased.
Claims(2)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种用于冰风洞中研究航空发动机整流罩积冰和防冰的试验器,其特征在干: 包括位于冰风洞外的外部部件和位于冰风洞内的内部部件; 其中外部部件包括电动机(I)、主动皮带轮(18)和位于主动皮带轮外的防护罩(19);其中内部部件包括:基座(2)、通过支柱(8)安装于基座上的轴套(9)、通过左轴承(7)和右轴承(10)安装于轴套内的转轴(12);转轴一端安装有锥轴连接件(4),锥轴连接件上安装着整流罩(3);转轴另一端安装有被动皮带轮(13);该被动皮带轮通过皮带(14)与上述主动皮带轮(18)相联;基座(2)上开有便于皮带穿过的皮带槽(17);上述被动皮带轮(13)外具有被动皮带轮密封罩(15),上述皮带(14)外具有皮带密封罩(16)。 1. A method for the study of ice wind tunnel aero-engine cowl anti-icing and ice test device, characterized in that dry: including icing wind tunnel located outside the outer member and the inner member is located within the ice tunnel; wherein the external means including a motor (I), drive pulley (18) and a driving pulley situated outside the protective cover (19); wherein the inner member comprises: a base (2), by means of struts (8) mounted on the sleeve on the base (9 ), through the left bearing (7) and the right bearing (10) is mounted on the shaft inside the sleeve (12); shaft end fitted with tapered shaft (4) mounted on a tapered shaft coupling the fairing (3); the other end of the shaft is mounted driven pulley (13); the driven pulley via a belt (14) and said drive pulley (18) is associated; base opened to facilitate the belt through the belt slot (17) (2); said passive pulley (13) having a driven pulley outer closure cap (15), said belt (14) having an outer belt closure cap (16).
2.根据权利要求I所述的航空发动机整流帽罩积冰和防冰试验器,其特征在于:从冰风洞气流流动方向看皮带密封罩(16)被上述支柱(8)完全遮挡。 2. I said aeroengine rectification claim hat hood icing and anti-icing tests, characterized in that: the direction of air flow from the ice wind tunnel to see the belt closure cap (16) is the pillar (8) completely blocked.
Description  translated from Chinese

用于冰风洞中研究航空发动机整流罩积冰和防冰的试验器 Research for icing wind tunnel aero-engine cowl anti-icing and ice tester

[0001] 技术领域 [0001] Technical Field

本发明是一种用于在冰风洞中研究属于航空发动机积冰和防冰技术领域。 The present invention is a method for aeroengine research belong icing and anti-icing technology in the field of ice wind tunnel.

背景技术 Background

[0002] 飞机在高空低于冰点的温度下飞行时,如果穿越含有过冷水滴(温度低于冰点但仍保持液态的水)的云层,水滴碰在飞机表面上,就会在碰撞区域及其附近发生积冰。 Under the [0002] planes temperatures below freezing at high altitude flight, if the crossing containing supercooled water droplets (temperature below freezing but still maintain liquid water) clouds, water droplets hit the surface of the aircraft, it will be in the region and its impact It occurred near the icing. 飞机积冰不但增加了部件重量,而且会改变绕流流场、破坏气动性能,使操纵性和稳定性受到影响,给飞行安全带来危害。 Icing not only increase the weight of the components, but also changes the flow field, destroy aerodynamic performance, handling and stability so affected, harm to flight safety. 近年来,由于对现代航空发动机的运行安全、效率和性能的要求越来越高,有关发动机结冰现象的研究也得到越来越多的重视。 In recent years, due to the operational safety, efficiency and performance of modern aircraft engines have become increasingly demanding, research on engine icing phenomenon has also been more and more attention. 发动机前端(包括整流帽罩、进气机匣及其支板、以及压气机进ロ导向叶片等)通常是出现结冰现象的主要部件。 Engine front-end (including the rectifier cap, inlet casing and the support plate, and ro compressor inlet guide vanes, etc.) are usually the main components of icing phenomena. 其中发动机进ロ整流帽罩的结冰现象对发动机气动性能有重大影响,轻则使发动机的引气量下降,推进功率减小,重则一旦冰块脱落可能造成发动机及其部件的损坏。 Wherein the engine intake ro rectifying cap of icing have a significant impact on the aerodynamic performance engines, ranging from the engine air entrainment decline, propulsion power is reduced, once the heavy ice off may cause damage to the engine and its components. 所以研究整流帽罩的防冰/除冰问题具有重要意义。 So research rectifying cap anti-icing / de-icing issues of importance.

[0003] 有关发动机结冰现象的研究主要采用数值模拟、地面冰风洞试验、飞行试验等方式进行。 [0003] The study of the main engine icing numerical simulation, ground icing wind tunnel tests, flight testing and other ways. 纵观世界各国,凡有能力独立研发飞行器的国家,大多数拥有研究评估飞行器结冰和防冰的试验研究平台——冰风洞。 Throughout the world, where the ability of the national independent research aircraft, most have study assessed the aircraft icing and anti-icing trials research platform - icing wind tunnel. 冰风洞受制冷能力的限制,通常风洞试验段的尺寸都不大,因此大量的结冰试验是采用縮尺模型进行的。 Icing wind tunnel cooling capacity is limited, usually the size of the wind tunnel test section is not large, so a lot of icing tests were conducted using the scale model. 目前国内外有关航空发动机进ロ部件的积冰实验大多是针对翼型支板和整流帽罩展开的,但都为静止状态下的实验。 At present domestic and foreign aviation engine intake ro icing mostly experimental parts for wing strut and rectifying the cap to start, but all the experiments in a stationary state. 上述现有的实验系统由于不包含复杂的驱动系统,因此不考虑驱动系统对冰风洞的堵塞影响、冰风洞内结冰条件对传动系统的影响以及试验件旋转所帯来的问题诸如旋转过程中振动、传动装置的设计以及传动装置对于流场的扰动等,有关发动机旋转件结冰和防冰试验器的专利目前尚未见到报道。 The conventional test systems because they do not contain complex drive system, and therefore does not consider plugging on the drive system of the ice tunnel, the impact of ice wind tunnel icing conditions on the transmission system and the test piece to rotate Bands issues such as rotation vibrations, gearing and gear design for the flow field disturbance, etc., related to engine icing and anti-icing rotary member test the patent has yet to see reported.


[0004] 为了在冰风洞中研究航空发动机整流帽罩的结冰现象并探索其防冰措施,本发明提出了一种适用于在冰风洞内研究发动机整流帽罩积冰和防冰的试验器,该试验器经过合理设计有效减小了其结构尺寸、降低了对风洞的阻塞影响和对风洞内气流的扰动。 [0004] In order to study icing of aircraft engines, rectification ice cap in the wind tunnel and explore its anti-icing measures, the present invention provides a suitable research engine rectification ice cap in the wind tunnel hood icing and anti-ice tester, the tester through rational design effectively reduces the size of the structure, reducing the blocking effect of the wind tunnel and wind tunnel airflow disturbance.

[0005] 该试验器由位于冰风洞外的外部部件和位于冰风洞内的内部部件组成;上述外部部件包括电动机、主动皮带轮和位于主动皮带轮外的防护罩;上述内部部件包括:基座、通过支柱安装于基座上的轴套、通过ー对轴承安装于轴套内的转轴;转轴一端安装有锥轴连接件,锥轴连接件上安装着整流罩;转轴另一端安装有被动皮带轮;该被动皮带轮通过皮带与上述主动皮带轮相联;基座上开有便于皮带穿过的皮带槽;上述被动皮带轮外具有被动皮带轮密封罩,上述皮带外具有皮带密封罩。 [0005] The test consists of icing wind tunnel located outside of the outer member and the inner member is located within the composition of the ice tunnel; the external components including a motor, drive pulley and the drive pulley located outside the protective cover; said inner member comprising: a base By strut attached to the sleeve base through ー bearing mounted on the shaft sleeve inside; shaft end fitted with tapered shaft connecting member mounted fairing cone shaft connector; the other end of the shaft is mounted driven pulley ; the driven pulley by a belt associated with said drive pulley; the base opened to facilitate the belt through the belt groove; and said driven pulley having a driven pulley outer enclosures, said belt having a belt outside the enclosures.

[0006] 本发明是基于如下思路来解决其技术问题并达到设计目标的:该试验器由位于冰风洞外的外部部件和位于冰风洞内的内部部件组成,这样就能将电动机和主动皮带轮安置于冰风洞的外部,从而显著减小试验器在风洞内的结构尺寸,减小试验器对风洞的堵塞比。 [0006] The present invention is based on the following ideas to solve technical problems and to achieve design goals: The test consists of icing wind tunnel located outside of the outer member and the inner member is located within the composition of the ice tunnel, which will be able to motor and active Pulley placed outside an ice tunnel, thereby significantly reducing the wind tunnel test in the structure size, reduce test devices for wind tunnel blockage ratio. 电机通过皮带与整流帽罩试验台相连并驱动其工作。 Motor through belt and rectifying the cap is connected to the test station and driven to work. 将风洞试验段内的被动皮带轮和皮带密封在密封罩内,从而防止皮带运行过程中的结冰现象的发生,确保皮带运行性能的稳定。 The driven pulley and belt inside an enclosed wind tunnel test section in a sealed cover to prevent the process of freezing the belt running phenomenon, to ensure stable performance of the belt.

[0007] 根据上述分析,本发明将驱动系统与整流帽罩试验台分离开,以达到将驱动系统移出冰风洞、减小冰风洞内整流帽罩试验台尺寸的目的,由此形成了航空发动机整流帽罩积冰和防冰试验器的分离式总体结构特点。 [0007] Based on the above analysis, the present invention is a drive system with the rectifier cap separated from the test bench, in order to achieve the removal of the drive system icing wind tunnel, the object of reducing the ice wind tunnel test rectifying table size of the cap, thereby forming a aeroengine rectifying cap icing and anti-icing test the overall structure of separate features.

[0008] 本发明的有益效果是: [0008] The beneficial effects of the present invention are:

(I)驱动系统与整流帽罩试验台相分离,因而能够将驱动系统移出结冰风洞,从而减小了整流帽罩积冰和防冰试验器在风洞内的尺寸,有利于降低试验装置对风洞的堵塞比。 (I) the drive system of the rectifier cap test bed phase separation, it is possible to drive the system out of the freezing tunnel, thereby reducing the rectifier cap icing and anti-icing wind tunnel tests in size, helps reduce test means wind tunnel blockage ratio.

[0009] (2)密封罩的设计可以防止皮带结冰,确保皮带运行性能稳定。 [0009] (2) the closure cap is designed to prevent freezing belt, the belt run to ensure stable performance. 还能够防止气流从皮带槽中进出,隔绝风洞内外气流的流通。 Can also prevent air from the tank out of the belt, isolated inside and outside the flow of wind tunnel airflow. 同时减小了皮带和皮带轮对风洞内流场的扰动。 While reducing the belt and pulley of wind tunnel flow field perturbations.

[0010] (3)通过锥轴连接件连接于整流帽罩实验台主轴前端的轴套中,该结构设计使得试验件便于拆装更换。 [0010] (3) connected by a tapered shaft connector to the rectifier bench spindle nose cap sleeve, the structural design allows for easy removal of the test piece to replace.

[0011] (4)如果皮带与整流帽罩试验台的支柱位置对应,即从气流来流的方向看,皮带被支柱完全遮挡,从而进一歩降低了试验装置对风洞的堵塞比。 [0011] (4) If the position of the belt and the rectification pillar cap test bench correspondence that direction from the gas stream to flow perspective, the belt is the pillar completely blocked, thereby reducing ho into a test device of the wind tunnel blockage ratio.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0012] 图I是航空发动机整流帽罩积冰和防冰试验器的ニ维剖视图。 [0012] FIG. I is a cross-sectional view of the aero-engine maintenance rectification cap icing and anti-icing test the Ni.

[0013] 图2是航空发动机整流帽罩积冰和防冰试验器的三维造型图。 [0013] FIG. 2 is rectified aeroengine cap icing and anti-icing test the three-dimensional shape of FIG.

[0014] 图3是航空发动机整流帽罩积冰和防冰试验器在冰风洞中的安装位置关系示意图。 [0014] FIG. 3 is a relationship between the aviation engine mounting position rectifying cap icing and anti-icing wind tunnel test is a schematic diagram of ice.

[0015] 图中:1.电动机;2.基座;3.整流帽罩;4.锥轴连接件;5.螺纹套;6.轴承盖;7.左轴承;8.支柱;9.轴套;10.右轴承;11.螺帽;12.转轴;13.被动皮带轮;14.皮带;15.被动皮带轮密封罩;16.皮带密封罩;17.皮带槽;18. 主动皮带轮;19.防护罩;20.风洞试验段。 . [0015] in which: 1 motor; a second base; 3 rectifier cap; 4 taper fittings; 5 threaded sleeve; bearing caps 6; 7 left bearing; 8 pillar; 9 axes....... sets; 10 right bearing; 11 nut; 12 shafts; 13 driven pulley; a belt 14;. 15 driven pulley enclosures; 16 belt enclosures; 17 belt groove; 18 drive pulley; 19. protective cover; 20 wind tunnel test section.


[0016] 下面结合附图对本发明作进ー步的说明。 [0016] The present invention below with reference to the drawings made into ー step instructions.

[0017] 图I显示出该防冰试验器的总体造型,该试验器由位于冰风洞外的外部部件和位于冰风洞内的内部部件组成。 [0017] Figure I shows the deicing test the overall shape of the test consists of icing wind tunnel located outside of the outer member and the inner member is located within the composition of the ice tunnel. 外部部件包括电动机I、主动皮带轮18和位于主动皮带轮18外的防护罩19 ;内部部件包括:基座2、通过支柱8安装于基座2上的轴套9、通过ー对轴承7、10安装于轴套9内的转轴12 ;转轴一端安装有锥轴连接件4,锥轴连接件4上安装着整流罩3 ;转轴另一端安装有被动皮带轮13 ;该被动皮带轮13通过皮带14与上述主动皮带轮18相联;基座2开有便于皮带14穿过的皮带槽17 ;上述被动皮带轮13外具有被动皮带轮密封罩16,上述皮带14外具有皮带密封罩16。 External components include motors I, the driving pulley 18 and the drive pulley 18 is located outside the protective cover 19; internal components include: a base 2, through the pillar 8 is attached to the sleeve 9 on the base 2, 7, 10 through ー bearing installation the shaft 12 within the sleeve 9; shaft end fitted with tapered shaft member 4, taper connector 4 mounted fairing 3; the other end of the shaft is mounted driven pulley 13; the driven pulley 13 through a belt 14 and the above-mentioned initiative Pulley 18 is associated; base 2 opened to facilitate the belt 14 through the belt slot 17; said driven pulley 13 has a driven pulley outer sealing cover 16, said belt having a belt 14 outside the sealing cover 16.

[0018] 如图3所示,为了减小积冰和防冰试验器对结冰风洞的阻塞影响,应尽可能减小其结构尺寸,因此将电动机I移出冰风洞,而冰风洞内仅保留整流帽罩试验台。 [0018] 3, in order to reduce icing and anti-icing tests on clogged icing wind tunnel, as far as possible to reduce the size of the structure, and therefore out of the motor I icing wind tunnel, wind tunnel and ice rectification within the cap to retain only test bed. 整流帽罩试验台通过基座固定于结冰风洞试验段20内壁的沉槽上,使基座上表面与结冰风洞的壁面平齐。 Rectification cap test station via a base fixed to the inner wall of icing wind tunnel test section 20 of the sink, so that the base of the wall surface is flush with the icing wind tunnel. 同时支柱8和皮带14及其外面所罩的皮带密封罩16前后顺列布置,从冰风洞气流流动方向看皮带密封罩16被支柱8完全遮挡,从而进ー步减小试验器对冰风洞的堵塞。 Meanwhile pillar 8 and the belt 14 and the outside of the cover seal cover 16 around the belt line layout, the direction of air flow from the ice wind tunnel to see the belt closure cap 16 is completely blocked pillar 8, thereby further reducing the intake ー Tester on Icewind hole plugged. [0019] 为了防止皮带运行过程中结冰现象的发生,确保皮带运行性能稳定,将风洞试验段内的皮带14和被动皮带轮13密封在皮带密封罩16和被动皮带轮密封罩15内。 [0019] In order to prevent the belt running icing process occurs, to ensure stable performance belt, the belt inside the wind tunnel test section 14 and the driven pulley 13 is sealed in the sealing cover 16 and the belt driven pulley 15 enclosures. 密封罩15、16还隔绝风洞内外气流的流通,防止气流从皮带槽17中进出,并减小了皮带和皮带轮对风洞内流场的扰动。 15 and 16 are also cut off the flow of enclosures and outside the wind tunnel airflow, preventing air from the tank 17 out of the belt, and reduces the belt and pulley wind tunnel flow field disturbances.

[0020] 整流帽罩3经由锥轴连接件4连接到转轴12的前端,并为螺纹套5所固定,这样设计能够方便的更换和拆装整流帽罩试验件。 [0020] The rectifier cap 3 connector 4 is connected to the front end of the rotor shaft 12, and the threaded sleeve 5 is fixed, so that the design can be easily replaced and removable cap test piece rectified via the cone axis.

[0021] 该试验器既能进行无防冰涂层帽罩的实验又能进行有防冰涂层帽罩的实验。 [0021] The test is carried out both without anti-ice coating the cap of experiments but also for anti-ice coating the cap of the experiment.

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