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Publication numberCN101632030 B
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 200780051404
PCT numberPCT/US2007/025707
Publication date11 Jan 2012
Filing date14 Dec 2007
Priority date15 Dec 2006
Also published asCN101632030A, CN102436018A, EP2092378A2, WO2008076399A2, WO2008076399A3
Publication number200780051404.1, CN 101632030 B, CN 101632030B, CN 200780051404, CN-B-101632030, CN101632030 B, CN101632030B, CN200780051404, CN200780051404.1, PCT/2007/25707, PCT/US/2007/025707, PCT/US/2007/25707, PCT/US/7/025707, PCT/US/7/25707, PCT/US2007/025707, PCT/US2007/25707, PCT/US2007025707, PCT/US200725707, PCT/US7/025707, PCT/US7/25707, PCT/US7025707, PCT/US725707
Inventors元军·P·王, 威廉·H·海温斯, 晨·冯, 李建华
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Apparatus and method comprising deformable lens element
CN 101632030 B
An apparatus for use in a lens assembly, the apparatus comprising a deformable lens element having an axis and a deformable surface, at least part of which transmits image forming ligth rays, and a force imparting structural member disposed to impart a force to said deformable surface, wherein the apparatus is adapted so that said force imparting structural member is capable of imparting at leastone of a pushing force or a pulling force to the deformable surface.
Claims(15)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种手持数据采集装置,包括:包含形成为多个像素行和列的多个像素的二维图像传感器;包含用来聚焦图像到所述二维图像传感器上的可变形透镜元件的成像透镜组件,所述成像透镜组件被调节以便可以施加力到所述可变形透镜元件上以改变所述可变形透镜元件的光学特性,所述成像透镜组件具有第一透镜设置和第二透镜设置,在所述第一透镜设置上所述可变形透镜元件处于第一状态,在所述第二透镜设置上所述可变形透镜元件处于第二状态;其中所述数据采集装置被调节以便在操作者启动阅读尝试期间,所述数据采集装置捕获多帧图像数据,其中所述数据采集装置被调节以便在操作者启动阅读尝试期间,以以下的方式改变所述成像透镜组件的透镜设置:所述第一透镜设置被激活用于多帧图像数据帧中第一帧的捕获,并且进一步地所述第二透镜设置被激活用于多帧图像数据帧中第二帧的捕获;以及其中所述手持数据采集装置可操作用于尝试利用多帧图像数据中的至少一帧来解码可解码的标记。 A hand-held data collection device, comprising: forming a plurality of pixels comprising a plurality of rows and columns of pixels of the two-dimensional image sensor; comprising imaging for focusing the image onto the two-dimensional image sensor deformable lens element lens assembly, the imaging lens assembly can be adjusted to apply a force to the deformable lens element to change the optical characteristics of the deformable lens element, the imaging lens assembly having a first lens setting and a second lens setting, a first lens disposed on the said deformable lens element in the first state, the second lens disposed on the deformable lens element in the second state; wherein said data acquisition means is adjusted so that the operator During the attempt to start reading, said data acquisition means to capture a plurality of frames of image data, wherein said data acquisition means is adjusted so that during the operator initiated read attempt, in the following manner to change the imaging lens setting of lens assembly: the first a lens setting is activated for a plurality of frames of image data captured in the first frame of the frame, and further, the second lens setting is activated for a plurality of frames of image data captured frames of the second frame; and wherein the hand-held data collecting means operable to attempt to exploit multi-frame image data in at least one decoding decodable tag.
2.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中在用于多帧图像数据的第一帧的曝光周期期间所述第一透镜设置是激活的。 2. The hand-held data collection device according to claim 1, wherein the plurality of frames of image data used during the exposure period of the first frame of the first lens setting is active.
3.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件包括:i.包含大体上光学透明流体的工作流体部件;ϋ.光学非流体部件,包含弹性可变形构件并且在其中的至少一部分上是大体上光学透明的;iii.贯穿通过所述工作流体部件和所述光学非流体部件的光轴;其中所述手持数据采集装置包括力元件,其能够提供足以使所述弹性可变形构件变形的施加力、并且可操作地被连接到所述弹性可变形构件以便由所述力元件提供的力将被至少部分地传输到所述弹性可变形构件,所述力元件被布置为与所述弹性可变形构件呈圆周对称关系。 3. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein the deformable lens element comprising:.. I comprises a substantially optically transparent fluid, the working fluid component; ϋ optical non-fluid components, comprising an elastically deformable member and wherein at least a portion of the substantially optically transparent; iii through the optical axis by means of the working fluid and non-fluid component of the optical;. wherein said hand-held data collection device comprises a force element, which is capable of providing the sufficient applied to the elastic deformation of the deformable member, and operatively connected to the elastically deformable member to the force provided by the force elements to be transmitted at least partially to the elastically deformable member, the force element is arranged with the elastically deformable member circumferentially symmetrical relationship.
4.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件包括边界元件和以形成具有光轴的流体腔室的方式与所述边界元件互相连接的可变形薄膜,所述流体腔室具有布置在其中的聚焦流体,其中所述手持数据采集装置包括邻接所述流体腔室的变形元件。 The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein said member comprises a deformable lens element and a boundary to form a deformable membrane having an optical axis of the fluid chamber boundary manner the interconnecting member, the the fluid chamber having fluid disposed therein focusing, wherein said hand-held data collection device comprising deformable element adjacent said fluid chamber.
5.如权利要求4的手持数据采集装置,进一步包括至少一个使所述变形元件相对于所述可变形薄膜定位的无弹性元件,其中所述变形元件包括被所述无弹性元件固定住的外部部分和相对于所述外部部分可移动的内部部分。 5. The hand-held data collection device as claimed in claim 4, further comprising at least one of said deformable element relative to the non-elastic member deformable membrane positioned, wherein said deformable member comprises a non-elastic member is fixed in the outer with respect to the outer portion and the movable portion of the interior portion.
6.如权利要求4所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件包括以将所述边界元件从所述可变形薄膜隔开的方式位于所述边界元件和所述可变形薄膜之间的隔离元件,并且其中所述手持数据采集装置包括邻接所述可变形薄膜的压力元件,并且其中所述变形元件包括至少一个被配置为响应于所述控制信号而在朝向所述压力元件的方向上弯曲的元件。 6. The hand-held data collection device according to claim 4, wherein said element comprises a deformable lens element from said boundary to said deformable membrane spaced apart manner and the element located at the boundary of the deformable membrane isolation between elements, and wherein said hand-held data collection device comprises a pressure member abuts the deformable membrane, and wherein said deformable element comprises at least one configured to in response to the control signal toward said pressure member element bent in the direction.
7.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件具有轴和可变形表面,所述可变形表面的至少一部分传输形成光线的图像,并且其中所述手持数据采集装置包括被布置用来施加力到所述可变形表面上的力施加结构构件,并且其中所述手持数据采集装置被调节以便所述力施加结构构件能够施加推力或拉力的至少一个到所述可变形表面上。 7. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein the deformable lens element having a shaft and a deformable surface, at least a portion of the deformable surface forms an image of light transmission, and wherein said hand-held data collection device comprising applying arranged to apply a force to the force of said structural member on the surface deformation, and wherein said hand-held data collection device is adjusted so that the force applied to the structural member capable of pushing or pulling force to the at least one deformable surface.
8.如权利要求7所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述推力或所述拉力的至少一个是由电致动聚合体驱动装置产生的。 Handheld data collection device according to claim 8, wherein the pushing or pulling of said at least one electrically actuated by the driving unit of the polymer.
9.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述推力或所述拉力的至少一个是由设置成与所述可变形表面邻接并共面的驱动装置产生的,所述驱动装置具有所述轴穿过其中的中心开口。 9. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein the pushing or pulling of said at least one is provided with said drive means and the deformable surface abutting coplanar generated, said drive means having wherein the shaft passes through the central opening.
10.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件的主体包含弹性可变形材料构件,并且其中所述可变形透镜元件没有聚焦流体。 10. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein the deformable body comprises a lens element material elastically deformable member, and wherein said deformable fluid lens element is not focused.
11.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述手持数据采集装置是可操作的, 以便由声音线圈产生用来改变所述透镜元件的光学特性的力。 11. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein said hand-held data acquisition device is operable to force said lens element to change the optical characteristics of the sound generated by the coil.
12.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件包含可变形薄膜、由所述可变形薄膜限定的腔部、和布置在所述腔部内的流体,所述流体具有大于1的折射率,所述可变形透镜元件具有轴,其中所述手持数据采集装置包括能够与所述可变形透镜元件在由所述轴的圆周周围限定的位置互相接触的力施加结构构件,并且其中配置所述光学手持数据采集装置以便可以在所述轴的方向上朝向或者远离所述可变形透镜元件移动所述力施加结构构件,以便所述可变形透镜元件的光学特性随着所述力施加结构构件的移动而改变。 12. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein the deformable lens element comprising a deformable film by the deformable membrane defining a cavity portion, and a fluid disposed within said cavity portion of said fluid having a refractive index greater than 1, said deformable lens element having a shaft, wherein said hand-held data collection device includes a structural member capable of applying said deformable lens element around the circumference of the shaft by defining the position of the contact force of each and wherein the configuration of said optical handheld data collection means so that it can be deformed towards or away from the structural member of the force applying member to move the lens in the direction of said axis, so that the optical characteristics of the deformable lens element with the said force moving the structural member is changed.
13.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件具有轴,并且其中所述可变形透镜元件的主体由具有硬度测量小于邵氏A60的形状保持弹性可变形构件提供,并且其中配置所述手持数据采集装置以便能够施加力到所述可变形透镜元件的外表面来改变所述可变形透镜元件的光学特性。 13. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein the deformable lens element having an axis, and wherein the deformable body is less than Shore A60 shape lens element having a hardness measured by an elastically deformable holding member provided and wherein said hand-held data collection device is configured to be able to apply a force to the outer surface of the deformable lens element to change the optical properties of the deformable lens element.
14.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,包含具有轴的可变形透镜元件,其中所述可变形透镜元件的主体包含具有至少一个常规凸透镜表面的弹性可变形构件,并且其中所述手持数据采集装置包括用来使所述可变形透镜元件变形的驱动装置,所述驱动装置具有被调节以大体上符合所述凸透镜表面形状的柔性构件以及具有设置在所述轴周围的无涂层区域或孔口的其中之一,所述手持数据采集装置被调节以便通过改变施加到所述柔性构件的电压来使所述常规凸透镜表面的凸度改变。 14. Handheld Handheld claim wherein said data acquisition apparatus according to claim 1, comprising a deformable lens element having a shaft, wherein the deformable body comprises a lens element having an elastically deformable member at least one surface of a conventional convex lens, and data acquisition means comprises means for causing said deformable element is deformable lens drive means, said drive means having been adjusted so as to substantially conform said flexible member having a convex surface shape and uncoated regions disposed around the shaft one or apertures, said hand-held data collection device is adjusted so that the voltage applied to the flexible member by varying the degree of change to the convex surface of the conventional lens.
15.如权利要求1所述的手持数据采集装置,其中所述可变形透镜元件具有可变形光入射表面和相对的可变形光出射表面,所述可变形透镜元件具有贯穿所述可变形光入射表面和所述相对的可变形光出射表面的各自中心的轴,其中所述手持数据采集装置包括用来使所述可变形光入射表面变形以改变所述可变形透镜元件的光学特性的第一驱动装置,和用来使所述可变形光出射表面变形以改变所述可变形透镜元件的光学特性的第二驱动装置。 15. The hand-held data collection device of claim 1, wherein the deformable lens element having a light incident surface and the light incident through the deformable light exit surface, said deformable lens element having a deformable relatively deformable and the opposing surface of the deformable center light axis of each exit surface, wherein said hand-held data collection means includes means for causing said deformable light incident surface to change the optical properties of the deformation of the deformable lens element of the first drive means, and for causing said deformable light exit surface of the second drive means to vary the deformation of the deformable element of the optical characteristics of the lens.
Description  translated from Chinese

包括可变形透镜元件的装置和方法 Including apparatus and methods of the deformable lens element

[0001] 相关申请的交叉参照 Cross-reference to the [0001] RELATED APPLICATIONS

[0002] 本PCT申请要求了2006年12月15日提交的美国专利申请号60/875,M5、 题目为“具有驱动装置聚合体控制的聚焦模块和元件”(Focus Module andComponents With Actuator Polymer Control)的优先权;2007年7月18日提交的美国专利申请号60/901,036、题目为“可变的透镜元件和模块,,(VariableLens Elements And Modules) 的优先权;2007年7月23日提交的美国专利申请号11/781,901、题目为“具有驱动装置聚合体控制的聚焦模块和元件”(Focus Module and Components With Actuator Polymer Control)的优先权,而美国专利申请号11/781,901要求了所述美国专利申请号60/875,245的优先权,以及2007年8月31日提交的11/897924、题目为“包括可变形镜头ΤΠ^ί牛白勺禾口方^去,,(Apparatus and Method Comprising Deformable Lens Element)白勺优先权,而美国专利申请号11/8979¾要求了所述美国专利申请号60/875,245和美国专利申请号60/901,036的优先权。 [0002] This PCT application claims priority to U.S. Patent Application No. 15 December, 2006 filed 60/875, M5, entitled "polymer having a drive unit control module and the focusing element" (Focus Module andComponents With Actuator Polymer Control) priority; US Patent Application No. 18 July 2007, submitted 60 / 901,036, entitled "variable lens components and modules ,, (VariableLens Elements And Modules) priority; July 23, 2007 filed US Patent Application No. 11 / 781,901, entitled "polymer having a drive unit control module and the focusing element" (Focus Module and Components With Actuator Polymer Control) priority, and US Patent Application No. 11 / 781,901 claim of the U.S. Patent Application No. 60 / 875,245 filed, and August 31, 2007 filed 11/897924 entitled "includes an anamorphic lens ΤΠ ^ ί cattle white spoon side Hekou go ,, ^ ( Apparatus and Method Comprising Deformable Lens Element) white spoon priority, and US Patent Application No. 11 / 8979¾ demanded the U.S. Patent Application No. 60 / 875,245 and US Patent Application No. 60 / 901,036 filed. 所有上述专利申请以它们全部内容作为引用在此被并入。 All of the above patent application in their entirety are incorporated herein by reference.

技术领域 Technical Field

[0003] 本发明涉及一种用于组合进光学成像系统内的透镜元件,并且特别涉及到一种包括可变形透镜元件的装置和方法。 [0003] The present invention relates to a composition into a lens element within the optical imaging system, and more particularly to apparatus and method for a lens element comprising a deformable.

背景技术 Background

[0004] 例如多焦距透镜和变焦透镜的可变透镜传统上应用了一个或多个不可变形的(也就是,如玻璃和聚碳酸酯一样刚性的)透镜元件,其被一般由马达提供的力沿着成像轴移动。 [0004] The conventional multi-lens such as a variable focus lens and the zoom lens on the application of one or more non-deformable (i.e., rigid such as glass and polycarbonate) is a lens element, which is generally provided by a motor force move along the imaging axis.

[0005] 在最近几年中,无马达电场响应透镜元件已经引起光学系统研究者和设计者日益增长的关注。 [0005] In recent years, no motor response to an electric field of the optical system of the lens element has attracted researchers and designers of the growing concern. 一种无马达电场响应透镜元件的类型是“流体透镜”透镜元件,其一般包括填满一种或多种具有折射率大于1的流体的刚性或弹性薄膜。 Motor in response to a non-electric field type lens element is "fluid lens" lens element, which generally includes one or more fill fluid having a refractive index greater than 1 in the rigid or elastic film. 流体透镜元件技术已经引起许多光学系统的设计者的关注,他们一般认为传统固体透镜元件和马达装配的系统是笨重的并且消耗能量的。 Fluid lens element technology has attracted the attention of many optical systems designer, who is generally believed that the traditional solid lens element and motor assembly system is cumbersome and consumes energy. 随着对流体透镜元件的提议,已经建议各种方法来改变用于组合进光学系统内的流体透镜元件的光学性质。 With the proposal of the fluid lens element, various methods have been proposed for modifying the optical properties combined into a fluid lens element within an optical system. 无论在哪里建议了流体透镜元件,可以将用于改变该透镜元件的光学特性的被建议选择项归类为两个主要种类:电湿润和流体注入。 Wherever recommended fluid lens element, can be used to alter the optical characteristics of the lens elements is recommended to choose the items are classified into two major types: an electro-wetting and fluid injection.

[0006] 根据电湿润的处理过程,提供具有至少两种不溶合的流体的流体透镜元件,并且将电压施加到该流体透镜元件上。 [0006] According to the electro-wetting process, providing a fluid lens element having at least two non-fusion of the fluid, and a voltage is applied to the fluid lens element. 作为施加电压的结果,该流体透镜元件的表面张力发生改变,引起在该至少两种流体之间的界面曲率发生改变。 As a result of the applied voltage, the surface tension of the fluid lens element changes, causing the curvature of the interface between the at least two fluids are changed.

[0007] 根据流体注入的处理过程,提供邻近流体透镜元件的泵,其从该透镜元件内泵进和抽出流体。 [0007] According to the process fluid injection, there is provided a fluid pump adjacent lens elements, which pumps fluid into and withdrawn from the lens element. 随着将流体泵进和抽出该透镜元件,该透镜元件的光学特性发生改变。 With the fluid pump inlet and extraction of the lens element, the optical characteristics of the lens element changes.

[0008] 关于用来改变流体透镜元件的光学特性的所述电湿润和流体注入方法的问题都已经被注意到。 [0008] The electro-wetting and flow on to alter the optical characteristics of the fluid lens element implantation of problems have been noticed. 关于电湿润,已经被注意到的一个问题是随着时间的过去,电流重复地流过该透镜元件易于改变该透镜元件的特性,致使在其中使用了该透镜元件的任何系统是不可靠和不稳定的。 On electro-wetting, it has been noticed a problem is over time, the current flowing through the lens repeatedly element characteristics of the lens element can be easily changed, resulting in the use of any system in which the lens element is not reliable and not stable. 关于涉及电湿润的建议被注意的另外一个问题是,电湿润常规地涉及提供两种流体。 Moist recommendations for involving electrical unnoticed Another problem is that conventional electro-wetting to providing both fluids. 当这两种流体之间的参考系数差别小的时候,该透镜的倍率被降低。 When the reference coefficient difference between the two fluids is small, the magnification of the lens is reduced.

[0009] 关于所述流体注入方法,用来提供这种流体注入的所述泵是必不可少的。 [0009] For the fluid injection method, for providing such a fluid injection pump is essential. 其复杂难懂使得制造成本合适的系统和可接受的小型化难以获得。 Its intricacies so that the manufacturing cost of suitable and acceptable system miniaturization difficult to obtain.

[0010] 由于被注意到的关于用来改变可变形透镜元件的光学特性的所述电湿润和流体注入方法二者的问题,商业上的设计者在光学系统的设计中几乎全部继续依靠传统马达驱动刚性透镜元件来配置光学系统。 [0010] Due to be noticed and the electro-wetting fluid injection method is used to change both on the optical properties of a deformable lens element problem, the designer business continue to rely almost entirely on the design of the optical system in the conventional motor driving the rigid lens elements of the optical system is configured. 然而,用装配在光学系统中的马达驱动刚性透镜元件可达到的最小化和节能仍然是有限的。 However, with the assembly of the motor drive in the optical system of rigid lens element can achieve minimization and energy is still limited.

[0011] 简而言之,流体透镜,有时候也被称为适应性透镜,包括在具有不同光学折射率的两种流体之间的界面。 [0011] In short, the fluid lens, sometimes referred to as adaptive lens, comprised between two fluids having different optical index of the interface. 通过使用外力可以改变该界面的形状,以便穿过该界面的光线能够被引导到以期望的方向加以传播。 By using an external force can change the shape of the interface, so that the light passing through the interface can be directed to a desired direction to spread. 因此,,流体透镜的光学特性,例如该透镜是用作发散透镜或用作会聚透镜,以及它的焦距,能够响应于该施加的外力而被改变。 Therefore ,, the optical characteristics of the fluid lens, e.g., the lens is used as a converging lens or a diverging lens, and its focal length, in response to the applied external force is changed.

[0012] 使用电信号控制该流体透镜操作的流体透镜技术已经被名称不一地描述在Matz 的US专利第2062468号;Berge等人的US专利第6369卯4号;Onuki等人的US专利第6449081号;Tsuboi等人的US专利第67(^483号;Onuki等人的US专利第6806988 号;Nagaoka等人的US专利申请第2004/0218283号;Takeyama等人的US专利专利申请第2004/0228003号;Berge的US专利申请第2005/0002113号和国际专利申请第WO 99/18546、WO 00/58763、和W003/069380 号中。 [0012] The use of an electrical signal to control the operation of the fluid lens fluid lens technology has been described in various names Matz of US Patent No. 2062468; Berge et al., US Patent No. 6369 d 4; Onuki et al., US Patent No. Tsuboi et al., US Patent No. 67 (^ 483;; Number 6449081 Onuki et al., US Patent No. 6806988; US Patent Application No. 2004/0218283 Nagaoka et al; Takeyama et al. US Patent Patent Application No. 2004 / No. 0228003; US Patent Application No. 2005/0002113 Berge and International Patent Application No. WO 99/18546, in WO 00/58763, and No. W003 / 069380.

[0013] 控制流体透镜操作的其他方法包括使用液晶材料(Nishioka的US专利第6437925 号)、使用压力(Widl的US专利第6081388号)、在可重新配置的透镜中使用弹性体材料(Rogers的US专利第4514048号)、和使用微机电系统(根据首字母也被称为MEMS) (Gelbart 的US 专利第6747806 号)。 [0013] Other methods to control the operation of the fluid lens comprising a liquid crystal material (Nishioka in US Patent No. 6,437,925), the use of pressure (Widl in US Patent No. 6,081,388), the use of elastomeric material (Rogers in reconfigurable lenses US Patent No. 4,514,048), and use of microelectromechanical systems (also referred to in accordance with the first letter MEMS) (Gelbart in US Patent No. 6,747,806).

[0014] 开发流体透镜控制模块的其他尝试可以参见,例如Msaya等人的US专利第6188526号、de Luca等人的US专利第3161718号、Flint等人的US专利第2300251号、 Yao等人的US专利申请第2005/0014306号、Connor等人的US专利申请第2005/0100270 号、Massieu 的US 专利申请第2005/0218231 号、Michelet 的US 专利第4289379 号、 Viinikanoja的US专利第6936809号;欧洲专利申请EP1674892A1 ;英国专利说明书GB1327503 ;日本专利第JP2002243918 号(Olympus Optical 的申请第JP20010037454 号); 和国际专利申请公布第W003/071335号中。 [0014] Other attempts to develop a fluid lens control module can be found, for example Msaya et al., US Patent No. 6188526, de Luca et al., US Patent No. 3161718, Flint et al., US Patent No. 2300251, Yao et al. US Patent Application No. 2005/0014306, Connor et al., US Patent Application No. 2005/0100270, Massieu's US Patent Application No. 2005/0218231, Michelet's US Patent No. 4289379, Viinikanoja of US Patent No. 6,936,809; European Patent Application EP1674892A1; British Patent Specification GB1327503; Japanese Patent No. JP2002243918 (Olympus Optical Application No. JP20010037454); and International Patent Application Publication No. W003 / 071335.

[0015] 其他例子包括Shahinpoor的US专利5389222 ;Shahinpoor等人的US专利6109852 ;Guy 的US 专利6542309 ;Pelrine 等人的US 专利6376971 ;Ren H.、Fox D.、 Anderson A. 、Wu B.禾口Wu ST 在2006 年的"Tunable-focus liquid lenscontrolled using a servo motor,,,Optics Express 14 (18) 8031-8036 ;Santiago-Alvarado A·、 Gonazalez-Garcia J、Garcia-Luna J、Fernandez-MorenoA、Vera-Diaz W 在2006 年白勺"Analysis and design of an adaptive lens “ ,Proceedings of SPIE Optics and Photonics 6288 62880S-1-62880S-8 ;Ghosh TK、Kotek R、和Much J 在2005 年白勺"Development of layered functionalfiber based micro-tubes “ , National Textile Center Annua 1 Report 1 9 ;Pelrine R、Kornbluh RD> Pei Q、Stanford S、Oh S,Eckerle J,Full RJ,Rosenthal MA、禾口Mei jer K 在2002 年的〃 Dielectric elastomerartificialmuscle actuators toward biomimetic motion" , Proc SPIE 4695126-137 ; Chronis N.Liu GL,Jeong KH、和Lee LP在2003年的〃 Tunable liquid-filledmicrolens array integrated with microfluidic network" , Optics Expressll (19)2370-2378 ;这里的每一篇都以它全部内容作为引用在此被并入。 [0015] Other examples include Shahinpoor of US patent 5389222; Shahinpoor et al., US Patent No. 6109852; Guy's US Patent No. 6542309; Pelrine et al., US Patent No. 6376971; Ren H., Fox D., Anderson A., Wu B. Wo Wu ST port in 2006 in "Tunable-focus liquid lenscontrolled using a servo motor ,,, Optics Express 14 (18) 8031-8036; Santiago-Alvarado A ·, Gonazalez-Garcia J, Garcia-Luna J, Fernandez-MorenoA, Vera-Diaz W in 2006 white spoon "Analysis and design of an adaptive lens", Proceedings of SPIE Optics and Photonics 6288 62880S-1-62880S-8; Ghosh TK, Kotek R, and Much J in the 2005 white spoon "Development of layered functionalfiber based micro-tubes ", National Textile Center Annua 1 Report 1 9; Pelrine R, Kornbluh RD> Pei Q, Stanford S, Oh S, Eckerle J, Full RJ, Rosenthal MA, Hekou Mei jer K in 2002 The 〃 Dielectric elastomerartificialmuscle actuators toward biomimetic motion ", Proc SPIE 4695126-137; Chronis N.Liu GL, Jeong KH, and Lee LP in 2003 〃 Tunable liquid-filledmicrolens array integrated with microfluidic network", Optics Expressll (19) 2370 -2378; here are its entirety as if each were incorporated by reference herein.

[0016] 然而,在目前的系统中,对改进使用流体透镜的系统和方法有持续的需求。 [0016] However, in the current system, there is a continuing need for improved systems and methods using a fluid lens.

[0017] 透镜和透镜系统可以是固定的或可变化的,并且透镜系统可以包括固定的和/或可变化的透镜。 [0017] The lens and the lens system can be fixed or variable, and the lens system may include fixed and / or variable lens. 固定的透镜系统和固定的透镜具有固定的和静止焦点,也就是说,焦距和光轴的方向不发生变化。 Fixing the lens system and the fixed lens having a fixed focus and a stationary, i.e., the direction of the optical axis and the focal length does not change. 例如,刚性地连接到光学系统的不可变形固体透镜将被自然而然地固定。 For example, the optical system is rigidly connected to the non-deformable solid lens will be naturally secured. 并且如果该透镜不包括任何其他能够改变该透镜系统焦距和/或该透镜系统的光轴方向的元件,该透镜系统将同样是固定的。 And if the lens does not include any other system capable of changing the focal length of the lens and / or the elements of the optical axis of the lens system, the lens system will also be fixed.

[0018] 一副普通眼镜就是这样的固定透镜系统。 [0018] an ordinary glasses is such a fixed lens system. 在眼镜中的每个透镜是固定的透镜,因为它不能够改变它的焦距或它的光轴方向。 Each lens in the glasses lens is fixed, because it is not possible to change the focal length or its optical axis direction. 因为该眼镜不包括实现这种改变的任何附加透镜或其他方法。 Because the glasses do not include any additional lens or implement other methods of this change. 该眼镜本身是固定透镜系统。 The eyeglass lens system itself is fixed.

[0019] 这可以和包括两片玻璃透镜的简易望远镜作一个对比。 [0019] This can include two simple glass lens telescope for a comparison. 每片都被刚性地连接到望远镜外壳不同的同心部分,在那里可以通过滑动该外壳相对于彼此的同心部分来移动该透镜互相接近或互相远离。 Each piece are rigidly connected to the telescope housing different concentric section where you can slide the housing relative to one another to move the lens concentric portion close to each other or away from each other. 每个单独透镜是固定的,它们自然而然地不能改变焦距和光轴的方向。 Each individual lens is fixed, they naturally can not change the focus and the optical axis direction. 然而,该望远镜整体是个可变的透镜系统,因为滑动该外壳相对于彼此的同心部分通过改变这两个固定透镜之间的距离改变了焦距。 However, this is a variable whole telescope lens system, since the sliding housing portion concentrically with respect to each other by changing the distance between the two fixed lens changes the focal length.

[0020] 相比之下,可变形透镜是本质上可变形的,并且任何包含它的透镜系统同样是本质上可变形的。 [0020] In contrast, the deformable lens is essentially deformable, and any material that contains its lens system is also essentially deformable. 固定透镜一般由不可变形材料组成,例如玻璃或塑料;或者,如果固定透镜由弹性的或可变形的材料组成,其是不包括任何用于导致它们延长、压缩、弯曲或其他变化形状或变形的方法的透镜系统的一部分。 Usually the non-deformable fixed lens material, such as glass or plastic; or, if the fixed lens made of an elastic or deformable material composition, which does not include any of them for causing extension, compression, bending or other change in shape or deformed part of the method of the lens system. 可变形透镜可以由弹性的或可变形的材料组成, 并且,在期望透镜在被延长、压缩、弯曲或其他变形之后能够恢复它的初始状态的情况,其由一个或多个弹性可变形元件组成。 The deformable lens may be made of an elastic or deformable material, and the desired lens is extended, compressed, or otherwise deformed after bending can be restored to its initial state of the case, which consists of one or more elastically deformable element consisting of .

[0021] 可以使用一些类型的力元件来提供改变可变形透镜的界面形状所需的力。 [0021] Some types of force may be used to provide elements of a deformable lens to change the shape of the force required to interface. 应用电信号控制流体透镜操作的流体透镜应用技术已经被描述在Matz的US专利第2,062,468 号、Berge等人的US专利第6,369,954号、Onuki等人的US专利第6,449,081号、Tsuboi 等人的US专利第6,702,483号、Onuki等人的US专利第6,806,988号、Nagaoka等人的US 专利申请公开第2004/0218283号、Takeyama等人的US专利申请公开第2004/0228003号、 Berge的专利公开第2005/0002113号、国际专利申请公开第WO 99/18546,WO 00/58763、和W003/069380号以及Havens等人的US专利申请公开第20070063048号中。 Application of an electrical signal to control the operation of the fluid lens fluid lens application techniques have been described in Matz's US Patent No. 2,062,468, Berge et al., US Patent No. 6,369,954, Onuki et al., US Patent No. 6 No. 449,081, Tsuboi et al., US Patent No. 6,702,483, Onuki et al., US Patent No. 6,806,988, Nagaoka et al., US Patent Application Publication No. 2004/0218283, Takeyama, etc. al., US Patent Application Publication No. 2004/0228003, Berge Patent Publication No. 2005/0002113, International Patent Application Publication No. WO 99/18546, WO 00/58763, and No. W003 / 069380 and US Patent Application Havens et al. Publication No. 20070063048 in. 例如,应用在接触区域互相接触并位于绝缘腔室内的第一绝缘流体和第二导电流体组成流体透镜。 For example, application of contacts and the first insulating fluid located in the chamber and a second insulated conductive fluid composed of a fluid lens in the contact area with each other. 布置第一电极在该绝缘腔室的壁的外表面,其位于该绝缘流体上面。 A first electrode disposed on the outer surface of the insulating wall of the chamber, which is located above the insulating fluid. 第二电极连接所述导电流体。 A second electrode connected to the conductive fluid. 当在第一和第二电极之间建立了电压,产生了电场,其根据所述电湿润原理,改变了相对于绝缘流体容器表面的所述导电流体的湿润特性,以至于所述导电流体使所述绝缘流体移动和变形。 When between the first and second electrodes to establish a voltage, an electric field generated which according to the principle of electro-wetting, changing the wetting properties of the surface with respect to the insulating fluid container of the conductive fluid, said conductive fluid so that The insulating fluid movement and deformation. 因为在两种流体之间的界面形状被改变,获得了焦距、该透镜焦点、或光轴方向的变化。 Because the change in shape of the interface between the two fluids, get the focal length of the lens focal point, or changes in the optical axis direction.

[0022] 也可以使用微型泵控制系统来控制流体透镜,例如描述在Havens等人的US专利申请公开第20070080280号中。 [0022] The micropump may also be used to control the fluid lens control system, such as described in Havens et al., US Patent Application Publication No. 20070080280 of. 这样的系统可以包括与可变形薄膜有力传递的流体腔室或容器。 Such a system may include a fluid chamber or container and the deformable membrane powerful transmission. 可以具有单个这样的腔室,其包括机械力元件或被机械力元件作用,例如,活塞,用来推动流体到所述薄膜或从所述薄膜将它抽回来。 May have a single such chamber, which element comprises a mechanical force or a mechanical force element acts, e.g., piston, to push the fluid into the film or film from said pumping it back. 可选地,可以有一个或多个第二腔室,可以使用其增加流体到主要腔室或从主要腔室抽回流体,该主要腔室与所述薄膜是有力的传递;并且可以使用机械力元件影响流体在主要和次要腔室之间的移动。 Alternatively, there may be one or more second chambers, which can be used to increase the main fluid chamber or withdrawing fluid from the primary chamber, the main chamber and the transfer film is strong; and can use mechanical force elements affect the fluid moving between the primary and secondary chambers. 在这些系统中,当机械力元件可以被电力驱动时,实际施加在界面上以便改变其形状的力是机械的。 In these systems, when a mechanical force element may be power driven, is actually applied at the interface so as to change the shape of the force is mechanical.

[0023] 控制流体透镜操作的其他方法包括使用液晶材料(Nishioka的US专利第6437925 号)、使用压力(Widl的US专利第6081388号)、在可重配置的透镜中使用弹性材料(Rogers 的US专利第4514048号)、和使用微机电系统(根据首字母也被称为MEMS) (Gelbart的US 专利第6747806号)。 [0023] Other methods to control fluid lens operation includes the use of a liquid crystal material (Nishioka of US Patent No. 6,437,925), the use of pressure (Widl of US Patent No. 6,081,388), the use of an elastic material (Rogers of the US in reconfigurable lenses Patent No. 4,514,048), and use of microelectromechanical systems (also referred to in accordance with the first letter MEMS) (Gelbart in US Patent No. 6,747,806).

[0024] 开发流体透镜控制模块的其他尝试可以参见,例如Msaya等人的US专利第6188526号、de Luca等人的US专利第3161718号、Flint等人的US专利第2300251号、 Yao等人的US专利申请第2005/0014306号、Connor等人的US专利申请第2005/0100270 号、Massieu的US专利申请第2005/0218231号、Michelet的US专利第似89379号、 Viinikanoja的US专利第6936809号;欧洲专利申请EP1674892A1 ;英国专利说明书GB1327503 ;日本专利第JP2002243918 号(Olympus Optical 的申请第JP20010037454 号); 和国际专利申请公布第W003/071335号中。 [0024] Other attempts to develop a fluid lens control module can be found, for example Msaya et al., US Patent No. 6188526, de Luca et al., US Patent No. 3161718, Flint et al., US Patent No. 2300251, Yao et al. US Patent Application No. 2005/0014306, Connor et al., US Patent Application No. 2005/0100270, Massieu's US Patent Application No. 2005/0218231, Michelet like the US Patent No. 89379, Viinikanoja of US Patent No. 6,936,809; European Patent Application EP1674892A1; British Patent Specification GB1327503; Japanese Patent No. JP2002243918 (Olympus Optical Application No. JP20010037454); and International Patent Application Publication No. W003 / 071335.

[0025] 其他例子包括Shahinpoor的US专利5389222 ;Shahinpoor等人的US专利6109852 ;Guy 的US 专利6542309 ;Pelrine 等人的US 专利6376971 ;Flint 的US 专利2,300, 251、DeLuca 的US 专利第3,161,718 号、1967 年2 月21 日签发给Alvarez 的US 专利第3,305,294 号、Baker 的US 专利第3,583,790 号、RenH.、Fox D.、Anderson Α.、 Wu B.禾口Wu ST ^t 2006 "Tunable-focus liquidlens controlled using a servo motor,,,Optics Express 14(18)8031-8036 ;Santiago-Αlvarado A. > Gonazalez-Garcia J、Garcia-Luna J、Fernandez-MorenoA> Vera-Diaz W 在2006 年的"Analysis and design of an adaptive lens“ , Proceedings of SPIE Optics and Photonics 6288 62880S-1-62880S-8 ;Ghosh TK,Kotek R、和Much J在2005年的〃 Development of layered functionalfiber based micro-tubes" ,National Textile Center Annual Report 1 9 ; Pelrine R、Kornbluh RD、Pei Q、Stanford S、Oh S、Eckerle J、Full RJ、Rosenthal MA、 禾口Meijer K在2002年的"Dielectric elastomer artificialmuscle actuators toward biomimetic motion" ,Proc SPIE 4695 126-137 ;Chronis N.Liu GL,Jeong KULee LP 在2003年白勺〃 Tunable liquid-filledmicrolens array integrated with microfluidic network" ,Optics Express 11(19)2370-2378。 [0025] Other examples include Shahinpoor of US patent 5389222; Shahinpoor et al., US Patent No. 6109852; Guy's US Patent No. 6542309; Pelrine et al., US Patent No. 6376971; Flint's US Patent No. 2,300, 251, DeLuca's US Patent No. 3 No. 161,718, February 21, 1967 issued to Alvarez's US Patent No. 3,305,294, Baker's US Patent No. 3,583,790, RenH., Fox D., Anderson Α., Wu B. Hekou Wu ST ^ t 2006 "Tunable-focus liquidlens controlled using a servo motor ,,, Optics Express 14 (18) 8031-8036; Santiago-Αlvarado A.> Gonazalez-Garcia J, Garcia-Luna J, Fernandez- MorenoA> Vera-Diaz W in 2006, "Analysis and design of an adaptive lens", Proceedings of SPIE Optics and Photonics 6288 62880S-1-62880S-8; Ghosh TK, Kotek R, and Much J 〃 Development in 2005 of layered functionalfiber based micro-tubes ", National Textile Center Annual Report 1 9; Pelrine R, Kornbluh RD, Pei Q, Stanford S, Oh S, Eckerle J, Full RJ, Rosenthal MA, Hekou Meijer K in 2002" Dielectric elastomer artificialmuscle actuators toward biomimetic motion ", Proc SPIE 4695 126-137; Chronis N.Liu GL, Jeong KULee LP white spoon 〃 Tunable liquid-filledmicrolens in 2003 array integrated with microfluidic network", Optics Express 11 (19) 2370- 2378.

[0026] 这里所有的上述参考都以它们全部内容作为引用在此被并入。 [0026] All of the above references herein are in their entirety are incorporated herein by reference.


[0027] 能够提供一种包括可变形透镜元件的装置,其中可以通过应用力到所述可变形透镜元件上使可变形透镜元件变形从而改变其中的光学特性。 [0027] possible to provide a lens element comprising a deformable means, wherein by applying a force to the deformable lens element is deformed so that the deformable lens element therein so as to change the optical properties.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0028] 通过参考下面描述的附图,可以更好地理解这里描述的特征。 [0028] By reference to the following description of the drawings, it may be better understanding of the features described herein. 这些附图对于取代用来一般性地阐述发明原理的标记和强调不是必需的。 These figures for the substituents to explain the principles of the invention, generally marked and emphasized not required. 在附图中,各个视图之中使用相同的数字来指示相同的部分。 In the drawings, each view being the same numerals indicate the same parts.

[0029] 图1是聚焦装置(聚焦模块)的分解组合组合视图,该聚焦装置(聚焦模块)包括以所述可变形透镜元件可以被变形以便改变所述透镜元件的光学特性这种方式排列的可变形透镜; [0029] FIG. 1 is a focusing device (focusing module) is an exploded view of a combination, the focusing means (focusing module) comprising said deformable lens element can be deformed so as to change the optical characteristics of the lens elements arranged in such a manner deformable lens;

[0030] 图2是图1所述聚焦装置的组合视图,表示所述可变形透镜元件包括凸透镜表面的状态下的所述装置; [0030] FIG. 2 is a diagram of the focusing means a combined view showing the apparatus of the deformable member comprises a convex lens surface state;

[0031] 图3是图1所述聚焦装置的组装视图,表示所述可变形透镜元件包括名义上平面表面的状态下的所述装置; [0031] FIG. 3 is a view of the focusing apparatus 1 assembled view showing the deformable lens element comprising the means nominally planar surface state;

[0032] 图4是表示图1-3所述可变形透镜元件的可选实施方式的剖视图; [0032] FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of the alternative embodiment of FIG. 1-3 shows the deformable lens element;

[0033] 图5是表示图1-3所述可变形透镜元件的可选实施方式的剖视图; [0033] FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of the alternative embodiment of FIG. 1-3 shows the deformable lens element;

[0034] 图6是结合绝缘电致动聚合体驱动装置的聚焦装置的分解透视组合组合视图; [0034] FIG. 6 is a combination of insulated electrically actuated exploded perspective view of a combination of polymer drive means focusing means;

[0035] 图7是结合可变形透镜元件和中空步进马达的聚焦装置的分解透视视图; [0035] FIG. 7 is a combination of focusing means deformable lens element and a hollow stepper motor exploded perspective view;

[0036] 图8是图7所示聚焦装置的剖视图; [0036] FIG. 8 is a sectional view of a focusing apparatus shown in Figure 7;

[0037] 图9是表示在一个实施方式中的中空步进马达操作的透视图; [0037] FIG. 9 is a perspective view showing one embodiment of a hollow stepper motor operation;

[0038] 图10是在一个实施方式中的可变形透镜元件的分解透视组合组合视图; [0038] FIG. 10 is an embodiment in an exploded perspective view of a combination of a view may be deformable lens element;

[0039] 图11是阐述图10所示的所述可变形透镜元件的组合剖视侧面视图; [0039] FIG. 11 is shown in Fig. 10 describes the combination of a deformable lens element cutaway side view;

[0040] 图12是阐述如图10所示的所述可变形透镜元件突出部分的详细剖视侧面视图; [0040] FIG. 12 is described as shown in FIG. 10 of the deformable lens element projecting detailed sectional view of a portion of a side;

[0041] 图13是阐述可变形透镜元件的组合侧面视图,该可变形透镜元件具有一对包括各自可变形薄膜的相反光入射和光出射透镜表面; [0041] FIG. 13 is a deformable lens element describes a side view of a combination, the deformable lens element having a deformable membrane including respective opposite light entrance and a light exit surface of the lens;

[0042] 图14是如图13所示的结合可变形透镜元件的聚焦装置的组合侧面视图,第一驱动装置用来变形所述可变形透镜元件的第一可变形透镜表面,而第二驱动装置用来变形所述可变形透镜元件的第二可变形透镜表面; Binding [0042] 13 FIG. 14 is a deformable lens element of the focusing means of the combination of a side view of a first driving means for deformation of said deformable lens surface of the first deformable lens element, and a second drive means for deformation of said deformable second deformable lens surface of the lens element;

[0043] 图15是结合弹性可变形材料构件的可变形透镜元件的组合侧面视图; [0043] Figure 15 is a side view of the combination of an elastically deformable material binding member deformable lens element;

[0044] 图16是结合弹性可变形材料构件的可变形透镜元件另一个实施方式的组合侧面视图; [0044] Figure 16 is a side view of the combination of an elastically deformable material binding member deformable lens element of another embodiment;

[0045] 图17是包括弹性可变形材料构件和在其上保护涂层的可变形透镜元件的侧面视图; [0045] FIG. 17 is a side view of an elastically deformable material member and a protective coating on which a deformable lens element;

[0046] 图18是具有可变形透镜元件和一对柔性构件驱动装置的聚焦装置的组合侧面视图,其中所述柔性构件是适合充分地与所述可变形透镜元件的形状一致; [0046] FIG. 18 is a side view of a combination of a lens having a deformable member and a pair of the focusing means of the flexible drive member, wherein said flexible member is adapted to fully conform to the shape of said deformable lens element;

[0047] 图19是图18所示聚焦装置的分解透视组合组合视图; [0047] FIG. 19 is an exploded perspective view of FIG. 18 focusing a combination view of the device;

[0048] 图20和图21是阐述对于可变形透镜构件典型外力施加位置的力施加图,表示以成像轴方向看的可变形透镜元件的前视图; [0048] Figures 20 and 21 are set forth for the force applied position deformable lens member Typical FIG external force is applied, seen in the direction indicated by the imaging axis a front view of the deformable lens element;

[0049] 图22-M是阐述结合至少一个可变形透镜元件的各种透镜组合组合的侧面原理图; [0049] FIG. 22-M is explained in conjunction at least one deformable lens element, a combination of various lenses schematic side;

[0050] 图25是可以结合可变形透镜元件的典型成像终端的电子方框图; [0050] FIG. 25 is a block diagram of an electronic combination deformable lens element of the exemplary imaging terminal;

[0051] 图沈是用来阐述在一个实施方式中成像终端操作的典型方面的时序图; [0051] FIG sink is used to illustrate exemplary aspects of a timing chart in one embodiment, the image forming operation of the terminal;

[0052] 图27是阐述在一个实施方式中能够被成像终端执行的自动对焦算法的流程图; [0052] FIG. 27 is a flow diagram illustrating the autofocus algorithm in one embodiment, can be executed imaging terminal;

[0053] 图28是具有手持外壳的手持移动终端的前透视图,在其上可以结合并且支承如图25所示的元件; [0053] FIG. 28 is a hand-held housing having a handheld front perspective view of the mobile terminal, and may be incorporated into the support member 25 thereon as shown in Fig;

[0054][下面是如在US专利申请第11/781901号中充分介绍的正文,其包括如在US专利申请第60/875245号中充分介绍的正文] [0054] [The following is the text as described in US Patent Application No. 11/781901 which is fully described, including as described in US Patent Application No. 60/875245 is fully described in the text]

[0055] 图四是聚焦模块的一个实施方式的剖视图; [0055] Figure IV is a cross-sectional view of one embodiment of the focus of the module;

[0056] 图30是从右侧面看图四的聚焦模块; [0056] FIG. 30 is a right side plug four focus modules;

[0057] 图31是从左侧面看图四的聚焦模块; [0057] FIG. 31 is a left-side plug four focus modules;

[0058] 图32和33表示在充分垂直于所述聚焦薄膜平面的方向上施加在所述聚焦薄膜上的压力的效果; [0058] Figures 32 and 33 represent in a direction perpendicular to said fully applied to the focusing plane of the film in the focusing effect of pressure on the film;

[0059] 图34和35表示在充分平行于所述聚焦薄膜平面的方向上施加在所述聚焦薄膜上的压力的效果; [0059] Figures 34 and 35 showing the fully parallel to the focusing direction is applied to the film plane of the focusing effect of pressure on the film;

[0060] 图36是该变形元件的图; [0060] FIG. 36 is a diagram of the deformable element;

[0061] 图37表示具有非对称半月板的聚焦流体; [0061] FIG. 37 represents a focus fluid asymmetric meniscus;

[0062] 图38表示所述聚焦模块的圆柱形元件; [0062] FIG. 38 shows the focusing module of the cylindrical member;

[0063] 图39是表示具有流体内部体积的圆柱上表面对应于该圆柱高度减小的凸起变形的侧面透视图; [0063] FIG. 39 is a view showing the internal volume of the fluid cylinder having a convex surface corresponding to the deformation of the cylindrical side perspective view at a reduced height;

[0064] 图40是表示具有流体内部体积的圆柱上表面对应于该圆柱直径减小的凸起变形的侧面透视图; [0064] FIG. 40 is a view showing the internal volume of the fluid cylinder having a surface corresponding to the convex deformation of a side perspective view of the cylinder of reduced diameter;

[0065] 图41和42阐述当它由图41和图42所示的初始形状通过垂直压缩/水平拉伸发生变形时的所述变形元件; [0065] FIG. 41 and 42 set forth when the initial shape which consists of Figures 41 and 42 through the vertical compression / horizontal stretching the deformable element is deformed when;

[0066] 图43表示表现为像漏斗形状的所述变形元件; [0066] FIG. 43 shows the performance as the funnel shape of the deformable element;

[0067] 图44-47表示所述变形元件的各种运动范围和方向; [0067] FIG. 44-47 represent a diverse range of movement and direction of the deformation elements;

[0068] 图48和49表示双凸起电致动聚合体薄膜透镜; [0068] FIG. 48 and 49 represent two-lobe electrically actuated polymer film lens;

[0069] 图50表示结合多个可变形聚焦薄膜的组合透镜组合; [0069] FIG. 50 shows a combination of binding a plurality of deformable film focusing lens assembly;

[0070] 图51和52表示具有电致动聚合体变形元件的常规透镜; [0070] FIG. 51 and 52 represents an electrically actuated polymer deformation element of conventional lenses;

[0071] 图53是表示阅读器的图; [0071] FIG. 53 is a diagram showing the reader;

[0072] 图M是表示图53的阅读器控制电路的更详细的图; [0072] FIG M is a diagram showing the control circuit of the reader 53 is a more detailed diagram;

[0073] 图55是显示总体效果微处理器系统的光学阅读器的方框图,该系统对于本发明的各种实施方式是有用的; [0073] FIG. 55 is a block diagram showing the overall effectiveness of an optical reader microprocessor system, the system for the various embodiments of the present invention is useful;

[0074] 图56是表示用于操作具有包括反馈的可调焦系统的系统的处理的流程图; [0074] FIG. 56 is a flowchart of a process for operating a focusable system includes feedback systems;

[0075] 图57是表示用于操作具有不包括反馈的可调焦系统的系统的处理的流程图; [0075] FIG. 57 is a flowchart of a process for operating a non-focusing system may include a feedback system;

[0076] 图58是表示用于流体透镜系统的整流电源的电路图; [0076] FIG. 58 is a circuit diagram for rectifying the power fluid lens system;

[0077] 图59是表示图58的整流电源的操作方式的时序图; [0077] FIG. 59 is a rectifier power mode of operation of FIG. 58 a timing diagram;

[0078] 图60和61是手持阅读器的图; [0078] FIG. 60 and 61 is a hand-held reader of figure;

[0079] 图62是与计算机通信的手持阅读器的图; [0079] FIG. 62 is a hand-held reader and computer communication Figure;

[0080] 图63是用于具有本发明的特征的校准装置校准处理的流程图; [0080] FIG. 63 is a flowchart of a calibration means for calibrating the present invention is characterized by having a process;

[0081] 图64是表示对应于多个手持阅读器的校准曲线的图; [0081] FIG. 64 is a diagram showing a plurality of calibration curves corresponding to the hand-held reader;

[0082] 图65是表示适于与手持阅读器一起使用的电源的实施方式的图; [0082] FIG. 65 is a suitable embodiment of the handheld readers for use with the power of the map;

[0083] 图66是阐述手持阅读器的操作方式的时序图; [0083] FIG. 66 is a hand-held reader forth a timing diagram of operation;

[0084] 图67-69是表示用于手持阅读器的带有包含弹性体的底座的流体透镜的截面图;[0085] 图70是阐述现有技术的可变形角棱镜的图; [0084] FIG. 67-69 is for a handheld reader with a cross-sectional view of an elastic body comprising a base fluid lens; [0085] FIG. 70 is described in the prior art deformable angle prism map;

[0086] 图71是描述当使用电湿润现象操作时,现有技术的流体透镜的截面图; [0086] FIG. 71 is a description of the operation when using electro-wetting phenomenon, the prior art cross-sectional view of the fluid lens;

[0087] 图72是表示被配置为允许调节光轴的流体透镜实施方式的截面图MOO ; [0087] FIG. 72 is a diagram showing the optical axis adjustment is configured to allow a fluid lens sectional view of embodiment mode MOO;

[0088] 图73是该同一流体透镜的平面原理视图; [0088] FIG. 73 is a view in the same plane as the principle of fluid lens;

[0089] 图74是表示流体透镜和各种允许调节光轴方向的元件之间关系的原理示意图; [0089] FIG. 74 is a schematic and the relationship between the various fluid lens element allows adjustment of the optical axis direction schematic;

[0090] 图75是流体透镜的可选实施方式的原理图; [0090] FIG. 75 is a schematic diagram of an alternative embodiment of the fluid lens;

[0091] 图76是配电器模块的可选实施方式的原理图; [0091] FIG. 76 is a distributor module is a schematic diagram of an alternative embodiment;

[0092] 图77是表示流体透镜和一对角速度传感器之间关系的原理示意图; [0092] FIG. 77 is a schematic of a relationship between the fluid lens and the schematic view of the angular velocity sensor;

[0093] 图78-82是根据本发明原理适于使用的其他现有技术的流体透镜的截面图; [0093] FIG. 78-82 is a sectional view of the fluid lens according to the principles of the present invention is suitable for other use of the prior art;

[0094] 图83表示典型驱动电路的原理方框图; [0094] FIG. 83 shows a schematic block diagram of a typical driving circuit;

[0095] 图84和85表示正向穿过流体透镜的LED模发射能量的图; [0095] FIG. 84 and 85 represents the forward through the fluid lens, LED die emit energy map;

[0096] 图86、87和88表示在各种配置中包括激光器3110、准直透镜3120、和流体透镜3130的激光扫描的图; [0096] FIG. 86, 87 and 88 represent include laser 3110 in various configurations, the collimator lens 3120, and the fluid lens laser scanning Figure 3130;

[0097][如在US专利申请第11/781901号中充分介绍的正文结束] [0097] [Text as in US Patent Application No. 11/781901 is fully described in the End]

[0098] 图89具有薄膜的装置的原理图; [0098] FIG. 89 means the film has the schematic;

[0099] 图90是图89的装置在呈凸起形状之后的原理图; [0099] FIG. 90 is a device of FIG. 89 in schematic form a convex shape after;

[0100] 图91是具有容器和流体元件的装置的原理图; [0100] FIG. 91 is a schematic view of the device and the fluid element container having;

[0101] 图92是在可选情况下图89的装置的原理图; [0101] FIG. 92 is a schematic diagram in the case of an optional device of Figure 89;

[0102] 图93-96可变形构件的原理视图,阐述在可选实施方式中的力元件的定位; [0102] Principle view of 93-96 deformable member, described positioning force element in the alternative embodiment;

[0103] 图97具有压力元件的装置的原理图; [0103] FIG. 97 has a pressure element schematic device;

[0104] 图98是在可选情况下图97的装置的原理图; [0104] FIG. 98 is a schematic diagram in the case of an optional device of Figure 97;

[0105] 图99是表示具有压力元件的装置的可选实施方式的原理图; [0105] FIG. 99 is a schematic diagram of an alternative embodiment of the apparatus has a pressure member;

[0106] 图100是表示具有压力元件的装置的可选实施方式的原理图; [0106] FIG. 100 is a schematic diagram of an alternative embodiment of the apparatus has a pressure member;

[0107] 图101是具有活塞的装置的原理图; [0107] FIG. 101 is a schematic diagram of a device having a piston;

[0108] 图102是在可选实施方式中具有活塞的装置的原理图; [0108] in FIG. 102 is a schematic diagram of an alternative embodiment of the piston means;

[0109] 图103是具有主要流体容器和次要流体容器的原理图; [0109] FIG. 103 is a schematic view of a primary and a secondary fluid container fluid container;

[0110] 图104是在另一个实施方式中具有次要流体容器的装置的原理图; [0110] FIG. 104 is a schematic diagram of apparatus having a secondary fluid container in another embodiment;

[0111] 图105是阐述能够应用在装置中的力的方向的原理图; [0111] FIG. 105 is a schematic diagram illustrates the direction can be applied in the apparatus of force;

[0112] 图106是阐述压力元件形状的原理图; [0112] FIG. 106 is set forth in schematic form a pressure element;

[0113] 图107-110是压力元件可选形状的原理图; [0113] FIG pressure element 107-110 is a schematic diagram of alternative shapes;

[0114] 图111是表示具有压力元件的装置的原理图; [0114] FIG. 111 is a schematic view of an apparatus having a pressure element;

[0115] 图112是在可选实施方式中表示具有压力元件的装置的原理图; [0115] FIG. 112 is an alternative embodiment showing the schematic apparatus having a pressure element;

[0116] 图113是阐述在可选情况下图110的装置的原理图; [0116] FIG. 113 is set forth in the alternative for the schematic device of Figure 110;

[0117] 图114是阐述在可选情况下图113的装置的原理图; [0117] FIG. 114 is set forth in the alternative for the schematic device of Figure 113;

[0118] 图115是表示具有以径向向外方向施加力的压力元件的装置的原理图; [0118] FIG. 115 is a schematic view of a device in a radially outward direction of the applied force of the pressure member;

[0119] 图116是在可选情况下图115的装置的原理图; [0119] FIG. 116 is a schematic diagram in the case of an optional device of Figure 115;

[0120] 图117是表示具有尤其能够应用反作用力的压力元件的装置的原理图; [0120] FIG. 117 is a schematic diagram of apparatus having a particular reaction force able to apply pressure element;

[0121] 图118是具有可变形构件的装置的原理图; [0121] FIG. 118 is a schematic diagram of the apparatus having the deformable member;

[0122] 图119是具有可选流体元件的装置的原理图;[0123] 图120是具有多个分离力元件的装置的原理图; [0122] FIG. 119 is a schematic view of an alternative device having a fluid element; [0123] FIG. 120 is a schematic diagram of apparatus having a plurality of element separating force;

[0124] 图121是在一个实施方式中具有声音线圈的装置的原理图; [0124] FIG. 121 is an embodiment having the schematic of the voice coil means;

[0125] 图122是在另一个实施方式中具有声音线圈的装置的原理图; [0125] FIG. 122 is a schematic view of a voice coil in another embodiment of the apparatus;

[0126] 图123是在另一个实施方式中具有声音线圈的装置的原理图; [0126] FIG. 123 is a schematic view of an apparatus having a voice coil in another embodiment;

[0127] 图124是在另一个实施方式中具有声音线圈的装置的原理图; [0127] FIG. 124 is a schematic view of an apparatus having a voice coil in another embodiment;

[0128] 图125是在第一种情况下图124的装置的原理图; [0128] FIG. 125 is the first case in the schematic diagram of the apparatus 124;

[0129] 图126是在第二种情况下图124的装置的原理图; [0129] FIG. 126 is in the second case the schematic diagram of the apparatus 124;

[0130] 图127是在一个实施方式中具有多个可变形表面的装置的原理图; [0130] FIG. 127 is an embodiment having a plurality of deformable surface schematic diagram of an apparatus;

[0131] 图1¾是在另一个实施方式中具有多个可变形表面的装置的原理图; [0131] FIG 1¾ is a schematic diagram of apparatus having a plurality of deformable surface in another embodiment;

[0132] 图129是具有边界元件的装置的原理图; [0132] FIG. 129 is a schematic view of an apparatus having a boundary element;

[0133] 图130是在另一个元件中具有边界元件的装置的原理图; [0133] FIG. 130 is a schematic view of a boundary element in another element of the device;

[0134] 图131是具有凸起表面的装置的原理图; [0134] FIG. 131 is a schematic diagram of a device having a convex surface;

[0135] 图132是具有外壳的装置的原理图; [0135] FIG. 132 is a schematic diagram of apparatus having a housing;

[0136] 图133和134是应用本发明的部件的手持阅读器的图; [0136] FIG. 133 and 134 is a hand-held reader is part of the application of the present invention Figure;

[0137] 图135是表示根据本发明的原理,可变形透镜与各种允许调节光轴方向的元件之间的关系的原理图; [0137] FIG. 135 is based on the principles of the present invention, the deformable lens with a variety of adjustment allows the schematic relationship between the optical axis of the element;

[0138] 图136是表示根据本发明的原理,可变形透镜与一对角速度传感器之间的关系的原理图。 [0138] FIG. 136 is a diagram according to the principles of the present invention, a schematic diagram of the relationship between a pair of deformable lens between the angular velocity sensor.


[0139] 这里在一个实施方式中描述用于组合进光学成像系统内的可变形透镜元件,其中可以施加力到所述可变形透镜元件的表面来改变所述透镜元件的光学特性。 [0139] In one embodiment herein described for combining the optical imaging system into a deformable lens element, wherein the force can be applied to the surface of the deformable lens element to change the optical characteristics of the lens elements. 相应地这里也描述一种改变光学成像系统的光学特性的方法,包括将可变形透镜元件组合进光学成像系统内的步骤;施加力到所述透镜元件的表面来改变所述透镜元件的光学特性的步骤。 Accordingly, there is also described an altered optical properties of the optical imaging system, comprising a deformable lens element combination will step into the optical imaging system; applying a force to the surface of the lens element to change the optical characteristics of the lens elements steps. 关于所描述的装置和方法,可变形透镜元件形状上的极小变化能够导致可变形透镜元件的光学特性很大的改变。 On the apparatus and method described, very small changes in the deformable lens element shape can lead to big changes in the optical properties of the deformable lens element.

[0140] 所描述的可变形透镜元件装置和方法提供很多优点。 [0140] deformable lens element means and methods described herein provide many advantages. 例如,相对于目前可用的只结合了不可变形(刚性的)透镜元件的光学系统,当要求显著地减少透镜元件的移动量来产生光学特性期望的变化时,目前所描述的装置和方法在光学特性上提供重要的改变。 For example, with respect to currently available only a combination of non-deformable optical system (rigid) lens element, when it is desired to significantly reduce lens elements moving amount to produce the optical characteristics desired changes, the apparatus and method of the presently described optical provide important changes on properties. 通过显著地减少用来产生光学特性期望的变化的透镜元件的移动量,所描述的装置和方法便于成像系统的进一步小型化,并且减少设计的光学系统的能量消耗。 By significantly reducing the optical properties of the lens elements used to produce the desired amount of movement changes, the apparatus and method described facilitates further miniaturization of the imaging system, and an optical system designed to reduce energy consumption. 上述优点被提供在高可靠性的、容易制造的光学系统中,其并不表现出与前面提及的基于光学系统的电湿润和流体注射流体透镜相关的可靠性和制造复杂性缺点。 It is provided in the above-mentioned advantages of high reliability, easy to manufacture the optical system, which does not exhibit the fluid injection and based on electrowetting fluid lens optical system reliability and manufacturing complexity associated with the disadvantages of the aforementioned.

[0141] 这里描述了具有能够被施加到其外表面的力产生变形的可变形透镜元件的各种装置。 [0141] the various devices described herein may be deformable lens element capable of being applied to the outer surface of the deformation force. 图1示出了描述的装置和方法的示例性实施例。 Figure 1 illustrates an exemplary embodiment of the apparatus and methods described herein. 在图1的实施例中,通过可变形薄膜3、隔离元件2和边界元件1的组合提供可变形透镜元件10,其可以通过一片不可变形玻璃、和聚焦流体(未示出)或其他具有折射率大于1的可变形物质(例如,弹性可变形体积)来提供。 In the embodiment of FIG. 1, 3, 2 and the spacer element combination interface element provides a deformable lens element 10, which can not be deformed by a glass, and the focus fluid (not shown) or by other deformable membrane having a refractive greater than 1 a deformable material (e.g., elastically deformable by volume) to provide. 可以将该聚焦流体或其他可变形物质放置在由如在图2和3中所见的可变形薄膜3、隔离元件2和透明边界元件1的组合限定的凹部8中(如在图2和3中所见的)。 The focus may be a fluid or other material may be placed by the deformable As seen in FIG. 2 and 3, the deformable membrane 3, the composite member 2 and the transparent spacer element boundary defines a recess 8 (as in Figures 2 and 3 seen). 关于图1的其余元件,提供这些其余元件来施加力到透镜元件10的外表面上。 For the remaining elements of Figure 1, these remaining elements to apply force to the outer surface 10 of the lens element. 参考图1的特别实施例,提供压力元件4 (在这里它的特别实施例是指“推力环”)用来连接可变形薄膜3,以及驱动元件(驱动装置)20用来驱动压力元件4。 In particular with reference to Figure 1 embodiment, there is provided a pressure element 4 (which in this particular embodiment is referred to as "thrust ring") is used to connect the deformable membrane 3, and a drive element (drive means) 20 for driving the pressure member 4. 在图1实施例中的驱动装置20由离子传导电致动聚合体(EAP)提供。 In the embodiment of Figure 1 the drive means 20 by an ion-conductive electrically actuated polymer (EAP) provided. 在图1实施例中的驱动装置20包括第一传导元件6a、 第二传导元件6b和插在第一传导元件6a和第二传导元件6b之间包括多个标签状元件fe 的可变形元件5。 In the embodiment of Figure 1 the drive means 20 includes a first conductive element 6a, 6b and the second conductive element interposed between the first conductive member and second conductive member 6a 6b comprises a plurality of tab-like elements fe deformable element 5 . 第一传导元件6a包括电接头(从图1的视图中看被隐藏),第二传导元件6b也包括电接头6c。 A first electrically conductive member includes a connector 6a (hidden from view as viewed in FIG. 1), a second electrically conductive element includes connector 6b 6c. 图1的装置,其应用于把图像聚焦在成像平面上,可以被称为“聚焦模块”或“聚焦装置”,可以进一步包括外壳7用来容纳元件10、4、20。 Apparatus of Figure 1, applied to the image focused on the imaging plane, can be called "Focus Module" or "focusing means" may further include a housing for containing the element 7 10,4,20. 再参考驱动装置20 的可变形元件5,可变形元件5可以包括一层或多层的传导聚合物材料,以便标签状元件fe 响应施加到传导元件6a和6b的电信号,大体上在轴15的方向上弯向可变形透镜元件10。 Referring again to the drive means 20 of the deformable member 5, the deformable element 5 may comprise one or more layers of conductive polymer material, so that the tab-like member in response fe applied to electrical conductive elements 6a and 6b is substantially the shaft 15 deformable bent on the direction of the lens element 10. 图2和3中示出了图1描述的装置100的组合形式侧视图。 Figures 2 and 3 are shown in a combination apparatus 100 will be described in FIG side view.

[0142] 为了改变可变形透镜元件10的光学特性,可以施加电压到第一传导元件6a和第二传导元件6b的电接头来致使标签状元件fe弯曲。 [0142] In order to change the optical characteristics of the deformable lens element 10, a voltage can be applied to the first conductive element 6a and 6b of the second electrically conductive element so that the tab-like member linker fe bent. 如在图2和3中的组合形式侧视图指示的,可以设置标签状元件fe接合压力元件4以便当标签状元件fe弯向可变形薄膜3时, 压力元件4施加力到可变形薄膜3的外表面。 As illustrated in Figure 2 and 3 in the form of a side view of a combination of direct, you can set the tab-like elements fe engagement pressure element 4 to 3:00 when bent like elements fe deformable membrane, the pressure element 4 applies a force to the deformable membrane 3 the outer surface. 如在图1-3的视图指示的,可变形透镜元件10可以包括提供在可变形薄膜3所示的实施例中的大体上圆形表面和可以包括贯穿反向透镜表面(提供在薄膜3外表面和边界元件1所示的实施例中)的中心的轴15。 As indicated in the view of FIGS. 1-3, the deformable lens element 10 in the embodiment may include providing a generally circular surface of the deformable membrane embodiment shown in Figure 3 and may comprise a lens through a reverse surface (provided on the outer film 3 the axial center of a surface and boundary element shown in Example 1) 15. 另外,压力元件4可以是环形的,以便压力元件4能够在与透镜元件10的轴15同空间延伸的方向上在多个在空间上远离轴15并且布置在轴15外周围的多个点应用力。 Further, the pressure element 4 may be annular, so that the pressure element 4 can be in the direction of the shaft 15 and the lens element 10 with a plurality of spaces extending in spatially disposed away from the shaft 15 and a plurality of points in the outer periphery of the shaft 15 of the application force. 可以调节装置100 以便当标签状元件如弯向可变形薄膜3时,薄膜3在与施加的力的相反方向上凸出而定义凸透镜表面,如图2所示。 Apparatus 100 may be adjusted so that when the tab-like member such as a 3:00 bent deformable membrane, the thin film 3 and the force applied on the convex lens surface opposite to the projecting direction is defined, as shown in FIG.

[0143] 在图2和3的实施例中,装置100有两种状态,称为,“关断”状态,其中标签状元件5a将压力元件4偏压向薄膜3,以便致使薄膜3凸出而定义凸透镜表面,以及描述在图3的“开启,,状态,其中标签状元件fe将压力元件4拉离开可变形薄膜3,以便允许可变形薄膜3呈现为如正好在图3中所见到的大体上扁平并且非凸出的结构。为了提供如图2和3所描述的控制,可以提供电致动聚合体驱动装置20以便当确定的电压被施加到电致动聚合体驱动装置20的电接头时,在存在到驱动装置20的接头的电压情况下,标签状元件fe 正常偏向可变形薄膜3,并且当在正好如在图3所见到的平面结构中时,是在与薄膜3的平面平行的方向上(大体上与轴15垂直)偏向的。在图2和3描述的实施例中,从传导元件6a和6b去除电压致使标签状元件fe将压力元件4推向薄膜3,指示薄膜3在那里附近凸出改变可变形透镜元件10的光学特性。 [0143] In the embodiment of FIG. 2 and 3, the apparatus 100 has two states, referred to as "off" state, in which like elements 5a bias the pressure member 4 to the thin film 3, so that so that the projecting film 3 The convex lens surface is defined and described in FIG. 3 ",, open state, wherein the tab-like member and the pressure member 4 fe pull away from the deformable membrane 3, so as to allow the deformable membrane 3 is presented exactly as seen in FIG. 3 in substantially flat and non-convex configuration. 2 and 3 in order to provide the control described in FIG, can provide electric actuator body drive means 20 so that when the polymer polymerized drive apparatus 20 determines the electric voltage is applied to the actuator When the electrical contacts, in the presence of the voltage at the joint where the drive means 20, the tab-like elements normally biased fe deformable membrane 3, and when the right as seen in planar configuration in Figure 3, the film 3 is on a plane parallel to the direction (substantially vertical shaft 15) biased in Figures 2 and 3 embodiments described, from conductive elements 6a and 6b removing voltage causes like elements fe pressure element 4 into film 3, 3 indicates where the projecting film changing the optical characteristics of the deformable lens element 10 in the vicinity.

[0144] 进一步关于图1-3的实施例,示出可变形透镜元件10包括横向贯穿延伸的轴15, 以及驱动装置20以大体上与轴15同空间延伸的方向上施加力到可变形透镜元件10的表面。 [0144] Further with respect to the embodiment of Figures 1-3, showing the deformable lens element 10 includes a shaft 15 extending transversely across, and the drive means 20 to exert a force on substantially the same spatial direction of the shaft 15 extending into the deformable lens member surface 10. 另一方面,示出图1-3实施例的压力元件4将在空间上远离轴15并且布置在轴15外周围的多个接触位置上接触可变形透镜元件10。 On the other hand the pressure member, showing the embodiment of FIG. 1-3 4 spatially away from the shaft 15 and disposed in a plurality of the contact position of the shaft 15 on the outer periphery of the contact lens element 10 may be deformable. 参考图4和5的实施例,在图4和5的实施例中,如图2和3所示的透明边界元件1及第一和第二平面表面110和111被用具有光强度的边界元件1所取代。 Example 4 and 5, in the embodiment of FIGS. 4 and 5, the transparent boundary element shown in Figure 2 and 3, 1 and 110 and 111 are used boundary element having a light intensity of the first and second planar surfaces a substitution. 图4实施例的边界元件1具有非曲面的(平面的)第一表面112和凸出第二表面113。 Boundary element embodiment of Figure 4 having a non-curved surface (plane) of the first surface 112 and a convex second surface 113. 图5实施例的边界元件1具有凹陷第一表面114和凸出第二表面115。 Figure 5 embodiment boundary element having a recess of a first surface 114 and a convex second surface 115. [0145] 在图1-3中,描述了通过施加力到所述透镜元件外表面来移动可变形透镜元件10 的第一装置,现在这里描述可以应用力到可变形透镜元件10以便致使可变形透镜元件的光学特性(例如,透镜元件表面曲率、焦距)改变的可选装置。 [0145] In Figures 1-3, it is described by applying a force to the outer surface of the lens element means to move the first deformable lens element 10 now forces described herein may be applied to the deformable lens element 10 can be deformed so as to cause Optional means optical characteristics (e.g., surface curvature lens elements, focal length) lens element changes.

[0146] 现在参考图6的分解组合组合视图,显示和描述了聚焦装置100的可选实施例。 [0146] and now exploded view of a combination with reference to FIG. 6, shown and described focusing alternative embodiment of device 100. 在图6的实施例中,这里通过更详细全面描述的模块化组合提供可变形透镜元件10,并且在图6的实施例中通过绝缘电致动聚合体驱动装置20提供驱动装置20(在图1-3的实施例中示出为由离子传导电致动聚合体驱动装置提供)。 In the embodiment of FIG. 6, there is provided a deformable lens element 10 by means of a more detailed and comprehensive description of the modular composition, and by electrically insulating polymer actuator drive means 20 provides the drive means 20 (in FIG. 6 in the embodiment of FIG. Examples 1-3 are shown in the ion-conductive polymer electrically actuated by drive means provided).

[0147] 参考图6实施例的驱动装置20,驱动装置20可以包括柔性构件21、弹簧23、止动件25和用来供应电压给柔性构件21的柔性电路板27。 [0147] with reference to FIG. 6 driving apparatus 20 of the embodiment, the drive means 20 may comprise a flexible member 21, the spring 23, the stopper member 25 and for supplying a voltage to the flexible member 27 of the flexible circuit board 21. 参考柔性构件21,柔性构件21可以包括插入在柔性电极之间的绝缘薄膜材料,所述柔性电极可以由例如悬浮在聚合物基体上的传导碳颗粒提供。 Reference flexible member 21, the flexible member 21 can be inserted between the flexible electrodes include an insulating film material, the flexible electrode may be provided by, for example suspended in a polymer matrix of conductive carbon particles. 当提供电压到该柔性电极,柔性构件21在垂直于电场线的方向上延伸。 When a voltage to the flexible electrode, the flexible member 21 extends in a direction perpendicular to the electric field lines. 弹簧23来以偏向可变形透镜元件10的方向偏压柔性构件21。 A spring 23 in a direction to bias the deformable lens element 10 biasing the flexible member 21. 所示由常规绕线弹簧提供的弹簧23可以由例如受压流体或弹性泡沫塑料代替。 Shown provided by a conventional spring wire spring 23 may be formed, for example instead of pressurized fluid or an elastic foam. 关于止动件25,当弯曲电路27 提供电压给具有顶部的柔性构件21时,止动件25运作来将弹簧23保持在相对于柔性构件21的确定位置。 On the stopper 25, as 21:00 to bend the flexible circuit 27 provides a voltage having a top member, the stopper member 25 to the spring 23 to keep operating at a predetermined position with respect to the flexible member 21. 当供应电源给弯曲电路27,其运作在这里被更全面地描述,柔性构件21膨胀以便在透镜元件10的方向上推动柔性构件21。 When the power supply circuit 27 to bend, where its operations are more fully described, the flexible member 21 in order to facilitate expansion of the flexible member 10 in the direction of the lens element 21. 更特别地,当供应电源给弯曲电路27, 柔性构件21将压力元件4推向可变形透镜元件10。 More specifically, when the power supply circuit 27 to bend the flexible member 21 and the pressure elements 4 into a deformable lens element 10. 在那里由驱动装置20驱动的压力环4 使可变形透镜元件10变形从而改变可变形透镜元件10的光学特性。 Where the pressure driven by the driving means 20 so that the ring 4 can deform the deformable lens element 10 can be deformed so as to change the optical characteristics of the lens element 10. 如在图1-3的实施例中,可以调节压力元件4(示出为由环结构产生的)来在可变形透镜元件10外周周围的多个位置接触可变形透镜元件10。 As in the embodiment of Figures 1-3, you can adjust the pressure element 4 (shown by the ring structure generated) at a plurality of positions to reach the deformable lens element 10 around the outer periphery of the deformable lens element 10. 这些多个接触位置被限定为在可变形透镜元件10的轴15 外周周围并且空间上远离轴15。 These are defined as a plurality of contact positions in the outer periphery of the shaft 15 around the deformable lens element 10 and the shaft 15 remote from the space. 如在图1-3的实施例中,调节在图6实施例的装置100以便通过大体上在轴15的方向上、在限定在轴15外周周围的可变形透镜元件10上的多个接触点施加力,改变可变形透镜元件10的光学特性。 As shown in Figure 1-3 embodiment, the adjustment apparatus embodiment 100 in FIG. 6 to pass substantially in the direction of the shaft 15, in defining a plurality of contact points on the shaft 15 around the periphery of the deformable lens element 10 applying a force to change the optical characteristics of the deformable lens element 10.

[0148] 参考图6的聚焦装置的其他方面,可以使用定制尺寸和形状来容纳图6实施例所示模块化组合组合形式的可变形透镜元件10的外壳17和能够适合于被猛然扣在螺钉19a、 19b、19c和19d上的盖18来封装聚焦装置100。 Other aspects [0148] focusing means with reference to FIG. 6, can be used to customize the size and shape to accommodate 6 deformable lens element of the implementation of the housing 10, a combination of modular form shown in Example 17, and can be adapted to be suddenly buckle screw 19a, 19b, 18 to seal the focusing device 100 19c and 19d on the cover. 外壳17可以具有多个如所示的与元件21、 25和柔性电路27的孔匹配的螺纹孔。 Housing 17 may have a plurality and shown as 21, the hole 25 and the flexible circuit 27 matches the threaded hole element. 可以将螺钉19a、19b、19c和19d钻入穿过匹配贯穿孔,并旋进所示外壳17的螺纹孔以组装装置100。 You can be screw 19a, 19b, 19c and 19d through holes drilled through the match, and screwed into the threaded hole 17 of the housing shown in assembly apparatus 100. 可以调节聚焦装置100以便一个或多个螺钉19a、19b、19c和19d在柔性电路板27和柔性构件21之间传导电流。 Focusing apparatus 100 can be adjusted so that one or more screws 19a, 19b, 19c and 19d of the flexible circuit board 27 and the flexible member 21 between the conducting current. 例如,可以调节柔性电路板27和柔性构件21以便螺钉19b将柔性电路板27的电压端子连接到柔性构件21的第一柔性电极,并且柔性电路板27和柔性构件21可以进一步被调节以便螺钉19c在柔性构件21的第二柔性电极和柔性电路27之间完成传导路径。 For example, the flexible circuit board 27 may be adjusted and the flexible member 21 is connected to the screw 19b to the flexible circuit board to the first voltage terminal 27 of the flexible member 21 of the flexible electrode and the flexible circuit board 27 and the flexible member 21 may be further adjusted to screw 19c complete conductive path between the flexible member 21 of the second flexible electrode and the flexible circuit 27.

[0149] 现在参考图7-9的实施例,在图7-9实施例中驱动装置20由中空步进电机提供。 [0149] Referring now to Figure 7-9 embodiment, the drive apparatus 20 embodiment is provided by a hollow stepper motor in Figures 7-9 embodiment. 参考在图7-9实施例中由中空步进电机提供的驱动装置20的运作,通过线圈31或线圈33 其中之一或二者供应电流致使被可螺纹连接地容纳在固定条盒37的中空转子35以这样的方式旋转,根据施加到线圈31和线圈33的信号以沿着轴15的任一方向向前旋转转子35。 Reference Example drive apparatus provided by the operation of the stepping motor 20 is hollow in Fig. 7-9 embodiment, one or both of the supply 33 so that current is threadably received in the hollow 37 of the fixed barrel 31 by a coil or coils rotor 35 in such a manner is rotated in accordance with the signal applied to the coil 31 and the coil 33 in either direction along the axis 15 of rotation of the rotor 35 forward. 以在图1-6实施例所示的方式,可以定型转子35以便转子35的末端或传送由转子35产生的力的结构元件在放置在轴15外周周围并且在其中空间上远离轴15的多个位置接触到可变形透镜元件10的表面。 Structural elements manner as the embodiment shown in Figures 1-6, the rotor 35 can be shaped so as to force the end of the rotor 35 or rotor 35 generated by the transmission at the outer periphery of the shaft 15 is placed around and more remote from the space in which the shaft 15 a position of the contact to the surface 10 of the deformable lens element. 当致使图7-9实施例的转子35旋转时,当转子35在这样的位置与可变形透镜元件10接触时,转子35大体上在轴15的方向上应用力以使得可变形透镜元件10的光学特性改变。 When the rotation of the rotor causes the 7-9 embodiment 35, when the rotor 35 at a position 10 in contact with the deformable lens element 35 is substantially in the direction of the rotor shaft 15 so that the force is applied to the deformable lens element 10 The optical characteristic change. 如图7-8所示,驱动装置20产生的力可以被压力元件4传输给透镜元件10。 Force shown in Figure 7-8, the driving device 20 may be a pressure element 4 is transmitted to the lens element 10. 在图7-9实施例中,压力元件4可以具有相反的销如,其完全插在形成在条盒37内的成型拉长细缝39上,以便限制压力元件4的旋转。 In Figure 7-9 embodiment, the pressure element 4 may have such opposite pin, which is completely inserted in the barrel 39 is formed in an elongated slit 37 is formed so as to limit rotation of the pressure member 4. 进一步关于图7-9实施例的聚焦装置100,聚焦装置100可以进一步包括所示的螺旋地容纳在条盒35内的帽38。 Focusing means with respect to Figures 7-9 further embodiment 100, the focusing apparatus 100 may further comprise helically shown receiving the cap 35 of the barrel 38. 帽38 具有透明内部(未示出)以允许光线从那里通过,并且当促使转子35施加力到可变形透镜元件10的外表面时形成限制可变形透镜元件10移动的止动件。 Transparent cap 38 having an internal (not shown) to allow light to pass therethrough, and forms a deformable lens element 10 to limit movement of the stopper member 35 when a force is applied to cause the rotor to the outer surface 10 of the deformable lens element.

[0150] 现在进一步描述在图7-9的中空步进电机实施例中的驱动装置20的运作。 [0150] Examples will now be further described the operation of the drive apparatus 20 in the embodiment of FIG. 7-9 hollow stepper motor. 在一个实施例中,中空步进电机通常其特征在于具有永久磁铁装配的内部条盒,形成该电机的转子部分。 In one embodiment, a hollow generally characterized by the stepping motor having a permanent magnet fitted inside the barrel, forming part of the motor rotor. 在一个实施例中,中空步进电机其特征进一步在于具有线圈装配外部条盒,支撑该内部条盒(转子)。 In one embodiment, a hollow stepper motor further characterized in that the outside of the barrel assembly having a coil, the inner support barrel (rotor). 中空步进电机相对于其他类型电机表现为尺寸变小,并且允许透镜元件位置的精确调整。 Hollow stepper motor relative to other types of motor performance of smaller size and allows precise adjustment of the lens element position. 在一个实施例中,中空步进电机的内部条盒部分可以包括螺纹,其被可螺旋地容纳在外部条盒的螺纹中。 In one embodiment, the inner portion of the hollow barrel may include a threaded stepping motor, which can be accommodated in the outer spiral threads of the barrel. 具有这样的螺纹布置,该电机可以相对于基于齿轮的电机装置维持高的冲击力。 Has a threaded arrangement, the motor can be with respect to maintaining a high level of impact on the motor unit gears. 在一个实施例中,与外部条盒相关的用来接纳内部条盒的螺纹可以包括补充配置的螺纹,以便将内部条盒通过摩擦力的方式并且无需施加外部能量维持在关于外部条盒37的位置。 In one embodiment, associated with an external thread for receiving the barrel inside the barrel may include a complementary threaded configuration, so that the inside of the barrel by way of friction and without the application of external energy is maintained at about the outside of the barrel 37 Location. 因此,可以通过简单地通过避免供应电流到透镜驱动线圈,控制透镜布置来维持在确定的位置。 Thus, by simply supplying current to the lens by avoiding driving coil, the lens is arranged to maintain control in the determined position. 通过比较,在某些实施例中令人满意的可选驱动装置,需要输入功率来维持固定透镜布置。 By comparison, in certain embodiments, a satisfactory alternative driving means, the input power required to maintain a fixed lens arrangement. 因此,在一个实施例中,中空步进电机的主要优点是减少功率消耗。 Thus, in one embodiment, the main advantages of the hollow stepper motor is to reduce the power consumption.

[0151] 关于外部条盒37,外部条盒37可以包括一组相应于内部条盒35的线圈32,一组线圈32包括第一线圈31和第二线圈33。 [0151] On the outside of the barrel 37, the outer barrel 37 may comprise a set of the barrel 35 corresponding to the inner coil 32, a coil 32 includes a first coil group 31 and the second coil 33.

[0152] 另外,外部条盒37包括齿41,用来啮合内部条盒35的齿43。 [0152] In addition, the barrel 37 includes external teeth 41 for engaging internal teeth 43 of the barrel 35. 当致使内部条盒35 转动时,内齿41和齿43的组合提供内部条盒35沿着轴15的移动。 When the inside of the barrel 35 is rotated so that a combination of internal teeth 41 and the teeth 43 provided inside the barrel 35 is moved along the shaft 15.

[0153] 参考图9进一步描述示例性中空步进电机的运作。 [0153] FIG. 9 is further described with reference to the operation of an exemplary hollow stepper motor. 内部条盒35可以具有南北交互极性的永久磁铁45,其交替地形成在内部条盒35的圆周周围。 Inside the barrel 35 may interact with the north and south polar permanent magnet 45, which are alternately formed around the inside circumference of the barrel 35. 第一线圈31可以具有由缺口51定义的交互的齿47、49。 The first coil 31 may have interactive notch 51 defined by the teeth 47 and 49. 当电流以正方向流经线圈31,相反极性的磁场形成在连续相邻的齿,例如线圈31的齿47、49。 When the current flowing through the coil 31 in the positive direction, the magnetic field of opposite polarity in successive adjacent teeth, such as teeth 47, 49 of the coil 31. 当电流以相反方向流经线圈31,相反极性的磁场再次形成在线圈31连续相邻的齿,除了磁场的极性与正向电流流过期间它的极性是相反的。 When the current flowing through the coil 31 in the opposite direction, a magnetic field of opposite polarity in the coil 31 again is formed adjacent teeth in a row, the polarity of the magnetic field in addition to the forward current flows through it during the polarity is reversed. 类似地,第二线圈33可以具有由缺口59定义的交互的齿55、57。 Similarly, the second coil 33 may have a notch 59 defined by the interaction of the teeth 55, 57. 当电流以正方向流经线圈33, 相反极性的磁场形成在连续相邻的齿。 When the current flowing through the coil 33 in the positive direction, the magnetic field of opposite polarity in successive adjacent teeth. 当电流以相反方向流经线圈33,相反极性的磁场再次形成在线圈33连续相邻的齿,除了磁场的极性与正向电流流过期间它的极性是相反的。 When the current flowing through the coil 33 in the opposite direction, a magnetic field of opposite polarity in the coil 33 is formed adjacent teeth in a row again, the polarity of the magnetic field in addition to the forward current flows through it during the polarity is reversed.

[0154] 为了旋转内部条盒35,可以在第一和第二线圈31、33中在正向和反向以时序协调方式施加电流,来在期望的方向使内部条盒35,直到达到内部条盒35期望的位置。 [0154] In order to turn the inner barrel 35, in the first and second coils 31 and 33 in the forward and reverse current is applied in the coordinated way to make the desired direction of the inner barrel 35, until it reaches an internal strip Box 35 desired location. 当线圈31和线圈33的齿具有确定的极性,可以发现内部条盒35将具有相对于外部条盒37的确定位置,以便其中的永久磁铁对准线圈31和线圈33的齿。 When the tooth coil 31 and coil 33 having a defined polarity can be found inside the barrel 35 with respect to the outside of the barrel 37 to determine the location to which the permanent magnet alignment of coil 31 and the tooth coil 33. 因此,使用图7-9中的驱动装置20,可以实现透镜元件的精确定位。 Thus, using a 7-9 drive device 20, can achieve precise positioning of the lens element. 关于参考图7-9描述的电机被称为中空步进电机,因为可以实现内部条盒35相对于外部条盒37的离散步进位置,其中该条盒的永久磁铁与具有确定极性的线圈齿对准。 Permanent magnet motor on 7-9 described is called a hollow stepper motor, because you can achieve internal barrel 35 relative to the outer barrel 37 discrete step position, wherein said tape cartridge and having a defined polarity coils aligned teeth.

[0155] 关于图7-9实施例示出的以压力元件4、驱动装置20的方式被大体上环状地定型的内部条盒35末端可以充分地以图1-3和图6实施例的方式来操作。 Manner as [0155] Figures 7-9 embodiment with respect to the pressure element shown in Example 4, the drive means 20 is substantially annularly shaped inner end of the barrel 35 can be sufficiently in Figures 1-3 and 6 the embodiment of FIG. to operate. 也就是说,在图7-9 中示出的驱动装置20可以大体上在轴15的方向上施加力。 That is, the driving means 20 illustrated may be generally in the direction of the force applied to the shaft 15 in Figures 7-9. 关于该力的施加,可以将在图5中示出的可变形透镜元件10连接到限定在可变形透镜元件10外表面的在空间上远离轴15并且布置在轴15外周周围的多个点的多个接触位置。 About applying the force can be shown deformable lens element 10 are connected in FIG. 5 to 10 is defined in the outer surface of the deformable lens element in the space away from the shaft 15 and 15 are arranged at various points around the periphery of the shaft a plurality of contact locations.

[0156] 这里结合图10-17描述了可变形透镜元件10的各种结构的特别实例,其可以被替换为已经描述的聚焦装置100的任意一个实施例。 [0156] Figure 10-17 are described herein with particular examples of the various structures of deformable lens element 10, which can be replaced by any focusing means 100 has been described an embodiment.

[0157] 在图10实施例中,可变形透镜元件10包括第一夹持元件63、第二夹持元件65,并且可变形薄膜3插在第一夹持元件63和第二夹持元件65之间。 [0157] In the embodiment of FIG. 10, the deformable lens element 10 includes a first clamping member 63, the second clamping member 65 and the deformable membrane 3 is inserted in the first clamping member 63 and the second gripping element 65 between. 第一夹持元件63和第二夹持元件65的每一个可以如所示的是透明的(光学透明的)及盘状的,并且可以包括各自圆形布置的互锁齿。 A first clamping member and second clamping member 63 may be as shown in each of a transparent (optically transparent) and the disc 65, and may comprise respective circular arrangement of interlocking teeth. 特别地在所示实施例中,如在图11-12正好见到的,夹持元件63包括三个圆形齿环64,而夹持元件65包括一对圆形布置齿环66,其啮合到夹持元件63的齿。 Particularly in the illustrated embodiment, as seen in FIG just 11-12, gripping member 63 comprises three circular ring gear 64, and the clamping member 65 comprises a pair of circular ring gear 66 is arranged, which engages the teeth 63 of the clamping member. 当在夹持元件63和夹持元件65的每一个上提供本实施例所示的多个圆形环,可以发现较少数目齿环的存在将辅助夹持元件63和夹持元件65之间的支持力,例如在夹持元件之一仅有单个圆形齿环。 As provided in the gripping elements of the gripping elements 63 and 65 on each of the illustrated embodiment, a plurality of circular rings, can be found in the presence of a smaller number of teeth between the auxiliary ring 65 gripping element 63 and the clamping element The ability to support, for example, only a single one of the gripping elements round the ring gear. 在这种方式下,薄膜3被夹持在夹持元件63和夹持元件65之间。 In this manner, the thin film 3 is sandwiched between the holding member 63 and the clamping member 65.

[0158] 关于图10-12的可变形透镜元件的组合,夹持元件65可以被匹配地压在夹持元件63上,并且然后在那里可以被用超声波焊接。 [0158] Combinations of Figures 10-12 deformable lens element, the clamping element 65 can be pressed to match the clamping element 63, and then there can be ultrasonically welded. 在另一方面夹持元件63和夹持元件65可以具有完整的舌和槽啮合表面,在那里可以形成超声波焊接。 On the other hand gripping element 63 and the clamping element 65 may have a full tongue and groove engagement surface, where it can be formed by ultrasonic welding. 在图10-12的实施例,夹持元件63包括圆形槽71 (图10-12)以及夹持元件65包括圆形舌73 (图10-12)。 In the embodiment of Figure 10-12, the holding member 63 includes a circular groove 71 (FIG. 10-12) and the clamping member 65 includes a circular tongue 73 (FIGS. 10-12). 然而,在可选实施例中,可以调换该舌和槽的位置。 However, in alternative embodiments, it can change the position of the tongue and groove. 可以用例如适用于该夹持元件的材料的粘合剂补充或取代在舌和槽之间接口的超声波焊接。 For example, an adhesive may be used to supplement the applicable material gripping elements or substitution between the tongue and groove ultrasonic welding interface. 可以用具有光放大系数的曲面构件取代如图11实施例所示的平面光学透明窗口67。 May be curved member having a light amplification factor of the embodiment shown in FIG. 11 substituted planar optically transparent window 67. 这里用来与如图10-12所示的可变形透镜元件一起使用的可选窗口可以具有例如如图4 (表面112和113)和图5 (表面114和115)所示元件1的曲面。 Used herein it is used in conjunction with the deformable lens element shown in FIG. 10-12 optional window may have, for example in FIG. 4 (a surface 112 and 113) and FIG. 5 (a surface 114 and 115) surface element 1 shown in Fig.

[0159] 在另一方面,夹持元件63可以具有允许光线从那里通过的透明壁67并且可以具有充分的厚度来限定用于容纳聚焦流体或另一种可变形物质的凹部8。 [0159] In another aspect, the holding member 63 may allow light to pass therethrough having a transparent wall 67 and may have a sufficient thickness to define a fluid receiving focus or another deformable material recesses 8. 在夹持元件63和夹持元件65被超声波焊接后,可以通过孔75将具有折射率大于1的聚焦流体(在那里可变形透镜元件结合了聚焦流体)注入到凹部8。 After the gripping element 63 and the clamping member 65 is ultrasonically welded, through hole 75 having a refractive index greater than a focus fluid (where a combination of deformable lens element focusing fluid) is injected into the recess 8. 在填满凹部后,可以将孔75密封。 After the fill recess, hole 75 can be sealed. 关于夹持元件63和夹持元件65,夹持元件63和夹持元件6的每一个可以由固定不可变形材料形成。 On the clamping member 63 and the clamping member 65, the holding member 63 and the clamping member may each be formed by a non-deformable material 6 is fixed. 此外,夹持元件65可以定义孔77以允许力提供元件(例如压力元件4,或者如果删除压力元件4情况下驱动装置20)接触薄膜3。 In addition, the clamping element 65 can define the hole 77 to allow the force providing elements (such as pressure element 4, or if you remove the pressure element driving device 20 4 cases) contact membrane 3.

[0160] 图13示出和描述了可变形透镜元件10的另一个实施例。 [0160] FIG. 13 illustrates and describes a deformable lens element 10 of another embodiment. 在图13实施例中,可变形透镜元件10具有一对可变形透镜表面,称为:由第一可变形薄膜3限定的第一表面和由第二可变形薄膜3、限定的第二表面。 In the embodiment of FIG. 13, the deformable lens element 10 having a pair of deformable lens surface, known: a first deformable membrane 3 defined by the first surface and a second deformable membrane 3, defining a second surface. 以图10-12的可变形透镜元件10方式构造图13实施例的可变形透镜元件10,除了支撑变可形薄膜3的夹持元件63被重复并且夹持元件63 被修改用来容纳可变形薄膜并且第二夹持元件65在其中的相反侧。 FIG deformable lens element 10 can be constructed in a manner deformable lens element 13 of Figures 10-12 embodiment 10, except that the support film becomes gripping member 3 may be formed in the clamping element 63 is repeated and 63 is modified for receiving a deformable film and the second gripping element 65 in which the opposite side. 在图13实施例中, 可以发现可变形透镜元件10具有如关于图10-12实施例描述的用来牢固地支撑薄膜的齿, 以及形成于其中的用来牢固地支撑与夹持元件关联的夹持元件的圆形舌和槽扣。 In the embodiment of FIG. 13, it is found having a deformable lens element 10 as described with respect to the embodiment of Figures 10-12 is used to firmly support the tooth film, and is formed therein for securely supporting the holding element associated with the Round buckle tongue and groove clamping element. 关于中心夹持元件63、的窗口以及可变形透镜元件10结合进聚焦流体的位置,可以形成窗口67、以便将用来保持聚焦流体的第一和第二流体紧密凹部限定在图13的可变形透镜元件10内。 About 63, and the window center clamping element deformable lens element 10 incorporated into the fluid focus position, the window 67 may be formed so as to keep the focus of the first fluid and the second fluid tight defining a deformable recess 13 in FIG. 10. lens element. 可选地,该第一和第二流体凹部可以以例如通过形成于窗口67'上的孔的形式进行流体传输。 Alternatively, the first and second fluid recess may be formed by, for example in the form of fluid transfer holes "on the window 67. 而且,可以删除窗口67'并且凹部可以通过由中心夹持元件63、最内部圆齿环定义的孔进行流体传输。 Also, you can remove the window 67 'and recess may be clamped by the central element 63, the hole of the innermost circle of the ring gear to define fluid transfer.

[0161] 关于图14,图14示出结合进如图13所示可变形透镜元件10的聚焦装置100的实施例,其中可变形透镜元件10的光入射和光出射表面都是可变形的。 [0161] With regard to FIG. 14, FIG. 14 shows the embodiment 13 is incorporated into the focusing means of the deformable lens element 100 in FIG. 10, wherein the light incident on the deformable lens element 10 and the light exit surface is deformable. 关于图14的实施例, 聚焦装置100可以具有一对布置在包括可变形薄膜3和可变形薄膜3、的可变形透镜元件10两侧的驱动装置20。 Example respect to Figure 14, the focusing device 100 may have a pair of drive means disposed in the deformable membrane comprises a deformable membrane 3 and 3, the deformable lens element 10 on both sides 20. 可以如所示布置第一驱动装置20来施加力到可以定义可变形透镜元件10光进入表面的可变形薄膜3的外表面上,以及可以如所示布置第二驱动装置20来施加力到可以定义可变形透镜元件10光射出表面的可变形薄膜;T的外表面上。 May be as shown in the first drive means 20 is arranged to apply force to the outer surface may define a deformable lens element 10 of the light entry surface of the deformable membrane 3, and 20 may be as shown applying a force to the second drive means to be arranged 10 define a deformable light emitting surface of the deformable membrane lens element; the outer surface of T's. 在图14 的实施例中,第一和第二驱动装置20都可以具有参考图1-3实施例描述的特征。 In the embodiment of FIG. 14, the first and second drive means 20 may have a feature described with reference to the embodiment of FIGS. 1-3. 例如可以布置两个驱动装置20以便将驱动装置20的孔16布置在可变形透镜元件10的轴15周围。 For example, two drive means 20 may be arranged so that the drive apparatus 16 is disposed in the hole 20 around the axis 15 of the deformable lens element 10. 可以进一步安排每个驱动装置20以便在大体上以与轴15共同延伸的方向施加由驱动装置20产生的力到透镜元件10,以及进一步以便可变形透镜元件10的可变形表面接触空间上远离轴15并且布置在轴15外周周围的多个接触位置。 May be further arranged so that each drive means 20 in a direction substantially coextensive with the axis 15 applies a force generated by the drive means 20 to the lens element 10, and the further away from the shaft so as to be deformable upper surface of the contact space of the deformable lens element 10 and a plurality of contacts 15 arranged at positions around the outer periphery of the shaft 15. 在结合进图13的透镜元件10的光学系统的一个实施例中,薄膜3可以形成该透镜元件的光入射表面以及薄膜;T可以形成光出射表面。 In view of a lens element 13 incorporated into an optical system 10 of one embodiment, can be formed thin film 3 and the thin film of the light incident surface of the lens element; T light exit surface can be formed. 在另一个实施例中,透镜薄膜;T形成该透镜元件的光入射表面以及透镜薄膜3 形成该透镜元件的光出射表面。 Embodiment, the lens film in another embodiment; T is formed and the light incident surface of the lens element of the lens film 3 is formed of the lens element light exit surface.

[0162] 进一步关于聚焦装置100,在一个实施例中,可以发现第一和第二驱动装置20具有以这样的方式实际上布置在可变形透镜元件10的轴15中心周围的孔16 :驱动装置的第一个在大体上与轴15同向延伸的方向施加力到该透镜元件的光入射可变形透镜表面,而驱动装置的第二个在大体上轴15的方向施加力到可变形透镜元件10的光出射表面。 [0162] Further with respect to the focusing means 100, in one embodiment, can be found in the first and second driving means 16 to 20 have actually arranged in such a way that the central axis of the hole 15 of deformable lens element 10 around: the drive means The first shaft 15 at substantially the same force is applied to the extending direction of the light incident on the lens surface of the deformable lens element, and the second force is applied in the direction of the shaft 15 to substantially deformable lens element driving device 10 light exit surface.

[0163] 可以发现与在图14中所示的适当驱动装置一起布置的图13的可变形透镜元件10可以被控制表现出多种透镜元件结构,例如平面-凸状、平面-凹状、双凸状、双凹状、 凹-凸状、凹-凸透镜、具有不相等表面放大系数的双凸状。 [0163] and can be found in the appropriate drive device shown in FIG. 14 are arranged together in FIG deformable lens element 10 can be controlled to 13 lens elements exhibit various structures, such as flat - convex, flat - concave, bi-convex shaped, double concave, concave - convex, concave - convex surface having an amplification factor of unequal double convex.

[0164] 关于在可变形透镜元件10的各种实施例中的可变形薄膜3和薄膜3、,该可变形薄膜可以包括无孔光学透明弹性材料。 [0164] For example, the deformable membrane 3 and the film in a variety of deformable lens element 10 of embodiment 3 ,, the deformable membrane can comprise nonporous optically transparent elastomeric material. 一种用于薄膜3和薄膜3、的合适材料是可来自于DOff CORNING类型的SYLGARD 184硅弹性体。 Suitable material for thin film 3 and film 3 is available from DOff CORNING type SYLGARD 184 silicone elastomer.

[0165] 关于在各种实施例中描述的凹部8,可以用光学透明聚焦流体填充凹部8。 [0165] About recesses described in Example 8 the various embodiments may be filled with optically clear focus fluid recess 8. 选择具有相对高折射率的聚焦流体将减少获得预定焦距变化所需要的变形量。 Selecting a relatively high refractive index fluid will decrease the amount of deformation of the focusing to obtain a focal length of a predetermined desired change. 在一个实例中,合适的折射率将是在大约1. 3到1. 7的范围中。 In one example, a suitable refractive index will be in the range of about 1.3 to 1.7 in. 在期望增加获得预定焦距变化所需要变形量的地方,选择具有更小折射率的聚焦流体是有利的。 In desirable to increase the focal length changes required for obtaining a predetermined amount of local deformation, select a smaller refractive index is advantageous to focus fluid. 例如,在一些实施例中,在被选驱动装置20产生相对粗略移动的地方,可以选择具有低折射率的聚焦流体。 For example, in some embodiments, the drive apparatus 20 is selected to produce a relatively coarse moving place, you can select a focus fluid having a low refractive index. 合适的聚焦流体(光学流体)的一个实例是可从SANT0LIGHT获得的SL-5^7 OPTICAL FLUID,折射率为1. 67。 One example of suitable focus fluid (optical fluid) is available from SANT0LIGHT SL-5 ^ 7 OPTICAL FLUID, a refractive index of 1.67.

[0166] 进一步关于各种实施例的凹部8,可以用可选的具有折射率大于1的可变形光学透明物质以流体形式填充所述凹部,其当凹部8比该物质具有更大的体积时不呈现为它的各自凹部8的形状。 [0166] Further with respect to various embodiments of the recesses 8, may be optionally having a refractive index greater than a deformable optically transparent material in the form of a fluid filling the concave portion, the concave portion 8 which, when the substance has a greater than the volume It does not exhibit the shape of each recess 8. 例如,可以将能够在它的整个使用寿命内充分地保持它的不受压形状的可变形形状保持材料布置在可变形透镜元件10的各种实施例的每一个中的凹部8内。 For example, you may be able to sufficiently maintain its unstressed shape deformable shape-retaining material is disposed in each of the various deformable lens element 10 of the embodiment of the recess 8 in its entire lifetime.

[0167] 在一个实例中,可以提供硅凝胶作为在它的整个使用寿命过程中充分地保持它的不受压形状的弹性可变形形状保持材料。 [0167] In one example, as the silicone gel may be provided in the course of its entire life retains its substantially unstressed shape elastically deformable shape-retaining material. 可以将弹性可变形硅凝胶布置在任何所述实施例的凹部8内。 It may be elastically deformable silicone gel disposed within the recessed portion 8 of any of the embodiments. 为了制造与这里描述的可变形透镜元件10—起使用的合适硅凝胶,可以将液体硅填充到具有期望形状的最终凝胶构件的容器中并且随后被固化。 In order to manufacture the deformable lens element described herein 10- Suitable silicone gel from the use of liquid silicone may be filled in a container having a desired shape of the final gel member and then cured. 在一个实例中,可以将液体硅填充到凹部8形状的模具中,在其中将布置进硅凝胶构件,并且随后被固化直到硅凝胶形成。 In one example, the liquid silicon can be filled into the recessed portion 8 in the shape of the mold, which is disposed in silicone gel into the member, and then cured until the silicone gel-forming.

[0168] 此外,关于弹性可变形构件的制造,可以用金刚石单点车削的铝和电镀镍来准备模芯。 [0168] In addition, manufacturers on elastically deformable member, you can use a single point diamond turning of aluminum and nickel plating to prepare the mandrel. 所述凹部可以具有将被制造的该弹性可变形透镜元件的相反的形状。 The recess may have to be made to the elastically deformable member opposite to the shape of the lens. 接下来,可以准备硅凝胶混合物,例如DOW CORNING JCR 6115、两部分HeatCure硅凝胶。 Next, you can prepare a mixture of silica gel, for example DOW CORNING JCR 6115, the two parts HeatCure silicone gel. 将JCR 6115 CLEAR A和JCR 6115 CLEAR B两部分混合形成混合物。 The JCR 6115 CLEAR A and JCR 6115 CLEAR B to form a mixture of two parts. 可以对该混合物抽取真空以减少形成于其中的气泡。 The mixture can be vacuum drawn to reduce the formation of bubbles therein. 用该准备好的流体硅凝胶,可以将该流体硅凝胶注模到所述模芯。 With the prepared fluid silicone gel, the fluid can be injection molded silicone gel into the core. 然后在高温下可以将该流体硅凝胶进行固化。 Then the fluid at high temperatures can be cured silicone gel. 其中在使用来自于DOW CORNING的JCR 6115的液体硅时,该液体硅在175度被加热5分钟可以被固化。 Wherein the liquid silicon use comes from DOW CORNING the JCR 6115 when the liquid silicon is heated at 175 degrees 5 minutes can be cured. 然后可以检查该完成的硅凝胶透镜以确定其是否无缺陷并且在门区域周围的额外材料可以被去除。 You can then check the complete silicone hydrogel lens to determine whether non-defective and additional material can be removed in the region surrounding the door. 可选地,该最终的弹性可变形构件可以被旋转地涂上例如来自于DOW CORNING的SYLGARD 184的薄膜材料以提高耐久性。 Alternatively, the final elastically deformable member may be rotated, for example coated with a thin film of material from DOW CORNING SYLGARD 184 to improve durability. 在下面的表A中概述了能够被用来形成作为在可变形透镜元件或零件中的弹性可变形构件的多种材料。 In the following Table A outlines that can be used to form a deformable lens element or part of an elastically deformable member of a variety of materials. 在每个示例性实施例中,构成可变形透镜元件的主体(包括某些实例中是整个弹性可变形透镜元件)的材料具有小于Siore A 60的硬度大小。 In each exemplary embodiment, the material constituting the deformable lens element body (including some instances the entire elastically deformable lens element) having a hardness less than Siore A 60 size.

[0169] 表A [0169] Table A

[0170] [0170]

Figure CN101632030BD00181

[0171] 在每个示例性实施例中,形成弹性可变形构件的材料由具有折射率大于1的光学透明硅凝胶弹性体提供。 Materials [0171] In each exemplary embodiment, the resiliently deformable member is formed from an optically transparent silicone having a refractive index greater than 1 is supplied gel elastomer. 然而,应该理解,在可变形透镜元件的制造中可以使用任意具有折射率大于1的光学透明弹性可变形材料。 However, it should be understood that in the manufacture of the deformable lens element may be used in any optically clear having a refractive index greater than 1 may be elastically deformable material.

[0172] 当在硅凝胶形成中,成型的硅凝胶构件可以被布置在凹部8内。 [0172] When the formation of the silicone gel, silicone gel molding member may be disposed in the recess 8. 然而可以发现填充流体和密封可以是正常透镜元件制造方法中的最后步骤,这里透镜元件结合进流体,在凹部内布置凝胶分子是正常的硅基可变形透镜元件制造中的中间步骤。 However, it is found to be filled with fluid and the seal may be a normal lens element of the last step of the manufacturing process, where the lens element is incorporated into the fluid, is arranged in the recess is normally a silicon gel molecules deformable lens element in the manufacture of an intermediate step.

[0173] 参考图15,阐明了可变形透镜元件10的另一个实施例。 [0173] Referring to Figure 15, illustrates another deformable lens element 10 of the embodiment. 图15的实施例具有相似于图10-12的实施例的结构,其中用被布置在由夹持元件63和夹持元件65限定的凹部内的弹性可变形透镜构件80 (例如包括硅凝胶)代替聚焦流体。 Elastic embodiment of Figure 15 has a structure similar to the Figures 10-12 embodiment, wherein use is arranged within the gripping element 63 and the clamping member 65 defines a recess deformable lens member 80 (e.g., including silica gel ) instead of focusing fluid. 进一步参见关于图15的实施例,将由推力环提供的压力元件4机械地连接到夹持元件65,目的在于帮助压力元件4与可变形薄膜3的结合。 Referring further to FIG. 15 with respect to the embodiment, the pressure element 4 provided by the thrust ring is mechanically connected to the clamping member 65, aimed at helping the pressure member 4 in combination with the deformable film 3.

[0174] 在可变形透镜元件结合进可由例如硅凝胶提供的可变形形状保持材料的地方,可以选择性地删除用来密封凹部8的可变形透镜元件10的部件。 [0174] In the deformable lens element, such as silicon may be incorporated into the gel can be provided where the deformed shape retaining material, can be used to selectively remove parts deformable lens element 10 of the sealing portion 8 of the recess. 在图16的实施例中,凹部8被删除并且可变形透镜元件10由包括弹性可变形材料构件80、可变形薄膜3、背板81和适于机械地连接到所示压力元件4的前板82的堆叠层结构组成。 In the embodiment of FIG. 16, the concave portion 8 is removed and the deformable material 10 comprises a resiliently deformable member 80, the deformable membrane 3, the rear plate 81 and adapted to be mechanically connected to the pressure element shown by the front plate 4 of the lens element 82 stacked-layer structure composed.

[0175] 在可变形透镜元件10结合进的形状保持弹性可变形构件的地方,例如包括这里所描述的硅凝胶的可变形构件,可以选择性地删除可变形薄膜3。 [0175] 10 may be incorporated into the shape of an elastically deformable holding member where the deformable lens element, for example, comprise silicone gel described herein deformable member may be selectively deleted deformable membrane 3. 不过,具有薄膜3,可以更有利地保护弹性可变形构件80,并且可以减少在弹性可变形构件80表面的刮伤事件。 However, a film 3, can more advantageously protected by an elastically deformable member 80, 80 can be reduced and the surface of the elastic deformable member scratch event. 附加地或可选地为了保护弹性可变形构件80,构件80可以被施以涂层处理,其中光学透明保护性涂层84,例如可以包括来自于D0WC0RNING的SYLGARD 184,可以被施加到如这里已经描述的凝胶构件80上。 Additionally or alternatively to protect the elastically deformable member 80, member 80 may be subjected to coating, wherein the optically transparent protective coating 84, e.g., may comprise from D0WC0RNING SYLGARD 184, as described herein may be applied to the already 80 on the gel member described. 图17示出了可变形透镜元件10包括弹性可变形构件80和表面保护性涂层84的一个例子。 Figure 17 illustrates a deformable lens element 10 Examples 84 include resiliently deformable member 80 and the surface of the protective coating.

[0176] 已经提到,制造形状保持弹性可变形光学透明构件的工艺可以包括填充最终构件期望形状的容器以及随后的固化。 [0176] As mentioned, elastically deformable shape-retaining producing optically transparent member may include a process of filling the final desired shape of the container member and the subsequent curing. 在一个实例中,如这里描述的形状保持弹性可变形构件可以被形成为具有原始的光放大倍数。 In one example, as described herein maintain the shape of the elastically deformable member may be formed to have an optical magnification of the original. 在一个实例中,可以形成形状保持弹性可变形构件以便在非受压状态下该可变形构件具有至少一个凸透镜表面。 In one example, the shape can be formed elastically deformable member to remain in a non-compressed state the deformable member has at least one convex lens surface.

[0177] 在如图18所示的聚焦装置100的实施例中,弹性可变形构件80可以被形成为具有原始的光放大倍数,并且被特别地配置,以便在非受压状态下弹性可变形构件80具有第一正常(非受压状态)凸起表面85和第二正常(非受压状态)凸起表面86。 [0177] In an embodiment of the focusing apparatus 100 as shown in FIG. 18, the elastically deformable member 80 may be formed to have an optical magnification of the original, and is specifically configured to be elastically deformable in a non-pressurized state a first member 80 having a normal (non-pressurized state) and a second convex surface 85 normal (non-pressurized state) projection surface 86. 可以将透镜表面85和86之一认作为光入射表面,而另一个为光出射表面。 Lens surface can be considered as one of the 85 and 86 light-incident surface, and the other is the light exit surface. 进一步关于图18的聚焦装置100,可以布置第一和第二电致动聚合体驱动装置20来使第一和第二正常凸起表面的每一个产生变形。 Further with respect to FIG. 18 of the focusing means 100, may be arranged first and second polymer actuator drive apparatus 20 to make each of the first and second normal convex surface deformation. 在图18的一个实施例中,显示透镜元件10被提供为一片由弹性可变形构件80构成的构件。 In one embodiment of FIG. 18, the display 10 is provided as a lens element made of an elastic piece deformable member 80 constituting member. 在图18的实施例中,也在描述的限制实施例中,其中可变形透镜元件10 的主体包括弹性可变形材料构件,可变形透镜元件10可以没有聚焦流体。 In the embodiment of FIG. 18, also limits described embodiment, wherein the deformable lens element body 10 comprises an elastic member deformable material, the deformable lens element 10 can not focus fluid.

[0178] 在图18示例性的实施例中,用来使可变形透镜元件10变形的驱动装置20可以包括如前面结合图6实施例描述的绝缘电致动聚合体驱动装置20。 [0178] In FIG. 18 the exemplary embodiment, the lens driving apparatus for causing deformation of the deformable element 10 may comprise 20 as previously in conjunction with Figure 6 embodiments described insulated electrical actuating drive apparatus 20 polymer. 在图18-19所示的实施例中,柔性构件21由弹性可变形构件80正常地向外偏压,并且因此在图18和19的实施例中没有包括弹簧23。 In the embodiment shown in Figure 18-19, the flexible member 21 is biased outwardly by a 80 member is normally resiliently deformable, and therefore does not include a spring 23 in the embodiment of Figures 18 and 19. 而且,在图18和19的实施例中删除了压力元件4,并且在图18和图19 的实施例中的力施加结构元件由驱动装置20提供。 Further, in the embodiment of FIGS. 18 and 19 delete the pressure member 4, and the force applied structural elements in the embodiment of FIGS. 18 and 19 of the 20 provided by the drive. 可以通过一片弹性可变形构件,在一个实施例中包括硅凝胶,将每个柔性构件21布置为与在图18和图19实施例中提供的可变形透镜元件10相接触。 By a resiliently deformable member, including silica gel, in one embodiment, the lens 21 is arranged to be deformable element 19 in FIG. 18 and FIG. 10 of the embodiment is provided in contact with each of the flexible member. 特别地关于图18和19的实施例,可以调节每个柔性构件21从而充分地与可变形透镜元件的不受压形状匹配,在该所示的实施例中可变形透镜元件由一片弹性可变形构件80提供。 Particularly with regard to the embodiment of FIG. 18 and 19 can be adjusted so that each of the flexible member 21 and sufficiently deformable lens element unstressed shape matching, in the embodiment shown in the deformable lens element made a resiliently deformable member 80 provides. 如在图18的实施例中,每个柔性构件21可以包括插入在一对柔性电极层91和92之间的绝缘薄膜材料层90,以便通过改变该柔性电极层之间的电压,该柔性构件扩张或收缩。 As in the embodiment of FIG. 18, each of the flexible member 21 may comprise a pair of insulating film interposed flexible material layer 92 between the electrode layers 91 and 90, so that by changing the voltage between the flexible electrode layer, the flexible member expansion or contraction. 在另一个实施例中,单个绝缘层90可以由多个绝缘层代替。 Embodiment, a single insulating layer 90 may be replaced by a plurality of insulating layers in another embodiment. 进一步关于图18的聚焦装置100,每个柔性构件21可以包括布置在轴15周围的无涂层区域116以允许光线通过可变形透镜元件10。 Further with respect to FIG. 18 of the focusing means 100, each of the flexible member 21 may comprise an uncoated region 15 disposed around the shaft 116 to allow the light to pass through the deformable lens element 10.

[0179] 在图18实施例中的无涂层区域116是没有柔性电极涂层的区域,这个涂层可以覆盖除了无涂层区域116之外柔性构件21的内和外表面的剩余部分。 Examples uncoated region [0179] In the embodiment of FIG. 18 flexible electrode region 116 is not coated, the coating can cover the remaining portion except the uncoated region 116 and the outer surface of the flexible member 21. 为了以光透明材料的形式提供绝缘层90以允许光从那里穿过,绝缘层90可以包括合适的光透明材料,其实例包括可以从3M获得的型号为VHB4910和可以从NUSIL获得的CF19-2186的丙烯酸(Acrylie)。 In order to form an optically transparent material to provide an insulating layer 90 to allow light to pass there through, the insulating layer 90 may include a suitable optically transparent material, examples of which include models available from 3M to VHB4910 and can be obtained from the NUSIL CF19-2186 acrylic (Acrylie). 为了制造如图18实施例所示的柔性构件21,可以将光学透明弹性体绝缘材料旋转固化到承载衬底(玻璃基片)从而形成单一薄膜。 The flexible member 18 in order to produce the embodiment shown in FIG. 21, can be optically transparent elastomeric insulating material cured to a rotation of the carrier substrate (glass substrate) to form a single film. 可以在高温下固化该薄膜。 The film may be cured at elevated temperatures. 在固化之后,可以将该薄膜和该衬底及电化学涂层分开以在除非涂层区域116之外形成柔性电涂层。 After curing, the film and the substrate may be electrochemical coating and coating separated from outside region 116 to form a flexible electrically unless coatings. 可以将该形成的柔性构件切成合适尺寸并安装。 The flexible member may be formed of cut to size and install it. 在另一方面,当施加电压来收缩柔性构件21,将导致最初大体上在轴15外周方向产生的力被大体上在轴15指向透镜元件10的方向上以如下的方式施加到可变形透镜元件10,使得透镜元件的凸度变大。 On the other hand, when a voltage is applied to shrink the flexible member 21, will result in the force initially generated substantially in the outer circumferential direction of the shaft 15 is substantially pointing in the direction of the shaft 15 of the lens element 10 is applied in the following manner to the deformable lens element 10, so that the projection of the lens element becomes large. 利用环形定型并布置在轴15周围的孔16及利用适于与可变形透镜元件形状匹配的柔性构件21,柔性构件21的收缩将导致大体上在轴15方向上指向可变形透镜元件的力是被施加在布置在轴15的外周周围并且空间上远离轴15的多个点上的。 The use of an annular shape and arranged around the shaft 15 in the bore 16 and the use of the flexible member may be adapted to match the shape of the deformable lens element 21, the contraction will cause the flexible member 21 is substantially pointing in the direction of the shaft 15 forces the deformable lens element is It is applied is arranged around the outer circumference of the shaft 15 and the upper space of more than 15 points away from the shaft on. 当将在图18实施例中驱动装置20施加到透镜元件10上的力描述为是大体上在透镜元件轴15方向上的时候,可以理解如果将施加的力分解为法向(轴向)和切向(与轴垂直),那么可以期望在图18实施例中各成分力向量组成比在这里参考图1-9已描述的实施例中具有更高百分比的切向成分力向量。 When the embodiment is applied to the drive means 20 forces the lens element 10 is described as being substantially in the direction of the axis of the lens element 15 when the force is applied will be appreciated that if the decomposition is normal (axial) and 18 in the embodiment of FIG. tangential (perpendicular to the shaft), you can expect here than in Reference Examples 1-9 cut has been implemented with a higher percentage of the components depicted in Figure force vector components consisting of the force vector in the examples in Figure 18.

[0180] 进一步关于在图18中描述的聚焦装置100,可以以这样的方式提供电压接头,恰当地跨过所示的各自第一和第二柔性构件21的柔性电极层91和92来供应电压。 [0180] Further with respect to the focusing means 18 described in FIG. 100 may be provided in such a way voltage connectors, flex appropriately across the respective electrode layers of the first and second flexible members 91 and 21 are shown to a supply voltage 92 . 也可以将在示例性实施例中将要描述的电压接头提供为在与透镜元件10和柔性电极21相关的确定位置在结构上支撑柔性构件21以轮流支撑弹性可变形透镜元件10。 May also be provided as at 10 to determine the position of the lens element and the flexible electrode support 21 associated flexible member on the support structure 21 to rotate elastically deformable lens element 10 in the voltage connector exemplary embodiment will be described. 连接末端连接界面125和界面127的虚拟线(在那里第一柔性构件21被连接到传导环94和98,而第二柔性构件21被连接到传导环98和96)可以将可变形透镜元件10平分为二。 Imaginary line connecting end connection interface 125 and interface 127 (where the first flexible conductive member 21 is connected to the ring 94 and 98, and the second flexible conductive member 21 is connected to the ring 98 and 96) may be deformable lens element 10 level two. 以这样的方式,当被控制为趋向于缩小状态时,在所示实施例中的柔性构件21可以大体上在轴15的方向上施加力到透镜元件10。 In this manner, when the state controlled to tend to be reduced, in the illustrated embodiment the flexible member 21 may be generally in the direction of the shaft 15 of the lens element 10 applies a force to the embodiment.

[0181] 参考表示根据图18实施例的图19的分解组合组合视图,进一步描述了图18的实施例的部件。 [0181] FIG. 18 with reference to a diagram showing an embodiment of an exploded view of a combination 19, the embodiment is further described in the member 18 of FIG. 参考的图19的视图,进一步发现聚焦装置100包括双凸起弹性(形状保持的) 可变形透镜元件10,其由插入在非受压状态下被充分地调节为与可变形透镜元件10形状匹配的第一和第二驱动装置20的一对柔性构件21之间的一片透镜元件80提供。 With reference to the view of FIG. 19, the focusing means further found that an elastic projections 100 include bis (shape retention) is deformable lens element 10, which is sufficiently deformable and adjusted to match the shape of the lens element 10 is inserted in a non-pressurized state a pair of flexible member 21 between the lens elements of the first and second drive means 20 of the 80 available. 参考图19所示聚焦装置100的其他方面,聚焦装置100可以进一步包括外壳元件93、传导环96和94、绝缘套97和中心传导环98。 19 with reference to FIG other aspects of the focusing device 100, the focusing apparatus 100 may further include a housing member 93, conductive rings 96 and 94, the insulating sleeve 97 and central conductive ring 98. 将传导环94、中心环98和传导环96安装在绝缘套97内,其被布置用来阻止外壳元件93和传导环94之间、外壳元件93和中心传导环98之间短路。 The conductive ring 94, the center ring 98 and the conductive ring 96 mounted in the insulating sleeve 97, which is arranged to prevent conduction between the housing member 93 and the ring 94, the housing member 93 and the central conductive shorting ring 98. 在另一方面,传导环96可以传导地与传导外壳元件93接触。 In another aspect, the conductive ring 96 can be conductively contacted with the conductive housing element 93. 为了激活具有第一和第二柔性构件21 的第一和第二驱动装置20,可以跨过外壳93 (与传导环96传导接触)和传导环94来应用电压。 In order to activate the first and second flexible member having first and second drive means 21, 20, the housing 93 may span (conductive contact with the conductive ring 96) and the conductive ring 94 to the applied voltage. 在所示实施例,中心传导环98以作为包括第一柔性构件21和第二柔性构件21的各自绝缘层的串联电路中的节点来工作,其中该节点连接到提及的元件。 In the embodiment shown, the center conductive ring 98 as a flexible member comprising a first member 21 and second flexible insulating layer of the respective series circuit 21 to work in the nodes, wherein the nodes connected to the elements mentioned. 跨过外壳93(也就是环96) 和传导环94来施加电压可以导致同时激活第一(布置在环94和98之间)和第二柔性构件21 (布置在环96和98之间)。 Across the housing 93 (that is, ring 96) and conductive ring 94 to the applied voltage can cause simultaneous activation of the first (arranged in a ring between 94 and 98) and second flexible members 21 (disposed between the ring 96 and 98). 在另一个实施例中,中心传导环98可以参考电压电连接,并且可以在传导环96和环98之间、及环94和环98之间施加电压,以独立控制第一和第二驱动装置20的第一和第二柔性构件21。 Independent control of the first and second drive means in another embodiment, the central conductive ring 98 can be electrically connected to a reference voltage, and a voltage can be applied between the conductive ring 96 and the ring between 98 and ring 94 and ring 98, first and second flexible member 20 is 21. 可以按尺寸制作图18和19的各个元件以便被摩擦地安装,以便当完整地组装装置100时,这些元件是在确定的相对位置。 It can be sized according to the respective elements in FIG. 18 and 19 so as to be frictionally installed, so that when the relative position of device 100 fully assembled, these elements are determined.

[0182] 在另一个实施例中,在图18-19中所示的绝缘电致动聚合体驱动装置可以由如这里之前描述的离子传导电致动聚合体驱动装置代替。 [0182] In another embodiment, as shown in Fig. Insulated electrical 18-19 actuating drive means may be made of polymer as previously described herein an ion conducting polymer actuator electrical driving means instead. 离子传导聚合体驱动装置可以具有在图18-19 中描述的驱动装置的结构,除了透明绝缘层90可以用一个或多个光学离子传导聚合物层代替。 Ion-conductive polymer driving means driving means may have a structure described in FIG. 18-19, in addition to the transparent insulating layer 90 may be one or more optical ion conductive polymer layer in place.

[0183] 当图18-19所示的驱动装置20表示为绝缘电致动聚合体驱动装置时,该驱动装置可以大体上在轴15外周方向上产生力(通过该驱动装置的收缩),该力大体上在轴15的方向上被施加到透镜元件10的可变形表面。 [0183] When the driving apparatus shown in FIG. 20 shows 18-19 actuated electrically insulating polymer drive means, the drive means may generate a force substantially (by contraction of the driving means) in the direction of the outer periphery of the shaft 15, the force substantially in the direction of the shaft 15 is applied to the deformable surface 10 of the lens element. 当图18-19所示的驱动装置20表示为离子传导聚合体驱动装置时,该驱动装置可以大体上在轴15方向上产生力(通过离子传导层的弯曲),该力大体上在轴15的方向上被施加到透镜元件的可变形表面。 When the driving apparatus shown in FIG. 20 18-19 when expressed as the ion conductive polymer body drive means, the drive means may generate a force substantially (by bending ion conductive layer) in the direction of the shaft 15, the shaft 15 in a substantially force the direction is applied to the lens element deformable surface. 通过选择离子传导电致动聚合体驱动装置可以减小对聚焦装置100的电压要求(例如小于10伏)。 By selecting ion-conductive polymer electrically actuated drive means can be reduced voltage requirements for the focusing means 100 (e.g., less than 10 volts).

[0184] 在具有带非涂层区域116的电致动聚合体驱动装置20(例如绝缘类型或离子传导类型)的实施例中,非涂层区域116可以用孔16代替以便驱动装置20以具有这里所述孔16的力施加结构元件的方式工作。 [0184] In an electrically non-coated region 116 with actuating drive apparatus 20 aggregates (e.g., an insulating type or ionic conductivity type) embodiment, uncoated region 116 can be used instead of the hole 16 so that the drive means 20 to have a way force is applied to the structural elements of the holes 16 to work here.

[0185] 这里具有力施加元件的实施例也包括孔,孔16可以用光学透明材料构件填充以便力施加结构元件以图18-19的驱动装置的方式工作。 [0185] Here embodiment having force applying member comprises a hole, the hole 16 may be filled with an optically transparent material member to force a structural element in the manner of the driving means 18-19 work. 如这里已经描述的,在任意已经描述的实施例中的所述驱动装置可以由任意剩余的实施例的驱动装置代替。 In any embodiment has been described in the remainder of the drive means may be used instead of the drive means as already described herein by any. 同样在任意已经描述的实施例中的所述可变形透镜元件10可以由任意剩余的实施例的可变形透镜元件代替。 Also in the embodiment has been described in any of the deformable lens element 10 can be replaced by any of the remaining embodiments the deformable lens element.

[0186] 当图18和19的实施例包括可变形双凸起透镜元件和用来使一对透镜表面的每一个变形的驱动装置,可以发现聚焦装置100可以可选地包括平-凸弹性可变形形状保持透镜元件和用来使正常凸透镜表面变形的单个驱动装置。 [0186] When the embodiment of FIG. 18 and 19 comprises a deformable double convex lens element and used to make a modification for each drive unit lens surface can be found focusing device 100 may optionally include a flat - convex elastically deformed shape-retaining lens element and to enable individual drives normal convex surface deformation.

[0187] 在任意已经描述的实施例中,其中由驱动装置20产生的力被压力元件4传输到可变形透镜元件10上。 Force [0187] In any embodiment has been described, in which the drive means 20 is generated by the pressure element 4 transmitted to the deformable lens element 10. 可以理解可以删除压力元件4并且由驱动装置20产生的力可以被驱动装置20直接施加到可变形透镜元件10上。 It is appreciated that the pressure element 4 can be removed and the force generated by the drive means 20 may be applied directly to the drive means 20 on the deformable lens element 10. 为了施加力到可变形透镜元件10上,已经描述了称为压力元件4和驱动装置20 (如果该聚焦装置没有压力元件4)的结构元件可以在多个接触位置“接触”可变形透镜元件10,或者在多个力施加点施加力到可变形透镜元件。 In order to apply a force to the deformable lens element 10, have been described known drive means 4 and the pressure member 20 (the focusing means 4, if there is no pressure member) structural elements at a plurality of contact positions can "contact" a deformable lens element 10 or applying a force to the deformable lens element at a plurality of force application point.

[0188] 在如这里已经描述的结构元件和可变形透镜元件之间的“接触”关系的一个实施例中,力施加结构元件可以是分离地与该可变形透镜元件接触,意味着施与该结构元件的力可以是自由地与该可变形透镜元件分离的。 [0188] As between the structural elements already described herein and a deformable lens element "contact" relationship one embodiment, the force applied to the structural element may be separated from the contact with the deformable lens element, means administering the force structure elements can be freely with the deformable lens element separation. 在这里已经描述的“接触”关系的另一个实施例中,力施加结构元件可以是与可靠地与该可变形透镜元件接触,意味着它是附着、焊接、 偏压向、或者以其它方式连接到该可变形透镜元件。 Another already described herein "contacting" Relationship embodiment, a force is applied to the structural member can be reliably brought into contact with the deformable lens element, it means that it is attached to, welding, biased to, or otherwise connected to the deformable lens element.

[0189] 在另一个实施例中,该力施加结构元件(例如该驱动装置或压力元件)是与该可变形透镜元件一体化形成的,意味着该力施加结构元件是一片构件的一部分,一片构件的一部分形成该力施加结构元件,并且一片构件的一部分形成可变形透镜元件10的至少一部分。 [0189] In another embodiment, the force applied to the structural element (e.g., the drive means or pressure elements) with the deformable lens element integrally formed, means that part of the force applying member is a structural member, a member forming a part of the force applied to the structural element, and forms part of a deformable lens element at least a portion 10 of the member.

[0190] 当该力施加结构元件是与该可变形透镜元件的可变形表面为可靠接触的关系或是与该可变形表面一体化形成的,驱动装置20产生的拉力(即,在轴15但远离可变形透镜元件10的方向上)可以操作为使该可变形透镜元件变形。 [0190] When force is applied to the structural member is reliably in contact with the deformable surface of the relationship between the deformable lens element or the deformable surface integrally formed, the driving tension generating means 20 (i.e., the shaft 15, but a direction away from the deformable lens element 10) can be operable to enable the deformation of the deformable lens element. 可以期望被施加到可变形透镜元件表面上布置在轴15外周周围并且空间上远离轴15的多个点的拉力减小该可变形表面的凸度或增大该可变形表面的凹度,在此所述力施加结构元件是环形成型的。 You can expect to be applied to the deformable lens element surfaces are disposed away from various points of the shaft 15 and the space around the outer periphery of the shaft 15 to reduce the tension of the deformable surface convexity or concavity increases the deformable surface, in This force is applied to the structural element is a ring shaped. 当如这里所描述的所述力施加结构元件(构件)是环形成型的,所述力施加结构元件可以在空间上远离轴15并且布置在轴15外周周围的多个点施加力到可变形透镜元件上。 When the force is applied as described herein structural elements (members) are annular shaped, the force may be applied to structural member away from the shaft 15 and disposed in the space a force is applied in a plurality of points around the outer periphery of the shaft 15 to the deformable lens element. 所述力施加结构元件可以在空间上远离轴15并且布置在轴15外周周围的多个点施加力,不管所述力施加元件是否是分离地接触、可靠地接触,也不管所述力施加结构元件是否与所述可变形透镜元件是一体化形成的。 Said force applying structure element can spatially remote from the shaft 15 and a force is applied at a plurality of points disposed around the periphery of the shaft 15, regardless of whether it is separate from the contact force applied to the element, reliable contact, regardless of the force applying structure whether the element is deformable lens element is integrally formed. 可以在具有随所述力施加结构元件形状变化的特征的多个力施加点施加力到可变形透镜元件的可变形表面。 Can deform the deformable surface of the lens element can exert a force having a force application point at a plurality of characteristic change in shape of the structural element is applied with the force to. 当所述力施加结构元件是环形的,多个力施加点可以被形成在轴15周围的环形图案内。 When force is applied to the structural member is annular, the plurality of force points may be formed in an annular pattern around the axis 15. 如这里描述的环形力施加元件已经被示出为圆形,但是环形力施加元件也可以是椭圆形、不对称弓性、多边形的。 Annular force applying element as described herein have been shown as circular, but the annular force applying member may be oval, asymmetric bow resistance, polygonal. 当力施加元件是环形的, 其至少一部分传输形成图像光线的可变形表面的力施加点不包括在轴15周围的由布置在轴15外周周围环形图案的多个力施加点限定的二维区域内的点。 When force is applied element is annular, force at least a portion of the transmission of light to form an image of a deformable surface is applied are not included in the two-dimensional region 15 around the axis defined by a plurality of dots are arranged around the periphery of the shaft 15 forces annular pattern applied point inside.

[0191] 在图18和19的实施例中,驱动装置可以大体上在轴15的方向上施加力到可变形透镜元件的可变形表面,然而,在图18和19的实施例中,力的施加点形成在不包括在轴15 周围二维区域内的点在内的环形图案上。 [0191] In the embodiment of FIG. 18 and 19, the drive means may exert a force substantially in the direction of the shaft 15 to the deformable lens element deformable surface, however, in the embodiment of FIG. 18 and 19, the force dot formation imposed on the spot are not included in the two-dimensional region around the shaft 15, including the annular pattern. 在图18和19的实施例中,力的施加点包括在可变形表面的轴15周围二维区域内的点,可变形表面的至少一部分传输形成图像的光线。 In the embodiment of FIGS. 18 and 19, the force applied points include points within the deformable shaft 15 around a two-dimensional region of the surface, at least part of the transmission of the deformable surface forms an image of light. 在一个实施例中,力的施加点可以是可变形透镜元件10的表面朝向可变形透镜元件10外部的点。 In one embodiment, the point of application of force may be a deformable surface of the lens element 10 toward the deformable lens element 10 outside the points. 在图20和21中描述了各种实例中的力的施加点,其中图20表示被定义在多个点布置在轴15外周周围并空间上远离轴15的环形图案202内的力施加点的示意性视图,而图21表示定义在区域图案204内的力施加点的示意性描述,其中力施加点包括定义在轴15周围的二维区域的点。 Depicted in Figure 20 and 21 the various instances of the force application point, which is defined in FIG. 20 shows a plurality of points disposed away from the axis of the annular pattern 15 and the space 15 in the outer periphery of the shaft 202 around the point of application of force applying a schematic view, and FIG. 21 shows a pattern defined in the region 204 schematically depicted point of force, including the definition of the point where the force is applied in a two-dimensional region 15 points around the shaft. 联系表B进一步描述了示意性力施加轮廓的特征。 Contact Table B further describes the characteristics of a schematic outline of the force applied. 在那里力施加元件是环形的,在元件10的方向上被施加到可变形透镜元件10的可变形表面的推力可以通过激励所述表面沿着轴向外凸起增加所述表面的凸度,并且可以沿着平行于轴15,空间上远离轴15并且在轴15外周周围的多条虚拟线使得厚度减小。 There is a force applying member annular element 10 in the direction of the thrust can be applied to the deformable surface of the deformable lens element 10 can be increased by energizing the convex surface of the convex surface of the axial outside, and may be a direction parallel to the axis 15, away from the shaft space 15 and the plurality of virtual lines around the outer periphery of the shaft 15 so that the thickness is reduced. 使用例如图18和19实施例所示的区域力施加元件在可变形透镜元件10的方向上施加推力,该可变形元件正常凹陷, 所施加的力导致变平或者所述表面的凸度减小。 For example, the force applied to regions 18 and 19 is applied to the embodiment shown, the thrust element in the direction of the deformable lens element 10, the deformable element normally recessed, the force applied causes flattening or convexity of said surface is reduced . 在表B中概述了具有所述示例性力施加轮廓的实施例的其他特征。 Other features outlined with the exemplary embodiment of the force applied in the contour table B.

[0192]表 B [0192] Table B

[0193] [0193]

Figure CN101632030BD00221

[0194] 在图1-19的实施例中,可以调节聚焦装置100以便驱动装置20位置上的极微量变化带来了结合进装置100的光学成像系统聚焦位置上的重大变化。 [0194] In the embodiment of Figure 1-19, the apparatus 100 can be adjusted so as to drive the focusing means 20 extremely small changes in position brought about significant changes in the optical imaging system focus position 100 is incorporated into the device on. 通过参考下面的实例,这里描述了通过聚焦装置100的使用可以实现的特殊性能特征。 By reference to the following examples, the specific performance characteristics described herein by using the focusing apparatus 100 can be realized.

[0195] 从图1-19的实施例中可以发现可以将该驱动装置和透镜元件能够被集成在这些实施例的任意组合中。 [0195] From Figure 1-19 embodiment can be found in the drive means and the lens element can be integrated in any combination of these embodiments.

[0196]实例 1 [0196] Example 1

[0197] 构造了具有充分根据图6所示结构的用来聚焦的聚焦装置并且聚焦装置被安装在可以从Hand Held Products公司获得的型号为IT5000 Image Engine、具有5. 88mm焦距、6.6F#以及微小36英寸微小固定最佳焦距的三透镜成像透镜组合中。 [0197] constructed with sufficient focusing means for focusing the structure shown in Figure 6 and the focusing device is installed in accordance with the model available from Hand Held Products company IT5000 Image Engine, has 5. 88mm focal length, 6.6F # and small three-lens imaging lens combination 36 inches small fixed focal length of the best. 使用了来自于ARTIFICIAL MUSCLE INCORPORATED( "AMI")的驱动装置,其基于可从AMI 获得的MLP-95 或MSP-95自动对焦弹性体驱动装置的设计。 Use the drive means from ARTIFICIAL MUSCLE INCORPORATED ("AMI"), the AF elastomer-based design drives available from AMI MLP-95 or MSP-95. 在构造了该聚焦元件后,应用各种电压到驱动装置的柔性电极,下面的表C概述了该结果: After the construction of the focusing elements, application of a voltage to the flexible electrode driving means, the following table provides an overview of the results C:

[0198]表 C [0198] Table C

[0199] [0199]

Figure CN101632030BD00231

[0200] 可以发现通过施加力到可变形透镜元件的驱动装置的极微量的移动可以实现最佳聚焦距离大的变化。 [0200] can be found by applying a force to the drive means to move a very small amount of the deformable lens element to achieve the best focus distance can be large variations.

[0201] 例1结束。 [0201] Example 1 ends.

[0202] 现在描述在各种成像系统中所描述的可变形透镜元件的各种排列。 [0202] deformable lens element will now be described in various imaging systems as described in various permutations.

[0203] 可以将包括以被施加力到其外表面方式可移动的可变形透镜元件10的装置100 能够被结合到包括有装置100和一个或多个与该装置串联布置的附加透镜元件的光学成像系统(其可以被称为透镜组合)中。 [0203] may include a deformable lens element in the outer surface of the manner of applying a force to the movable means 10 can be incorporated into 100 includes device 100 and one or more additional lens elements arranged in series with the optical device The imaging system (lens combination which may be referred to) in. 所述一个或多个附加透镜元件可以包括可变形或不可变形透镜元件。 The one or more additional lens elements may comprise a deformable or non-deformable lens element. 当将装置100安排为与聚焦在无限远的远聚焦成像透镜元件(未示出) 串联,例如在图3中描述的状态(没有弯曲或平面的透镜)将完成远聚焦,而在图2 (凸透镜)中描述的状态将完成近聚焦。 When the device 100 is arranged with the focus (not shown) at infinity is far confocal imaging lens elements in series, such as the state depicted in FIG. 3 (not bent or lens plane) will be completed far focus, while in Figure 2 ( lens) will be completed as described in the state close focus.

[0204] 在图22的实施例中,用来传输形成图像的光线的透镜组合500(也可以将其提为“光学成像系统”)包括布置在根据这里已经讨论过的任何一个实施例的聚焦装置100中的单个可变形透镜元件10。 [0204] In the embodiment of FIG. 22, for transmitting light combined image forming lens 500 (or it can be mentioned as "optical imaging system") includes arranging in any embodiment of the already discussed here focus The device 100 may be a single lens element 10 deformable. 为了提高包括单个可变形透镜元件的成像透镜组合的光学放大倍数,可以以能够双倍凸起配置的形式提供该透镜元件。 In order to improve the deformable lens element comprising a single imaging lens combined optical magnification can be configured to be able to form a double convex lens element of the. 在图23的实施例中,用来传输形成图像的光线的透镜组合500包括布置在根据这里已经讨论过的任何一个实施例的聚焦装置100中的单个可变形透镜元件10并结合子组合502。 In the embodiment of FIG. 23, for forming an image of the transmitted light comprises a lens 500 disposed in a combination of any focusing means in accordance with an embodiment discussed herein has 100 individual deformable lens element 10 and combined with 502 sub-combinations. 更特别地,将在图23中所示的聚焦装置100布置为与包括一个或多个(由元件中的虚线表示)刚性不可变形透镜元件11的透镜子组合502串联。 More particularly, as will include one or more of the (element represented by the broken line in) a rigid non-deformable lens sub-lens element 11 in the series combination of the focusing apparatus 502 shown in FIG. 23 arrangement 100. 关于在图23中所示的透镜组合500,聚焦装置100可以是可分开地被接收在透镜子组合502上的插入单元。 With respect to the lens 23 shown in FIG combination 500, the focusing apparatus 100 may be separately be received on a lens insertion unit 502. The sub-combinations. 在图M的实施例中,透镜组合500包括布置在被修改的聚焦装置10(Τ中的多个可变形透镜元件10,被修改的聚焦装置10(Τ被修改为包括用来驱动多个可变形透镜元件10的驱动装置。在图M实施例中的透镜组合500进一步包括多个刚性不可变形透镜元件11。将在图22、23和M中的每个实施例中的透镜组合500 被布置为与物体平面540及由成像传感器1032定义的成像平面550关联。罩560可以保护成像传感器1032避免零星的光线,罩560可以是和透镜组合500的外壳一体成型的。当透镜组合500包括超过一个可变形透镜元件10,可以将这些附加的透镜元件排列以便将这些附加元件的轴与轴15是相同的。另外,当透镜组合500包括多个透镜元件,如在图23 和M所示的,可以将轴15看作是透镜组合500的光学或成像轴。 In the embodiment of FIG. M, the lens assembly 500 comprising focusing means disposed in the modified 10 (Τ plurality of deformable lens element 10, 10 (Τ focusing means is modified is modified to include a plurality of driving for drive means 10 of the deformable lens element 500 are disposed in FIG M embodiment 500 further comprises a plurality of lens combinations of rigid non-deformable lens element 11. In FIG. 22, 23 and M in each embodiment of the lens assembly as the object plane 540 and 550 associated with the imaging plane defined by the imaging sensor 1032. cover 560 protects the image sensor 1032 to avoid scattered light, and a lens cover 560 may be integrally formed combination of housing 500 when the lens assembly 500 includes more than one deformable lens element 10 can be arranged in these lens elements additional to the shaft with the shaft 15 of these additional elements are the same. In addition, when the lens 500 comprises a combination of a plurality of lens elements, and M as shown in Fig. 23, shaft 15 can be seen as a combination of the lens 500 or imaging optical axis.

[0205] 现在转向图25,这里示出和描述了结合进已经描述过的透镜组合500的示意性成像终端1000的方框图。 [0205] Turning now to FIG. 25, there is shown and described has been incorporated into the block diagram of the lens combination 500 described schematically imaging terminal 1000. 可以将透镜组合500结合在成像终端1000内。 The lens assembly 500 can be incorporated within the imaging terminal 1000. [0206] 图25示出了支持成像终端1000运行的电子元件电路图。 [0206] FIG. 25 shows a circuit diagram of the electronic component imaging terminal 1000 supports running. 图像传感器1032可以被提供在具有图像传感器像素阵列1033(图像传感器阵列)、列电路1034、排电路1035、增益模块、模数转换器(ADC) 1037和时序控制模块的集成电路上。 The image sensor 1032 may be provided with an image sensor pixel array 1033 (image sensor array), the column circuit 1034, a row circuit 1035, gain blocks, analog to digital converter (ADC) 1037 and the timing control IC module. 图像传感器阵列1033可以是具有形成在多个行和列上的多个光感应像素的二维图像传感器阵列。 The image sensor array 1033 may be a plurality of light sensing pixels in a two-dimensional image sensor array is formed in a plurality of rows and columns. 图像传感器阵列1033 的每个传感器元件可以将光转换为与亮度成比例的电压信号。 Each sensor element of the image sensor array 1033 can convert light into a voltage proportional to the luminance signal. 然后该模拟电压信号可以被传输到ADC1037,其能够将电压信号的波动转换成数字形式。 The analog voltage signal may then be transmitted to the ADC1037, which can be fluctuating voltage signal into a digital form. ADC1037的数字输出可以被传输到数字信号处理器(DSP) 1070,其可以在送到存储器之前将图像转换为非压缩RGB图像文件和/或标准或特殊图像格式。 ADC1037 digital output can be transferred to a digital signal processor (DSP) 1070, which can convert the image to memory before a non-compressed RGB image files and / or standard or special image formats. 成像终端1000可以进一步包括处理器1060、照明控制电路1062、透镜组合控制电路1064、成像透镜组合500、直接内存访问(DMA)单元(未示出)、 易失系统存储器1080(例如RAM)、非易失系统存储器1082(例如EPR0M)、存取存储器1084、 线路输入/输出接口1090(例如以太网)、短距离RF收发器接口1092(例如 和长距离无线收发器接口1093(例如GPRS、CDMA)以用来例如提供蜂窝电话数据通讯。 Imaging terminal 1000 may further include a processor 1060, lighting control circuit 1062, a combination of the lens control circuit 1064, the imaging lens assembly 500, a direct memory access (DMA) unit (not shown), a volatile system memory 1080 (e.g., RAM), non- volatile system memory 1082 (for example EPR0M), Access Memory 1084, line input / output interface 1090 (such as Ethernet), short-range RF transceiver interface 1092 (eg and long-range wireless transceiver interface 1093 (for example, GPRS, CDMA) to be used for example to provide cellular data communications. 关于照明控制电路1062,照明控制电路1062可以从处理器1060接收照明控制信号并且可以相应地分配电源给一个或多个照明光源例如照明光源604、及一个或多个瞄准光源例如照明光源610。 About lighting control circuit 1062, lighting control circuit 1062 can and can accordingly allocate power received from the lighting control signal processor 1060 to one or more illumination sources such as lighting source 604, and one or more light sources such as light source 610 aim. 可以调节终端1000以便来自于光源604和610的光被照射在终端1000的视场范围内的物体上。 Terminal 1000 can be adjusted so that the light from 604 and 610 of the light is irradiated in the field of view of the object terminal 1000. 终端1000也可以包括用来输入数据及初始化各种控制的键盘1094、触发按钮1095和指示器控制器1096,以及用来输出信息给操作者的显示器1097。 Terminal 1000 can also include a data input for various controls and initializes the keyboard 1094, the trigger button 1095 and an indicator controller 1096, and for outputting display information to the operator 1097. 终端1000 也可以包括用来提供处理器1060与终端1000的各个部件之间通讯的系统总线1098。 Terminal 1000 can also include a processor 1060 for providing communication between the terminal 1000 and the various components of the system bus 1098.

[0207] 在一个实施例中,成像终端1000可以具有使终端1000作为移动电话工作的软件和硬件。 [0207] In one embodiment, the imaging terminal 1000 may have to make the work of the mobile telephone terminal 1000 as software and hardware. 例如,终端1000可以包括经过系统总线1098与处理器1060通讯的麦克风1077 和话筒1078。 For example, the terminal 1000 may include through the system bus 1098 and 1060 communications processor microphone 1077 and microphone 1078. 终端1000也可以具有连接到系统总线1098的长距离无线收发器接口1093, 使得能够在蜂窝数据通讯网络上发射和接收语音分组 Terminal 1000 can also be connected to the system bus 1098 the long-range wireless transceiver interface 1093, making it possible to transmit data over a cellular communication network and receiving voice packets

[0208] DSP1079可以将从麦克风1077接收的模拟语音信号编码为数字语音信号并传输给处理器1060。 [0208] DSP1079 analog voice signal from the microphone 1077 can be encoded into a digital voice signal is received and transmitted to the processor 1060. DSP1079也可以解码从传输给处理器1060接收的语音信号并传输给话筒1078。 DSP1079 is also transmitted to the processor 1060 can decode speech signals received and transmitted to the microphone from 1078. 在一个实施例中,DSP1079可以具有语音信号编码和解码的基本功能。 In one embodiment, DSP1079 may have basic functions speech signal coding and decoding. 在另一个实施例中,至少一些该语音编码/解码功能可以由在处理器1060上运行的软件执行。 In another embodiment, at least some of the speech coding / decoding functions can be performed by the software running on the processor 1060.

[0209] 也可以调节终端1000来作为视频照相机工作。 [0209] terminal 1000 can also be adjusted to work as a video camera. 为了作为视频照相机工作,可以调节DSP1070将由图像传感器1032捕获的视频帧序列在传送给易失性存储器1080或存取存储器1084之前转换为标准或专有视频流格式(例如MJPEG、MPEG-4或RealVideo)的视频流,。 In order to work as a video camera, you can adjust the video frame sequence DSP1070 captured by the image sensor in 1032 transferred to the volatile memory-access memory before 1080 or 1084 converted to a standard or proprietary video streaming format (such as MJPEG, MPEG-4 or RealVideo ) video streams. 可以将已录制的视频文件经由显示器1097回放或传送给外部计算机。 You can have the recorded video file or transferred to an external computer via the display 1097 playback.

[0210] 现在进一步描述示例性成像终端的运作特征和它的图像信号的处理。 [0210] Now the operation described in further processing features of the exemplary imaging terminal and its image signal. 响应从处理器1060接收的控制信号,时序控制电路1038可以发送图像传感器阵列时序信号给阵列1033,例如复位、曝光信号、和读出时序信号。 1060 in response to a control signal received from the processor, the timing control circuit 1038 may send a signal to the timing of the image sensor array array 1033, such as reset, exposure signal, and the timing signal readout. 在一个曝光周期之后,一帧图像数据可以被读出。 After an exposure period, one frame of image data can be read out. 被从阵列1033读出的模拟图像信号可以被增益模块1036放大并被模拟数字转换器1037转换为数字形式并且被发送给数字信号处理器(DSP),其在将它发送到易失性存储器1080之前,可以将该图像转换为非压缩RGB图像格式或标准或专有图像格式(例如JPEG)。 Analog image signal is read out from the array 1033 can be amplified and gain module 1036 analog to digital converter 1037 into digital form and transmitted to a digital signal processor (DSP), which sends it to the volatile memory 1080 Before you can convert the image uncompressed RGB image format or standard or proprietary image format (such as JPEG). 在另一个实施例中,ADC1037可以将原始图像发送到存储器1080,而处理器1060可以完成将该图像转换为标准或专有图像格式。 In another embodiment, ADC1037 original image can be sent to the memory 1080 and the processor 1060 to complete the image is converted to a standard or a proprietary image format. 处理器1060可以寻址保存在RAM1080内的图像数据帧以便解码其中被表示的可解码符号。 Processor 1060 can be stored in the addressing RAM1080 frame in order to decode the image data which is represented by a decodable symbol. [0211] 在图26中示出了在一个实施例中进一步阐述终端1000运作的时序图。 [0211] In Figure 26 is shown in one embodiment is further illustrated in a timing chart of operation of terminal 1000. 时间线1202表示触发信号状态,其可以通过按压触发按钮1095来激活。 Timeline 1202 shows the trigger signal status, which can be pressed to activate the trigger button 1095. 可以调节终端1000,以便物体已经移入到其视场内的终端感应或来自外部计算机的连续命令的接收能够激活触发信号。 Terminal 1000 can be adjusted so that the object has been moved to its field of terminal sensing or continuous command received from an external computer to activate the trigger. 也可以调节终端1000以便终端1000的上电可以激活触发信号。 Terminal 1000 can also be adjusted so that the electrical terminal 1000 can activate a trigger signal. 例如,在一个实施例中,可以将终端1000支撑在扫描台上并用于图像阅读。 For example, in one embodiment, terminal 1000 can be supported on the table and the scanning for image reading. 在这个实施例中,可以调节终端1000以便由时间线1202表示的触发信号在终端1000上电的整个时段内被激活。 In this embodiment, terminal 1000 can be adjusted so that the trigger signal by a time indicated by the line 1202 in 1000 for the entire period of the electrical terminal is activated. 可以调节终端1000以便维持触发按钮1095在受压位置时可以将触发信号1202维持在激活阅读状态(通过信号1202保持为高来指示)。 Terminal 1000 can be adjusted in order to maintain pressure on the trigger button 1095 at the position can be maintained in 1202 activation trigger signal read state (through the signal remains high to indicate 1202). 在一个调节终端1000适用于来阅读解码符号的实施例中,可以调节终端1000以便按压触发器1095驱动触发信号1202为激活状态,其一直维持直到触发按钮1095被早先释放,或可解码符号被成功解码。 In an embodiment of an adjustment terminal 1000 is suitable for reading decoding symbols can be adjusted in order to press the trigger terminal 1000 1095 1202 drive trigger signal is activated, it has maintained until the trigger button 1095 was previously released, or symbol has been successfully decoded decoding.

[0212] 进一步参考图26的时序图,可以调节终端1000以便在时间1220处激活触发信号后,图像传感器像素1032在第一时间周期期间发生第一曝光周期EXP1曝光,随后在第二时间周期期间发生第二曝光周期EXP2,在第三时间周期期间发生第三曝光周期EXP3,等等(在时间1220之后并且在第一曝光周期EXP1之前,在随后的参数确定曝光周期,可选地可以捕获用于参数确定处理的参数确定帧,其在图26中没有示出)。 [0212] With further reference to the timing chart of FIG. 26, the terminal 1000 may be adjusted so that after the activation time of the trigger signal 1220, 1032 of the first image sensor pixel exposure period EXP1 exposure occurs during the first time period, and then during a second time period The second exposure period occurs EXP2, EXP3 occurrence third exposure cycle during a third period of time, and so on (time after 1220 and before the first exposure period EXP1, the subsequent exposure period parameter determination, can optionally be used to capture the parameter determining process parameters determining the frame, which in FIG. 26 is not shown). 参考图26的时序图,终端1000在成功解码相应于曝光周期可以EXPn之前,可以曝光、捕捉和进行不成功解码尝试NI帧的图像数据。 With reference to the timing chart of FIG. 26, the terminal 1000 in a successful decoding corresponding to an exposure period can EXPn before, can be exposed, captured and carried out an unsuccessful attempt to decode image data NI frame. 在一个实施例中,曝光控制信号由图26的时间1024表示。 In one embodiment, the exposure time of the control signal is represented by 1024 in FIG. 26.

[0213] 可以调节终端1000以便在曝光周期期间图像传感器阵列1033的像素被曝光之后,应用读取控制信号到阵列1033来从传感器1032读出表示在先前曝光周期期间光入射在阵列1033的一系列像素的每个像素上的模拟电压。 [0213] terminal 1000 can be adjusted so that during the exposure period of the image sensor array 1033 pixels are exposed after the application of the read control signal to the array 1033 is read out shows light incident during the exposure period in the previous series from the sensor array 1033 1032 analog voltage pixels on each pixel. 时间线1206表示应用在图像传感器阵列1033的读出控制脉冲的时序。 Timeline 1206 Representation in the timing of the image sensor array readout control pulses 1033. 在每个曝光周期EXP1、EXP2、EXP3、EXPN_1、EXPN之后可以应用读出控制脉冲到图像传感器阵列1033上。 Can be applied to read out after each exposure period EXP1, EXP2, EXP3, EXPN_1, EXPN control pulses to the image sensor array 1033. 可以应用读出控制信号1232来读出在第一曝光周期EXP1期间曝光的图像数据帧,可以应用读出控制信号1234来读出在第二曝光周期EXP2期间曝光的图像数据帧,可以应用读出控制信号1236来读出在第三曝光周期EXP3 期间曝光的图像数据帧,可以应用读出控制信号1238来读出在曝光周期EXPim期间曝光的图像数据帧,可以应用读出控制信号1240来读出在曝光周期EXP1J^bI曝光的图像数据帧。 You can use the read-out control signal 1232 to read out the image data frame during a first exposure period EXP1 exposure, can apply read control signal 1234 to read out the image data frame during the second exposure period EXP2 exposure, can be used to read out control signal 1236 frames of image data read out during the third exposure period EXP3 exposure, can be used to read out the control signal 1238 to read out the image data frame during the exposure period EXPim exposure, it can be used to read control signal readout 1240 In the exposure period EXP1J ^ bI exposed frame of image data.

[0214] 在相应于图像传感器阵列1033的像素的模拟电压读出并被模数转换器1037数字化之后,DSP1070可以接收相应于该电压的数字化像素值并转换为标准或专有图像格式(例如JEPG)。 [0214] After the analog voltage corresponding to the image sensor array 1033 pixels read out and digitized analog-1037, DSP1070 can receive a voltage corresponding to the digitized pixel values and converted to a standard or proprietary image format (such as JEPG ). 在另一个实施例中,由图像传感器阵列1033捕获的数字化像素值可以被接收在系统易失性存储器1080中。 In another embodiment, the digitized pixel values captured by the image sensor array 1033 can be received in the system volatile memory 1080. 可以调节终端1000以便终端1000可以对图像数据帧进行格式化。 Terminal 1000 can be adjusted so that terminal 1000 frames of image data can be formatted. 例如,可以调节终端1000以便处理器1060将在例如JPEG的压缩图像文件格式中的图像数据的被选帧格式化。 For example, terminal 1000 can be adjusted so that the processor 1060 would, for example, the JPEG compressed image file format of the image data in the selected frame format. 在另一个实施例中,也可以调节终端1000以便终端1000 将图像数据帧格式化为视频流格式(例如,MJPEG,MPEG-4或RealVideo™)以用来传输到外部计算机或用于数字电影刻录。 In another embodiment, the terminal can be adjusted so that the terminal 1000 to 1000 frame of image data formatted as video streaming format (for example, MJPEG, MPEG-4 or RealVideo ™) to be used to transfer to an external computer or a digital film recorder .

[0215] 也可以调节终端1000以便处理器1060可以对保存在存储器1080中的图像数据帧进行解码尝试。 [0215] terminal 1000 can also be adjusted so that the image data processor 1060 can be stored in memory 1080 to try to decode the frame. 例如,在尝试解码由图像数据帧表示的ID条形码符号中,处理器1060 可以执行下面的操作。 For example, the ID bar code symbol attempt to decode the data frame represented by the image, the processor 1060 can perform the following operations. 第一,处理器1060可以在图像数据帧中发出扫描线,例如,在帧的中间,或在确定包括可解码符号表示的坐标位置。 First, the processor 1060 may issue a scanning line in the image data frame, e.g., in the middle of a frame, comprising determining a coordinate position or a decodable symbol representation. 第二,处理器1060可以执行二阶导数边缘检测来检测边缘,在完成边缘检测之后, 处理器1060可以确定在边缘之间的数据指示宽度。 Second, processor 1060 may perform second derivative edge detection to detect edges, after completion of the edge detection, the processor 1060 can determine data indicating widths between edges. 然后处理器1060可以搜索开始/结束字符元素序列,如果找到,通过与字符集表格的字符比较逐个字符地从推导元素序列字符。 Processor 1060 can then search start / end character sequence of elements, and if found, through the character set form of a character by character comparison deduced sequence of elements from the character. 对于某些象征符号,处理器1060也可以做校验码计算。 For some symbols, the processor 1060 can do checksum calculation. 如果处理器1060成功地确定在开始/结束字符序列之间的所有字符,并且成功地计算校验码(如果可应用的话),处理器1060可以输出解码消息。 If the processor 1060 successfully identified at the start / end all characters between the sequences, and the successful checksum calculation (if applicable), the processor 1060 can output a decoded message. 当输出解码消息,处理器1060可以执行以下的一个或多个:(a)初始化该解码消息到外部设备的传输、(b)初始化解码消息在终端1000的显示器1097上的显示、( c)对由处理器1060确定的被缓存的解码消息贴上标签、和(d)将该解码消息写到长期存储器的一个地址上,处理器1060可以发送信号给终端1000的语音输出装置1078以发出嘟嘟声音。 When the output of the decoded message, the processor 1060 may perform one or more of the following: (a) to initialize the decoded message to transmit an external device, (b) to initialize the decoded message on the terminal display 1097 1000 display, (c) to determined by the processor 1060 cached decoded message label, and (d) the decoded message written to address long-term memory, the processor 1060 may send a signal to the terminal voice output device 1000 1078 to beep sound.

[0216] 在一个实施例中,终端1000尝试解码表示在图像数据帧中的可解码符号的次数由显示在图26的时序图中的时间线1208的周期4332、4334、4336、4338和4340来表示。 [0216] In one embodiment, the terminal 1000 attempts to decode the image data showing the number of frames can be decoded by the display symbol timeline in the timing diagram of FIG. 26 in 1208 and 4340 to the period 4332,4334,4336,4338 FIG. 关于时间线1208,周期4332表示终端1000尝试解码具有相关曝光周期EXP1的第一帧图像数据的周期,周期4334表示终端1000尝试解码具有相关曝光周期EXP2的第二帧图像数据的周期,周期4336表示终端1000尝试解码具有相关曝光周期EXP3的第三帧图像数据的周期,周期1338表示终端1000尝试解码具有相关曝光周期EXPim的一帧图像数据的周期,周期1340表示终端1000尝试解码具有相关曝光周期EXPn的第N帧图像数据的周期。 About Timeline 1208, 4332 period indicate that the terminal has a 1000 attempt to decode cycle related exposure period EXP1 first frame of image data, the period 4334 indicate that the terminal 1000 attempts to decode cycle related exposure period EXP2 having a second frame of image data, the period 4336 represents Periodic terminal 1000 attempts to decode the relevant exposure period EXP3 third frame of image data, the period 1338 indicate that the terminal 1000 attempts to decode cycle related exposure period EXPim have a frame of image data, the period 1340 indicate that the terminal 1000 attempts to decode the relevant exposure period EXPn The N-th frame period of the image data. 可以发现在期间终端1000尝试解码图像数据帧的“解码时间”可以是随帧而变化的。 Terminal 1000 can be found during the attempt to decode a frame of image data "decoding time" can be changed with the frame.

[0217] 可以调整终端1000以便透镜组合500具有多个透镜设置,已经描述了透镜组合500的各种透镜设置可以通过应用力到一个或多个可变形透镜元件来实现。 [0217] Terminal 1000 can be adjusted so that the lens 500 has a plurality of lenses disposed in combination, it has been described various lens setting of lens assembly 500 by applying force to one or more of the deformable lens element to achieve. 在一个特别实例中,终端1000可以具有7个透镜设置。 In a particular embodiment, terminal 1000 can have seven lens setting. 在每个透镜设置,透镜组合500和由此得出的终端1000可以具有光学聚焦(最佳焦距)的不同平面和不同视场,典型地由参数“半F0V”角来表达。 In each lens setting, lens assembly 500 and The resulting terminal 1000 may have an optical focus (best focus) in different planes and different fields of view, typically expressed by the parameter "half F0V" angle. 在一个特别实例中,该终端在七个透镜设置每一个的最佳焦距可以由下面给出:L1 =2"、L1 = 5"、L1 = 9"、L1 = 14"、Ll = 20"、Ll = 27"、Ll = 35",其中"L1-L7,, 是透镜设置“1”至“7”。 In a particular example, the terminal in each set of seven lenses can best focus is given by: L1 = 2 ", L1 = 5", L1 = 9 ", L1 = 14", Ll = 20 ", Ll = 27 ", Ll = 35", where "L1-L7 ,, is a lens set to" 1 "to" 7. " 每个不同的透镜设置可以有不同关联焦距半FOV角,和名义聚焦平面。 Each different lens settings can have different associated FOV angle focal length and a half, and nominal focal plane. 在一方面,当触发信号保持激活时,可以调节终端1000以根据预定模式在各种透镜设置之间“循环”。 On the one hand, when the trigger signal remains active, terminal 1000 can be adjusted in accordance with a predetermined pattern between the various lens settings "cycle." 在另一方面,当触发信号保持激活时,可以调节终端1000以根据自适应模式在各种确定透镜设置之间来改变设置。 On the other hand, when the trigger signal remains active, terminal 1000 can be adjusted according to the determined adaptive mode between various lens settings to change the setting. 例如,当触发信号保持激活时,终端1000可以根据将使终端1000能够建立聚焦对准透镜设置而不是简单测试每个顺序透镜设置的聚焦程度的模式来改变组合500的透镜设置。 For example, when the trigger signal remains active, terminal 1000 can allow the terminal 1000 to establish the focus lens setting rather than simply align each sequential test of the degree of focus of the lens is set to change the mode of the combination 500 of lens setting.

[0218] 在另一方面,可变形透镜元件10移动的时序可以是与曝光周期EXPp [0218] In another aspect, a timing 10 moves the deformable lens element may be an exposure period EXPp

EXP2......EXPn之一样的,以便可变形透镜元件10除了在所述曝光周期中间时间之外不 EXP2 ...... EXPn the same, so as to be deformable lens element 10 in addition to the intermediate exposure period of time not

被移动。 She moved. 参考时序1210,可以调节终端1000以便施加电信号到驱动装置20以致使驱动装置20和可变形透镜元件10以这样的方式移动:可变形透镜元件10仅在曝光周期EXPp Reference timing 1210, terminal 1000 can be adjusted so as to apply an electric signal to the drive means 20 to cause the deformable lens element 20 and the drive means 10 to move in such a manner: a deformable lens element 10 only during the exposure period EXPp

EXP2......EXPn中间的周期1432、1434、1436、1438、1440期间处于移动状态。 EXP2 ...... EXPn middle of the cycle is on the move during 1432,1434,1436,1438,1440. 当根据图 When according to FIG.

26的时序图控制可变形透镜元件10,可以发现可变形透镜元件10在每个曝光周期EXPp EXP2......EXPn期间将是处于静止、非移动的状态。 26 is a timing chart of the control of the deformable lens element 10 can be found in a deformable lens element 10 during each exposure cycle EXPp EXP2 ...... EXPn will be at rest, a non-moving state.

[0219] 参考下面图27的流程图描述了示例性的自动聚焦算法。 [0219] Referring to the flowchart of FIG. 27 is described below exemplary autofocus algorithm. 在方框1502中终端1000 可以确定第一帧也就是具有曝光周期EXP1的帧是否聚焦对准。 In block 1502, the terminal 1000 may determine whether the first frame is having a frame exposure period EXP1 focus alignment 确定帧是否聚焦对准可以包括检查图像数据帧的“平整度”。 Determine whether the focusing frame alignment may include a frame of image data checking, "flatness." 通过在柱状图中的帧测绘像素值,聚焦不对准的帧将具有在一定强度范围内的相对“平整”像素值强度分布和相对平滑的强度分布。 By mapping the pixel values of the frame in the histogram, the focus is not aligned with the frame will have a certain strength within the range of relatively "flat" pixel values of the intensity distribution and the relatively smooth intensity distribution. 另一方面,可以期望聚焦对准的帧相对于聚焦不对准的帧,在某些强度可以具有大量的像素值入射, 并且在其他强度可以具有充分少的入射。 On the other hand, it may be desirable to focus alignment frame misalignment with respect to the focus frame, it may have a certain intensity incident on a large number of pixel values, and may have sufficient strength in other less incidence. 如果终端1000在方框1502确定目前的帧是聚焦对准的,那么终端1000可以前进到方框1512以将该透镜设置保持在确定为聚焦对准的设置中,并且可以对该帧进行处理。 If the terminal 1000 determines the current frame is aligned with the focus at block 1502, the terminal 1000 can proceed to block 1512 to set the lens focus is determined to remain in aligned arrangement, and the frame can be processed. 该处理可以包括,例如对该帧进行符号解码尝试或可能输出作为被格式化的单帧,或作为被格式化的视频流图像的输出帧到显示器上。 The process may include, for example, attempts to decode the frame symbol or might output is formatted as a single frame, or as a formatted video stream output frame image to the display.

[0220] 如果在方框1502检测的帧不是聚焦对准的,在方框1506的终端1000可以检测具有与在方框1502检测的图像数据帧不同的聚焦设置的帧。 [0220] If at block 1502 detected frame alignment is not focused, at block 1506 of the terminal 1000 can detect and image data have detected frame at block 1502 different frame focus settings. 对于具有“特定透镜设置”的帧, 意味着透镜组合500的聚焦设置在与该帧关联的曝光周期期间被设为该特定透镜设置。 For a frame having a "specific lens setting" it means that the focusing lens assembly 500 is provided with the frame during the exposure period associated with the particular lens setting is set. 如果在方框1504终端1000确定在方框1504被检测的帧是聚焦对准的,那么终端1000可以进行到方框1512以将透镜组合500保持在当前的设置(该设置服从于确定聚焦对准的帧), 并且处理在确定的聚焦对准设置用透镜组合500曝光的一帧或多帧。 If it is determined at block 1504 is frame detection is focused aligned terminal 1000 at block 1504, the terminal 1000 can proceed to block 1512 to the lens assembly 500 is maintained at the current setting (the setting is subject to determine the focus aligned frames), and the process set determined by aligning the focus lens 500 exposed composition one or more frames.

[0221] 进一步参考图27的时序图,如果在方框1506检测的帧在方框1508被确定为不聚焦对准的,那么终端1000可以进行到方框1510以基于在方框1502检测第一帧和在方框1504检测第二帧的处理确定聚焦对准的设置。 [0221] With further reference to the timing chart of FIG. 27, if the frame is detected at block 1506 is determined to be out of focus in the alignment block 1508, the terminal 1000 can proceed to block 1510 to block 1502 based on the detection of the first frame and the second frame processing block 1504 to determine the focus detecting the alignment settings. 这种处理可以包括估评估透镜设置的改变对帧的平整度的影响(例如,可以运行算法,以便如果通过移动透镜设置从第一设置到比第一设置具有更短最佳焦距的第二设置时所捕获的帧变得更平整[较少的聚焦对准],那么相应于所述处理将该透镜设置设为比第一设置具有更短最佳焦距的某个设置)。 Such processing may include changing the estimated impact assessment of the lens setting of the flatness of the frame (e.g., run the algorithm, so that if by moving the lens arrangement has a shorter best focus from the first set to the second set than the first set When the captured frame becomes flat [less aligned focusing], then the processing corresponding to the lens setting to a setting having a best focal length shorter than the first set). 当确定了聚焦对准设置,终端1000将透镜组合500设在确定的聚焦对准设置上,并且可以前进到方框1512来处理具有与该透镜设置被设为确定的聚焦对准设置的时间一致的曝光周期的帧。 When it is determined to set the alignment of the focus, the lens assembly 500 of terminal 1000 disposed in the focus setting determines the alignment, and may proceed to block 1512 to process with time, and the focus lens setting is set to determine the set of consistent alignment exposure period of the frame. 如果在方框1506检测的帧在方框1508被确定为聚焦对准的,那么终端1000可以进行到方框1512以将透镜组合500保持在当前的透镜设置上,并且在确定的聚焦对准设置中用透镜组合处理500曝光的一帧或多帧。 If the frame is detected in block 1506 at block 1508 is determined to be focused aligned, the terminal 1000 can proceed to block 1512 to the lens assembly 500 is maintained at the current setting of the lens, and the focus setting determines the alignment of Treatment with a combination of the lens 500 exposing one or more frames.

[0222] 现在转到图28的视图,显示和描述了用来结合到并支撑图25的部件的移动手持外壳1091。 [0222] Turning now to FIG. 28 is a view, shown and described the move to bind to and support member 25 of FIG handheld package 1091. 图28的无品牌形式要素表示该移动电话的共同形式要素,例如蜂窝电话、或用在数据采集应用中的便携式数字采集终端。 No brand in the form of elements of FIG. 28 indicates that the mobile phone common form elements, such as a cellular phone, or data acquisition applications in portable digital collection terminal. 终端1000也可以以其他类似形式结合进一个外壳,例如数字照相机或可携式摄像机形式要素。 Terminal 1000 can also be incorporated into a case with other similar forms, such as a digital camera or a camcorder form factors.

[0223] 如在图28中所示的显示器1097的显示菜单所指示的,终端1000可以具有多个操作者可选的配置。 [0223] As shown in the display 28 to display the menu 1097 of FIG indicated, terminal 1000 may have a plurality of operator selectable configuration. 每种配置可以具有与透镜设置关联的不同控制算法。 Each configuration can have different settings associated with the lens control algorithms. 也就是,终端1000 响应于正被激活的触发信号控制透镜组合500的透镜设置根据所选配置而改变的方法。 That is, the terminal 1000 is being activated in response to a trigger signal control lens lens setting 500 configuration change according to the selected combination of methods.

[0224] 在下面的表D概述了各种操作者可选的配置。 [0224] In the following Table D summarizes the various operator selectable configuration. 在配置1,终端1000根据预定模式在各种透镜设置之间循环。 In the configuration, terminal 1000 according to a predetermined pattern circulating among various lens settings. 特别地,在配置1,终端1000在每个曝光周期之后从一个透镜设置变化到下一个透镜设置,并且接着在用最远聚焦设置(L7)已经捕获到帧之后,以1递减该透镜设置。 In particular, in one configuration, the terminal 1000 changes from a lens disposed after each exposure period to the next lens setting, and then after using the farthest focus setting (L7) has captured frames to a decrement the lens setting. 在配置2,终端1000相应于正被激活的触发信号1202,根据适当模式改变终端1000的透镜设置。 In Configuration 2, 1000 corresponding to the positive terminal of the trigger signal is activated 1202, changing lens setting terminal 1000 according to the appropriate mode. 在表D中,配置2的这排项目表示当终端1000执行自动聚焦算法时可表现出的透镜设置变化模式。 In Table D, the configuration of the row item represents 2 when the terminal 1000 may exhibit the lens setting changes autofocus algorithm execution mode. 对于帧1和帧2 (具有关联曝光周期1和2),透镜设置是前进的。 For frames 1 and 2 (with the associated exposure periods 1 and 2), the lens setting is forward. 然而,在帧1和帧2被处理之后,如果帧1和帧2的处理表明设置L2是聚焦对准的, 那么后续的帧,例如相应于EXP4的帧4,可以具有L2的透镜设置。 However, after the frames 1 and 2 are processed, the processing if frames 1 and 2 indicate that the focus setting L2 is aligned, then the subsequent frames, e.g., corresponding to EXP4 frame 4, the lens may have a set L2. 在配置3,终端1000不改变透镜设置,而将终端1000的透镜设置维持在固定的短聚焦位置。 In configuration 3, the terminal 1000 does not change the lens setting, and the terminal 1000 is maintained at a fixed lens setting short focus position. 例如当已经知道要在靠近视图符号解码的固定位置使用终端1000时,可以选择配置3。 For example, it has been known to be used when the terminal 1000 in a fixed position near the symbol decoding of view, you can select the configuration 3. 在配置4,终端1000不响应于正被维持在激活状态的触发信号而改变透镜设置,而将终端1000的透镜设置维持在固定的远聚焦位置。 In configuration 4, terminal 1000 is not being maintained in response to the trigger signal active lens setting is changed, and the terminal 1000 is maintained at a fixed lens setting far focus position. 例如当要使用终端1000来捕获相应于远场景物体的图像数据帧的时候,配置4是有用的。 For example when you want to use the terminal 1000 to capture the object corresponding to the distant scene when the frame of image data, configuration 4 is useful. 在配置5,终端1000适应性地变化透镜设置,直到确定了聚焦对准的透镜设置并且随后用该聚焦设置捕捉到预定数目的帧。 In Configuration 5, 1000 terminal adaptively change the lens settings until you determine the focusing lens setting and then aligned with the focus setting to capture a predetermined number of frames. 例如当使用终端1000来捕获图像数据帧的静止图像时候,配置5是有用的。 For example, when using a terminal 1000 to capture a still image frames of image data when the configuration 5 is useful. 从在表D中相应于配置5的横排数据可以发现,终端1000可以处理帧1和帧2以确定聚焦对准设置,移动该透镜设置到确定的聚焦对准设置,在该确定的聚焦对准设置捕捉多个帧,处理这些帧,以及接着使触发信号无效。 Table D from the respective horizontal data at 5 configuration can be found, the terminal 1000 can handle frames 1 and 2 in order to determine the focus in alignment, moving the focus lens is set to determine the alignment settings, focusing on the determination Quasi set capture multiple frames, to deal with these frames and then the trigger signal is invalid. 在确定的聚焦对准设置下捕捉的多个帧可以被平均或者另外被处理用来减小噪声。 A plurality of frames at the focus setting determines the alignment of capture may be averaged or otherwise processed to be used to reduce noise. 关于配置6,配置6与配置1相似,除了当根据配置6操作,终端1000跳过透镜组合设置,并且在前进到下个设置之前,在每个用于多个帧的连续的设置处维持该透镜设置。 About Configuration 6 Configuration 6 1 configuration is similar, except when operating according to configuration 6, 1000 Skip the lens combination terminal settings, and before proceeding to the next set, maintained at each successive set for a plurality of frames lens setting. 关于配置7,配置7 表示当终端1000执行简化的自动聚焦算法时的操作,在其中终端1000简单顺序地为每个新的帧步进所述透镜设置,测试每个得到的帧的聚焦程度,并且在确定为聚焦对准的第一帧处维持该帧。 7 on the configuration, the configuration 7 shows a simplified when the terminal 1000 performs the autofocus algorithm, terminal 1000 simply set sequentially for each new step of the lens frame in which to test the degree of focus of each frame obtained, and maintaining the focus frame is determined to be aligned in a first frame. 注意关于曝光周期EXP4,当处理具有曝光周期EXP3的帧时,终端1000可以前进该透镜设置到不聚焦对准的设置。 Note regarding the exposure period EXP4, when dealing with an exposure period EXP3 frame, terminal 1000 can not advance the lens is set to focus alignment settings.

[0225]表 D [0225] Table D

[0226] [0226]

Figure CN101632030BD00281

[0227][下面是如US专利申请第11/781901号充分呈现的正文,其包括如US专利申请第60/875245号充分呈现的正文][0228] 包括边界元件和聚焦元件的聚焦模块。 [0227] [The following is the text as US Patent Application No. 11/781901 fully present, which include, for example US Patent Application No. 60/875245 fully rendered text] [0228] element and the focusing element comprises a boundary focusing module. 所述聚焦元件包括流体和可变形薄膜,以及所述流体被夹持在所述边界元件和所述可变形薄膜之间。 The focusing element and the deformable membrane comprises a fluid, and the fluid is sandwiched between the border element and the deformable membrane. 所述聚焦模块也包括 The module also includes a focusing

[0229] 压力元件,其能够通过在所述边界元件的方向上按压可变形薄膜使所述聚焦元件变形。 [0229] The pressure member, which can be deformed by pressing to make the film in the direction of the boundary of the focusing element deformable element.

[0230] 本发明提供聚焦模块以用在流体透镜中,其具有很少的移动部分,并且不要求存在多个用于该透镜的流体部件的腔室或贮液器。 [0230] The present invention provides a focus lens module for use in a fluid, which has few moving parts and does not require the presence of more than one chamber or reservoir for fluid part of the lens.

[0231] 更特别地,本发明专注于可以包括如下元件的聚焦模块: [0231] More particularly, the present invention may include the following elements focused on the focusing module:

[0232] 1)边界元件,其可以是刚性的(例如玻璃或塑料)可变形的(例如弹性体); [0232] 1) the boundary element, which can be rigid (e.g. glass or plastic) can be deformed (e.g., elastomers);

[0233] 2)隔离元件,其插入在所述边界元件和聚焦元件之间; [0233] 2) isolation element inserted between the boundary element and focusing elements;

[0234] 3)聚焦元件,在至少一个方向上可变形的(例如流体或弹性体); [0234] 3) focusing element, in at least one direction deformable (e.g., fluid or elastomer);

[0235] 4)压力元件,其从所述变形元件到所述聚焦元件传输力; [0235] 4) pressure element to focus the force transmission element from the deformable element;

[0236] 5)作用在所述聚焦元件上的变形或驱动装置元件(例如人造弹性体或电致动聚合体); [0236] 5) in the deformation or the drive element of the focusing element (such as artificial elastomer or electrically actuated polymers);

[0237] 6)传导元件,用来传导电信号或激励到所述可变形元件; [0237] 6) conductive elements for conducting electrical signals or incentives to the deformable element;

[0238] 7)外壳元件,为组合提供物理外壳或支撑物;以及 [0238] 7) housing element, is a combination of physical enclosure or provide support; and

[0239] 8)功率源,大体上位于所述聚焦模块的外部,用来给所述传导元件提供能量。 [0239] 8) power sources, generally located outside the focusing module, to provide energy to the conductive element.

[0240] 正如这里将进一步解释的,对于可操作聚焦模块来说所有的这些元件不都是必需的。 [0240] As used herein will be further explained, the operational focus module for all of these components are not all necessary. 例如,所述可变形元件也可以具有作为所述隔离元件的作用,所述隔离元件可以省略, 当通过使用如下文讨论的唯一填充流体的元件来提供所述透镜时,所述压力元件也可以省略,通过所述变形元件直接作用在所述聚焦元件上,并且所述外壳元件是重要的容器,其他的那些元件都可以放置在其内,或者可以将它们组装在其内,并且它的功能可以由聚焦装置在其中工作的装置或设备中的其他结构元件来提供。 For example, the deformable element may also have a function as the spacer element, the spacer element can be omitted, when the element is discussed below by using only the fill fluid to provide the lens, the pressure element can also be omitted by the deformation element acts directly on the focusing element and the housing element is important to the container, that other elements can be placed therein, or they may be assembled therein, and its function wherein the apparatus or device can work in the other structural elements provided by the focusing means.

[0241] 所述边界元件可以是刚性的,例如玻璃或塑料,或可变形的,例如弹性体。 [0241] The boundary member may be rigid, such as glass or plastic, or deformable, such as an elastomer. 当期望作为变形力被施加到所述聚焦元件上的结果所述边界元件不承受任何变形时,如果所述边界元件的弹性是以下这样即是足够的,既当所述聚焦元件是在最大变形时,所述边界元件响应于将被传输给它的力或能量而不会变形。 When it is desired as a deforming force is applied to the focus on the results of element boundary element is not subjected to any modification, if the boundary element are the following so that is enough, both when the focusing element is at maximum deformation When the boundary element will be transmitted in response to a force or energy to it without deforming. 例如,如果所述聚焦模块包括边界元件、隔离元件和聚焦元件,而所述聚焦元件包括流体和可变形薄膜,其中所述流体被夹持在所述边界元件和所述薄膜之间,那么使用压力元件通过施加压力到所述流体上来使所述聚焦元件变形,不管是通过在所述边界元件的方向上按压所述薄膜,还是通过减小所述流体在所述边界元件和所述薄膜之间(例如,通过环形紧固)的厚度。 For example, if the focusing module comprises boundary elements, spacer elements and the focusing elements, and said focusing element comprises a deformable membrane and a fluid, wherein the fluid is sandwiched between the film and the boundary element, then the use of applying pressure to the pressure member through said fluid onto said focusing element is deformed, either by the boundary element in the direction of pressing the film, or by reducing the fluid in the boundary element and the thin film Room (e.g., through the annular fastening) thickness. 如果期望所述边界元件不变形, 那么当所述压力元件施加最大的压力到所述流体上时,它应该是足够刚性地保持平整的。 If desired the boundary element is not deformed, the maximum pressure when the pressure is applied to the fluid on the element, and it should be rigid enough to keep the flat. 换句话说,当期望所述边界元件在聚焦模块工作期间不变形,仅仅需要所述边界元件在这种情况下不变形,而不需要它是完全刚性的或不能变形。 In other words, when the desired deformation of the boundary element in the focusing module during operation, need only the boundary element in this case is not deformed, without the need for it is not completely rigid or deformable.

[0242] 如所述的,可以使用玻璃,并且多种光学玻璃材料是商业上可获得的,例如,可从美国纽约Corning 的Corning Display Technologies 获得的Corning® EAGLE2000 Display Grade玻璃,和可以从美国宾夕法尼亚州Duryea的Schott North America有限公司获得的N-BK 7玻璃。 [0242] As described, a glass, and a variety of optical glass materials are commercially available, for example, can be obtained from the Display Technologies Corning, New York's Corning Corning® EAGLE2000 Display Grade glass, and from Pennsylvania Duryea state of Schott North N-BK 7 Glass America Limited obtained. 所述边界元件可以是适合厚度的,包括从大约0. Imm到大约1mm,例如0. 2、0· 3、0. 4mm。 The boundary member may be suitable thickness ranging from about 0. Imm to about 1mm, for example, 0. 2,0 · 3,0. 4mm.

[0243] 所述隔离元件可以是任意一种材料,包括金属、塑料和陶瓷制品,依赖于它期望的功能。 [0243] The spacer element may be any material, including metals, plastics and ceramics, depending on its desired functionality. 当所述功能限制为隔离所述边界元件和所述聚焦元件时,可以是与它将接触的其他材料共存的任何材料,包括聚焦流体,例如不锈钢。 When the function is limited to the boundary of the isolation element and the focusing element, other materials may be any material in contact with it will coexist, including focusing a fluid, such as stainless steel. 当还期望它在它本身与所述边界元件和/或聚焦元件之间提供密封,所述隔离元件可以是双侧的带。 When it is also desirable to provide a seal between itself and the boundary element and / or focusing element, the spacer element can be double-sided tape. 当期望它作为所述变形或驱动元件工作时,它可以是如这里进一步讨论的人造弹性体或电致动聚合体。 When it is desired as the deformed or drive components work, it may be an elastomer or synthetic as further discussed electric actuator polymers. 当期望所述隔离元件既密封所述边界和/或聚焦元件,也作为所述变形或驱动元件工作时,它可以是附加提供有响应于电激励的变形和驱动功能的双侧带,例如,可以从包括从美国德克萨斯州Fort Worth的Hillas Packaging有限公司的多个供应商获得的3M VHB带,像Double Coated Acrylic Tape 4910。 When it is desired to seal the both the spacer element boundary and / or focusing elements, but also when the deformation or to work as a driving element, which can be provided with additional electrical excitation in response to the double-sided tape deformation and drive functions, for example, 3M VHB tape can be obtained from the group consisting from Fort Worth, Texas, the Hillas Packaging Co., multiple vendors, like Double Coated Acrylic Tape 4910.

[0244] 为了使聚焦流体更容易填充到所述流体腔室,所述隔离元件可以具有缝隙或端口,如图29所示的元件2a。 [0244] In order to make it easier to focus a fluid filled into the fluid chamber, the spacer element may have a slit or port, as shown in Fig. 29 element 2a. 在所述流体腔室已经被用聚焦流体填满之后,可以通过将阻止流体流出所述腔室的任何方法将该缝隙或端口密封,并且当响应于所述变形元件的驱动时将充分地经受住所述聚焦流体施加的压力。 It has been used to fill after focusing fluid can be prevented by any means out of the fluid chamber or port seal the gap, and when the deformable element in response to the drive will be fully subjected to the fluid chamber live the focusing fluid pressure applied. 例如,可以使用环氧粘合剂提供所述密封。 For example, an epoxy adhesive may be used to provide the seal.

[0245] 所述聚焦元件可以是单个的部件,例如填满流体的弹性体、聚合体或塑料,例如具有塑料弹性复原性的填满油的透明弹性体材料。 [0245] The focusing element may be a single component, such as fill fluid elastomer, or a plastic polymer, an elastomeric material such as a transparent plastic filled elastic recovery of oil. 可选地,所述聚焦元件可以是具有被夹住或夹持在所述边界元件和所述可变形聚焦薄膜之间的聚焦流体(例如水或油)的两个或多个的部件,在其配置中所述聚焦流体和所述聚焦薄膜将一起组成所述聚焦元件。 Alternatively, the focusing element may be clamped or sandwiched with the boundary between the element and the deformable membrane focus focus fluid (e.g., water or oil) in two or more parts, and in its configuration and the focus of the focusing fluid film will form along the focusing element. 当使用薄膜,合适的材料将包括聚二甲基硅氧烷,或PDMS,例如可以从美国密歇根州中部的Dow Corning公司获得的成套Sylgard® 184硅树脂弹性体。 When using film sets Sylgard®, suitable materials will include polydimethylsiloxane, or PDMS, for example, may be obtained from the United States in the middle of Michigan company Dow Corning 184 silicone elastomer. 可以基于例如所述聚焦模块需要的尺寸因素选择所述薄膜的厚度,例如可以是从大约0. Imm到大约1mm,例如0. 2,0. 3、 0. 4mm。 It may be based on factors such as the size of the focusing module to select desired thickness of the film, for example, from about 0. Imm to about 1mm, for example, 0. 2,0. 3, 0. 4mm.

[0246] 当使用聚焦流体,应该通过与其他材料的兼容性、在使用下的稳定性、将被使用在预期温度下的忍耐性和类似因素来选择它的性能。 [0246] When using a focused fluid, should be through compatibility with other materials in the stability under use and will be used in the patient and like factors expected temperatures to choose its performance. 可以使用光学流体和光学级油,例如光学级矿物油。 You can use the optical fluid and optical-grade oil, such as optical-grade mineral oil. 一种合适的光学流体是可以从美国新泽西州Cedar Grove的Cargille-Sacher Laboratories有限公司获得的A型沉浸油。 A suitable optical fluid is A type may Co., Ltd. received from Cedar Grove, New Jersey, United States of Cargille-Sacher Laboratories immersion oil. 另一种合适的光学流体是可以从美国密苏里St, Charles的Arch TechnologyHolding有限公司获得基于Santovac®聚苯醚的光学流体SL-5267。 Another suitable optical fluid is available Santovac® polyphenylene ether-based optical fluid SL-5267 from Missouri St, Charles's Arch TechnologyHolding Limited. 也可以使用水,例如去离子水。 Water may also be used, e.g., deionized water.

[0247] 如前面注意到的,所述边界元件和所述聚焦元件必须是光学透明的,至少其中的一部分用来传输图像信息。 [0247] As previously noted, the boundary element and the focusing element must be optically transparent, at least a portion of which is used to transmit the image information. 因此,当为了简化制造和组装,每个元件整体通常是光学透明的,所述边界元件和聚焦元件的其中之一或者两个的外环部分的至少一部分是半透明的或不透明的也是可能的,其环绕着光学透明的内部。 Thus, when in order to simplify manufacture and assembly, each of the element as a whole is usually optically transparent, wherein at least a portion of one of said boundary element and the focusing element or the outer portion of both of translucent or opaque also possible , which surrounds the optically transparent internal.

[0248] 当由于折射损失,期望使得光通过所述聚焦模块传输的损失最小化,所述边界元件和聚焦元件选择的材料应该具有相似折射率。 [0248] When the loss due to refraction, it is desirable that the light transmitted through the focusing module to minimize losses, the border element and the focusing element selected material should have a refractive index similar. 例如,当所述聚焦模块包括玻璃边界元件、 聚焦流体、和聚焦薄膜,我们应该考虑到所述聚焦流体和所述边界元件折射率的不同、所述聚焦流体和所述聚焦薄膜折射率的不同。 For example, when the focusing module includes a glass border element, focusing fluid, and focus the film, we should take into account the focusing fluid and the boundary element different refractive indices, the focusing fluid and the focus of different refractive index film . 折射率越不同,当光企图通过一种材料(例如玻璃)到另一种材料(例如沉浸油)时将会损失更多的光用来反射。 The more different refractive indices, when attempting to light through a material (e.g. glass) to another material (e.g., oil immersion) will lose more time for the reflected light. 相反,折射率越靠近, 将会损失更少的光用来反射。 On the contrary, the closer the refractive index, will lose less light for reflection. 在本文中所述折射率将理想化地相同,并且优选是在大约+/-0. 001到0. 1之内,例如大约0. 002。 The refractive index of the same idealized herein, and preferably within about +/- 0.001 to 0.1 of, for example, about 0.002. 然而,也可以有这种情况,折射率不同可能是有优点的,例如减少某些类型的像差。 However, there may be such a case, the refractive index differences may be advantageous, for example, to reduce certain types of aberrations.

[0249] 也可以改变在变形区域上的所述聚焦薄膜的厚度,当保持本发明激活的可变性时,其将形成具有非球面特征的结构。 [0249] The change may be focused on the deformed region of the thickness of the film, when the retainer of the present invention is activated variability, which will form a structure having aspheric characteristics.

[0250] 选择具有相对高折射率的聚焦流体将减小为获得给定的焦距变化而必需的变形量。 [0250] Selecting a focus fluid having a relatively high refractive index to decrease the amount of deformation in order to obtain a given focal length changes required. 例如,合适的折射率可以是在从大约1. 3或大约1. 5到大约1. 6或大约1. 7的范围内, 例如大约1. 5或大约1. 6的折射率。 For example, a suitable refractive index may be from about 1.3 or about 1.5 to about 1.6 or within the range of about 1.7, e.g., a refractive index of about 1.5 or about 1.6 in.

[0251] 类似地,所述压力元件也可以是任意各种材料,包括金属、塑料和陶瓷制品。 [0251] Similarly, the pressure element may be any of a variety of materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics. 材料的选择可以根据与其他材料的兼容性以及根据对所述变形元件施加的力所期望的响应。 The choice of materials according to the compatibility and in accordance with the force applied to the deformable element of the desired response with other materials. 如果期望所述压力元件不使它本身变形,它应该是无弹性材料,例如金属、陶瓷制品或塑料。 If desired the pressure deformation member itself does not make it, it should be non-elastic material, such as metal, ceramics or plastics. 然而,如果期望或需要所述压力元件响应于所述变形元件改变它的形状或配置,它应该由可变形材料构成,例如弹性体。 However, if desired or necessary in response to the said pressure element is deformable element change its shape or configuration, it may be formed of a deformable material, such as an elastomer.

[0252] 所述变形元件是通过以间接(例如通过所述压力元件)或直接改变应用到所述聚焦元件上的力而对控制信号作出响应的部件。 [0252] The deformable element is by indirect (e.g., via the pressure element) or directly change the force applied to the element on which the focusing control signal responsive member. 特别适合用作所述变形元件的是电致动或电传导聚合体驱动装置。 Particularly suitable for use as the deformable element is electrically actuated or electrically conductive polymer drive means. 一个实例是可以通过美国加利福尼亚Menlo Park的Artificial Muscle有限公司获得的Electroactive PolymerArtificial Muscle禾口/或the Universal Muscle Actuator platform,另一个实例是可以通过日本大阪EA MEX公司获得的导电聚合体驱动装置。 One example is through the United States Menlo Park, California Artificial Muscle Limited obtained Electroactive PolymerArtificial Muscle Hekou / or the Universal Muscle Actuator platform, another example is the drive with the conductive polymer Osaka EA MEX company acquired.

[0253] 当所述变形元件是人造弹性体或电致动聚合体,将所述变形元件提供为类似于肌纤维层的两层或多层是或许可能的。 [0253] when the deformable element is a synthetic elastomer or electrically actuated polymer, said deformable element is similar to the muscle fiber layers provide two or more layers is probably possible. 而且,当各层在特定的方向上响应于电激励而变形时, 这种效果可以被用来为该整个分层组合选择给定运动方向。 Moreover, when the layers in a specific direction in response to an electrical excitation and deformation, this effect can be used for the entire layered combination selection to set the direction of motion. 这样,可以要求获得例如在其中已经安装了各层人造弹性聚合体到如图44所示的矩形固体形状的变形元件,然而响应于电激励,即使无弹性结构的使用限制了运动的一个或多个方向,或以特殊的方式影响运动,该矩形固体也可以如图45所示向上卷起,如图46所示侧面延伸,如图47所示向下弯曲,或者甚至扭曲。 Thus, for example, you can request which has been installed in the layers of artificial elastic polymer deformable member body to a rectangular solid shape as shown in FIG. 44, but in response to electrical excitation, even using inelastic structure limits a movement or direction, or in a special way affect the movement of the rectangular solid as shown in Figure 45 to be rolled up, the side shown in FIG. 46 extends downwardly curved as shown in FIG. 47, or even distorted. 图45和47描述了矩形固体的不均勻曲面,其可以通过例如使用框架或其他外部结构(未示出)限制该矩形固体的一部分、通过将该固体的一部分锚定或固定到无弹性元件上、或通过包括该固体的层的适当结构或选择来实现。 Figure 45 and 47 describe the uneven surface of the rectangular solid, which may be used by, for example, or other external frame structure (not shown) to limit a portion of the rectangular solid, a portion of the solid by anchoring or fixing onto the inelastic member or by including the appropriate structure or select the solid layer to achieve. 可选地,该矩形固体可以表现出沿着它的长度的常数曲率半径,例如,更长一侧形成的弯曲可以表示沿着圆的圆周的弧。 Alternatively, the rectangular solid can exhibit a constant radius of curvature along its length, e.g., longer curved side may be formed along the circumference of the circle indicates the arc. 当多个电子电路存在于所述可变形元件中时,电激励可以包括供应电压到少于全部的电路,和/或与这些电路极性相反的供电电压。 When a plurality of electronic circuits are present in the deformable member, the electrical stimulus may comprise less than the full supply voltage to the circuit, and / or circuit supply voltage polarity opposite to these.

[0254] 这些形状上的改变可以进一步通过所述分层来实现,应用具有它或它们自己的电子控制电路的每个层、或这些层的组合;或者,所述变形元件可以被将它的移动限制在一个或多个方向上、并因此迫使在期望的方向上移动的框架或其他结构所限制。 [0254] These shape changes can be further achieved through the hierarchical, or their application has its own, or a combination of these layers in each layer of the electronic control circuit; Alternatively, the deformable member may be of it movement restrictions in one or more directions, and thus forced to move in the desired direction of the frame or other structure is limited. 通过制造不相同尺寸的各层可以实现类似的效果,例如,在两层结构中,如果一层比另一层长了一定的尺寸,随后对这两层的驱动将大体上在更短的那个层的方向上产生弯曲。 By making the layers are not the same size can achieve a similar effect, for example, in a two-tier structure, if one longer than the other a certain size, then these two drivers will be substantially shorter in the bending the direction of the layers. 通过参考在图29、 30和36所示的变形元件5,可以更好地理解这种作用方式。 5 by reference deformable element 29, 30 and 36 as shown, this effect may be better understood manner. 在图36中,例如,指状或带状元件5a通过包括两层或多层聚合体而起作用,其中更靠近所述聚焦薄膜的层比那些靠近所述边界元件的层更短。 In Fig. 36, for example, fingers or belt element comprises two or more layers 5a through polymer that functions, wherein the thin film layer is closer to the focusing layer is shorter than those near the border element. 当变形元件5被驱动,这种各层在尺寸或大小上的差别将导致每个指状元件5a卷曲或弯曲向所述压力元件,将它压迫向所述聚焦薄膜的方向,并且这个移动将依次使所述聚焦薄膜变形为凸透镜形状。 When the deformable element 5 is driven, the difference in size of each layer or size will cause each finger 5a crimped or bent towards the pressure member, it presses the film to the focus direction, and this will move turn the focus of the film is deformed into a convex shape. 可选地,在该结构中可以包括非变形层,在这种情况下,所述变形层或各层将大体上向或在所述非变形层的方向上弯曲或移动。 Alternatively, the structure may be included in the non-deformed layer, in this case, the deformable layer or layers to be substantially or bent or moved in the direction of the non-deformable layer.

[0255] 图48和49表示双凸电致动聚合体薄膜透镜。 [0255] FIG. 48 and 49 represents a double convex electrically actuated polymer film lenses. 在这个实施例中,当两个表面都是可变形薄膜时,构造双凸透镜是可能的。 In this embodiment, when the two surfaces are deformable membrane, it is possible to construct a lenticular lens. 而且,因为不同的薄膜直径,所述薄膜的两个表面可以具有不同的表面曲率。 Moreover, because of the different diameters of the film, both surfaces of the film may have a different surface curvature. 在所述薄膜的材料和厚度方面的不同也可以被用来制造不同表面形状。 Material and thickness of the different aspects of the film may also be used to make different surface shapes.

[0256] 图50表示多个可变形薄膜透镜组合,并且应该注意到变焦透镜可以应用两个(或多个)由电致动聚合体驱动的透镜和其他固定元件来实现。 [0256] FIG. 50 shows a combination of a plurality of lenses deformable membrane, and should be noted that the zoom lens can be used two (or more) driving a lens and other fixed element by an electric actuator to achieve the polymerization.

[0257] 图51和52表示通过将普通透镜布置在电致动聚合体机械装置中,加上附加固定元件可以制作出用于紧凑自动聚焦和变焦应用的可变定位透镜元件。 [0257] Figures 51 and 52 showing the lens arrangement through the common electric actuating mechanism in a polymer, plus an additional fixing element can produce variable positioning member for compact lens autofocus and zoom applications.

[0258] 如注意到的,所述变形元件可以直接作用在所述聚焦元件上,就象直接与它接触。 [0258] As noted, the deformable element can act directly on the focusing element, as direct contact with it. 可选地,所述变形元件产生的力可以通过一个或多个中间设备或元件被传输到所述聚焦元件。 Alternatively, the force generated by the deformable element may be transmitted via one or more intermediate devices or elements to the focusing element. 作为一个实例,压力元件可以连接到所述聚焦元件或与所述聚焦元件接触,并且所述变形元件可以压在所述压力元件上,其传输力到所述聚焦元件上。 As an example, the pressure element can be connected to or in contact with the focusing element focusing element and the deformable member may be pressed against the pressure member, which force is transmitted to the focusing element. 在一个实施例中,所述压力元件可以是圆形的,或圈形,并且可以直接或间接与所述聚焦元件的外环部分接触。 In one embodiment, the pressure element may be circular, or ring-shaped, and the focus can be either directly or indirectly with the outer portion of the contact element.

[0259] 所述导体元件传输所述控制信号给所述变形元件。 [0259] The element transmission conductor of the control signal to the deformable element. 在所述变形元件响应电信号情况下,如在电致动聚合体情况下,它基本上起导体作用用来从所述功率源传导电动力到所述变形元件上。 In the case where the deformable element in response to an electrical signal, such as in the electrically actuated polymer case, since it is substantially a conductor for conducting electrical power from said power source to said deformable element. 因此它应该是导电性的,优选是高导电性的,至少在相对部分,并且可以包括导电材料,包括导电金属例如铜、导电塑料、或者被用碳涂保护层或涂材料以产生其导电性的弹性体。 Therefore, it should be electrically conductive, preferably highly conductive, at least partially opposite, and may include a conductive material, comprising a conductive metal such as copper, conductive plastic, or is coated with a protective layer or a carbon coated material to produce a conductivity The elastomer. 特别的例子包括柔性电路板和喷镀或沉淀导电性金属到所述变形元件表面上。 Specific examples include a flexible circuit board and the conductive metal plating or precipitated onto the surface of said deformable element.

[0260] 如在图29中描述的,所述导体元件包括两个部件,每一个在所述变形元件的一侧,并且每个元件具有电接触端口6c用来连接功率源,在这个实施例中所述变形元件将响应于电信号的存在或不存在而被均勻地激活或停止,并且由聚焦元件形成的所述凸半月板将是对称的。 [0260] As depicted in Figure 29, the conductive member comprises two parts, one on each side of said deformable element, and each element having electrical contacts for connecting the power source port 6c, in this embodiment said deformable element in response to the presence or absence of an electrical signal which is uniformly activated or stopped, and the convex meniscus formed by the focusing element will be symmetrical.

[0261] 然而,也应该理解所述导体元件可以包括使所述变形元件的一个或多个部分选择性激励的多个电路,从而允许所述聚焦元件的可调操作,通过使所述凸半月板可以为选择性地不对称的。 [0261] However, it should be understood that the conductive element may comprise one or more portions of a plurality of circuits of the selective excitation of the deformable element so as to allow operation of the focusing element is adjustable, by making the convex half plate may be selectively asymmetrical. 例如,通过参考图36,所述变形元件被显示为单个导电元件。 For example, with reference to FIG. 36, the deformable element is shown as a single conductive member. 可选地,可以通过例如在柔性电路之间使用绝缘材料构造所述变形元件,以便每个指状物(也显示为图30的元件5a),或其中的组合,提供分离和独立驱动的电路。 Alternatively, for example, by the use of insulating material between the flexible circuit structure of the deformable element, so that each finger (also shown as element 30 in FIG. 5a), or a combination of them, to provide separate and independent driving circuits .

[0262] 通过选择哪个电路给予控制电压,或提供多少控制信号,所述系统不但能够控制所述弯液面的形成和大小,也能够控制它的偏向。 [0262] By selecting which given control voltage circuit, or the number of the control signal, the system not only capable of controlling the formation and size of the meniscus, it is possible to control its deflection. 在本文中,偏向是指可以被用来配置所述半月板具有不同于轴对称垂直于所述边界元件和在所述流体腔室中央的形状的倾斜和偏移的可能组合。 As used herein, refers to bias can be used to configure the meniscus has a different axis of symmetry perpendicular to said inclined boundary element and possible combinations of the fluid chamber in the shape of the central and offset. 在图37中示出了简单实例,其中聚焦流体3b已经被进一步表示为半月板元件3c,显示为具有响应于多电路导体元件(未示出)的控制信号选择应用的非对称形状。 In FIG. 37 illustrates a simple example, wherein the focus fluid has been further indicated as 3b meniscus element 3c, is shown as having a selection control signal in response to the application of an asymmetrical shape (not shown) in the multi-conductor circuit element.

[0263] 导体元件被连接到被选来释放用于驱动所述变形元件贯穿它的整个预期移动范围所需要的电压范围和极性的电源。 [0263] is connected to the conductor elements is selected to release for driving said deformable element is expected to move throughout its entire range of the required power supply voltage range and polarity.

[0264] 可以引用附图以进一步为上述讨论提供背景上下文,应该理解为了这个讨论目的的方便,它们仅表示所述聚焦模块的特殊结构。 [0264] reference to the accompanying drawings may further provide a background context for the discussion above, it should be understood that for the purpose of discussion, they are only indicative of the focus of the special structure of the module.

[0265] 特别地,图29提供所述聚焦模块的一个实施例的分解图。 [0265] In particular, the focusing module 29 provides an exploded view of one embodiment. 在这个实施例中,隔离元件2在边界元件1和聚焦元件3之间建立了隔离关系。 In this embodiment, the spacer element 2 between the boundary element 1 and the focusing element 3 to establish a quarantine relationship. 压力元件4倚靠着聚焦元件3, 并且被变形元件5作用,其本身又被导体元件6作用。 The pressure element 4 leaning focusing element 3, and 5 are deformed effect element, which itself is a conductor element 6 role. 在显示的一个实施例中,导体元件6包括两个子元件6a和6b,它们是导电性元件,用来传输电控制信号给变形元件5。 In one embodiment shown, the conductor member 6 comprises two sub-elements 6a and 6b, which are conductive elements, the electrical control signal for transmission to the deformable element 5. 元件6c 是导体元件6的电接触端口。 Element 6c is a conductor element in electrical contact port 6. 在元件6a上具有附加电接触端口,但在图29中是不可见的。 With additional electrical contacts port on the element 6a, but FIG. 29 is not visible. 元件7是外壳元件,并且用于为所述聚焦模块提供物体环境。 Element 7 is a housing member, and for providing the environment for focusing the object module.

[0266] 图30 和31显示了图29的聚焦模块实施例的组装形式,其中外壳元件7、电接触元件6c、变形元件5和压力元件4都是大部分看得见的。 [0266] Figures 30 and 31 show the form of the focusing module assembly embodiment of FIG. 29, in which the housing member 7, the electrical contact member 6c, 4 and 5 are the most visible elements of deformable pressure element. 在图30的透视图,该组装好的聚焦模块是从图29的右侧看过去的,即所述边界元件最靠近看图者,而在图31中,该组装好的聚焦模块是从图29的左侧看过去的。 In the perspective view of Figure 30, which is assembled focusing module 29 is viewed from the right in the past, that the boundary element closest to the plug-person, but in FIG. 31, the focusing module is assembled from Figure Look past the left 29.

[0267] 该组装好的聚焦模块的整个尺寸不是严格的,并且可以根据可用部件的尺寸、它将被布置或组装进去的设备以及用户的需求而被改变。 [0267] the overall size of the assembled focusing module is not critical, and can be based on the size of available parts, it will be arranged or device and the user's needs into the assembly is changed. 总而言之,大体上如图30和31所示圆柱体的所述聚焦模块将具有从大约5、7、9mm到大约11、13、15或20mm—样大的直径d。 All in all, the focusing module 30 substantially as shown in Figure 31 and the cylinder will have from about 5,7,9mm to about 11, 13 or 20mm- diameter as large as d. 为了最大化或达到与已有设备的兼容性可以对其尺寸进行选择,例如在能照相的蜂窝电话中,优选大约9、9. 5、或IOmm的直径。 In order to maximize or achieve compatibility with existing devices can be selected for its size, e.g., in a cellular phone can be photographed, preferably about 9,9. 5, or IOmm diameter.

[0268] 为了示例之目的,图32和34每一个描述包括边界元件1、聚焦流体3b、聚焦薄膜3a、和变形元件5的组合。 [0268] For purposes of example, the boundary element 32 includes a focusing fluid 3b, focus film 3a, and a deformable element combination and a description of each 34 5. 在图32和34中,最小的压力被施加到聚焦流体3b上,而聚焦薄膜3a是相应平坦的。 In FIG. 32 and 34, the minimum pressure is applied to the focusing fluid 3b, and corresponding focus film 3a is flat. 在图33和35中,变形元件5施加压力到聚焦流体3b上,并且结果聚焦薄膜形成凸透镜或半月板。 In Fig. 33 and 35, the deformable element 5 focused on applying pressure to the fluid 3b, and the result is a film formed focusing lens or meniscus. 在图32中,变形元件5施加的力在充分垂直于聚焦薄膜3a所表示的平面的方向和边界元件1的方向上被施加,减小了包含所述聚焦流体的所述腔室在它圆周上的高度并且因此迫使流体从所述腔室的圆周流到中央;这个作用产生可从图33见到的凹半月板。 In Figure 32, the force exerted on the deformable element 5 sufficiently perpendicular to the focus direction and the boundary plane of the film element 3a in the direction indicated by 1 is applied, the reduced focusing fluid containing chamber in which the circumferential height and thus forcing the fluid to flow from the central chamber circumference; produce this effect seen from FIG. 33 concave meniscus.

[0269] 如前面注意到的,所述变形元件可以直接或间接地作用到所述聚焦流体上。 [0269] As previously noted, the deformable element may act directly or indirectly, to the focus on the fluid. 同样如前面指示的,直接作用可以包括布置所述变形元件直接连接到所述聚焦流体。 Also as previously indicated, it may include a direct effect of the deformable element is arranged directly connected to the focus fluid. 例如,直接接触所述聚焦薄膜,当所述聚焦元件包含聚焦薄膜和夹持在所述聚焦薄膜与所述边界元件之间的流体,具有定义为容纳所述聚焦流体的腔室的壁的隔离元件。 For example, direct contact with the film to focus when the focus of the focusing element comprises a thin film and a spacer sandwiched in the fluid film and the focus of the boundary between the element having focus is defined to receive the fluid chamber wall element. 在可选的实施例中,所述变形元件本身包括独立于所述边界元件和所述聚焦薄膜的所述壁。 In an alternative embodiment, the deformation element itself comprises independent of the boundary wall of the element and the focus of the film. 这样的实施例显示在图34中,其中变形元件5也作为限制聚焦流体3b的圆柱形腔室的壁使用,那个腔室具有由聚焦薄膜3a形成的“顶”壁和由边界元件1形成的“底”壁。 Such an embodiment is shown in Figure 34, wherein the deformable element 5 can also be construed as limiting the focusing cylindrical chamber wall 3b of the fluid used, the chamber has a thin film 3a is formed by a focusing "top" and is formed by the boundary wall element 1 "bottom" wall.

[0270] 在这个实施例中,被变形/隔离元件5施加的力是在充分平行于聚焦薄膜3a所表示的平面方向和在流体腔室中央的方向上被施加的。 [0270] In this embodiment, the deformation / force element spacer 5 is applied to the film in substantially parallel to the focusing plane direction indicated by 3a and the direction of the center of the fluid chamber is applied. 根据用于所述变形元件的材料特性, 这个压力不可以伴随有在所述流体腔室高度上的任何变化,并且所述变形元件可以简单地沿半径增大它的厚度。 According to the material properties of the deformable element, the pressure is not accompanied by any change in the height of the fluid chamber, and said deformable element may simply increase its radial thickness. 可选地,所述变形元件的沿半径向内延伸可以伴随有所述变形元件高度或厚度向内地减小,如图35所示,有效将聚焦薄膜3a和边界元件1挤向彼此并且有助于形成所述聚焦半月板,不仅是所述变形元件的向内沿半径地移动迫使所述聚焦流体填充更小直径的圆柱体,而且所述聚焦薄膜和边界元件的聚集也减小了圆柱体的高度。 Alternatively, the radially inwardly extending deformable element may be accompanied by the height or thickness of the deformable element decreases inwardly, shown in Figure 35, the film will focus on the effective boundary element 3a and pressed against each other and help 1 forming a meniscus at the focus, not only to move radially inwardly of said deformable element forces the focusing fluid-filled cylinder of smaller diameter, and the aggregation of the film and the boundary of the focusing elements is reduced cylinder height.

[0271] 更一般地,参考图38,所属聚焦模块可以包括具有至少一个上表面4101、下表面4102、外壁4103、流体内部体积4104的圆柱体4100,该圆柱体具有直径d和高度h。 [0271] More generally, with reference to FIG. 38, belongs to the focusing module may comprise at least one surface 4101 and lower surface 4102, outer walls 4103, 4104 of the volume of the fluid inside the cylinder 4100, the cylinder having a diameter d and height h. 当所述驱动元件在这个结构的外部时,为了使高度h和直径d的一个或全部减小,它将施加压力在上表面、下表面、或外壁的至少一个上。 When the outer element of this structure, in order to make a height h and diameter d or all reduced, it will exert pressure on the driving at least one upper surface, a lower surface, or the outer wall. 因为该流体内部体积的容量是不能压缩的,这种在高度和/或直径的减小必须由在某个方向上体积的相应扩张来进行补偿,在所述聚焦模块的情况下,其将引起上表面4101和下表面4102的一个或全部的变形。 Because the internal volume of the fluid volume is incompressible, that the height and / or reducing the diameter must be in a certain direction by the volume of the corresponding expansion to compensate, in the case of the focusing module, which will cause 4101 upper surface and a lower surface of one or all of the deformation of 4102. 图39和40提供了这种效果的简明的垂直侧面视图。 Figures 39 and 40 provides a concise this effect vertical side view. 尤其图39提供高度减小导致变形的视图,现在该圆柱体具有相同的直径d,但是高度IT <h。 In particular, Figure 39 provides a high degree of deformation leads to reduced view, now the cylinder having the same diameter d, but the height IT <h. 而图40提供直径减小导致变形的视图,现在该圆柱体具有相同的高度h,但是直径cf <d。 And Figure 40 provides a view of the reduced diameter leading to deformation of the cylinder now has the same height h, but the diameter cf <d. 这两个视图都不需要按比例的。 These two views are not required to scale. 如果由上表面4101的凸起变形来补偿的话,在这些当中都阐述了在一个方向上的相应变形和改变。 If the deformation of the upper surface of the projection 4101 to compensate for it, which are set forth in the corresponding modifications and variations in one direction. 在这些实施例中,所述变形或驱动元件可以施加压力到如图29-35所示的内部流体上。 In these embodiments, the drive element may be deformed or the internal fluid pressure is applied to 29-35 as shown in Fig. 当然,所述直径和所述高度二者都可以同时被改变,并且这样可以被用来产生相对大的半月形,和/ 或减少形成该半月形所需的时间。 Of course, both the diameter and the height can be changed at the same time, and thus can be used to generate relatively large half-moon, and / or reduce the time required for the formation of the meniscus.

[0272] 可选地,所述变形或驱动元件可以包括外壁4103的部分或全部,如图41和42所示的。 [0272] Optionally, the drive element may deform or include part or all of an outer wall 4103, shown in FIG. 41 and 42. 这里该圆柱体被显示为截面图以阐述变形元件5的环形状态。 The cylinder is shown here as a sectional view to illustrate the state of deformation of the annular element 5. 在图41中,上可变形表面(未示出)将是平的,而在图42中所述变形元件已经通过在垂直或“h”方向压缩以及在水平或“d”方向延伸或拉长对驱动作出了响应。 In Figure 41, the upper deformable surface (not shown) will be flat, while in FIG. 42 in the deformable element has passed in the vertical direction or the "h" compression and extension in a horizontal or "d" direction or stretched driving responded. 在图42中,通过所述变形元件将上及下表面同样一起地画在它们的整个表面区域上来显示出效果,其要求一个或二者的外圆周是垂直可移动的或滑动的而不是固定的或锚定的。 In Figure 42, the deformable element through the upper and lower surfaces of the same to draw together in their entire surface region shows up effect, which require one or both of the outer circumference of the vertically movable instead of fixed or sliding or anchored. (在这个讨论中,方向参考例如“水平的”、 “垂直的”等等一般是被用在相对而不是绝对的感觉上,例如,关于垂直参考由垂直于都是平面的上和下表面的直线所定义的方向,而水平参考由平行于都是平面的上和下表面的直线所定义的方向)。 (In this discussion, the direction of reference such as "horizontal" and "vertical" and the like are generally used on the relative rather than absolute sense, for example, with respect to the vertical reference is made perpendicular to the plane and a lower surface direction defined by a straight line, parallel to the horizontal reference direction and the lower surface is a straight line on a plane defined above). 然而,也可以预期至少一个表面或表面边缘将是固定的或锚定的,当所述变形元件改变它的大小时,其将导致不同的效果。 However, we can expect that at least one surface or edge will be fixed or anchored, when the deformable element to change its size, which would lead to different results. 例如,通过参考图42,如果上表面是可变形的而下表面是不变的,并且该圆柱体的外圆周而被限制,例如被包含在金属、陶瓷或其他刚性材料的环内,那么所述变形材料在垂直方向上收缩或压缩以及在水平方向上延伸或拉长的移动将不会是均勻和对称的,而是将导致例如图43所示的象漏斗形的。 For example, with reference to FIG. 42, if the surface is deformable and the lower surface is constant, and the outer circumference of the cylinder is restricted, for example, is contained within a metal ring, ceramics or other rigid material, so that moving said deformable material shrinkage or compressed in the vertical direction as well as extended or elongated in the horizontal direction will not be uniform and symmetrical, but will lead to, for example, as shown in FIG. 43 of the funnel of.

[0273] 应该注意到,构造所述聚焦模块来生成凹透镜也是同样可能的。 [0273] It should be noted, the focusing module configured to generate a concave lens is also possible. 例如,所述压力环和变形元件可以被定位在所述聚焦薄膜下、在那个薄膜和所述隔离元件之间,并且所述变形元件的激活可以增大而不是减小所述流体腔室在它圆周周围或外周的高度。 For example, the pressure ring and the deformable element can be positioned at the focus film, between the film and the spacer element, and the activation of the deformable element can be increased rather than reduced in the fluid chamber It circumference or the outer circumference of the height. 如果所述变形元件也作为所述隔离元件使用,那么将达到同样的效果。 It is also used as the spacer element if the deformable element, it will achieve the same effect. 所述压力元件不一定要存在,其这种情况下所述变形元件将直接作用在所述聚焦薄膜上。 The pressure element does not have to exist, under which the case deformation element acts directly on the film focusing.

[0274] 可以参考关于准备和填充所述流体腔室的特定方法另一个凹透镜的实例。 [0274] refer to the specific method of preparing for, and the fluid chamber filled with another concave lens instance. 第一, 将一个或多个边界元件,例如玻璃板,放置在位于例如金属板的支撑结构内的凹部内。 First, one or more boundary elements, e.g., a glass plate, is placed in the recess located e.g. metal plate supporting structure. 第二,将PDMS薄膜或层放置在所述玻璃板隔离元件组合上,可以例如通过利用已知技术将所述PDMS旋转地涂到期望的厚度来准备所述薄膜。 Second, the PDMS layer is placed on the film or the glass spacer element combinations, for example, by using known techniques applied to the PDMS rotatably desired thickness to prepare the film. 接着将玻璃板边界元件、隔离元件、和PDMS薄膜元件的最终组合放置在真空下,加入聚焦流体,并且释放所述真空以便将所述聚焦流体吸进所述流体腔室。 Next, the glass plate border element isolation member, and the final composition PDMS membrane element is placed under vacuum, was added focus fluid, and releasing the vacuum to draw fluid into the focus of the fluid chamber. 如果在所述流体腔室完全被填满之前停止这个填充过程,所述聚焦薄膜的最初形状将是凹的。 If you stop the filling process before the fluid chamber is completely filled, the original shape will be the focus of the film is concave. 根据所选择的凹陷的程度和为所述聚焦模块的剩余容量所选的参数,所述最终模块可以仅通过改变所述聚焦元件的凹陷程度而起作用,或者可以能够使所述薄膜从凹陷状态变形到平坦状态,并且甚至使它变形超过平坦状态到凸状态。 According to the degree of depression of the selected parameters and the remaining capacity of the selected focusing module, the module may ultimately only by changing the degree of focusing recess element which functions, or may be able to make the film from the recessed state deformation to the flat state, and even deform it over a flat state to state projections.

[0275] 根据控制信号是否被施加,所述变形元件具有激活和不激活状态,并且在这两个状态之间具有连续的过渡,优选地是线性地响应于控制信号的长度。 [0275] Depending on whether the control signal is applied, the deformation element having activated and non-activated state, and between these two states having a continuous transition, preferably linearly in response to a control signal length. 用“使无效”来描述当控制信号是零或最小输入时所述变形元件的状态,而用“激活”来描述当控制信号被应用时所述变形元件的状态,可以将该系统配置为其中之一以便所述使无效是正在应用最大的力到所述聚焦元件的时候,或正在应用最小的力的时候。 With "invalidate" to describe when the control signal is a state of the deformable element to zero or minimum input, and with the "active" to describe the state of the deformable element when the control signal is applied, the system can be configured to one in order to invalidate one of the largest force is being applied to the time of the focusing element, or a minimum of force being applied when. [0276] 因此,可以将图32和34称为表示使无效状态,配置该系统以便当没有正在使用控制信号时,所述变形元件传输最小的力给所述聚焦流体。 [0276] Therefore, it can be called 32 and 34 represent invalidate state, configure the system so that when there is no control signal is in use, said deformable element minimum force transmitted to the focusing fluid. 而图33和35可以表示激活状态, 其中控制信号正被应用来激励所述变形元件。 The 33 and 35 may represent an active state in which the control signal being applied to excite the deformable element. 然而,相反地配置该系统也是可能的,以便图32和34表示当所述控制信号正被应用时该系统的状态,而图33和35表示当所述控制信号是零或最小强度时它的状态。 However, the contrary is also possible to configure the system so that 32 and 34 shows a state when the control signal being applied to the system, while 33 and 35 indicate when the control signal is zero or minimum intensity when its state. 更明确地,所述变形元件可以是当电源关断时被释放(如在图32和34中)或当电源关断时被拉长或被扩张(如在图33和35中),反之而然。 More specifically, the deformable element may be turned off when the power supply is released (see Figure 32 and 34) or when the power is turned off is elongated or expansion (as in Figures 33 and 35), and vice versa However. 这大体上转化为所述聚焦模块的期望“静止”状态应该处于的状态。 This is generally converted into the desired focus module "stationary" state should be in the state. 当所述聚焦薄膜是平坦的时, 所述聚焦被设置为无限远,而当它是凹的,所述聚焦是在有限的距离,例如从大约5mm到大约500mm,包括他们之间的所有的点,例如大约50、100、150或200mm。 When the film is flat when the focus, the focus is set to infinity, and when it is concave, the focus is limited distance, e.g., from about 5mm to about 500mm, including between them all the point, for example, about 50, 100 or 200mm. 因此配置所述系统的这个状态可以根据用户是否希望“正常”或“静止”状态被聚焦在无限远,或更近。 So the configuration of the system in this state can be focused at infinity, or more recently based on whether the user wants a "normal" or "resting" state.

[0277] 当已经将前面的讨论呈现为聚焦元件包括聚焦流体和聚焦薄膜的情况下,其也是适用于在所述聚焦元件是整体的情况下的可选实施例,如在填满流体/填满油的弹性体的情况下。 [0277] when the preceding discussion has presented to the focusing element includes focusing a fluid film and the focus situation, which is adapted to the focusing element is an alternative embodiment of the entire case, as in the fill fluid / fill if the elastic body full of oil under. 在这个实施例中,所述聚焦弹性体的外表面提供所述聚焦薄膜的功能,所述聚焦弹性体的内表面提供所述聚焦流体的功能。 In this embodiment, the focusing of the outer surface of the elastomeric film provides the function of the focus, the focus of the inner surface of the elastic body fluid providing the focus function.

[0278] 所述变形元件和本发明的相关组合也可以被用来控制常规的移动,而不仅仅是流体,透镜。 [0278] The deformable element and associated compositions of the present invention can also be used to control the movement of a conventional, rather than the fluid lens. 进一步可能将本发明的所述聚焦模块和一个或多个常规或流体/适应性透镜、 和/或一个或多个其他聚焦模块组合。 It is further possible to the focus module of the present invention and one or more conventional or fluid / adaptive lenses, and / or other combinations of one or more of the focus module. 以这样的方式,可以实现例如变焦和自动变焦等其他功能。 In this way, you can achieve other functions such as zoom and automatic zoom and so on. 这些和相关概念被进一步描述在与本揭露同时编列的附录中。 These and related concepts are further described in the present while exposing provision of the appendix.

[0279] 所述聚焦模块可以被使用在具有或使用成像功能的广泛多种设备中,包括数据采集设备,例如条形码扫描仪、便携式数据终端(PDT)、便携式数据助手(PDA)、能够照相的蜂窝电话、静止图像照相机、移动图像照相机和类似装置,进一步包括固定安装和便携式设备。 [0279] The focusing module can be used in a wide variety of devices having an imaging function or use, including data collection devices, such as bar code scanners, portable data terminals (PDT), a portable data assistant (PDA), capable of photographic a cellular telephone, a still image camera, moving picture camera and the like, and further comprising fixedly mounted and portable devices. 所述聚焦模块可以被使用在任何尺寸和类型的该设备中,但是由于它的小尺寸和移动部分的最小使用,它对于在尤其适用于期望最小的使用空间的情况下,和/或在为抗晃动、 震动和其他环境因素期望的坚固耐用的情况下的设备,其他环境因素是指会影响具有多个和/或多个细微移动部分的元件的操作和/或使用寿命的因素。 The Focus module can be used in any size and type of the equipment, but because of its small size and minimal use of moving parts, which in particular applies to the desired minimum use of space under and / or in the anti-shake, shake the device and other environmental factors expected rugged case, other environmental factors can affect it refers to having multiple and / or more subtle movement of factors of the operating portion of the element and / or life.

[0280] 如一个特别而非限制性的实例,本发明可以被应用到用来成像、捕捉、解码和使用由编码符号表示的信息的装置和方法中,其中编码符号为例如条形码(例如ID条形码、2D 条形码和多段式条形码)、光学可认识的字符(例如打印的、打字的或手写的文字数字符号、标点符号和其他具有预定含义的OCR符号)、和被选的绘画图像例如图标、标示语、象形文字。 [0280] As a specific but non-limiting examples, the present invention can be applied to imaging for capturing, decoding and use of the apparatus and method for information represented by the encoded symbols, wherein the encoded symbols such as bar code (e.g., a bar code ID , 2D barcodes and multi-stage barcode), optical recognizable characters (such as printing, typing or handwritten alphanumeric characters, punctuation and other symbols have predefined meaning OCR), and paintings, such as the icon image is selected, labeled language, hieroglyphics. 所述装置和方法包括使用一个或多个聚焦模块和数据阅读器,例如用于完成象条形码和其他光学可读信息成像这种任务的手持条形码阅读器,包括对感兴趣图像进行聚焦, 以及通过消除例如由手动操作本发明阅读器的用户带来的抖动的人为因素来提高图像质量。 The apparatus and methods include the use of one or more modules and focusing data reader, for example as a bar code, and for performing other tasks such optically readable information imaging handheld bar code reader, comprising focusing the image of interest, and by human factors such as jitter elimination of manually operated reader users present invention to improve image quality.

[0281] 已经被描述的所述设备和已经被称为可变焦距流体透镜的所述设备具有很多其他应用。 [0281] The device has been described and the devices have been known as a variable focus fluid lens has many other applications. 例如可以使用它作为静电伏特计,在传播束分散或集中中作为变更,传播束是强调区域强度的函数。 For example, can use it as an electrostatic voltmeter, dispersed or concentrated beam propagation as a change, the spread of the beam is to emphasize the function of regional strength. 可以与在光束上的听觉或其他信号的传输相关联的来应用该设备。 It can be transmitted on a beam of audible or other signals associated with the application of the device. 当与听觉信号的传输关联来应用该设备,它可以被说是以声音频率调制所述光束,并且在这里在它应该被认为的声称中使用这样的解释。 When the transmission is associated with the acoustic signal applied to the device, it can be said that is the sound frequency modulation of the light beam, and where the use of such claims in the interpretation of it should be considered. 它也适合使用在运动图像胶片上的的声音记录中。 It is also suitable for use in the motion picture film sound recording. [0282] 虽然本发明的聚焦模块大体上可以是由以电势作为特征所驱动,但是用来控制所述聚焦模块的电信号和激励在术语上可以被称为电压(电势,或电势差),和其他电参数, 例如电流或电荷(电流的时间累积)。 [0282] Although the focusing module of the present invention may generally be characterized by the electrically driven as a potential, but the electrical signal for controlling the excitation of the focusing module and the terms may be referred to a voltage (potential or potential difference), and Other electrical parameters, such as current or charge (current time cumulative). 为了本揭露之目的,可以通过应用用来驱动任何类型流体(或可重新配置的)透镜的电信号,来控制所述聚焦模块,以及尤其所述变形元件(当被通过所述导体元件作用),该电信号通过基于光和两个或多个具有不同光学系数的流体(或流体和真空)的相互作用呈现可调性能来响应于所应用的信号。 For the purposes of the present expose, through the use of any type of fluid used to drive (or reconfigurable) electrical lens to control the focusing module, and in particular, the deformable element (when the effect is through the conductor element) , based on the electrical signal by the interaction of light and two or more fluids having different optical coefficients (or fluid and vacuum) properties rendering adjustable in response to the applied signal.

[0283] 现在我们以具有获得图像和检测、分析和解码该图像的能力的阅读器的形式描述应用本发明的各种特征和方面的装置和操作方法。 [0283] Now we have the ability to obtain images and to detect, analyze and decode the image reader in the form of a variety of devices and operating methods described features and aspects of the present invention is applied. 特别地,在一些实施例中,本发明的阅读器可以是手持便携式装置,其可以对例如各种类型条形码(1D、2D、分段式ID和其他条形码)编码标记和例如手写、打印、打字字符(例如使用光学字符识别方法)的符号,以及易于控制使用光学照明来识别的物体表面进行成像。 In particular, in some embodiments, the reader of the present invention may be a handheld portable device, which can, for example, various types of bar codes (1D, 2D, segmented and other barcode ID) tags and coding such as handwriting, printing, typing character (e.g., using optical character recognition) symbol, as well as easy to control the use of optical illumination to identify the imaging surface. 图53是表示应用本发明的特征的阅读器900的图,例如条形码扫描仪。 FIG. 53 is a diagram showing features of the invention of FIG reader 900, such as a bar code scanner. 阅读器900包括各种光学元件及用来控制阅读器900的操作和用来分析由阅读器900获得的图像的硬件和软件元件。 Reader 900 includes various optical components and is used to control the operation of the reader 900 and is used to analyze the hardware and software elements obtained by the reader 900 images. 图54是更详细地表示图53 的阅读器的控制电路的图。 Figure 54 is a more detailed showing a reader 53 of the control circuit. 在图53中,外壳902被以点状示意性轮廓表示。 In FIG. 53, the housing 902 is indicated schematically in dotted outline. 外壳902在原理上可以是用来以适合的相互方位支撑各种元件的任何常规包装或框架,并且在一些实施例中是适于握持在用户手里的外壳,如联系图51和52在下文更详细描述的。 On the principle shell 902 may be any conventional packaging or in a suitable framework for mutual orientation of the various elements of the support and, in some embodiments, is adapted to hold the case in the hands of the user, such as 51 and 52 in connection with FIG. described in more detail below. 阅读器900 包括照明源904、906,其能够在各种环境下被操作来照亮目标并且提供瞄准信号。 Reader 900 includes an illumination source 904, 906, which is operable to illuminate the target in a variety of environments and providing targeting signal. 照明源904大体上是包括为了照亮其图像将被获得的物体的一个或多个光源的源,例如以常规波长提供照明的灯或LED,例如红色或绿色照明。 The illumination source 904 to illuminate its substantially comprising an image object is obtained or more light sources, e.g., to provide a conventional wavelength illumination lamp or LED, such as red or green light. 在一些实施例中瞄准源906是第二LED,其被用来从背后照亮创造瞄准信号的缝隙。 In some embodiments, the source 906 is aimed at a second LED, which is illuminated from behind to create a gap for targeting signal. 随后通过适当的成像光学器件将该缝隙成像在物体914上。 Followed by appropriate imaging optics imaging the slit 914 on the object. 可选地,瞄准源(LED)906以与照明源904不同的波长工作(例如,所述照明源可以是用来照明的红色,所述瞄准源可以是用于所述瞄准信号的绿色)以便容易互相区分。 Alternatively, targeting source (LED) 906 to the illumination source 904 work with different wavelengths (e.g., the illumination source may be used to illuminate the red, the source may be targeted for the green targeting signal) to easy to distinguish from each other. 阅读器900的操作者使用瞄准源906来确定阅读器瞄准的是什么。 Reader operator 900 uses sight source 906 to determine what the reader is aimed at. 提供光学器件908用来从照明源904以用来照亮目标914的适合模式分配强度。 908 is used to provide an optical device 904 from an illumination source for illuminating a target 914 for mode assignment strength. 在首选实施例中所述物体被最佳地照亮。 In the preferred embodiment, the object is optimally illuminated. 在一个实施例中,可选地提供瞄准透镜910和衍射元件912以预定模式分别用来校准来自于激光瞄准源906的光,和用来传播或衍射来自于激光瞄准源906的光。 In one embodiment, the optionally provided the collimator lens 910 and diffraction element 912 in a predetermined pattern are used to calibrate the light from the laser sighting source, and used to spread or diffraction from laser aiming light source 906 906. 如可以在图53中见到的,将要被成像的目标914放置在位于离阅读器900距离为ql的物体平面916 上。 As can be seen in FIG. 53, the target to be imaged 914 is placed on the reader located 900 ql distance from the object plane 916. 目标914是例如贴在称为物体平面916的表面上的条形码。 Target 914, for example, called the bar code attached to the surface of the object plane 916. 为了讨论之目的,在图53 中还具有位于离阅读器900更大距离q2的第二物体平面916—,并且其上具有目标914—(其也可以是条形码)。 For purposes of discussion, in FIG. 53 further has a second object plane located at a greater distance from the reader 900 q2 of 916-, 914-, and having a target thereon (which may be a bar code). 平面916、916、最好是被来自于照明源914的光或瞄准光、或它们的组合照亮的。 916,916 plane, preferably by light from the illumination source or aiming light 914, or a combination thereof illuminated. 如可以在图53中见到的,瞄准源906、瞄准透镜910和衍射元件912组合地提供定位图案918,在图53中包括5个要素918a-918e,其为用户确认阅读器900瞄准在什么地方,以便可以使期望物体落入阅读器900的瞄准区域内。 As can be seen in FIG. 53, targeting the source 906, the collimator lens 910 and diffraction element provides positioning pattern 918 912 in combination, including the five elements 918a-918e in FIG. 53, which confirmed that the reader is targeted at what user 900 so it can make the reader falls within a desired object sighting area 900. 从所述物体反射出来的光(或可选的,在所述物体产生的光)被所述阅读器用透镜920捕捉,在一些实施例中其包括流体透镜和可能一个或多个固定透镜,并且经过所述流体透镜传输到成像器922。 Reflected out of the light from the object (or alternatively, the light generated in the object) Used by the reading lens 920 to capture, in some embodiments, a fluid comprising a lens and possibly one or more fixed lenses, and After the fluid lens 922 is transmitted to the imager. 在各种实施例中成像器922是应用任何常规处理技术构造的ID或2D半导体阵列传感器,例如CMOS传感器、CCD传感器等等。 In one embodiment the imager 922 is applied to various embodiments any conventional processing techniques constructed ID or 2D arrays of semiconductor sensors, such as CMOS sensors, CCD sensors. 成像器922将它接收的光信号转化为代表整个图像、框架、或其中一部分的各个像素的电信号。 Imager 922 which receives the optical signal conversion is representative of the image, frame, or one part of the electrical signal for each pixel. 在各种实施例中,所述成像器可以是任何一种颜色CCD成像器和任何一种颜色的CMOS成像器。 In various embodiments, the imager can be any color CCD imager and any color of CMOS imagers. [0284] 阅读器900也包括各种硬件部件,在图52显示为用来控制阅读器900和用来从阅读器900获得信号的单个控制元件930。 [0284] Reader 900 also includes various hardware components, shown as in FIG. 52 for controlling the reader 900 and is used to obtain a single signal 900 from the reader 930 control elements. 在图54中显示了控制元件930的细节。 It shows a detail of the control element 930 in FIG. 54. 提供照明控制931以控制由照明源904提供的照明强度和时序。 Provide lighting control 931 to control the illumination intensity and timing provided by the illumination source 904. 照明控制931通过包含导体的线缆905与照明源904进行电联系。 Lighting control 931 via cable contains conductors 905 and 904 are electrically contact the illumination source. 提供瞄准控制器932以控制由瞄准源906提供的照明强度、颜色和时序。 Providing aiming controller 932 to control the illumination intensity provided by targeting the source 906, the color and timing. 瞄准控制932通过包含导体的线缆907与瞄准源906进行电连接。 Aiming control 932 via cable 907 and 906 aimed at the source comprising a conductor electrically connected. 提供成像器控制器934以控制成像器922的时序和操作,例如通过提供用于操作所述图像的时钟信号、用于捕获照明、复位信号、开始和结束信号、和用于提供电输出作为在成像器阵列的任意像素接收的照明度的可指示数据的同步信号,其中数据可以被提供为模拟或为数字数据。 Providing the imaging controller 934 to control the timing and operation of the imager 922, e.g., by providing a clock signal for the operation of the image, for capturing light, a reset signal, the start and end signals, and for providing an electrical output as a arbitrary pixel array of the imaging illumination received data may indicate a synchronization signal, wherein the data may be provided as an analog or digital data. 成像器控制器934通过包含导体的线缆923与成像器922进行电连接。 The imaging controller 934 through a cable 923 comprising conductors 922 and electrically connected to the imager. 提供透镜控制器938以控制流体透镜920的动作。 Providing a lens controller 938 to control the operation of the fluid lens 920. 透镜控制器938与流体透镜920通过包含导体的线缆921进行电连接。 A lens controller 920 through the lens 938 and the fluid 921 comprising a cable conductor electrically connected.

[0285] 提供模拟-数字转换器936用来将来自成像器922的模拟信号输出转化为数字信号。 [0285] providing an analog - digital converter 936 to the analog signal output from the imaging device 922 into a digital signal. 在一些实施例中,提供DMA控制器948以允许数字数据直接传输到存储器以保存起来。 In some embodiments, the DMA controller 948 to allow the direct transmission of digital data to be saved to the memory. 基本上,照明控制931、瞄准控制932、成像器控制器934、A/D 936和DMA 948的任意一个或者全部被以一个或多个总线945的方式连接到一般应用可编程计算机942,当考虑更方便更有利时,该总线945可以是串行总线或并行总线。 Basically, the lighting control 931, aimed at control 932, any imaging controller 934, A / D 936 and DMA 948 by one or all of one or more buses 945 are connected to the general application of programmable computer 942, when considering more convenient and expedient, the bus 945 may be a serial bus or a parallel bus. 一般应用可编程计算机942包括通用部件,包括CPU 943,在一些实施例中其可以是微处理器,和存储器944 (例如半导体存储器,例如RAM、R0M ;磁存储器,例如盘;或光存储器,例如CD-ROM)。 General applications 942 include a general purpose programmable computer means, including CPU 943, in some embodiments, it may be a microprocessor, and a memory 944 (e.g. semiconductor memory, such as RAM, R0M; magnetic memory, such as disk; or optical memory, e.g. CD-ROM). 该一般应用计算机也可以经由一个或多个总线947与大范围内的各种输入和输出设备通信。 The general application of computer input and output devices can also communicate via one or more of a variety of bus 947 and a large range. 例如,可以提供任意或全部的以下设备:例如显示器、扬声器948或其他发声单元的输出设备946、例如键盘950、 触摸板952、麦克风954的用来输入命令或数据到计算机的设备,以及例如能够被硬件连接(例如,串行、并行、USB、电线等等)或能够被无线连接(例如,电波、WiFi、红外等等)的一个或多个I/O端口956的双向设备。 For example, can provide any or all of the following equipment: such as a display, a speaker 948 or other sound output device unit 946, such as a keyboard 950, a touchpad 952, a microphone 954 for inputting a command or data to the computer equipment, and can e.g. connected by hardware (e.g., serial, parallel, USB, cable, etc.) or can be connected to a wireless (e.g., radio, WiFi, infrared, etc.), one or more I / O port 956 of the two-way devices. 一般应用可编程计算机942也可以包括,或也可以控制例如LED的指示器960用来指示状态或给用户的其他信息。 General application programmable computer 942 may also include, for example, or can also control LED indicator 960 is used to indicate status or other information to the user.

[0286] 如在图53中所示的,阅读器900和/或通用可编程计算机942 (显示在图54中) 也可以包含一个或多个触发开关964,其允许用户指示命令或状态给阅读器900。 [0286] As shown in FIG. 53, the reader 900 and / or general purpose programmable computer 942 (shown in Figure 54 in) may also contain one or more of the trigger switch 964, which allows the user to read the status of orders or 900. 另外,通过使用电源供应970、电池972和充电器974当中的一个或更多来为整个系统提供电动力。 In addition, by using the power supply 970, the battery charger 974 972 and one or more of them to provide electrical power for the entire system. 能够被用来操作阅读器900和与之关联的通用可编程计算机942 (显示在图54中)的任何常规电动力源是可预期的,包括常规电网(其能够被接入通过连接普通的墙上插销)和可选的电源,例如应急发电机、太阳能电池、风轮、水力电源等等。 General purpose programmable computer that can be used to operate the reader 900 and associated 942 (shown in Figure 54 in) any conventional electric power source are contemplated, including a conventional power grid (which can be accessed by connecting the common wall the pin) and an optional power supply, such as emergency generators, solar cells, wind turbines, hydro power and so on.

[0287] 通过操作透镜配置可以实现激光条形码扫描仪。 [0287] lens configuration can be achieved by operating the laser bar code scanner. 参见下文图86-88。 See below Figure 86-88. 不使用目前在条形码扫描仪中使用扫描镜子或马达,可以使用易操作的流体透镜来实现该扫描移动。 Do not use the current motor using a scanning mirror or barcode scanner can be operated using a fluid lens is easy to achieve the scanning movement. 在相同时间最窄光束宽度的激光点位置会由于相同或不同流体透镜而被影响。 The position of the laser spot at the same time the narrowest width of the beam due to the same or different fluid lens is affected. 这个扫描系统实质上也可以是共轴的,在那里接收和发送光束都聚焦在将被扫描的所述条形码图案的相同部分。 The scanning system may be substantially coaxial, where the receive and transmit beams are focused on the same section of the bar code to be scanned pattern. 这个接收光系统没有显示出来,但在现有技术中这些都是公知的。 The received light system does not show up, but in the prior art which are well known. 圆柱形或球形流体透镜可以被使用,取决于设计者期望是开发单扫描线还是光栅扫描线。 Cylindrical or spherical fluid lens may be used, depending on the designer is desirable to develop a single scan line or raster scan lines. 也可以预想, 开发仅能扫描而没有光学放大率的流体透镜也是可能的。 It can also be expected to develop not only the optical scanning magnification lens fluid is also possible. 这样的系统也是加以预期的。 Such a system is also to be expected.

[0288] 如可以从图53见到的,本发明的阅读器能够操作的距离,或相同的,所述阅读器的光系统焦距可以变化,如从所述透镜到将被成像物体的距离q变化。 [0288] As can be seen from FIG. 53, the present invention is capable of operating from the reader, or the same, the focal length of the optical reader system can vary, as from the lens to the object to be imaged from the q change. [0289] 对于特殊几何位置的焦距可以通过这个方程式确定: [0289] For the particular geometry of the focal length can be determined by the equation:

[0290] 1/f = l/p+1/q [0290] 1 / f = l / p + 1 / q

[0291] 其中f是透镜焦距,ρ是从所述透镜到在其上观察到期望的图像的表面(例如成像传感器或光学胶片)的距离,而q是所述透镜与被观察物体之间的距离。 [0291] where f is the focal length, ρ from the lens to the surface on which a desired image is observed (e.g., optical imaging sensor or film) distance, and q is the lens and the object to be observed between distance.

[0292] 考虑位于离所述阅读器透镜更近距离ql和更远距离q2的两个物体(例如q2 > ql)。 [0292] consider from the reader lens located closer ql and q2 of two more distant objects (such as q2> ql). 在不昂贵并且很常规构造的系统中,距离P (从透镜920到成像传感器922)是固定的。 Not expensive and very conventional in structure system, the distance P (from the lens to the imaging sensor 920 922) is fixed. 具有给定的焦距l/fl = l/p+l/ql,我们可以在位于离所述透镜的距离ql对物体进行成像, 我们可以在位于离所述透镜的距离q2对物体进行成像,焦距给出为l/f2 = l/p+l/q2。 Having a given focal length l / fl = l / p + l / ql, we can located a distance from the lens ql imaging of objects, we can located at a distance from the lens to the object q2 imaging, focal length It is given by l / f2 = l / p + l / q2. 因为q2 > ql,而且ρ是常数,所以我们得出fl < f2。 Because q2> ql, and ρ is a constant, so we have come to fl <f2. 特别地,对于包含能够在固定值ρ情况下提供最小焦距Π和最大焦距f2的流体透镜的阅读器,我们将能够在至少从ql到q2距离范围内正确地观察聚焦物体,而不用考虑例如在所述透镜的特别焦距设置时的场域深度的问题。 In particular, the contained value can be provided at a fixed focal length Π ρ minimal and maximum focal length f2 of the fluid lens of the reader, at least we will be able to correctly observe from ql q2 distance within the range of focus object, regardless example, depth of field problems, especially the focal length of the lens when set. 作为实例,ql可以是短距离的,例如4英寸(接近IOcm)以便我们可以通过存在于物体上的所有细节转换或解码而对具有更多细节的目标物体(例如高密度条形码)进行成像。 As an example, ql may be a short distance, e.g., 4 inches (nearly IOcm) so that we can be present on all the details of an object and for converting or decoding target object with more detail (e.g. high-density bar code) imaging. 另一方面,q2可以是较长距离的,例如12英寸(接近30cm)或更多,从而阅读器可以在更长的距离对有更低密度(例如,在所述目标物体上的每单元长度或区域更低的像素分辨率)的物体进行成像。 On the other hand, q2 may be a long distance, for example 12 inches (approximately 30cm) or more, so that the reader may have a longer distance to the lower density (e.g., on the target object per unit length or region lower pixel resolution) for imaging an object. 相应的,可以将包括特别成像传感器的本发明阅读器配置为执行极其高密度/短距离或极其低密度/长距离之一(或对这两个极限值而言任意可变的中间情况),通过简单有利的所述流体透镜的焦距控制,以便在q2 > d > ql范围的预期距离d的物体将被正确成像。 Accordingly, you can include a special image sensor of the present invention, the reader is configured to perform extremely high density / short or extremely low density / one long-distance (or these two extremes in terms of any variable in the middle), the focus control by simply enabling the fluid lens, so that q2> d> ql range of object distance d expect will be properly imaged.

[0293] 可以导致所述透镜手动地或自动地改变它的焦距直到为在一给定距离远的物体实现最佳聚焦。 [0293] can cause the lens manually or automatically changes its focal length until the object is at a given distance of optimum focus. 执行这个的一种方法是使由点或视场内的物体形成的所谓弥散圆最小化。 One way to do this is to make the so-called circle of confusion from the point or the field of view of the object is formed is minimized. 这可以被微处理器自动地执行,其改变所述透镜的焦距并且测量在CCD或CMOS成像器上所述弥散圆的尺寸,即所述弥散圆装满的像素数量。 This can be performed automatically by the microprocessor, which changes the focal length of the lens and measured on a CCD or CMOS imager size of the circle of confusion, i.e., the number of pixels of the full circle dispersion. 在所述弥散圆最小时的焦距是最佳聚焦并且透镜被保持在那个位置。 In the circle of confusion of the hour is the best focus and focal length lens is held in that position. 如果在视场内的某些东西变化,例如所述物体变得离所述透镜更远,那么所述微处理器将检测所述弥散圆的变化和尺寸,并且控制自动聚焦程序。 If you change something in the field of view, such as the object becomes farther away from the lens, then the microprocessor will detect the change and the size of the circle of confusion, and control the Auto Focus.

[0294] 被用来测量所述弥散圆的所述物体可以是在视场内固有的细节,或者它可以是在视场内有层次的物体。 [0294] The object is used to measure the circle of confusion in the field of view may be inherent in detail, or it may be within the field of hierarchical objects. 作为实例,我们可以投射IR激光点到场内(该IR的波长是超过了人眼睛的敏感度,但不超过CCD或CMOS的敏感度)。 As an example, we can point to the projected IR laser field (the IR wavelengths than the human eye is sensitive, but not exceeding sensitivity CCD or CMOS). 完成最佳聚焦的另一种方法包括将所述图像变换到频域,例如用傅立叶变换,并且随后调节所述流体透镜的焦距以使得将转换图像的高频部分结果最小化。 Another way to do the best focus image comprising transformed to the frequency domain, e.g., by Fourier transform, and then adjusting the focal length of the lens so that the fluid results converts the high frequency portion of the image is minimized. 可以以相似的形式使用所述图像的小波变换。 The image can be used in a similar form wavelet transform. 频率变换或小波技术都是为通过最大化在CCD或CMOS图像传感器的像素之中的对比度而完成最佳聚焦的简单技术。 Frequency or wavelet transform technique is to maximize contrast by pixel CCD or CMOS image sensor among the best focus and complete a simple technique. 这些以及相似处理,例如最大化邻近像素之间的强度差,是本领域公知的并且也是普遍被使用在数字照相机的被动聚焦中。 These and similar processing, such as to maximize the intensity difference between adjacent pixels, are known in the art and is commonly used in digital cameras in a passive focusing.

[0295] 图55是表示用于本发明的各种实施例的通用微处理器系统的光学阅读器的方框图。 [0295] FIG. 55 is a block diagram of the optical reader used in various embodiments of the present invention, the general purpose microprocessor system. 光学阅读器4010包括用来照亮目标物体T,例如ID和2D条形码符号,的照明组合4020 ; 和用来接收物体T的图像并产生在其中表示光学编码数据的电输出信号的成像组合4030 ; 照明组合4020可以包括,例如,照明光源组合4022,与例如一个或多个透镜、扩散体、楔块、 反射镜或这些元件的组合的照明光学组合4024 —起从光源4022向目标物体T的方向引导光线。 The optical reader 4010 includes means for illuminating the target object T, such as ID and 2D bar code symbol, a combination of illumination 4020; and means for receiving the object T and generating an image in which the electrical output signal represents the combination of the imaging optical code data 4030; Lighting 4020 can include a combination of, for example, a combination of illumination light source 4022, for example, one or more lenses, a combination of the illumination optical diffusion member, wedges, reflectors or combinations of these elements 4024-- direction starting from the light source 4022 to a target object T, guiding light. 照明组合4020可以包括,例如,激光或发光二极管(LED),例如白色LED或红色LED。 Lighting 4020 can include a combination of, for example, a laser or a light emitting diode (LED), for example, a white LED or red LED. 照明组合4020可以包括目标照明和用来突出在物体T上的瞄准图案4027的光学对准。 Lighting combinations may include target illumination and 4020 to highlight the object on the aiming pattern T 4027 optical alignment. 如果确定周围光的级别是足够高的并允许获得物体T的高质量图像,那么照明组合4020也可以去除。 If it is determined that the level of ambient light and allows to obtain a sufficiently high quality image object T, then the lighting combination 4020 may be removed. 成像组合4030可以包括图像传感器4032,例如ID或2D⑶D、CMOS、NMOS、PMOS、 CID或CMD固态图像传感器,与成像光学组合1034 —起用来在图像传感器4032上接收和聚焦物体T的图像。 4030 imaging composition can include an image sensor 4032, such as ID or 2D⑶D, CMOS, NMOS, PMOS, CID or CMD solid state image sensor, in combination with the imaging optical 1034-- play on the image sensor 4032 for receiving and focusing an object image T.

[0296] 在图55中所示的基于阵列的成像组合也可以被基于激光阵列的成像组合代替, 其包括至少一个激光源、扫描机器、发射和接收光、至少一个光电探测器和伴随的信号处理电路。 [0296] Based on array imaging composition may also be replaced by a laser array based imaging composition, which comprises at least one laser light source, scanning machines, transmitting and receiving light, at least one photodetector and accompanying signal 55 shown in FIG. processing circuitry. 参见下文图86、87和88的相关描述。 86, 87 and 88 related description see below diagram.

[0297] 利用能够被控制模块发送命令来输出图像数据的局部帧、或能够被与独立编址的像素一起配置的图像传感器,容易实现局部帧时钟输出模式。 [0297] The use of commands that can be sent to the output control module partial frame of image data, or an image sensor with a pixel can be addressed independently arranged together, easy to implement local frame clock output mode. 利用CMOS制造技术,容易制造图像传感器以便相应于传感器的某些像素的电信号能够被选择性地输出,而不输出相应于该传感器的剩余像素的电信号,因此允许仅对仅与整个图像视场的一部分关联的局部数据帧进行分析。 Utilizing CMOS fabrication techniques, image sensors in order to be easily produced electrical signals corresponding to certain pixels of a sensor can be selectively output without the output of the sensor corresponding to the remaining pixels of the electrical signal, thus allowing only the entire image, as the only part of the local data field associated analysis frames. CMOS图像传感器可以从这些制造商获得,例如Symagery、Omni、Vision,夏普,Micron,ST微电子、柯达、东芝和三菱。 CMOS image sensors can be obtained from the manufacturer, for example Symagery, Omni, Vision, Sharp, Micron, ST Microelectronics, Kodak, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. 通过在从C⑶图像传感器输出图像数据帧期间选择性地激活帧放电信号,也可以实现局部帧时钟输出模式。 By selectively activating the image output from the image sensor C⑶ data frame discharge signal frame period, it can achieve a partial frame clock output mode. A/D1036和信号处理器1035 可以单独地或可选地都被和图像传感器1032 —起集成在单个的感光底层上。 A / D1036 and signal processor 1035 can be used alone or alternatively are and the image sensor 1032-- from integrated on a single photosensitive layer.

[0298] 图55的光学阅读器也包括可编程控制电路(或控制模块)1040,其优选地包括集成电路微处理器4042和专用集成电路(ASIC 4044)。 [0298] FIG. 55 is an optical reader also includes a programmable control circuit (or control module) 1040, which preferably includes a microprocessor 4042 and ASIC integrated circuits (ASIC 4044). ASIC 4044的功能也可以由场可编程逻辑阵列(FPGA)提供。 ASIC 4044 functions to be provided by the field-programmable logic array (FPGA). 处理器4042和ASIC 4044都是可编程控制装置,其能够根据存储在存储器单元4045的被存储程序接收、输出和处理数据,存储器单元4045可以包括存储元件例如读/写随机存取存储器或RAM4046和可擦除只读存储器或EROM 4047。 Processor ASIC 4044 and 4042 are programmable control means, which is capable of storing the received program is stored in the memory unit 4045 in accordance with the output data and the processing, memory unit 4045 may include a storage device such as a read / write or random access memory RAM4046 and erasable read-only memory or EROM 4047. 其他可以被使用的存储器单元包括EPROM和EEPR0M。 Other memory cells can be used include EPROM and EEPR0M. RAM 4046典型地包括至少一个易失性存储装置, 但也可以包括一个或多个长期非易失性存储装置。 RAM 4046 typically includes at least one volatile memory device, but may also include one or more long-term non-volatile storage means. 处理器4042和ASIC 4044都被连接到公共总线4048,通过该总线可以双向地对任何也被连接到其中的电路接收和发送程序数据和运行数据,包括地址数据。 Processor ASIC 4044 and 4042 are connected to a common bus 4048, via the bus can also be bi-directionally connected to any circuit which receive and transmit program data and operating data, including the address data. 然而,处理器4042和ASIC 4044彼此的不同在于它们是怎样被制造和它们怎样被使用。 However, the processor 4042 and ASIC 4044 is different from each other that how they are manufactured and how they are used. 处理模块被配置来抽取由编码符号编码的信息,其使用处理器4042和ASIC 4044容量的一些或全部,并且包括必要硬件、软件和或固件,其是实现该抽取任务所需要的,抽取任务包括将图像的原始数据转换为用编码符号编码的信息的必要解码任务。 The processing module is configured to extract the information encoded by the encoding symbols, using some or all of 4042 and the ASIC 4044 processor capacity, and includes the necessary hardware, software, and or firmware, which is to achieve the desired extraction task to extract tasks include The raw image data into coded symbols encoded with the information necessary to decode tasks.

[0299] 更具体地处理器4042最好是通用的、现货供应的VLSI集成电路微处理器,其具有图55的电路的整体控制,但其花费它的大部分时间来解码存储在RAM4046中的图像数据和存储在EROM 4047中的程序数据。 [0299] More specifically, is the best general-purpose processor 4042, VLSI integrated circuit microprocessor shelf, which has overall control of the circuit in Fig. 55, but spend most of its time to decode the stored RAM4046 program data and image data stored in the EROM 4047. 另一方面,ASIC 4044最好是专用的VLSI集成电路, 例如可编程逻辑阵列或门阵列,其被编程为将其时间用来进行功能运行而不是解码图像数据,并因此使处理器4042从执行这些功能运行的负担中释放出来。 On the other hand, ASIC 4044 is preferably a dedicated VLSI integrated circuit, such as a programmable logic array or gate array, which is programmed to carry out its function of time and not run the decoded image data, and thus the processor 4042 from the execution These functions running load release.

[0300] 处理器4042和ASIC 4044之间的实际工作分工将自然地依赖于可获得的现货供应微处理器的类型、使用的图像传感器的类型、图像数据被成像组合4030输出的速率,等等。 [0300] ASIC processor 4042 and 4044 between the actual division of work will naturally depend on the type of available shelf microprocessor, the type of image sensor used, the image data is imaged combined 4030 output rate, etc. . 然而,在处理器4042和4044之间的工作分工,或者甚至根本上进行这样的分工,原则上是没有任何要求的。 However, the division of labor between the processor 4042 and 4044, or even make such a fundamental division of labor, in principle, there is no requirement. 这是因为如果通用处理器4042是足够快的并且做有能力执行本发明预期的所有功能,那么专用处理器4044可以被完全地去除。 This is because if a general purpose processor 4042 is fast enough and do have the ability to perform all the functions expected of the present invention, then a dedicated processor 4044 can be completely removed. 因此可以理解,所用处理器的数量和它们之间工作的分工都不在本发明目的基本重要性之中。 So you can understand, the use of the number of processors and the division of work between them are not in the object of the present invention being of fundamental importance.

[0301] 使用图55所示类型的处理器架构,处理器4042和4044之间的典型工作分工如下所述。 Of the type shown 55 [0301] Using FIG processor architecture, typical division of labor between processor 4042 and 4044 are described below. 处理器4042优选地主要专注于这样的任务,例如解码图像数据,这些数据已经被存储在RAM 4046中;根据光学符号识别(OCR)原理识别在被存储的图像数据中表示的字符; 处理菜单选择和再编程功能;处理从控制/数据输入单元1039接收的命令和数据,控制/ 数据输入单元1039可以包括象触发器1074和键盘1078这样的元件;以及提供整个系统级的协调。 Processor 4042 preferably primarily focused on such tasks, such as decoded image data that has been stored in the RAM 4046; the character based on optical character recognition (OCR) principles identified in the image data is stored in the representation; processing menu selection and re-programming; process from the control / data input unit 1039 receives commands and data, control / data input unit 1039 may include a keyboard 1078 and 1074 as a trigger such elements; and providing a level of coordination across the system.

[0302] 处理器4044最好主要专注于控制图像获取处理、A/D转换处理和图像数据存储, 包括经过DMA通道进入存储器4046和4047的能力。 [0302] Processor 4044 is mainly focused on the best control image acquisition processing, A / D conversion processing and image data storage, including the ability to memory 4046 and 4047 through a DMA channel. A/D转换处理可以包括将模拟信号转化为表示为8位(或灰度比例)数字量的数字信号。 A / D conversion processing may include analog signal into an 8-bit representation (or gray scale) digital digital signal. 随着A/D转换器技术提高,数字信号可以用超过8位来表示。 With the A / D converter technology improved, the digital signal can be represented by more than 8. 处理器4044也可以执行许多时序和通讯操作。 Processor 4044 can also perform many timing and communication operations. 例如,处理器4044 可以控制LED 4022的照明,图像传感器4032和模数(A/D)转换器4036的时序,通过包括I/O接口4037的RS-232、例如以太网或其他基于包通信技术的网络、例如USB的串行总线和/或无线通信链路(或其他)发送数据到阅读器4010外部的处理器及从阅读器4010外部的处理器接收数据。 For example, the processor 4044 can control LED lighting, image sensor 4032 and analog to digital (A / D) converter timing 4022 4036, by including I / O interfaces RS-232 4037, such as Ethernet or other packet-based communications technology networks such as USB serial bus and / or wireless communication link (or other) to send data to an external reader 4010 processor and processor receives data from the reader 4010 outside. 处理器4044也可以控制输出用户显而易见的数据到输出设备4038, 例如发声器、优质红色LED和/或可以由例如显示器4082的液晶显示器提供的显示监视器。 Processor 4044 can also control the output of user data to the output device obvious 4038, for example sounder, quality red LED and / or display such as a display 4082 may be made of a liquid crystal display monitor provided. 输出控制、显示和I/O功能也可以由处理器4042和4044之间分担,如建议的,通过总线驱动器I/O和输出/显示设备4037、和4038或许可以被重复,如建议的,通过微处理器串行I/O 口4042A和4042B和I/O和显示设备4037"、和4038"。 Output control, display and I / O functions can also be shared by the processor between 4042 and 4044, as suggested by bus driver I / O and output / display device 4037, and 4038 may be repeated, as suggested by Microprocessor serial I / O ports 4042A and 4042B, and I / O and display device 4037 ", and 4038." 正如先前解释的,这种特别的工作分工对本发明来说是并不重要的。 As previously explained, this particular division of labor for the present invention is not important.

[0303] 图56是表示用来操作具有包括反馈的可调聚焦系统的系统的处理的流程图1100,例如具有如在图53中所描述的部件的系统。 [0303] FIG. 56 is a flowchart 1100 for operating the process with adjustable focusing system includes a feedback system, such as system 53 having components as described in the. 该处理从步骤1110开始,其中产生捕捉图像的命令,例如通过用户按压触发器、或通过自动系统响应于特殊情况而发出捕捉图像命令,例如被感应的物体进入到成像位置。 The process starts at step 1110, where a capture image command, for example by the user pressing the trigger, or in special circumstances to issue a command to capture an image through an automated system response, such as the sensed object into the imaging position. 一旦在步骤1110捕捉到图像,图像聚焦被评估, 如步骤1120指示的。 1110 captured image, the image focus is evaluated once in steps, such as indicated in step 1120. 聚焦评估可以包括将图像质量与特殊标准或情况进行比较,例如在图像中的特征感觉边缘对比度的锐度,或其他标准。 Focus evaluation may include standard or special image quality were compared, for example, in the sense of edge features in the image contrast sharpness, or other criteria.

[0304] 另一种利用平面度量执行自动聚焦操作的处理过程包括下面的步骤: [0304] Another measure of the automatic focusing operation plane processing comprises utilizing the following steps:

[0305] 1、捕捉灰度比例图像(也就是用手持阅读器捕捉图像并且用至少2位分辨率、或至少4个离散值数字化该图像); [0305] 1, to capture gray scale image (ie, handheld readers to capture an image and resolution with at least two, or at least four discrete values of the digitized images);

[0306] 2、可选地采样该灰度比例图像(也就是从该图像中抽取一条线或一系列点,或可选地,如果它是包括相应于选择的编址像素的图像数据的被窗口化帧,那么被采样的图象就是被捕捉的图像); [0306] 2, alternatively sampling of the gray scale image (that is extracted from a line or a series of points in the image, or alternatively, if it includes the image data corresponding to the selected pixels are addressed windowed frame, then the sampled image is an image to be captured);

[0307] 3、通过描绘具有特殊灰度比例值的数据点事件的测量数目来创建柱状图,例如用X轴表示灰度比例值,而Y轴表示事件频率; [0307] 3, the number of measurements is depicted by the gray scale value of particular event data points to create a histogram, e.g., X-axis represents the gray scale value, and the Y axis represents the frequency of the event;

[0308] 4、处理该柱状图以提供平面测量作为输出; [0308] 4, the histogram processing to provide a flat measured as output;

[0309] 5、基于该平面测量确定聚焦级别(或聚焦质量);以及 [0309] 5, based on the plane measurements to determine the focus level (or focus quality); and

[0310] 6、在从该平面度量确定的聚焦质量小于预期时,改变聚焦并重复步骤1-5。 [0310] 6, when the focus quality metric determines the plane is less than expected, changing the focus and repeat steps 1-5.

[0311] 图像的所述平面是指在柱状中不同灰度级值分布的均衡度。 [0311] The plane image refers to the inequality in different gray level value column in distribution. 平面分布是在不同灰度级值的许多观察值具有很小变化。 Plane is a small change in the distribution of observed values in many different gray level values. 通常,聚焦差的图像将比聚焦好的图像更平坦,也就是说,将在整个灰度级值的范围内具有灰度级值相对平均的发生率。 Typically, the difference image is focused flatter than focusing good image, that is, having a relatively average gradation value in the range of incidence of the entire gradation value. 大体上,对于良好聚焦的图像的柱状图具有许多灰度级值高的像素、许多灰度级值低的像素、和许多灰度级值在中间的像素。 In general, for a well-focused image histogram having a plurality of pixel gray level value is high, a lot of low gradation pixel values, and a number of gray scale values of pixels in the middle. 对于各种类型图像历史信息的使用,例如条形码,包括根据查找表编码的信息, 或利用模糊逻辑原理提供的信息,是可预期的。 For all types of image history information, such as bar codes, including the information encoded according to a lookup table, or the use of fuzzy logic principle to provide information, it is to be expected.

[0312] 在步骤1130中,将所述聚焦评估的输出与可接受的标准进行比较,例如在特定数量像素上的特定数量清晰度(或对比度变化)。 [0312] In step 1130, the evaluation of the focused output with an acceptable standard for comparison, e.g., a specific number on a specific definition of the number of pixels (or contrast changes). 被数字化为更高数字分辨率(例如,使用由更大数据位定义的范围)的图像可以支持可接受聚焦的更精确的判断。 Digitized into higher digital resolution (for example, using the range defined by the larger data bits) can support an acceptable image focus more accurate judgments. 如果聚焦评估的结果是否定的,程序处理到步骤1140,在那里图53的透镜920的聚焦被修改。 If the focus evaluation result is negative, the processing procedure to step 1140, where the focusing lens 53 in FIG. 920 is modified. 在调整所述聚焦之后,程序的操作返回到步骤1110,并且捕获一个新的图像,接着评估。 After adjusting the focus, the procedure returns to step 1110, and capture a new image, followed by assessment. 当发现捕获的图像具有合适的聚焦,程序从步骤1130移到步骤1150,其中处理具有合适聚焦特性的图像, 并且得到用户或发布命令捕捉图像的仪器可以获得的结果,和/或将该结果存储在存储器中。 It was found that when a captured image having an appropriate focus, the program moves to step 1150 from step 1130, in which the processing image with proper focusing characteristics, and to give the user or issue orders to capture an image of the instrument can be obtained and / or the results are stored in memory. 可选地,如步骤1160所指示的,可以命令系统获得另一个图像然后返回到步骤1并且再次重复这个处理程序。 Alternatively, as indicated in step 1160, the system can command another image obtained then returns to step 1 and repeats this process again.

[0313] 图57是表示用来操作具有不包含反馈的可调聚焦系统的系统的程序流程图。 [0313] FIG. 57 is a diagram used to operate with non-adjustable focusing system comprises a feedback system program flow chart. 在步骤4210产生捕获图像的命令,例如通过用户按压触发器,或通过系统响应于特定条件自动地发布图像捕捉命令,例如感应到物体进入用以成像的位置。 4210 captured image generated command in step, for example by the user pressing the trigger, or automatically by the system in response to specific conditions published image capture command, such as induction into the objects into position for imaging. 在步骤4215中,用相应于第一条件,例如默认条件,的第一流体透镜控制信号驱动透镜920,例如使用被用在透镜920上致使透镜920以靠近聚焦位置7英寸的ql来操作的电压。 In step 4215, the first with the corresponding conditions, e.g., default conditions, first fluid lens control signal drives the lens 920, for example, be used on the lens so that the lens 920 to a voltage near the focus position of the 7-inch 920 operated ql . 在优选实施例中,离焦点7英寸的应用电压是0伏特。 In a preferred embodiment, the focus of seven inches from the application of voltage is 0 volts. 利用这种聚焦条件,在步骤4220捕获和处理一个图像。 With this focus condition, an image capture and processing in step 4220. 在步骤4225,检查从捕获的图像重新找回的信息以确定是否已经获得条形码的有效解码。 In step 4225, check from the captured image to retrieve the information to determine whether an effective decoded barcode. 如果解码是有效的,在步骤4260对报告的由被解码图像表示的信息和数据进行显示,并且程序停止,如步骤4270指示的。 If the decoding is effective, information and data reported by the step 4260 pairs decoded image representation in the display, and the program is stopped, as indicated in step 4270. 可以给出用来重复该程序的随后命令,当或许是需要的或有利的。 It can be given to repeat the subsequent command of the program, when perhaps needed or advantageous.

[0314] 如果在步骤4225确定了没有达到良好的解码,程序继续到步骤4230,在那里将被应用到透镜920的所述流体透镜控制信号调节到第一可选值,例如导致透镜920以靠近聚焦位置30cm的q2来聚焦的电压。 [0314] If 4225 is determined not achieve good decoding, the program proceeds to step 4230, where it will be applied to the fluid lens lens 920 a control signal is adjusted to a value in the first optional step, for example, result in the lens 920 to close focus position of 30cm q2 to focus voltage. 利用这种聚焦条件,在步骤4235捕获和处理一个图像。 With this focus condition, an image capture and processing in step 4235. 在步骤4240,检查从捕获的图像重新找回的信息以确定是否已经获得条形码的有效解码。 In step 4240, check from the captured image to retrieve the information to determine whether an effective decoded barcode. 如果解码是有效的,在步骤4260对报告的由被解码图像表示的信息和数据进行显示,并且程序停止,如步骤4270所指示的。 If the decoding is effective, information and data reported by the step 4260 pairs decoded image representation in the display, and the program is stopped, as indicated in step 4270.

[0315] 如果在步骤4240确定了没有达到良好的解码,程序继续到步骤4245,在那里将被应用到透镜920的所述流体透镜控制信号调节到第一可选值,例如导致透镜920以靠近聚焦位置IOOcm的q3来聚焦的电压。 [0315] If 4240 is determined not achieve good decoding, the program proceeds to step 4245, where it will be applied to the fluid lens lens 920 a control signal is adjusted to a value in the first optional step, for example, result in the lens 920 to close IOOcm focus position of the focusing voltage to q3. 利用这种聚焦条件,在步骤4250捕获和处理一个图像。 With this focus condition, an image capture and processing in step 4250. 在步骤4255,检查从捕获的图像重新找回的信息以确定是否已经获得条形码的有效解码。 In step 4255, check from the captured image to retrieve the information to determine whether an effective decoded barcode. 如果解码是有效的,在步骤4260对报告的由被解码图像表示的信息和数据进行显示,并且程序停止,如步骤4270指示的。 If the decoding is effective, information and data reported by the step 4260 pairs decoded image representation in the display, and the program is stopped, as indicated in step 4270. 如果条形码的有效解码仍然没有被完成,程序返回到步骤4215,并且重复该程序以尝试识别有效的条形码值。 If a valid decode the barcode is still not completed, the program returns to step 4215, and repeats the process in an attempt to identify valid barcode value. 在其他实施例中,在特定或预定数目迭代循环已经发生而又没有成功的输出时之后,或在特定或预定的时间之后,可以通过管理控制设备终止该程序,其在一些实施例中可以根据计算机程序操作。 In other embodiments, after a certain time or a predetermined number of iterations of the loop but did not succeed output has occurred, or after a specific or predetermined time, you can terminate the program by management control device in some embodiments according to Computer program operation. 可选地如果所述触发器被释放,所述程序可以停止。 Alternatively, if the trigger is released, the program can be stopped. 虽然描述在图57中的程序使用了三个离散条件来驱动透镜920以搜索合适的聚焦条件,对用户来说作为该程序的部分,超过或少于三个预定驱动条件是可能的。 Although the description of the program in Figure 57 uses three discrete condition to drive the lens 920 to search for an appropriate focusing conditions, the user, as part of this program, more or less than three predetermined driving condition is possible. 例如,我们可以定义程序,其中焦距以预定的距离或预定的百分比变化。 For example, we can define a program, in which the percentage change in the focal length by a predetermined distance or predetermined. 可选地,我们可以定义程序,其中所述调节是基于在是否所捕获的图像是聚焦(或上文描述的) 的评估中获得的信息或从被解码信息的质量(例如,所述信息是否完全被断章取义或被不正确地格式化,或者是接近有效的)确定的数量。 Alternatively, we can define the program, wherein the adjustment is based on whether the captured image is focused assessment information (or described above) or obtained from the decoded quality information (e.g., whether the information completely out of context or incorrectly formatted, or is close to the effective) amount identified. 通常,可以获得特定距离到绝对精确度(例如,不可以将30cm的距离测量为30. OOOcm的精确度,而仅仅是精确到分米十分之一的30cm)。 Typically, you can get a certain distance to an absolute accuracy (e.g., not the distance measurement is 30cm 30. OOOcm accuracy, but only to the nearest tenth of dm 30cm). 但是更确切地说试验是这样的,所述透镜充分地操作在确定的距离。 However, such tests are more specifically, the lens operation sufficiently determined distance. 在实验室,可以为实验设置精确距离,但是在实际应用中,距离的测量不如在实验室中那么精确。 In the laboratory, we can set the exact distance to experiment, but in practice, measuring the distance is not as accurate as in the laboratory.

[0316] 流体透镜可以具有误差,例如球面误差和/或色差。 [0316] fluid lens may have an error, such as spherical errors and / or color. 在本发明的聚焦模块中,可以使用附加透镜,例如正透镜或负透镜,来与例如透镜920的所述聚焦模块连接以校正球面的、颜色的、或更高状态的误差。 In the focusing module of the present invention, an additional lens can be used, e.g., a positive lens or a negative lens, connected for example to correct the spherical lens focusing module 920, or higher color error state. 在一些实施例中,可以选择所述附加透镜的结构材料以便补偿由所述流体透镜引入的光学不完整性或误差。 In some embodiments, the additional lens can be selected to compensate for the introduction of structural material by the fluid lens optical imperfections or errors.

[0317] 图60和61是应用本发明特征的手持阅读器的图。 [0317] FIG. 60 and 61 is the application of the invention features a hand-held reader of FIG. 图60表示包含具有实质上的线性形状的外壳的手持阅读器4500。 Figure 60 shows a linear shape substantially comprises a housing 4500 handheld readers. 手持阅读器4500包含关于图55已经描述的电路,包括数据处理能力和存储器。 Hand-held reader 4500 contains circuitry has been described with respect to FIG. 55, including data processing power and memory. 手持阅读器4500包含输入设备4510,例如给用户使用的键盘、其也可以被作为触发器4534以允许用户提供触发信号的一个或多个按钮。 Hand-held reader 4500 includes an input device 4510, for example, a user using a keyboard, which may also be used as a trigger 4534 to allow the user to provide a trigger signal to one or more buttons. 手持阅读器4500 包含输出设备4512,例如用来提供信息给用户的显示器。 Hand-held reader 4500 contains the output device 4512, for example, to provide information to the user's monitor. 在一些实施例中,显示器4512包含触摸屏用来允许用户响应显示在显示器4512上的提示,或使用任意图标或图形符号输入信息或命令,模拟键盘或键盘,或通过识别手写信息作出回应。 In some embodiments, the display 4512 contains a touch screen to allow users to display on the display 4512 in response to prompts, or by using any of the icons or graphic symbols to enter information or commands, simulate keyboard or keyboard, or to respond by recognizing handwritten information. 手持阅读器4500也可以包含其能够显示信息作为输出或接收信息作为输入的触摸盘或触摸屏,例如显示一个或多个图标给用户,以及接收由于用户用手指或用铁笔4508触摸触摸盘或触摸屏而对其中一个图标的激活。 Handheld reader 4500 may also be included which is capable of displaying information as output or receive information as input touch pad or touch screen, for example, displays one or more icons to the user, and to receive due to the user with a finger or with a stylus 4508 the touch pad or the touch screen on one of the icons of the activation. 手持阅读器4500也包含条形码图像引擎4514,其包括流体透镜。 4500 handheld reader also contains barcode engine 4514, which includes a fluid lens. 图像引擎4514获得用手持阅读器4500读取的感兴趣物体的图像。 Image engine 4514 to obtain an image of the object of interest with a handheld reader 4500 reads. 所述流体透镜提供调节焦距的能力并且调节图像引擎4514的光轴,如在这里更详细描述的。 Provide the ability to regulate the fluid lens focal length and adjust the image engine axis 4514, as described in greater detail herein. 手持阅读器4500也包含卡阅读器4520,其在各种实施例中被配置为用来读取被编码在例如被设置在信用卡上的磁条上的卡位置信息,以及编码在例如发现在PC、PCMCIA或智能卡内的半导体存储器里的信息。 4500 handheld reader also includes a card reader 4520, which in various embodiments are configured to read the position information is encoded on the card such as a magnetic stripe on credit cards is provided, as well as encoding such as those found in PC , semiconductor memory PCMCIA or smart card inside inside information. 手持阅读器4500也包含无线通信设备4530,例如无线收发器和/或红外收发器,用来与远程基站、基于计算机的数据处理系统、第二手持阅读器4500、或例如PDA设备通信。 4500 handheld reader also includes a wireless communication device 4530, such as a wireless transceiver and / or an infrared transceiver for computer-based data processing system, second hand-held reader 4500, or such as PDA devices communicate with a remote base station. 手持阅读器4500也包含用来与RFID标签通信的RFID收发器4532。 4500 handheld reader also includes a transceiver for RFID tags communicate with RFID 4532. 如在这里使用的,术语"RFID标签”被用来表示无线电频率识别标签,不管是被激活或没被激活的,也不管是根据标准通信协议操作还是根据专用通信协议操作的。 As used herein, the term "RFID tag" is used to denote a radio frequency identification tag, whether activated or not activated, it is still operating according to whether a dedicated communication protocol in accordance with standard communication protocol operation. 可以编程RFID收发器以广泛地根据多种通信协议进行操作。 RFID transceiver can be programmed to operate according to a wide variety of communication protocols. 图60也描述了卡4540,其在不同的实施例中包括编码在至少一个磁条、半导体存储器、智能卡和RFID标签上的信息。 Figure 60 also describes the card 4540, which includes at least one encoded information on the magnetic stripe, a semiconductor memory, smart cards and RFID tags in various embodiments. 可以从Skaneateles Falls, NY的Hand Held Products有限公司获得的PDT9500是的手持阅读器4500的一个实例,在其中可以使用这种流体透镜系统。 From Skaneateles Falls, PDT9500 NY's Hand Held Products Co., Ltd. received is an example of hand-held reader 4500, in which you can use such a fluid lens system. 在一个实施例中,可以用Micron图像传感器实现所述CMOS图像阵列,例如来自于8000 South Federal Way, Post Office Box 6,Boise, ID 83707-0006 的Micron技术有限公司的Wide VGA MT9V022图像传感器。 In one embodiment, the image sensor may be used to achieve the Micron CMOS image array, e.g., from a 8000 South Federal Way, Post Office Box 6, Boise, ID 83707-0006 of Micron Technology Limited Wide VGA MT9V022 image sensor. 具有全部帧快门的MT9V022图像传感器更详细地被描述在可以从Micron技术(www. micron, com)获得的产品MT9V099的产品传单上,例如在http//download. micron, com/pdf/fIyers/mt9v022_(mi-0350)_fIyer.pdf 巾。 MT9V022 image sensor with full frame shutter is described in more detail on available from Micron Technology (www. Micron, com) product MT9V099 product leaflets, for example, http // download. Micron, com / pdf / fIyers / mt9v022_ (mi-0350) _fIyer.pdf towel. 胃以HC Media, 5201 Great America Pkwy, Suite 422, Santa Clara, CA 95054 获得的The ICM 105T CMOS改进型成像器也可以被使用。 Stomach with HC Media, 5201 Great America Pkwy, Suite 422, Santa Clara, CA 95054 get The ICM 105T CMOS imager modification may also be used. 该成像器被显示在网页http// www. ic-media. com/products/view. cfm9product = ICM% 2D105T。 The imager is displayed on the website http // www. Ic-media. Com / products / view. Cfm9product = ICM% 2D105T. 这种成像器使用旋转快门。 This imaging uses a rotating shutter. 虽然引用的这两个成像器都是逐行扫描成像器,但是在本领域已经知道,隔行扫描成像器也将很好地在这些系统中起作用。 Although references to these two imagers are progressive scan imagers, but has been known in the art, interlaced scanning imager will also work well in these systems.

[0318] 图61表示手持阅读器4550的另一个实施例,其包含关于手持阅读器4500列举的部件,特别包括输入4510、输出4512、图像引擎和流体透镜4514、卡阅读器4520、无线4530 和RFID收发器4532。 Another [0318] FIG. 61 shows a hand-held reader 4550 examples, which contains information about the hand-held reader 4500 listed components, including in particular input 4510, output 4512, 4514 image engine and a fluid lens, a card reader 4520, 4530 and wireless RFID transceiver 4532. 手持阅读器4550包含如关于图55已经描述的电路,包括数据处理能力和存储器。 Hand-held reader 4550 contains circuit has been described with respect to FIG. 55, including data processing power and memory. 对于手持阅读器4550,外壳4560包含一个“手枪式握把”或相对于阅读器4550的所述图像引擎和流体透镜的光轴成大体上接近90度的角度布置的一个部分。 For hand-held reader 4550, the housing 4560 includes a "pistol grip" or with respect to the optical axis of the image reader 4550 engine and a fluid lens angle of 90 degrees to substantially close a part of the arrangement. 手持阅读器4550也包含触发器4534,例如安装在阅读器4550的手枪式握把部分,并且被定位以便被用户的手指方便操作。 4550 handheld reader also includes a trigger 4534, for example, installed in the reader section 4550 of the pistol grip, and is positioned so as to be easy to operate user's finger. 手持阅读器4550也包括电缆或电线4570用来通过电线与基站、基于计算机的数据处理系统、或销售系统的一个点进行通信。 4550 handheld reader also includes a cable or wire is used by the wire and the base station 4570, based on a point system, computer data processing, or marketing systems to communicate. 可选地阅读器4550可以以内部无线电(未示出)装置与基站通信。 Alternatively, the reader 4550 may be internal radio (not shown) means for communicating with a base station. 在其中可以应用这种流体透镜的阅读器4550 的实例是包含2D图像传感器阵列的IT 4600,和包含ID图像传感器阵列的IT 5600,它们都可以从Skaneateles Falls, NY的Hand Held产品有限公司获得。 In which you can apply this fluid lens reader instance 4550 is to include IT 2D image sensor array 4600, and contain IT 5600 ID image sensor array, they are available from Skaneateles Falls, NY The Hand Held Products Ltd. obtained.

[0319] 在一些实施例中,手持阅读器4500和1550被在配置固定位置,例如被可移动地安装在具有被控制方向的支架上,其可以是固定的支架也可以是可以被重新确定方向的支架。 [0319] In some embodiments, the handheld reader 4500 and 1550 are configured in a fixed position, for example, it is movably mounted on the bracket having a controlled direction, which may be fixed bracket may be may be reoriented bracket. 这种应用的实例是在商业布置中,例如在销售点、在例如办公室建筑或大商店的建筑物的入口或出口、或在例如学校或法院的政府建筑内。 Examples of such applications are in the business arrangement, for example, at point of sale, for example, inlet or outlet stores office buildings or large buildings, for example, in government buildings or schools or courts. 可以使用本发明的所述手持阅读器来确认任意具有包括条形码、磁条、RFID标签和半导体存储器中一个或多个标示符的物体。 The present invention may be used to identify any handheld readers have include bar codes, magnetic stripe, RFID tags, and semiconductor memory of one or more object identifiers.

[0320] 在一些实施例中,可以配置手持阅读器4500和4550被配置为操作在“解码模式” 或“图像获取”模式之一。 [0320] In some embodiments, a handheld reader can be configured to 4500 and 4550 is configured to operate "decoding mode" in one mode or the "image capture." 可以配置手持阅读器4500和4550以便所述解码模式和图像获取模式是用户可选择的。 You can configure the hand-held reader 4500 and 4550 so that the decoding mode and image acquisition mode is user selectable. 例如,可以配置所述阅读器为包括图形用户界面(GUI),例如在触摸盘或键盘上,其都是如在图60和61中描述的使用户能够在所述解码模式和所述图像获取模式之间选择的输入和输出设备。 For example, you can configure the reader to include a graphical user interface (GUI), for example, on the touch pad or keyboard, which are as allowing users in Figures 60 and 61 described can get in the decoding mode and the image Choose between modes of input and output devices. 在一个实施例中,通过点击显示在例如图60的显示器4512的显示器上的图标选择所述解码模式,从而将所述阅读器默认配置为解码模式。 In one embodiment, for example, by clicking on the icon displayed on the display monitor 60 of 4512 on the selection of the decoding mode, so the reader is configured by default decode mode. 可选地,可以通过从远程设备通信来设置操作模式(解码模式或图像获取模式),或在初始激活时作为启动顺序一部分的默认。 Alternatively, you can communicate from a remote device to set the operating mode (decoding mode or image capturing mode), or during the initial activation as part of the default startup sequence. 因此,在触发器4534的下一次(随后的)激活产生触发信号时,配置所述阅读器以操作在所述解码模式。 Accordingly, when the lower trigger 4534 a (subsequent) generates a trigger signal to activate, the reader configured to operate in said decoding mode. 在所述解码模式,手持阅读器4500和4550 响应于捕获图像的触发器信号的产生,利用一个或多个条形码解码算法解码所述图像并输出解码输出信息。 In the decoding mode, handheld readers produced in 4500 and 4550 in response to a trigger signal to capture images, the use of bar code decoding algorithm for decoding the image of one or more and outputs the decoded output. 可以将所述解码输出信息输出给例如一个或多个存储器、显示器4512或给远程设备,例如通过无线电通信或通过有线通信。 Information can be output to the decoded output such as one or more memory, or to a remote device 4512 displays, for example, by radio or by wired communication.

[0321] 在一个实施例中,通过点击图标(其可以是波动开关)选择所述“图像获取模式”。 [0321] In one embodiment, (which may be rocker switch) selects the "image acquisition mode" by clicking on the icon. 可选地手持阅读器4500和4550被配置在“图像获取模式”作为默认模式。 Alternatively handheld readers 4500 and 4550 are configured in the "image acquisition mode" as the default mode. 因此,在触发器4534的下一次(随后的)激活产生触发信号时,配置手持阅读器4500和4550以操作在所述“图像获取模式”。 Therefore, in 4534 under the trigger once (subsequent) generates a trigger signal to activate, configure handheld readers 4500 and 4550 to operate in the "image acquisition mode." 手持阅读器4500和4550响应于捕获图像的触发器信号的产生,输出图像到一个或多个存储器、到显示器4512或到远程设备。 Handheld readers 4500 and 4550 in response to the generated output image captured image trigger signal to one or more of memory, to display 4512 or to a remote device.

[0322] 可以配置手持阅读器4500和4550以便当选择了所述图像获取模式,手持阅读器4500和4550避免尝试解码捕获的图像。 [0322] You can configure the hand-held reader 4500 and 4550 so that when the image acquisition mode is selected, hand-held reader 4500 and 4550 to avoid attempts to decode the captured image. 可以理解在响应于接收触发信号捕捉用于解码的图像处理中,手持阅读器4500和4550可以捕捉多个“测试”帧,为了应用在创建成像参数(例如曝光、增益、聚焦、变焦),这些可以是如上述讨论的全部帧或仅仅一部分帧,并且在解码尝试不包含可解码的符号表示之后,可以丢弃确定的帧。 Can be understood in response to receiving a trigger signal for decoding the image capture process, the handheld reader 4500 and 4550 can capture multiple "test" frame, in order to apply in the creation of imaging parameters (such as exposure, gain, focus, zoom), these As may be only a part of the entire frame or frames discussed above, and then attempt to decode a decodable symbol does not contain said determined frame may be dropped. 同样地,在图像获取模式中响应于接收触发信号用于图像输出的图像处理中,手持阅读器4500和4550可以捕捉测试帧, 为了应用在创建成像参数,这些可以是如上述讨论的全部帧或仅仅一部分帧,并且可以丢弃被确认为不适合于输出的图像。 Similarly, in the image acquisition mode in response to receiving a trigger signal for the image processing of the image output, handheld readers 4500 and 4550 can capture test frame, for use in creating imaging parameters, which may be all frames as discussed above, or only a portion of the frame, and may be discarded as unsuitable for confirmation image output. 也可以理解在所述“图像获取模式”中,捕获的图像可以被存档用于随后的分析,包括可以存在与所述图像中的条形码或其他编码标记的解码,例如为了保险起见用来提供在从卖主那里出货时包裹情况的证据(如果该包裹被安全送达, 那个图像可以不被解码)。 Also be understood that the "image acquisition mode", the captured image can be archived for subsequent analysis, including the presence of the bar code can be decoded in the image or other encoded indicia, e.g., in order to provide safe evidence from the parcel shipping situation where the seller (if the package is security service, the image can not be decoded). 相似类型的其他实例可以是装载卡车的照片,例如使用牌照、装载卡车的牌照的身份号码或相似指示是这个照片的主要内容,可选地包括日期和时间,和可能的能够被与图像一起存储的其他信息,例如拍照者的身份(例如姓名、雇员号、或其他个人标识)。 Other examples of similar type can be loaded truck photos, for example, a license, a license to load the truck identification number or similar indication is the main content of the picture, optionally including the date and time, and possibly be able to be stored along with the image For additional information, such as the photographer's identity (such as name, employee number, or other personal identification).

[0323] 在可选的实施例中,手持阅读器4500和4550显示多个图标(至少一个用于解码模式以及一个用于图像获取模式),其中图标的激活将手持阅读器4500和4550配置为操作在被选的操作模式(解码或图像获取),并且导致自动地产生触发信号以开始捕获/解码(解码模式)或图像捕获/输出图像处理(图像获取模式)。 [0323] In an alternative embodiment, the hand-held reader 4500 and 4550 show a plurality of icons (at least one for the decoding mode and one for image acquisition mode) in which the activation of the icon 4500 and 4550 handheld readers configured operating in the selected operating mode (or decoded image acquisition), and leads to automatically generate a trigger signal to start capturing / decoding (decode mode) or the image capture / output image processing (image acquisition mode). 因此,在该可选的实施例中, 在图标被激活后,不需要激活触发器4534来开始图像捕捉。 Thus, in this alternative embodiment, after the icon is activated, you do not need to activate the trigger 4534 to start the image capture.

[0324] 图62是与计算机通信的本发明手持阅读器的图4600。 [0324] FIG. 62 is a handheld computer communication of the present invention, the reader of figure 4600. 在图62中,上文描述的类型的手持阅读器4550通过电缆4570的方式连接到计算机4610,其在该实施例中被描述为膝上型计算机或笔记本计算机。 In Figure 62, the type of hand-held reader 4550 described above is connected to the computer via a cable 4570 4610 way, which in this embodiment is described as a laptop or notebook computer. 计算机4610包含普通的计算机部件,包括输入4612, 其可以包括键盘、键区和例如鼠标4608的点击设备,由用户使用的输出4614,例如显示屏, 记录在一个或多个机器就读写媒介的软件4630。 Computer 4610 contains a general computer components, including input 4612, which may include a keyboard, a keypad and a pointing device such as a mouse 4608, output 4614 used by the user, such as displays, recorded in one or more machines on media literacy Software 4630. 在计算机4610上运行的软件的实例是程序4632,其在计算机4610的显示器4614上提供快速浏览所述图像,如同“参见”手持阅读器4550的所述图像引擎和流体透镜,以及例如提供在机器可读媒介(未示出)的交互程序4634,其允许用户控制应用到所述流体透镜的信号(例如电压或电势)并且观察其中所述流体透镜的反应,例如当所述流体透镜控制信号改变时,作为图形表示,或作为由所述阅读器读取的一个或多个图像表示。 4610 instance on a computer running the software is programmed to 4632, which provides the computer's monitor 4614 4610 quickly browse the images, like "see" the image engine handheld readers and a fluid lens 4550, and the example provided in the machine readable medium (not shown) 4634 interactive program that allows users to control signal applied to the fluid lens (such as voltage or potential) and observe where the reaction of the fluid lens, for example when the fluid lens control signal changes When, as a graphic representation, or as one or more images by the reader reads the representation. 在图62中,也显示了多个测试目标1620、1622、1624,其在一些实施例中是遵照如在美国空军(USAF) 1951年目标(或1951USAF决议案目标)已知的测试目标的光学测试目标,其被显示和描述在网页http//WWW. sinepatterns. com/USA. Fjabels.htm上,并且商业上被1951 USAF目标和许多其他类型目标和可视模型的制造商SINEPATTERNS LLC, 1653 East Mam Street,Rochester,NY 14609 以各种形式提供,如进一步由在网页http// www. sinepatterns. com/i_Stdrds. htm 上指不白勺。 In Figure 62, also shows a plurality of test targets 1620,1622,1624, as it is in compliance with the US Air Force (USAF) 1951 target (or 1951USAF resolution target) known test target optical In some embodiments, test objective, which is shown and described in the website http // WWW. sinepatterns. com / USA. On Fjabels.htm, and commercially by the manufacturer 1951 USAF goals and objectives, and many other types of visual model of SINEPATTERNS LLC, 1653 East Mam Street, Rochester, NY 14609 available in various forms, such as further defined by the website http // www. sinepatterns. com / i_Stdrds. htm on the finger is not white spoon.

[0325] 在图62中描述的实例显示出在相对于手持阅读器4550的三个距离或位置的每一个上的目标。 [0325] In the example described in Figure 62 shows that for every three distances a handheld reader or position on the 4550 target. 在一个实施例中,这三个目标沿着单个光轴离散地以不同的距离排放。 In one embodiment, these three goals discretely different emission along a single optical axis distance. 在另一个实施例中,这三个目标1620、1622、1624沿着相对于手持阅读器4550的不同光轴以相同的距离排放。 In another embodiment, these three goals 1620,1622,1624 along different with respect to the optical axis 4550 handheld readers at the same distance from the discharge. 在一些实施例中,手持阅读器4550与这些目标之间的距离是不同的,以及从手持阅读器4550到所述这些目标的光轴也是不同的。 In some embodiments, the hand-held reader 4550 and the distance between these objectives are different, and from the optical axis of these goals to the 4550 handheld reader is different. 每个目标1620、1622、1624代表一个物体,例如已知的具有定义几何尺寸的测试模型,其是手持阅读器4550能够成像的。 Each target 1620,1622,1624 represents an object, such as a known test model with a defined geometry, which is a hand-held reader 4550 can be imaged. 通过控制在手持阅读器4550内的所述流体透镜的行动,通过记录观察到的控制信号(例如电压或重要电势)标定所述流体透镜的操作是可能的,需要获得的控制信号是接受的(例如, 在可接受图像质量范围内的图像、或能够被正确地解码以找回其中被编码的信息的图像)、 并且优选地是最佳的所述目标在每个定位或位置的图像所必需的。 By controlling in the hand-held reader 4550 action of the fluid lens, observed through a recording control signal (such as voltage or significant potential) calibration operation of the fluid lens is possible, the control signal is required to obtain acceptable ( For example, within an acceptable range of image quality of the image, or can be correctly decoded to retrieve the information which has been encoded in the image), and preferably is the best image of the target is necessary in each position or location a.

[0326] 图63是用来校准应用本发明特征的装置的校准程序的流程图1700。 Flowchart [0326] FIG. 63 is used to calibrate the application of the invention features a device calibration procedure 1700. 在图63中, 所述校准被初始化,如在步骤1705显示的,通过初始化该系统,包括执行所有上电序列测试以确保该系统部件正确运转。 In Figure 63, the calibration is initialized, as shown in step 1705, by initializing the system, including the implementation of all the power-up sequence tests to ensure the correct operation of the system components. 在步骤1710,将具有图案或编码符号的测试目标放置在第一测试位置。 In step 1710, a test target having a pattern or coded symbols placed in the first test position. 当在第一测试位置,所述目标将大体上在相对于包含流体透镜的所述手持阅读器的确定距离和方向。 When the first test position, the target will generally contain a fluid lens with respect to the hand-held reader to determine the distance and direction. 在步骤1715,调节所述流体透镜控制信号(其在一些实施例中是电压)以便为所述目标获得可接受的、并且优选是最佳的聚焦条件。 In step 1715, the control signal adjusting the fluid lens (which is the voltage in some embodiments) the target so as to achieve an acceptable, and preferably is the best focusing condition. 在步骤1720,为了进一步的使用,将所述目标的距离和方向和所述流体透镜控制信号参数(例如电压的大小和符号、所述信号的时序特征,例如脉冲持续时间、转换时间和重复率)记录在非易失性存储器中,例如在表中。 In step 1720, in order to further the use, the distance and direction of the target and the fluid lens control signal parameters (such as timing characteristics of voltage magnitude and sign of the signal, such as pulse duration, the conversion time and repetition rate ) recorded in the nonvolatile memory, such as in the table.

[0327] 我们可以反复地重复把所述目标定位在新的位置和方向的处理步骤,控制应用到所述流体透镜的所述流体透镜控制信号以获得满意的、并且优选是最佳的聚焦,并且在存储器中记录下关于目校准位和方向的信息和所述流体透镜控制信号参数,以便提供一套更完成更详细的校准参数。 [0327] and we iteratively repeat the process steps in targeting the new position and orientation, the control fluid is applied to the lens of the fluid lens control signal to obtain a satisfactory, and preferably the best focus, and record the position and orientation with respect to the alignment head and the fluid lens control information signal parameters, in order to provide a more complete and more detailed calibration parameters in the memory. 重复次数仅由我们期望延长执校准步骤的时间和努力的数量、以及可用来记录观察到的所述校准参数的存储器的数量所限制。 We only expect the number of repetitions to perform a calibration procedure to extend the number of time and effort, and the number can be used to record the calibration parameters observed limited memory. 在图62呈现的实例中,根据图63的流程图的校准将包括执行如被针对所述目标在三个不同位置的步骤1710、1715和1720所描述的校准步骤。 In the example presented in FIG. 62, according to the flowchart of FIG. 63 calibration will include the implementation step as being in three different positions of the calibration procedure described 1710,1715 and 1720 against the target. 当通过使用所述校准信息作为用于操作在如参考图56所描述的闭环模式下的初始设置,或作为用于在一个如参考图57所描述的开环模式下离散点操作的固定操作条件,来操作相应成像器(或在一些实施例中,相似类型的另一个成像器)时, 可以使用在校准测试中获得的信息。 By using the calibration information when used as the initial setting for operating in closed loop mode as described with reference to FIG. 56, or as a condition for securing operating in an open loop mode as described with reference to FIG. 57, the operation of discrete points When the operation corresponding to the imager (or, in some embodiments, other similar types of imager), you can use the information obtained in the calibration test.

[0328] 图64是表示用于多个示例性手持阅读器的校准曲线的图1800。 [0328] FIG. 64 shows a plurality of exemplary handheld readers of the calibration curve in Figure 1800. 在图64中,水平轴1802表示流体透镜控制信号参数,例如电压,而垂直轴1804表示所述流体透镜的光学性能,例如光学放大率光学放大率。 In FIG. 64, the horizontal axis 1802 represents the fluid lens control signal parameters, such as voltage, and the vertical axis 1804 represents the fluid lens optical properties, e.g., the optical magnification of the optical magnification. 它也可以表示流体透镜相应于它的操作的其他光学性能, 例如焦距、f数、和与默认光轴的偏移(其中默认光轴可以被考虑为表示相对高度的零度或方位的零度)。 It can also represent other fluid lens corresponding to the optical properties of its operations, such as the focal length, f number, and the default offset of the optical axis (optical axis which can be considered as the default represents zero or a relatively high degree of orientation of zero degrees). 在图64中,显示了三条曲线1810、1812、1814,每条曲线表示特别流体透镜对应用的流体透镜控制信号(例如电压)的响应(例如光学放大率)。 In Figure 64, shows three curves 1810,1812,1814, each curve represents the application of special fluid lens fluid lens control signal (eg voltage) response (such as optical magnification). 如在图64中所见的, 曲线1810,表示第一流体透镜的运行,在应用电压Vl 1830时达到光学放大率P 1820。 As seen in Fig. 64, curve 1810 represents the first run of the fluid lens, the application voltage Vl 1830 reaches the optical magnification P 1820. 然而,其他流体透镜可以轻不同地运行,以便由曲线1812表示的第二流体透镜在稍微大的电压V2 1832时获得光学放大率P,以及由曲线1814表示的第三流体透镜在更大的电压V3 1834时获得光学放大率P。 However, other fluid lens can run different light, so that the second fluid lens represented by curve 1812 in greater voltage optical power P, and the third fluid lens by curve 1814 represented slightly when a large voltage V2 1832 V3 1834 obtaining optical power P. 另外,我们可以从图64中的信息抽取在被应用到所述第一流体透镜和所述第二流体透镜以获得相同光学放大率P的所述流体透镜控制信号之间的关系, 例如为了操作两个手持阅读器在充分相似的条件下,或为了操作同时使用两个流体透镜的两用阅读器或其他设备,例如以产生目标的立体感视图。 In addition, we can extract the information from the FIG. 64 being applied to the first fluid and the second fluid lens to obtain a lens the same as the fluid lens optical power P of the control relationship between the signals, e.g., in order to operate Two handheld readers under substantially similar conditions, or to operate simultaneously with two fluid lens of dual-use reader or other device, such as to produce a three-dimensional view of the target. 在功率P,在驱动电压方面在所述第一透镜和所述第二透镜之间存在由V2-V1给出的差值,其中该差值具有由V2-V1的绝对值给出幅度以及符号,如果在幅度上V2大于Vl其符号是正的,幅度上Vl大于V2其符号是负的,如果V2 = Vl其符号是零。 Power P, in terms of the presence of the driving voltage V2-V1 is given by the difference between the first lens and the second lens, wherein the difference V2-V1 having a given amplitude, and the absolute value symbol If the magnitude is greater than Vl V2 its sign is positive, the amplitude Vl V2 which is greater than the negative sign, if V2 = Vl its symbol is zero. 在操作中为了在所述第一和第二流体透镜都获得光学放大率,我们可以提供等于Vl的流体透镜控制信号给所述第一和第而流体透镜,并且等于V2-V1的符号差值的差分信号给所述第二流体透镜。 In operation for the first and second fluids are given optical magnification lens, we can provide equal Vl fluid lens control signals to said first and second and the fluid lens, and is equal to the sign of the difference V2-V1 The differential signal to the second fluid lens. 可选地,我们可以用两个电源,它们各自提供信号Vl和V2给所述第一和第二流体透镜。 Alternatively, we can use two power supplies, each of which provides a signal Vl and V2 to the first and second fluid lens. 当用来操作所述流体透镜所需要的光学放大率变化,所述流体透镜控制信号也变化,并且可以从图64的合适曲线推导出来或读出来。 When the optical magnification change to the operation of the fluid lens needed, the fluid lens control signals change, and can be derived from the curve in Figure 64 fit out or read out. 由于基本上我们不测量流体透镜或其他设备在一个范围内的所有可能点的参数值,也可以通过测量离散数量对的光参数和相关流体透镜控制信号来获得例如1810的曲线,并且对所述数据拟合曲线,或者在相邻点插值,同样地可以方便地准备出合适的校准曲线。 Because basically we do not measure the fluid lens or other equipment all parameter values may point in a range to be measured by the number of discrete optical parameters and associated fluid lens control signal to obtain a curve such as 1810, and to the data curve fitting, interpolation or adjacent points, the same way you can easily prepare a suitable calibration curve. 在一些实例中,每个流体透镜模块仅有单个校准点可以被获得。 In some examples, the fluid in each lens module is only a single calibration point may be obtained. 胜于为不同流体透镜创建曲线,我们可以在不同的温度测量同一个流体透镜。 Create different curve than the fluid lens, we can measure the fluid with a lens at different temperatures. 随后在各种温度下可以确定合适的操作点。 You can then determine the appropriate operating point at various temperatures. 可以通过外插或内插、通过合适的曲线拟合关系、或以方程式的形式通过推导运行的表示来确定其他的点。 By extrapolation or interpolation, curve fitting relationship by a suitable, or in the form of equations represented by deriving run to determine the other points.

[0329] 图65是表示适于和手持阅读器一起使用的电源1900的实施例的图。 [0329] FIG. 65 is a diagram showing an embodiment adapted for use with handheld readers Power 1900. 一般,流体透镜的第一状态电等效电路是简单的电容。 In general, the first state of the fluid lens electrical equivalent circuit is simple capacitor. 在图65中,在一个实施例中负载1910对于电源1920基本上表示为容性负载。 In Figure 65, in one embodiment, the power load 1910 1920 basically represented as capacitive loads. 因为所述负载是容性的,网络功率消耗基本上是很小的。 Because the load is capacitive, the network is substantially small power consumption. 图65的电源1920是一种可能的实施例,其首先在高层面被描述这个电源的输出可以被用作在图58所示的包含开关4310、4312、4314和4316的转换器的输入。 65 Power 1920 is a possible embodiment, the first high-level are described in this output power can be used as shown in Fig. 58 contains an input converter switch 4310,4312,4314 and 4316's. 例如6伏电池1922的电源足够该供应操作。 For example, 6-volt battery power is sufficient that the 1922 supply operation. 用包含具有感应端的切换器IC 1930、用于开关1940的控制器(例如晶体管)、和感应器1935(其可以被提供在所述切换器的外部)的直流到直接变换器可以提高所述电源的电压。 By comprising switch IC 1930 having a sensing end, the switch controller 1940 is used (e.g., transistors), sensors, and 1935 (which may be provided at the outside of the switch) to direct current converter may improve the power voltage. 在一些实施例中可以将感应端连接到电压分压器1955。 In some embodiments, the sensor end may be connected to the voltage divider 1955. 使用整流器1945来提供单极性输出,其包括由于所述切换器的切换操作引起的噪声。 Use rectifier 1945 to provide a unipolar output, which includes noise due to the switching operation of the switch caused. 可以控制所述电源的第一状态输出电压,并且大体上将是十伏的级别,例如直流60V。 It can control the power of the first state output voltage, and generally will be ten volts level, such as DC 60V. 提供滤波器1960, 例如低通RC滤波器,用来消除噪声,由于容性元件当频率升高时呈现为小的阻抗,而对于低频呈现大(实质上无限的)的阻抗。 Providing a filter 1960, such as a low-pass RC filter, to eliminate the noise due to the capacitive element when the frequency increases impedance rendered small, and show a large low frequency (substantially infinite) impedance. 使用精确的低噪声串联调节器1970来控制输出电压,例如通过控制晶体管1972,通过电压分压器1975提供反馈环使用感应输入到该串联调节器。 Use accurate low-noise series regulator 1970 to control the output voltage, e.g., by controlling the transistors 1972, 1975 through the voltage divider provides a feedback loop using the sensor input to the series regulator. 提供控制器1984以允许施加到所述流体透镜的电压信号的调节,并且从而提供对流体透镜1910的焦距或聚焦平面的控制。 Providing a controller 1984 to allow adjustment of the fluid lens is applied to a voltage signal, and thereby providing fluid lens focal length or focal plane 1910 control. 可以使用能够提供单极性输出的可选电源。 You can use the unipolar output capable of providing an alternative power source. 通过使用一对电源(例如,一个提供正极电压,而一个提供负极电压)、单个电源、或合适偏置的变极器,或通过使用单个电源和双运算放大器,我们可以提供一对相对于地对称的输出。 By using a pair of power (for example, a positive voltage is provided, while a negative voltage is provided), a single power supply, or a suitable offset inverter, or by using a single power supply and dual op amp, we can provide a pair with respect to ground symmetrical output.

[0330] 图67-69是表示示例性流体透镜2100的横截面图,该透镜具有包括用于手持阅读i白勺弓单个生#。 [0330] FIG. 67-69 is a cross-sectional diagram of an example fluid lens 2100, which includes a hand-held reading lens has a white spoon bow i single student #. g禾中弓单个生Chomerics North America, Parker Hannif inCorp, 77 Dragon Court, Woburn, MA 01801制造。 Bow Wo g single raw Chomerics North America, Parker Hannif inCorp, 77 Dragon Court, Woburn, MA 01801 Manufacturing. 在图67中,流体透镜2110被以环的形式显示为固态主体2112、以及布置在其相反的两侧的电接触片2114、2116。 In FIG. 67, the fluid lens 2110 is displayed in the form of a solid ring body 2112, and is disposed at the opposite sides of the electrical contact pads 2114,2116. 在一个实施例中,流体透镜主体2112用金属制成,并且也出现电接触片2114、2116中的一个,另一个接触片可以是与金属主体2112绝缘的。 In one embodiment, the fluid lens body 2112 made of metal, and the electrical contact pads 2114,2116 also appears in one of the other contact piece 2112 may be insulated from the metal body. 在另一个实施例中,主体2112由非导体衬底制成,或包括非导体衬底。 In another embodiment, the body 2112 is made of a non-conductive substrate, or a substrate comprising a non-conductor.

[0331] 在图68中,流体透镜主体2112被显示为安装在支撑件2120中。 [0331] In FIG. 68, the fluid lens body 2112 is shown as installed in 2120 in the support member. 在一个实施例中, 支撑件2120是管状的,并且有内部螺纹表面2130和部分闭合末端2132,其在这里定义了一个不会妨碍所述流体透镜的光学有效部分的足够尺寸的孔。 In one embodiment, the support member 2120 is tubular, and has an internal threaded surface 2130 and a partially closed end 2132, where it defines a sufficient size does not interfere with the fluid lens optical active portion of the hole. 所述流体透镜主体2112被螺纹限制环2122支撑在适当的地方,其螺旋地与支撑件2120的内部螺纹表面2130匹配。 The lens body 2112 is threaded fluid confinement ring 2122 supported in place, an internal helical threaded surface thereof with a support member 2120. 2130 match. 支撑件2120和限制环2122用绝缘材料制成。 Support 2120 and 2122 limiting ring made of insulating material. 在一些实施例中,弹性材料2140、2142被提供为“0”环形状或圆形垫圈、以便所述流体透镜被支撑住一个被期望的方位,不会承受过多的压力或能被弹性环2140容纳的结构混乱。 In some embodiments, the elastic material 2140,2142 is provided as "0" ring shape or circular gasket to the fluid lens is supported to live a desired orientation, will not be subjected to excessive pressure or elastic ring 2140 structure housed confusion. 在一些实施例中,单个弹性环2140或2142被提供在所述流体透镜主体2120的一侧。 In some embodiments, a single elastic ring 2140 or 2142 is provided on one side of the lens body fluid 2120. 在一些实施例中,一个弹性环2140被提供在所述流体透镜主体2120的一侧,并且另一个弹性环2142被提供在所述流体透镜主体的另一侧。 In some embodiments, an elastic ring 2140 is provided on one side of the body fluid lens 2120, and the other elastic ring 2142 is provided on the other side of the lens body fluid. 具有接触片2114和2116的电接触片由线2114、和2116、提供,它们接触各自的接触片并且其退出所述支撑件。 Electrical contact pads having contact pads 2114 and 2116 by the line 2114, and 2116, provided they contact the respective contact piece and its exit of the support member. 这些线与弹性材料2122和2140紧密电接触。 These lines 2122 and 2140 and the elastic material tightly electrical contact. 如所需的,线2114、 和2116、可以是绝缘的。 As required, the line 2114, and 2116, may be insulated. 图69表示与流体透镜主体2112在其中接触片2116接触的弹性垫圈2140,其在一些实施例中可以是导电的,其流体透镜主体2112被在其中的部分闭合末端2132支撑在支撑件2120内。 Figure 69 shows the fluid lens body 2112 in which the elastic contact piece 2116 contacts the washer 2140, which in some embodiments may be electrically conductive, the fluid lens body 2112 which is partially closed at the end of 2132 which is supported within the support member 2120. 线2116、接触所述导电弹性垫圈或环2140并且以定义在支撑件2120内的特征2134使支撑件2120退出。 Line 2116, contact with the conductive elastic gasket or ring in 2140 and to define the characteristics of the support 2120 2134 2120 quit the support member. 在一些实施例中,线2116、接触所述流体透镜主体的所述电接触片,而所述弹性环或垫圈被定位在线2116、和支撑件2120的部分闭合末端2132之间。 In some embodiments, the line 2116, the fluid lens body contacting said electrical contact pad and said elastomeric ring or gasket is positioned section line 2116, and 2120 of the supporting member between the closed end 2132. 在其它实施例中,线2116、是在弹性体2140与部分闭合末端2130之间。 In other embodiments, line 2116, between 2140 and 2130 in the closed end portion of the elastic member. 支撑件2120和螺纹限制环2122可以由任意合适的材料构造,并且可以是适当非导电或导电的。 Supports 2120 and 2122 thread confinement rings may be made of any suitable material structure, and may be a suitable non-conductive or conductive.

[0332] 本发明也处理由于手持照相者或读者的手抖动或手移动造成图像模糊的有害影响。 [0332] The present invention also deals with a handheld camera or reader since the hand-shake or image blurring caused by hand movement harmful effects. 图像模糊已经是图像质量下降的主要原因之一。 Blurring has been one of the main image quality degradation. 图像模糊和相似下降机理导致条形码阅读应用中下降的解码率,或在图像捕捉应用中下降的对比度和模糊的图像。 The image is blurred and fall mechanism similar result in the decline of the barcode reader application to decode rate, or decrease the contrast in the image capture applications and blurry images. 在一些实例中,手抖动或手移动会导致图像下降足够严重以至于阻碍图像被正确地处理。 In some instances, a hand shake or hand movement can cause image drop sufficiently severe as to impede the image is processed correctly.

[0333] 图70表示在发给Takeda等人的US专利第6734903号的现有技术可变角三棱柱的图。 [0333] FIG. 70 shows the distributed Takeda et al, prior art US Patent No. 6,734,903 variable angle triangular prism of FIG. (在下面称为—903专利)。 (Hereinafter referred to -903 patent). 该揭露的装置应用两个角速度传感器、两个角度传感器、 两个驱动器和一个具有透镜的可变角三棱柱来形成抗抖动光学系统。 Device that revealed two angular velocity sensors, two angle sensors, two drivers and a variable-angle lens has a triangular prism to form anti-shake optical system. 这类光学系统广泛地应用在手持视频摄录像机以校正所述手抖动的影响。 Such an optical system is widely used in handheld video camcorders to correct the blurring effect. 然而,这个系统具有很多缺点,包括: 1、由于许多部件带来的更高的成本;2、由于使用机械驱动装置带来的慢反应时间;3、由于移动部件带来的更低可靠性;4、由于使用独立的自动对焦电机子系统进一步增加成本和系统复杂性;以及5、使用机械元件增加组装的复杂性和难度。 However, this system has many disadvantages, including: 1, due to higher costs brought about many parts; 2, the use of mechanical drive brings slow reaction time; 3, due to the lower reliability caused by moving parts; 4, the use of separate AF motor subsystem further increase the cost and complexity of the system; and 5, the use of mechanical elements increases the complexity and difficulty of assembly.

[0334] 如在下面的11段中叙述了—903专利所描述的所述可变角三棱柱的操作。 [0334] As described in paragraph 11 below the -903 patent described a variable-angle prism of three operations.

[0335] 照相机晃动是一种现象,当用户通过在他或她的手中握持视频照相机执行拍照时,在其中被拍图像垂直或水平地移动,因为该用户的手或身体独立于用户的意识而轻微地移动。 [0335] The camera shake is a phenomenon, when a user in his or her hands holding a video camera when photographing is performed, in which the captured image vertically or horizontally moved, because the user's hand or body independent of the user's awareness The slightly moved. 当在电视监视器等上再现时,被照的图像会给看的人非常大的不舒服。 When reproduced on a television monitor or the like, is according to the image people will see very large uncomfortable.

[0336] 为了避免这样的照相机晃动现象,常规的视频照相机利用由例如可变角三棱柱(在下文被参考为“VAP”)。 [0336] In order to avoid this phenomenon of camera shake, use the conventional video camera such as a variable angle triangular prism (hereinafter be referred to as "VAP").

[0337] 下面通过参考图29将描述包括用于照相机晃动校正的VAP的常规图像传感装置的结构实例。 [0337] The following will be described by reference to FIG. 29 includes a conventional image sensing device for camera shake correction example of the structure of the VAP.

[0338] 在图70中,VAP2204通过经由折箱状的弹簧元件2204c连接两个玻璃板2204a和2204b以及在被这两个玻璃板2204a和2204b与弹簧元件2204c包围的空间封装光学透明流体2204d。 [0338] In Figure 70, VAP2204 by a spring element 2204c via a bellows-like connecting two glass plates 2204a and 2204b, and the space is two glass plates 2204a and 2204b and 2204c spring element optically transparent fluid surrounding the package 2204d. 被提供在玻璃板2204a和2204b上的杆2204e和2204f被分别连接到用来水平驱动的驱动装置2203和用来垂直驱动的驱动装置2208上。 Are provided on a glass plate 2204a and 2204b of the rod 2204e and 2204f are connected to drive means for horizontally driving the vertical drive for 2203 and driving means 2208. 因此,玻璃板2204a是水平旋转的,而玻璃板2204b是垂直旋转的。 Thus, the glass plate is horizontally rotating 2204a, 2204b and the glass plate is vertically rotated.

[0339] 应该注意在日本专利特许公开第2-12518中描述了VAP2204,因此这里将省略详细的描述。 [0339] It should be noted in Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 2-12518 describes VAP2204, a detailed description will be omitted here.

[0340] 水平角速度传感器2201检测图像感应装置由于照相机晃动等导致的水平运动产生的角速度。 [0340] a horizontal motion angular velocity sensor 2201 detects the level of the image sensing device as a result of camera shake to produce the angular velocity. 控制单元2202为来自于角速度传感器2201的检测信号执行算术操作以便所述图像感应装置的这个水平运动被校正,并且检测和应用加速元件到驱动装置2203上。 The control unit 2202 to perform arithmetic detection signal from the angular velocity sensor 2201 so that the operation of the horizontal movement of the image sensing apparatus is corrected, and the acceleration detection element and applied to the drive means 2203. 这个驱动装置2203水平地驱动VAP2204的玻璃板2204a。 The drive unit 2203 levels driven VAP2204 glass plate 2204a.

[0341] 角度传感器2205能够检测被驱动装置2203水平旋转的玻璃板2204a的旋转角。 [0341] The angle sensor capable of detecting driving means 2205 2203 horizontal rotation angle of rotation of the glass plate 2204a. 控制单元2202对这个被检测的旋转角度执行算术运算并将结果提供给驱动装置2203。 The control unit 2202 to perform arithmetic operations and the results of the detected rotation angle to the drive unit 2203.

[0342] 垂直角速度传感器2206检测由于照相机摇晃之类导致所述图像传感装置垂直移动产生的角速度。 [0342] Since the vertical angular velocity sensor 2206 detects camera shake and the like cause the angular speed of the vertical movement of the image sensing device produced. 控制单元2207对来自角速度传感器2206的检测信号执行算术运算,以便所述传感装置的垂直移动被校正,以及检测和供应加速部件给驱动装置2208。 The control unit 2207 pairs of the detection signal from the angular velocity sensor 2206 performs an arithmetic operation such that the vertical movement sensing means is corrected, and the acceleration detecting means and supplied to the driving unit 2208. 这个驱动装置2208垂直驱动VAP2204的玻璃板2204b。 The drive means 2208 vertical driving VAP2204 glass 2204b.

[0343] 角传感器2209能够检测被驱动装置2208垂直旋转的玻璃板2204b的旋转角度。 [0343] angle sensor 2209 capable of detecting the rotation angle of 2208 driven vertical rotating glass plate 2204b devices. 控制单元2207对这个被检测的旋转角度执行算术运算并将结果提供给驱动装置2208。 The control unit 2207 to perform arithmetic operations and the results of the detected rotation angle to the drive unit 2208.

[0344] 图像传感光学系统2210形成将被成像在图像传感器2211上的物体图像。 [0344] the image sensing optical system 2210 is formed to be imaged on the image sensor 2211 of the object image. 这个图像传感器2211由例如CXD组成。 The image sensor 2211 for example CXD components. 在例如视频照相机的常规图像传感装置中使用二维固体CCD。 Using two-dimensional solid CCD video camera, for example, a conventional image sensing apparatus. 来自于图像传感器2211的输出被通过信号处理电路(未示出)输出到记录装置或电视监视器。 From the image sensor 2211 is output (not shown) to the recording means or television monitor by a signal processing circuit.

[0345] 在具有上述布置的所述常规图像传感装置中,由于照相机摇晃导致的水平和垂直角速度被检测。 [0345] In the conventional image sensing apparatus having the above arrangement, since the horizontal and vertical camera shake caused by the angular velocity is detected. 在所述角速度被检测的基础上,所述驱动装置水平和垂直地移动所述VAP 以反射入射光,从而执行控制以便将被成像的物体图像不会在所述图像传感器的图像感应平面上移动。 On the basis of the angular velocity is detected on the drive means to move horizontally and vertically the VAP to reflect incident light, thereby performing control so that the object image is imaged on the image sensor does not move in the plane of the image sensor . 结果所述照相机摇晃被校正。 The results of the camera shake is corrected.

[0346] 在本发明中,被提供为具有抵消偶然移动的附加部件的流体透镜(防止手抖动流体透镜)将自动对焦和可变角棱镜功能结合到不带移动部件的单个低成本部件中,并且其提供了快速响应时间。 [0346] In the present invention, is provided as an additional component having a fluid lens offset accidental movement (to prevent hand-shake fluid lens) will auto-focus and variable-angle prism functions into a single low-cost component with no moving parts, the and it provides a fast response time.

[0347] 图71是被描述为利用电湿润现象工作的现有技术流体透镜横截面图2300。 [0347] FIG. 71 is described as utilizing an electro-wetting phenomenon working fluid prior art cross sectional view of the lens 2300. 流体透镜2300是实质上圆形结构的。 Fluid lens 2300 is substantially circular configuration. 所述流体透镜包括在其相反两侧上的透明窗口2302、 2304。 The lens comprises a fluid on opposite sides of the transparent window 2302, 2304. 在图71中,在例如窗口的表面上布置一滴导电流体2360(例如水),其可能包括溶解电解质以增强导电性、或调节所述导电流体的密度与另一种与所述导电流体不相溶的流体2370(例如油)的密度相匹配。 In FIG. 71, for example, on the surface of the window 2360 is arranged a drop of a conductive fluid (e.g., water), which may include dissolving an electrolyte in order to enhance conductivity, or adjusting the density of the conductive fluid and the conductive fluid with another incompatible 2370 dissolution fluid (e.g., oil) has a density match. 被薄绝缘层2312覆盖的由金属制成的环2310在所述水滴的附近。 Ring is made of metal covered by a thin insulating layer 2312 of 2310 in the vicinity of the water droplets. ,一电压差被应用在电极2320(其也可以是环)和绝缘电极2310之间,如由电池2330所表示的。 , A voltage difference is applied between the electrode 2320 (which may also be a ring) and an insulating electrode 2310, as indicated by the battery 2330. 在一些实施例中,绝缘隔离层2335(未示出)被定位在环2310和2320之间。 In some embodiments, the insulating spacer layer 2335 (not shown) is positioned between the rings 2310 and 2320. 所述电压差改变所述流体液滴的接触角度。 The voltage difference between the change in contact angle of the fluid droplets. 所述流体透镜使用两种标准密度不相溶流体,一种是绝缘的(例如油)而另一中是导电的(例如水,可能在其中溶解有盐),其中流体在界面2340互相接触电压的变化导致流体与流体的界面2340的曲率变化,其依次导致所述焦距或作为当它从具有第一光学系数的一个介质通过到具有不同第二光学系数的第二介质时光折射结果的透镜放大率变化。 The fluid lens using two standard density immiscible fluid, an insulating (e.g., oil) and the other is electrically conductive (e.g., water, salt may be dissolved therein), wherein fluid contact with each other at the interface voltage 2340 The changes result in changes in the curvature of the fluid and the fluid interface 2340, which in turn causes the focal length of time or as it is when the second medium from a medium having a first optical coefficient by the second optical coefficient having a different refractive zoom lens results the rate of change. 在所示的实施例中,光轴2350由位于充分沿着流体透镜2300的旋转轴的点线指示。 In the illustrated embodiment, the optical axis 2350 by the fluid lens is located sufficiently along the dotted line indicates the rotary shaft 2300. 虽然所述流体透镜的功率或它的焦距可以通过在环2310 和2320上应用合适的信号而变化,该信号影响界面2340的曲率,但是在图71所示的实施例中没有方便的方法以使所述光轴以预定方式或以期望角度偏离所述流体透镜的旋转轴。 Although the power of the fluid lens, its focal length or by applying the appropriate signal in the ring 2310 and 2320 and changes in the interfacial curvature of the signal 2340, but there is no convenient way in the embodiment shown in FIG. 71 to make said optical axis in a predetermined manner to a desired angle or offset from the axis of rotation of the fluid lens. [0348] 本发明使用在两种流体之间变化界面形状的原理以及提供另一个电压(或者其他合适的流体透镜控制信号)来控制所述流体界面的光偏离从而调整出射光轴角或相对于所述流体透镜的方向。 [0348] The present invention uses the principle of the change in shape of the interface between the two fluids and provide another voltage (or other suitable fluid lens control signal) to control the light deviates from the fluid interface to adjust the optical axis angle or with respect to direction of the lens of the fluid. 所述出射光轴角的这种调整的一个应用是提供补偿由于手抖动或手移动导致的角运动的装置和方法。 An application of the optical axis angle of this adjustment is to provide compensation due to shaky hands or hand a mobile device and a method resulting angular movement.

[0349] 图72是表示被配置为允许光轴调节的流体透镜的实施例截面图M00,而图73是相同的流体透镜的平面原理视图。 [0349] FIG. 72 is a lens configured to allow fluid to an embodiment of the optical axis adjustment sectional view of M00, and FIG. 73 is a plan view of the same principles of fluid lenses. 图73指示在图71所示现有技术流体透镜的两个金属环电极2310、2320已经被分为多个段,例如四个弧部分(2410a, 2420a), (2410b,2420b)、 (2410c, 2420c)和(2410d,2420d)。 Figure 73 indicates 2310,2320 has been divided into a plurality of segments of two metal ring electrodes of the prior art fluid lens of Figure 71, for example, four arc portions (2410a, 2420a), (2410b, 2420b), (2410c, 2420c) and (2410d, 2420d). 提供多个可控信号源,例如电压源V1、V2、V3和V4,以便每个可控信号源可以独立于该信号被施加到的其他电极对施加一个信号到一对被选电极。 Providing a plurality of controllable sources, e.g., a voltage source V1, V2, V3 and V4, so that each can be independently controllable signal source to other electrodes of the signal is applied to a signal applied to the selected pair of electrodes. 为了产生在流体透镜MOO中的流体界面M40的期望曲率,我们可以控制所有的四个电压控制VI、V2、V3和V4为应用唯一的聚焦电压Vf。 In order to produce the fluid lens MOO fluid interface M40 expectations curvature, we can control all the four voltage control VI, V2, V3 and V4 for the application of only focusing voltage Vf. 在这种操作模式下,流体透镜MOO实质上以像在图71中的现有技术流体透镜一样的方式起作用。 In this mode of operation, the fluid lens MOO essentially as prior art to the fluid lens in FIG. 71 the same manner. 然而,为了使用本发明的所述流体透镜产生光倾斜(或为了调节流体透镜MOO的光轴),在一个实施例中,水平倾斜电压dh和垂直倾斜电压dv被通过叠加该倾斜电压到聚焦电压Vf上根据下面的方程式而应用在所述控制电压的每一个上: However, in order to use the fluid lens of the present invention produces light inclined (or fluid in order to adjust the optical axis of the lens MOO), in one embodiment, the horizontal and vertical ramp voltage ramp voltage dh dv is by superimposing the ramp voltage to focus voltage according to the following equation and the application on the control voltage Vf on each:

[0350] Vl = Vf+dv [0350] Vl = Vf + dv

[0351] V2 = Vf+dh [0351] V2 = Vf + dh

[0352] V3 = Vf-dv [0352] V3 = Vf-dv

[0353] V4 = Vf-dh [0353] V4 = Vf-dh

[0354] 这些新信号VI、V2、V3和V4的应用创建了二维偏移流体透镜,其中根据控制电压dh和dv的幅度和符号确定水平和垂直偏移角。 [0354] These new signals VI, V2, V3 and V4 of the application to create a two-dimensional fluid lens shift, which determine the horizontal and vertical offset angle based on the control voltage and dv dh magnitude and sign. 我们可以使用在模拟电路设计中被称为“累加电路”的已知电路,以及应用数字设计原理通过使用数字控制器,例如基于微处理器的控制器,和数模转换器产生这样的信号,包括叠加信号Vf和调节信号来产生合适的流体透镜控制信号。 We can use the known circuit in analog circuit design is called "accumulation circuit", and the application of digital design principles through the use of a digital controller, such as to produce such a signal microprocessor-based controller, and digital to analog converter, including the superimposed signal Vf and adjust signal to generate a suitable fluid lens control signal. 在图72中,流体透镜表面M45被显示为在垂直方向具有由于指示为Vl和V3的信号dv的应用而导致的偏移。 In FIG. 72, the fluid lens surface M45 is displayed with offset in the vertical direction due to the indication of Vl and V3 signals resulting from the application of dv. 不偏移的流体透镜的光轴M50显示为实质上沿着所述流体透镜的旋转轴,而偏离的或被调节的光轴由点线对阳显示,其关于旋转轴是不对称的。 M50 is not shifted to the optical axis of the lens is displayed as the fluid substantially along the rotation axis of the fluid lens, and the optical axis adjustment or deviation from the dotted line on the positive display, which is asymmetric with respect to the rotation axis. 注意表面M45不在提供聚焦曲率以提供焦距的期望光学放大率,而是充满用来调节光轴以校正所述手抖动或手移动的装置。 Note that the curvature of the surface of M45 does not provide focus to provide a desired focal length optical magnification, but full of used to adjust the optical axis to correct the hand-shake or hand mobile devices. 在其他实施例中,其他应用是可预期的。 In other embodiments, other applications are to be expected. 作为实例,我们可以设置所述透镜的焦距为很小的值(例如操作所述透镜作为具有宽视场和深视野的“鱼眼”透镜)并且利用所述光轴的调整使视场倾斜以便将在视场内感兴趣的某些特征带到更靠近视场中心。 As an example, we can set the focal length of the lens to a small value (for example, operating the lens as having a wide field of view and depth of field of vision of the "fish-eye" lens) and the use of the optical axis is inclined to adjust the visual field certain features of interest in the field of view is closer to the center of the field. 在鱼眼透镜中,在视场中心的特征当被观察时相对于视场的边缘具有最小化的光学失真,所以感兴趣的物体可以用降低的失真而被观察。 In the fish-eye lens, the center of the field characteristics when observed with respect to the edges of the field of optics with minimized distortion, so the object of interest can be used to reduce the distortion is observed. 另外,鱼眼透镜典型地在视场边缘将物体展开,以至于这样的操作可以增加感兴趣物体在图像传感器平面占据的像素的数量,从而提高可以被分辨的细节。 In addition, fish-eye lens is typically in the edge of the object to expand the field of view, so that such an operation can increase the number of the object of interest in the plane occupied by the image sensor pixel, thereby enhancing the detail can be resolved.

[0355] 图74是表示流体透镜和各种允许调节光轴方向的部件之间关系的示意图2500。 [0355] FIG. 74 is a diagram showing the relationship between the fluid lens and the optical axis direction allows adjustment of various parts of the schematic 2500. 该光轴控制系统包含水平角速度传感器2510、用来产生水平倾斜电压dh的控制模块2512、 垂直角速度传感器1520、用来产生垂直倾斜电压dv的控制模块2522、用来产生聚焦电压Vf 的自动对焦控制模块2530、用来综合控制电压以控制流体透镜模块MOO调节或校正手抖动的分配器模块2540。 The control system includes a horizontal axis angular velocity sensor 2510 for generating a horizontal ramp voltage control module dh 2512, 1520 vertical angular velocity sensor for generating a vertical ramp voltage dv control module 2522 for generating the AF control of the focus voltage Vf 2530 module for integrated control voltage to control fluid lens module MOO adjust or correct the hand shake dispenser module 2540. 可选地当该光系统的轴改变方向,在所述图像传感器上的图像将移动。 Alternatively, when the axis of the optical system to change direction, the image on the image sensor will move. 所述处理器可以提取出不希望移动的物体移动的幅度和方向。 The processor can be extracted not want to move the magnitude and direction of the moving object. 这可以被用作为给校正电路的输入。 This can be used as input to the correction circuit.

[0356] 在某些实施例中,角速度传感器2510和2520是商业上可获得的低成本固态芯片上带陀螺仪的产品,例如由One Post Street, Suite 2500 San Francisco, CA 94104 的BEI Technologies有限公司制造的GyroChips,该GyroChips包含整一片、用来测量角旋转速度的石英微机械加工惯性感应单元。 [0356] In some embodiments, the angular velocity sensor 2510 and 2520 is a product with a gyroscope on a commercially available low-cost solid-state chip, such as the One Post Street, Suite 2500 San Francisco, CA 94104 of BEI Technologies Ltd. manufacturing GyroChips, the GyroChips contain a whole, used to measure the angular rotation speed of the quartz micro-machined inertial sensing unit. US专利第5,396,144号描述了包含由例如石英的压电材料制作的双端引线音叉的旋转速度传感器。 US Patent No. 5,396,144 describes a rotation speed by, for example comprising a piezoelectric material made of quartz double-ended tuning fork sensor leads. 这些传感器产生与感应到的旋转速度成比例的信号输出。 These sensors generate the sensed signal proportional to the rotational speed of the output. 该石英惯性传感器是利用照相平版印刷工微机械加工的,并且是MEMS (微电子机械系统)技术的前沿。 The quartz inertial sensors using micro-machining photolithographic printing station, and is the leading edge MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology. 这些工艺与那些用来每天产生上百万个石英手表的工艺相似。 These processes and those used to generate millions of daily process similar to quartz watches. 压电石英的使用简化了所述感应元件,带来了温度和时间的超常稳定,并且提高了可靠性和耐久性。 The use of piezoelectric quartz simplifies the sensing element, bringing the temperature and time of extraordinary stability, and improve the reliability and durability.

[0357] 在其他实施例中,可以将图73的两个金属环MlO和M20分为超过四个对称弧对以形成更平滑倾斜流体透镜。 [0357] In other embodiments may be two metal rings MlO 73 and M20 are divided into more than four symmetrical arc on to a smoother tilt fluid lens. 例如,其中一个实施例可以有12个对称弧对分布在时钟数字拓扑结构上。 For example, one embodiment may have 12 symmetrically distributed on the clock Arc digital topology. 所有显示在图74中的该系统部件将是相同的,除了分配器2540输出将具有12个电压控制输出以驱动所述流体透镜模块的这12个弧对。 Shown in Figure 74 all the system components will be the same, except the dispenser 2540 having 12 output voltage control output to drive the fluid lens module 12 of this arc pairs. 在分配器2540的电压综合算法是基于(dh,dv)矢量的梯度。 In 2540 the distributor voltage synthesis algorithm is based on gradient (dh, dv) vector. 例如,将该流体透镜看作假设它是时钟,在一对电极位于3点钟位置,(dh,dv) = (2.5,0)将具有最高电压输出,而在一对电极位于9点钟位置, 有最低电压输出,并且在最接近12点钟和6点钟位置将没有叠加电压被施加到所述电极对上。 For example, the fluid lens viewed assume it is a clock, in a pair of electrodes at 3 o'clock, (dh, dv) = (2.5,0) will have the highest voltage output, and a pair of electrodes at 9 o'clock , has the lowest voltage output, and in the nearest 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position will not be superimposed voltage is applied to the electrode pairs. 横跨环绕这个圆的任意中间电极对插入梯度以便应用平滑变化的流体透镜控制信号是可能的。 Surrounded by this circle across any intermediate electrode inserted smoothly varying gradients to apply fluid lens control signal is possible. 大体上,我们可以制造具有如常规可以被提供的许多电极对的流通透镜。 In general, we have a number of lenses can be manufactured in circulation such as a conventional pair of electrodes may be provided. 在一些实施例中,如果没有其他原因,为了方便安装和组装,这两个环电极的一个可以是连续的环以为所有电极对提供公共参考电压,每一对的一个元件是这个连续环,其例如可以是被充分地保持在地电势。 In some embodiments, if for no other reason, in order to facilitate installation and assembly, the two ring electrodes may be a continuous ring that all of the electrodes to provide a common reference voltage, a member of each pair is the continuous ring which for example, it may be sufficiently maintained at ground potential.

[0358] 图75是流体透镜沈00的可选实施例的示意图,而图76是分配器模块沈40的可选实施例的示意图。 [0358] FIG. 75 is a fluid lens 00 Shen alternative schematic embodiment, and FIG. 76 is a sink dispenser module 40 a schematic view of an alternative embodiment. 在图75中,显示了在与连续环沈20耦合的环沈10上的对称连接点的设计数字,在应用中,分配器2640将选择一对连接点,例如和^12i,根据矢量(dh, dv)应用倾斜电压tv到这对连接点2612c和2612i,它们被关于所述流体透镜的中心沈30 对称地布置。 In Figure 75, shows a continuous loop coupling 20 is designed Shen Shen symmetrical digital loop connection point 10 on the application, the dispenser 2640 will select a pair of connection points, for example, and ^ 12i, the vector (dh , dv) tv ramp voltage applied to this connection point 2612c and 2612i, which is the center of the lens with respect to the fluid sink 30 are arranged symmetrically. 将被应用的电压信号是(Vf+tv,Vf-tv)。 The voltage signal is applied is (Vf + tv, Vf-tv). 倾斜电压tv是(dh,dv)的函数,并且可以通过数学公式或查找表被预确定。 Tv is a ramp voltage (dh, dv) function, and may be pre-determined by mathematical formula or look-up table. 通过为环沈10选择具有合适导电性(电阻系数) 材料,可以使电压均衡地沿着环2610从点和出现,以便生成电压梯度来控制具有沿着(dh,dv)的方向连续倾斜度的流体透镜。 By Shen ring 10 is selected to have an appropriate conductivity (resistivity) material, the voltage balance point along the ring from 2610 and appears to generate a voltage gradient control has along (dh, dv) of the direction of the continuous inclination fluid lens. 大体上,所述材料的电阻系数应该是高的,以便在环2610上没有明显的电流,使发热最小化并且允许使用低电源供应或电池。 In general, the resistivity of the material should be high so that the ring 2610 is no significant current, the heat generation is minimized and allows the use of low-power supply or battery. 可以通过应用导电性材料的薄层到被期望有交叉组合形状的非导电衬底上来生产所述环。 Can be applied by a thin layer of a conductive material is desired to have a combination of cross-shaped non-conductive substrate onto the ring production. 例如,我们可以生产塑料环沈10,其具有内直径,并且适当地,匹配设计标准的锥形或其他形状表面,以及随后在该想要放置与流体相邻的表面涂上高电阻系数的薄层,例如碳或钽,其通常使用作为薄层电阻器。 For example, we can produce heavy plastic ring 10 having an inner diameter, and appropriately matching tapered design standards or other shape of the surface, and then you want to place in the fluid adjacent to the surface coated with a thin high resistivity layer, such as carbon or tantalum, which is generally used as the sheet resistance. 因为无论如何有绝缘层布置在所述导体和所述流体之间,该绝缘层可以附加地为所述薄导电层提供机械保护。 Because in any case there is an insulating layer disposed between the conductor and the fluid, the insulating layer may additionally provide mechanical protection for the thin conductive layer.

[0359] 图77是表示流体透镜2700和一对角速度传感器之间关系的示意图。 [0359] FIG. 77 is a schematic view showing the relationship between fluid lens 2700 and a pair of angular velocity sensor. 在优选实施例中,两个角速度传感器2710和2720可以是与流体透镜2700 —体成形的以便形成集成模块2730。 In a preferred embodiment, two angular velocity sensors 2710 and 2720 may be a fluid lens 2700-- body shaped to form an integrated module 2730. 角速度传感器2710和2720被安排成垂直关系以检测两个正交角速度。 Angular velocity sensor 2710 and 2720 are arranged perpendicular relationship to detect two orthogonal angular velocity. 在一些实施例中,如在图74中所示的整个控制电路也可以被集成到模块2730内。 In some embodiments, the entire control circuit as shown in FIG. 74 may also be integrated into the module 2730 inside. 这个实施例的优点是容易安装模块2730。 The advantage of this embodiment is easy to install module 2730. 不需要垂直或水平校正。 Vertical or horizontal correction is not required. 该模块将自动地根据由角速度传感器2710和2720提供的输出电压dh和dv调整所述透镜倾斜角。 The module will automatically adjust the tilt angle of the lens provided by the angular velocity sensor according to 2710 and 2720 output voltage dh and dv.

[0360] 图78-82是能够根据本发明的原理被调节使用的另一个现有技术流体透镜的截面图。 [0360] FIG. 78-82 is a sectional diagram can be adjusted using another prior art fluid lens according to the principles of the present invention. 图78是没有控制信号被施加到那里并且被传播的光呈现为发散的现有技术流体透镜的截面视图。 FIG 78 is a control signal is not applied thereto and light is propagated cross-sectional view showing a prior art fluid diverging lens. 图79是有控制信号被施加到那里并且被传播的光呈现为会聚的现有技术流体透镜的截面视图。 FIG 79 is a control signal is applied thereto, and a cross-sectional view of the light being propagated presented as prior art of fluid converging lens. 图80、81和82是如各自从每个透镜的周围观察具有凸起、平面、凹陷界面表面的流体透镜的截面图像。 Figure 80, 81 and 82 are as viewed from the respective surrounding each lens having a convex, flat, recessed cross-sectional images of the fluid interface surface of the lens.

[0361] 在一个实施例中,使用包含流体透镜图像传感器和适合存储器的设备可以记录下在一个或多个操作条件下利用所述流体透镜观察到的多个帧。 Equipment [0361] In one embodiment, a fluid containing a lens and an image sensor suitable memory may record the plurality of frames observed in the use of one or more operating conditions of the fluid lens. 该设备可以进一步包含计算引擎,例如CPU和适于记录指令和数据的相关存储器,例如用来处理在一个或多个帧中的数据。 The apparatus may further comprise a calculation engine, such as the CPU and adapted for recording instructions and data associated memory, e.g., for processing data in one or more frames. 该设备可附加地包含一个或多个控制电路或单元,例如用来控制所述流体透镜的操作,用来操作所述图像传感器、以及用来控制照明源。 The apparatus may additionally comprise one or more of the control circuit or unit, e.g., for controlling the operation of the fluid lens, for operating said image sensor, and means for controlling the illumination source. 在一些实施例中,具有DMA通道用来在所述图像传感器、所述CPU、和一个或多个存储器之间传输数据。 In some embodiments, DMA channels used with the image sensor, said CPU, and transferring data between one or more memory. 这些被传输的数据可以是以原始的或已被处理的形式。 These data can be transmitted based on raw or processed form has been. 在一些实施例中,该设备进一步包含一个或多个端口,其适合于硬件有线通信、无线通信、采用可视或红外辐射通信和应用网络通信,例如商业电话系统、因特网、LAN或WAN。 In some embodiments, the device further comprises one or more ports, which is suitable for hardware wired communications, wireless communications, the use of visible or infrared radiation communications and network communications applications, such as commercial telephone systems, the Internet, LAN or WAN.

[0362] 在这个实施例中,通过应用合适的选择标准,我们可以仅使用或显示若干帧中的良好的帧或可选地最合适的帧用于进一步数据处理、图像处理、或显示。 [0362] In this embodiment, by applying the appropriate selection criteria, we can use or display several frames in a good frame or alternatively the most appropriate frame for further data processing, image processing, or display only. 根据本发明的一个方面,该设备可以获得多个数据帧,一帧是包含在可以在单个曝光周期内被从成像器抽取的信号内的大量数据。 According to one aspect of the present invention, the apparatus can obtain a plurality of data frames, one frame of data is contained in a large amount can be extracted from the image in a single exposure period signal. 该设备可以相对于选择标准评估每个帧的质量,其可以是相对标准或绝对标准。 The device with respect to the selection criteria to assess the quality of each frame, which may be absolute or relative standard criteria. 选择标准的例子是平均曝光标准,极值曝光标准、对比度标准、颜色或色度标准、形状标准、在一帧内符号的解码程度标准、以及图像或其中一部分关于标准灵活性的标准。 Examples of the selection criteria is the average exposure standard extremes exposure standards, standard contrast, color or color standard, standard shape, degree standard in decoding symbols in a frame, and an image or part of standard criteria for flexibility. 基于所选的标准,可以编程该设备以从多个帧中选择优选或最靠近最佳的帧,并且使该帧有效地用于显示、用于图像处理、和/或用于数据处理。 Based on the selected standard, you can program the device to select the best or closest to the frame preferably from a plurality of frames, and the frame is effectively used for the display, for image processing, and / or for data processing. 另外,所述控制电路可以监视设备的操作环境,以便可以将在最佳的帧被观察的环境再次使用在帧和图像的获取上。 In addition, the control circuit can monitor the equipment operating environment so that you can be in the best frame of environment observed again in the frame and image acquisition.

[0363] 在可选的实施例中,使用多个帧作为一个范围通过识别哪个帧是最接近在焦点上的、或观察所述流体透镜的相应焦距来查找系统。 [0363] In an alternative embodiment, the use of a plurality of frames as a range by identifying a frame which is closest to the focal point, or observe the fluid lens focal length to find the corresponding system. 在这样的实施例中,可以观察所述流体透镜以便在一个焦距范围上改变它的焦距,从无限焦距到最小焦距。 In such an embodiment, the fluid can be observed in order to change its focal length lens on a focal length range of focal lengths from infinity to minimum focus. 对于每个选择的焦距该设备都可以获得一个或多个数据帧,具有涉及被记录、或被根据定义算法或关系可计算的每个焦距的信息,以便使用在每个图像上的焦距可以被确定。 For each of the focal length of the selected device can receive one or more data frames having relates to recording, or according to the focal length of each algorithm or relationship information defining computable, for use on a focal length of each image can be OK. 关于在被认为是在多个帧中最佳聚焦的帧(或整个帧)内对感兴趣物体的确定,可以从所述流体透镜相应于那个帧的焦距设置信息中确定在该帧中从感兴趣物体到该设备的距离。 About being considered in a number of frames optimum focus frame (or entire frame) within the determination of the object of interest can be set from the fluid lens focal length corresponding to the frame information in the frame is determined from the flu Interest from the object to the device. 在一些实施例中,如果两个相邻帧被认为是处于合适的聚焦的,那么可以获取所述距离作为相应于这两个帧的两个焦距的平均,或者可选地,可以使用选择位于这两个相邻帧之间的焦距观察附加的帧以便提高距离测量的精度。 In some embodiments, if two adjacent frames are considered to be in proper focus, you can get the distance corresponding to the two focal lengths as two frames on average, or alternatively, you can use Select at focal length between two adjacent frames in order to observe the additional frame to improve the accuracy of the distance measurement.

[0364] 在另一个实施例中,提供装置和方法来抵消在包含流体透镜的装置周围的环境变化。 [0364] In another embodiment, there is provided an apparatus and method to offset changes in the environment surrounding the device comprising a fluid lens. 在一个实施例中,该装置附加地包含带有反作用(或反馈)控制电路的温度传感器,用来当所述流体透镜(或它的环境)的温度被观察到变化时,给所述流体透操作信号提供校正。 In one embodiment, the device additionally comprises a temperature sensor with a reaction (or feedback) control circuit for when the fluid lens (or its environment) observed temperature changes to the fluid permeability Operation signal correction.

[0365] 反馈系统依赖于提供定义合适的或期望的操作参数(例如温度或压力)的参考信号(例如一设置点)或多个信号(例如温度范围的最小值或最大值),并且将所述参数的测量值与所述期望值进行比较的原理。 [0365] providing feedback system relies on the definition of suitable or desired operating parameters (such as temperature or pressure) of the reference signal (such as a set-point) or more signals (such as temperature range of minimum or maximum), and the the measured value with the desired value of said parameter were compared principle. 当测量到所观察(或实际)的参数值与所期望的参数值之间的偏差,那么采取校正动作来使所观察或实际的值调整到与所期望的参数值一致。 When the measured value of the observed deviation parameter (or actual) with the desired parameter values between, then corrective action is taken to make the observed or actual values of the parameter value is adjusted to a desired consistency. 在温度实例中,可以操作加热器(例如电阻加热器)或制冷设备(例如携带例如水的致冷剂的制冷线圈)来调节实际温度。 In the temperature instance, the heater may be operated (e.g., a resistive heater) or cooling device (e.g., a refrigerant, such as water carrying cooling coil) to adjust the actual temperature. 使用反馈环,使该设备运行在期望的设置点,或在期望的范围之内。 Using a feedback loop, so that the desired set point, or within a desired range of the device operation. 可以利用数字和/或模拟信号处理以及利用一个或多个比例、积分、微分(DIP)控制来提供反馈。 You can make use of digital and / or analog signal processing and the use of one or more proportional, integral, differential (DIP) controls to provide feedback.

[0366] 在一些实施例中,可以使用前馈系统,在其中测量例如实际或被观察温度的参数变化(或变化速度)。 [0366] In some embodiments, you can use feedforward system in which actual measurement or observation of parameters such as temperature changes (or rate of change). 当感觉到如果没有使用校正行动并且所述参数被观察到的变化被允许继续更多时间而不减弱而将获得可接受的操作条件之外的条件时,校正行动被采取。 When feel if corrective action is not used and the observed changes in the parameters are allowed to continue for more time without weakened condition will get an acceptable operating conditions outside, corrective action is taken. 可以利用数字和/或模拟信号处理执行前馈系统。 You can make use of digital and / or analog signal processing before executing the feeder system. 在一些系统中,可以应用反馈系统和前馈系统的组合。 In some systems, you can use a combination of feedback system and the feedforward system. 在一些实施例中,可以执行多反馈和前馈控制。 In some embodiments, it can perform multiple feedback and feedforward control.

[0367] 在可预期的实施例中,包含流体透镜的该装置、或它被安装在其中的环境的例如温度的操作参数被监视,并且将所观察到参数与一个或多个预定值比较。 [0367] In the foreseeable embodiment, the apparatus comprises a fluid lens, or it is installed in an environment where the operating parameters such as the temperature is monitored and the parameters observed with one or more predetermined value comparison. 该一个或多个预定值可以是固定的(例如最大容忍温度,在其上物体在一个大气压下分解)或该一个或多个预定值可以依赖于超过一个参数,例如压力和温度的组合,例如利用在压力-温度-组合相位图的关系(例如,如果压力和温度改变,在所述流体透镜中的物质或化学组合物也承受相位改变,以便相位边界被交叉,或承受从共价到离子特性的改变,或相反)。 The one or more predetermined values may be fixed (e.g., the maximum tolerable temperature, at which the decomposition of the object at one atmosphere) or one or more of the predetermined value may be dependent on more than one parameter, such as a combination of pressure and temperature, e.g. utilizing the pressure - temperature - composition phase diagram of the relationship (e.g., if the pressure and temperature changes, or chemical composition of the fluid in the lens is also subjected to a phase change, so that the phase boundary is crossed, or subjected to ion from covalent change characteristic, or vice versa).

[0368] 然而在另一个实施例中,包含流体透镜的系统附加地包含被配置用来校正所述流体透镜的一个或多个局限性或不完整性的不可调透镜元件,例如校正所述流体透镜本身或与一个或多个其他光学元件相结合的所述流体透镜的颜色、球面、模糊、或其他色差。 [0368] However, for example correcting the fluid in another embodiment, the lens system comprises a fluid additionally comprises one or more of the limitations is the fluid lens configured to correct imperfections or non-adjustable lens elements, color lens itself or in combination with one or more other optical elements of the combination of the fluid lens, spherical, blur, color, or other. 作为实例,流体透镜可以呈现出色散特性或色差。 As an example, the fluid lens can exhibit excellent dispersion characteristics or color. 在一个实施例中,增加第二光学元件提供与所述流体透镜呈现出的符号相反的色散,以便校正所述流体透镜引入的色散误差。 In one embodiment, the second optical element provides an increase of the fluid lens exhibits chromatic dispersion of opposite sign, so as to correct the dispersion of the error introduced by the fluid lens. 在一个实施例中,所述色散元件是衍射元件,例如条纹光栅或条纹衍射元件。 In one embodiment, the dispersive element is a diffraction element, such as stripes or stripe diffraction grating element. 如将可以理解的,不同光学材料具有不同的色散特性,例如,两个玻璃元件可以具有不同的色散,或者玻璃和塑料的组合物可以具有不同的色散。 As will be appreciated, different optical materials having different dispersion characteristics, e.g., two glass elements may have different dispersion, or a composition of glass and plastics can have different dispersion. 在本发明中,具有合适色散的材料、或通过控制材料的几何尺寸制造的具有合适色散的材料,例如在光栅中或其他色散元件中,可以被用来校正在光学链中的所述流体透镜和/或其他部件的误差。 In the present invention, a material having an appropriate dispersion, or dispersion of a material having a suitable geometry by controlling the material produced, for example, in the grating or other dispersive elements, can be used to correct the optical chain in the fluid lens and or error / other components.

[0369] 在所述流体透镜中可能存在所述色差大体上可以是任何状态的,就象可能存在与所述透镜或人眼角膜的色差一样。 [0369] The color difference may exist in the fluid lens generally can be any state, just as there may be people with the lens or cornea of the same color. 人眼和流体透镜都利用两个或更多个不相似流体之间的界面来操作。 The human eye and the fluid lens utilize two or more dissimilar interface between the operating fluid. 在人眼中,具有通过神经系统生成的信号控制的肌肉力的应用、被用来应用力到与薄膜相邻的所述流体的薄膜。 Application in the human eye, with a generator through the nervous system control of muscle force signal is used to apply a force to the film and the film adjacent to the fluid. 在流体透镜中,在一些实例中具有被电磁信号、以及在一些实施例中被应用到连接着所述流体的薄膜的力直接施加到所述流体或多个流体的力。 In the fluid lens, having an electromagnetic signal, and in some embodiments it is applied to a thin film connected to said fluid force is directly applied to the plurality of fluid or fluid force in some instances. 这两种系统都可以受到例如重力和其他加速力的外力、外界力或应用力的变化、以及外界温度或应用温度的变化的影响。 Both systems can be subjected to variations such as acceleration forces of gravity and other forces, external force or application of force, as well as the outside temperature or application temperature changes.

[0370] 仍然在另一个实施例中,提供校准工具、流程、或方法用来校准流体透镜。 [0370] In still another embodiment, there is provided a calibration tool, process, or method used to calibrate the fluid lens. 作为一个实例,在一个或多个已知条件下操作包含流体透镜的系统,例如一个或多个放大倍率或一个或多个焦距。 As an example, one or more known under conditions of operation includes a fluid lens system, such as one or more of magnification or one or more focal length. 对于每个已知的操作条件、观察或测量一个操作参数,例如驱动电压值。 For each known operating conditions, an observed or measured operating parameter, such as the drive voltage value. 该观察到的或测量到的数据被存储在存储器中。 The observed or measured data is stored in the memory. 随后在存储器中的数据被用来为所述流体透镜的操作应用提供校准数据。 Then data in the memory is used to provide calibration data for the operation of the fluid lens applications.

[0371] 即使提供两个或更多的标称上相同的流体透镜,这两个流体透镜它们本身会存在有差别,如前文已经解释的。 [0371] Even if the same fluid to provide two or more lens nominal, the two fluid lenses themselves will have differences exist, as already explained hereinbefore. 当在两个标称上相同的流体透镜之间的实质差别存在,实质相同流体透镜控制信号在这两个透镜中的应用会导致每个透镜不同的操作性能。 When a substantial difference in the two nominally identical fluid between the lenses exist, substantially the same fluid lens control signal is applied in the two lenses of each lens can cause different performance. 可以提供默认的校准,例如基于在受控或预定条件下执行的校准。 It can provide the default calibration, such as calibration based execution under controlled or predetermined conditions. 该默认校准数据可以被记录并在后面的时间被使用来操作已经被获得其校准的所述流体透镜。 The default calibration data may be recorded and at a later time to operate is obtained which has been calibrated using the fluid lens. 使用这样的校准是有效的并且是用来操作在预定操作范围内的预定流体透镜的高效方法。 The use of such a calibration is effective and efficient method is used within a predetermined operating range of a predetermined fluid lens operation. 对于许多目的,这样的信息是很有价值的,具有并且帮助提供方便地以可预期方式操作的流体透镜。 For many purposes, this information is valuable, and helps provide a fluid having a lens can conveniently be operated as expected. 在校准点之间,可以使用插值来完成提高的分辨率。 Between the calibration points can be used to accomplish the interpolation resolution. 相似地也可以超越测量的校准数据的范围,使用外推法来估算特征性能。 Similarly, the measurement may be beyond the range of the calibration data to estimate the performance characteristics of extrapolation.

[0372] 另外,如已经被指出的,差别可以是由外部引入,例如施加的电压、周围或施加的压力、周围或施加的温度和加速力。 [0372] In addition, as has already been pointed out, the difference may be introduced by an external, e.g., applied voltage, applied pressure, or ambient, ambient temperature and the acceleration or force applied. 这些力可以各自地以及混合地导致一个流体透镜比标称上相同的流体透镜有稍微不同的操作。 These forces can be individually and in combination, led to a fluid lens on the same fluid than the nominal lens has a slightly different operation. 当在操作条件中这种差别存在,实质相同流体透镜控制信号在这两个透镜中的应用会导致每个透镜不同的操作性能。 When such differences exist in the operating conditions, the fluid lens substantially the same control signal is applied in the two lenses of each lens can cause different performance. 另外,为流体透镜提供简单的或准备被应用的校准方法,对以便可以校准每个透镜并为每个透镜提供合适的流体透镜控制信号以期望的方式来操作在属于那个流体透镜的特别条件下也是有帮助的。 In addition, the offer or prepare simple calibration method is applied to the fluid lens, so that you can calibrate next to each lens and provide appropriate fluid lens control signal for each lens in the desired manner to operate the special conditions of belonging to the fluid lens also helpful.

[0373] 然而为提供校准能力的另一个原因涉及在预定流体透镜操作中随着时间过去的变化。 [0373] Yet another reason to provide the ability to relate to a predetermined calibration fluid lens operations change over time in the past. 各个流体透镜的操作依赖于所述流体透镜的部件的化学、机械、和电性能的一个或多个,其性能会随着时间和使用变化。 One or more of the operations of the respective fluid lens is dependent on the fluid lens part of chemical, mechanical, and electrical properties, its performance will vary with time and use. 例如,如上文指出的,操作在响应于电信号的流体透镜可以承受在一个或多个流体中的电化学驱动反作用。 For example, as noted above, the operation in response to an electrical signal can withstand electrochemical fluid lens in one or more fluid driven reaction. 另外,作为受热过程的结果,流体可以随着时间改变性能,例如重复的加热和冷却循环或暴露于外部温度。 Further, as a result of process heat, fluid properties may change over time, such as repeated heating and cooling cycles or exposed to the outside temperature. 如将被理解的,当流体透镜的一个或多个部件的性能随着时间改变,校准感兴趣的操作条件或许是有利的。 As will be appreciated, when the performance of one or more components of the fluid lens changes with time, adjustment of operating conditions of interest may be advantageous.

[0374] 仍然在另一个实施例中,提供惯性设备例如加速计,来确定流体透镜的方向,其方向信息被用来自我校准所述流体透镜。 [0374] In still another embodiment, there is provided apparatus such as inertial accelerometers to determine the direction of the fluid lens, the direction information is used for self-calibration of the fluid lens. 重力和其他加速力会导致流体在自由边界、或两种流体互相接触的边界内移动和改变形状。 Acceleration of gravity and other forces can cause the fluid to move and change shape in a free boundary, or border the two fluids contact each other. 作为实例,考虑具有稍微不同密度的两种流体流体透镜。 As an example, consider a slightly different densities of the two fluids fluid lens. 不同密度意味着相同体积的两种流体将成比例地具有不同的质量,因为密度=质量/体积。 It means that two fluids of different density will be proportionately the same volume of different quality, since density = mass / volume. 因此,因为力(F)=质量X加速度,两种流体的相同体积在相同加速度情况下将经受稍微不同的力,例如重力加速度、或应用到支撑这两种流体的容器上的外部加速力的加速度。 Therefore, because the force (F) = mass X acceleration, the same volume of the two fluids in the same case will be subjected to slightly different acceleration forces, such as gravity, or externally applied to the support vessel on the two fluids acceleration forces acceleration. 这种被施以加速度的一种结果可以是作为结果的所述流体的相对位置的一种变化,在两种流体之间接触表面定义的界面的形状上的变化。 A result of this acceleration can be applied as a result of a change in the relative position of the fluid, it changes the shape of the contact surface between the two fluids on the definition of the interface. 另外,该加速度施加的方向也将影响到所述流体的反应。 Further, the direction of the acceleration applied to the reactor will also affect the fluid. 例如,被垂直施加到所述两种流体之间的平面界面的加速度比平行、正切施加到所述两种流体之间界面的平面部件具有更少的影响。 For example, the acceleration applied perpendicular to the plane of the interface between the two fluids than parallel to the planar member being 切施加 the interface between the two fluids has less influence. 因为该加速力大体上可以被施加在关于这两种流体之间的界面的任何角度,因此在回应依赖于所应用的加速力的精确方向方面,大体上将具有差别。 Since the accelerating force may be applied at substantially any angle with respect to the interface between the two fluids, so the response depends on the exact direction of acceleration forces applied aspects, we will have substantially different. 例如加速计和陀螺仪的惯性传感器在确定和在追踪物体随着时间的位置可以是有用的。 Such as accelerometers and gyroscopes in inertial sensors to identify and track objects in time as the position can be useful. 虽然这种惯性传感器的应用,识别物体的方向、以及测量应用的加速力的幅度和方向是可能的。 Although the magnitude and direction of acceleration forces inertial sensor applications, the direction of object recognition, and measurement applications are possible. 通过流体透镜的方向和包括重力的外力的知识计算或建模存在与所述透镜内的所述流体将怎样回应操作在所述透镜上的力是可能的。 Through knowledge of the direction of the fluid lens and the external force including gravity calculation or modeling how the presence of fluid within the lens will operate in response to a force on the lens are possible. 当上文呈现的描述可以被理解为描述线性加速力例如重力,执行追踪和流体对具有非线性成分的力、具有旋转成分的力、或随时间变化的力的回应的计算也是可能的。 When presented in the above description it may be understood to describe linear acceleration forces such as gravity, execution trace and fluid composition of the force with a non-linear, with the force rotation component, or in response to time-varying computing power are also possible. 在一些实施例中, 利用适于各种力的合适传感器,我们可以确定所应用的力与两种流体之间的相对方向,并且计算什么样的回应将是期望的。 In some embodiments, the use of appropriate force sensors for all, we can determine the relative direction of the applied force between the two fluids, and calculate what the response would be desirable. 作为计算的结果,提供信息用来及时地应用恢复力。 As a result of calculation, to provide information for timely application of resilience. 例如,通过修改电信号的幅度和/或场方向,如果需要作为时间的函数,所述流体界面的期望变形可以被抵消。 For example, by modifying the amplitude of the electrical signal and / or field direction, if required as a function of time, a desired deformation of the fluid interface can be offset. 在一个实施例中,提供固态加速计传感器,其操作在充分高的速度来确定外部力的幅度和方向。 In one embodiment, there is provided a solid-state accelerometer sensors, which operate at a sufficiently high speed to determine the magnitude and direction of the external force. 具有10000HZ的响应速率的加速计可以从位于4145 N First Street, San Jose,CA 95134 的Crossbow Technology 有限公司获得。 Accelerometers have the response rate from 10000HZ located 4145 N First Street, San Jose, CA 95134 of Crossbow Technology Co., Ltd. received.

[0375] 然而在其他实施例中,在包含流体透镜的装置中,操作所述流体透镜来提供对于例如由透镜的震动、位置、方向引起的畸变、由更高阶光学不完整性导致的色差、变形、以及由环境因素改变,例如压力改变而引起的色差的校正的性能。 [0375] However, in other embodiments, the apparatus comprising a fluid lens, the operation of the fluid lens chromatic aberration is provided for by the vibration of the lens distortion, for example, the position, orientation caused by a higher order optical imperfections caused by , deformation, and changed by environmental factors, such as pressure changes caused by the performance of the correction of chromatic aberration. 如已经在上文解释的,使用加速力作为例子,所述流体透镜可以在一些实施例中承受各种扭曲力或导致所述流体透镜的操作退步的、在操作中其是被期望的力。 As has been explained above, the use of acceleration as an example, the fluid lens may be subjected to various distorting forces in some embodiments, or cause the deterioration of the fluid lens, which in operation is desired force. 在其他实例中,所述流体透镜可以具有固有的不完整性,例如色差或更高阶不完整性。 In other examples, the fluid lens may have an inherent imperfections, such as color or higher order imperfections. 用各种方法分析这种光学不完整性是可能的,例如包含源、至少一个图像传感器、和硬件、和/或配置用来分析光学信息以评估是否在测试下在光学部件中存在误差和不完整性的软件的被校准图像系统的使用。 Analyzed by various methods such optical imperfections is possible, for example, comprise a source, at least one image sensor, and hardware, and / or configured to analyze the optical information to assess whether there is an error and does not in optical components in the test the integrity of the software is using a calibrated image system. 在其他实例中,被校准的测试系统在一些实施例中是适于应用在该领域的系统或装置,以便可以如果必要被不熟悉在试验室布置中所有的组合光学测试的人员以方便有效的方法执行周期校准。 In other instances, the test system is calibrated in some embodiments, the system or device suitable for use in the field, so that it can if necessary be unfamiliar with the staff in the laboratory arrangement all combinations of optical tests to facilitate effective The method of execution cycles calibration.

[0376] 在一个实施例中,所述光学元件可以在频域被建模作为传输函数,其中提供已知被应用输入信号I (s)并且测量被观察输出信号O(S)。 [0376] In one embodiment, the optical element may be modeled as a frequency-domain transfer function, wherein the input signal is applied to provide a known I (s) is observed and measured output signal O (S). 被观察的传输函数Hobs (s) =O(S)/ I(S)被确定。 Hobs observed transfer function (s) = O (S) / I (S) is determined. 随后可以将HobS(S)与期望的传输函数H(S)比较,以确定校正因子或关系C(S),其在测试下应该被应用到该系统以致使它如期望的那样执行,在这里C(S)HobS(S) = H(s),或C(S) =H(s)/Hobs (s)0 一旦确定了校正因子或关系C(s),它(或在时域它的等价替代)可以被应用来驱动流体透镜以便减少被观察的不完整性或多个不完整性。 Can then be HobS (S) with the desired transfer function H (S), to determine the relationship between the correction factor or C (S), which should be applied to the system under test such that it performed as expected, here C (S) HobS (S) = H (s), or C (S) = H (s) / Hobs (s) 0 Once the correction factor or relation C (s), it (or time domain in its equivalent alternative) can be applied to drive the fluid lens in order to reduce the observed imperfections or more of incompleteness. 传输函数概念、离散时间数学程序、数字滤波器和滤波方法、和能够处理需要的检测、分析和计算的、以及能够被用来应用校正作用的电路(包括硬件和或软件)被描述在许多关于实时数字信号处理的文章中。 Transfer function concept, discrete-time math program digital filters and filtering methods, and testing needs to handle, analysis and calculations, and can be used to apply corrective action of the circuit (including hardware and or software) is described in many About Articles real-time digital signal processing. 例如数字信号处理器的硬件在商业上可以从很多供应商获得。 Such as a digital signal processor hardware is commercially available from many suppliers.

[0377] 流体透镜的应用包括它们在一种或多种类型照相机中的使用,例如在蜂窝电话中的照相机,在高质量数字照相机中的使用,例如那些具有高倍数变焦透镜的照相机,以及在能够提供自动对焦、和平移、倾斜和缩放(“PTZ”)的照相机中的使用。 [0377] Application of the fluid lens include their cameras in one or more types of use, such as cameras in cellular phones, using high-quality digital cameras, such as those with a high multiple zoom lens camera, as well as in It provides auto focus, and pan, tilt and zoom ("PTZ") cameras in use. 平移是以扫动的移动来移动照相机,典型地水平地从一侧到另一侧。 Translational movement of the sweep is to move the camera, typically horizontally from side to side. 倾斜是垂直的照相机移动,例如在垂直于平移的方向上。 Tilt camera is moved vertically, for example in a direction perpendicular to the translation. 商业上可用的使用照相机和它的透镜重新聚焦的机械换向的PTZ视频或数字照相机是已知的,并且经常被用在监控中。 Use commercially available camera and its lens refocusing mechanical commutation PTZ video or digital camera is known and often used in monitoring. 为了完成这些特征,例如倾斜或平移,我们需要使两个光学不相似流体之间的界面相适应,以便对光轴从它原始的水平(平移)方向或原始的垂直(倾斜)方向进行重新定位,对于流体透镜,两个重新定位都可以用光轴在一个角度同时对水平和垂直方向单次重定方向来完成。 To accomplish these features, such as tilt or pan, we need to make two optical fluid interface between dissimilar adapt to optical axis from its original level (pan) direction or the original vertical (tilt) direction to reposition , the fluid lens, two can be used to reposition the optical axis at an angle to the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time a single reorientation to complete. 应用球面几何坐标容易计算这样的重定方向,但也可以用任意坐标系统,包括用三维坐标映射到二维坐标,例如常规地在X射线晶体学上做的那样作为例子。 Application of spherical geometry is easy to calculate such a reorientation, but you can also use any coordinate system, including mapping the three-dimensional coordinates to two-dimensional coordinates, for example, in the conventional X-ray crystallography done as an example. 一个完成所有自动对焦、平移、倾斜和缩放的方法是在单个设备中应用多个部件。 A complete all auto focus, pan, tilt and zoom method is the application of multiple components in a single device. 自动对焦和变焦已经在上文描述。 Auto focus and zoom has been described above. 通过提包含第一多个第一电极或至少一个第二电极的电极对,并且应用电压到该第一多个的至少一个电极和该至少一个第二电极以至于当关于所述流体透镜的光轴在应用电压之间被测量时,导致在所述流体透镜中的两种流体之间的界面的表面形状使不对称的测量改变,可以完成平移和倾斜,或更通常地, 光轴到不是与原方向共线的新方向的重定方向。 By providing a first electrode comprising a first plurality of the at least one electrode or second electrode pairs and the voltage applied to the first plurality of the at least one electrode and the second electrode such that the at least one optical lens when on the fluid When the shaft is measured between the applied voltage, resulting in the surface shape of the interface of the two fluids in the fluid between the lens of the measurement changes asymmetry, pan and tilt can be completed, or, more generally, to the optical axis is not reorientation and original direction collinear new direction. 大体上,为了完成不对称的提供,施加电压将包括不对称部件,和/或施加电压到其上的电极将被定位在不对称的几何位置关系。 In general, in order to provide complete asymmetry, including asymmetry of the applied voltage components, and / or applying a voltage to the electrode which will be positioned on the positional relationship of the asymmetric geometry. 通过施加具有不对称的电压场到所述流体透镜中的所述流体,所述流体将以一方式反应来调节跨过所述界面的电压梯度到尽可能均衡,从而致使所述流体占据包括不对称成分的界面形状,以及从而沿着与存在于应用电压之前的光轴不共线的新光轴引导光线。 By applying a voltage to said field having an asymmetric lens in the fluid flow, the fluid will be the reaction across the interface to adjust the voltage gradient to as a balanced manner, thereby causing the fluid does not occupy comprises symmetrical shape of the interface components, and thus along the new axis is present in the optical axis before applying the voltage non-collinear direct light.

[0378] 现在我们将简要地描述对于启动流体透镜是有用的电源的例子。 [0378] We will now briefly describe for starting the fluid lens is useful examples power. 在一个实施例中,用来驱动所述流体透镜的合适电源是方波电源,其偏向操作在0到V伏范围内,这里V 是正或负电压中的一个,其也可以被认为是单极供电。 In one embodiment, a suitable power source for driving the fluid lens is a square wave power, which tend to operate in the range of 0 volts to the V, where V is a positive or a negative voltage, which may also be considered monopolar powered by. 一个实施例是使用双极电源,其能够提供在+V1/2到-V1/2之间的电压,用增加+V1/2伏的偏置时,导致这个范围从0伏(= +V1/2伏偏置+[-V1/2伏]供应)到+Vl伏(=+V1/2伏偏置+V1/2伏供应)延伸,或者可选地用增加-V1/2伏的偏置时,导致这个范围从-Vl伏(=-V1/2伏偏置+[-V1/2伏] 供应)到0伏(=-V1/2伏偏置+V1/2伏供应)延伸。 One embodiment is the use of a bipolar power supply, it is possible to provide the voltage + V1 / 2 to -V1 / 2 between, with increasing bias + V1 / 2 volts, the result in this range from 0 V (= + V1 / 2 volt bias + [- V1 / 2 volts] supplied) to + Vl V (= + V1 / 2 volt bias + V1 / 2-volt supply) extension, or alternatively by increasing the bias -V1 / 2 volts When, resulting in the range from -Vl volts (= -V1 / 2 volt bias + [- V1 / 2 volts] supplied) to 0 volts (= -V1 / 2 volt bias + V1 / 2-volt supply) extension. 两个电压的相加是容易通过加法电路完成的,其许多变形是公知的。 The sum of the two voltages is readily accomplished by the addition circuit, many of which are well known in the deformation. 在一个实施例中,该偏置电压供应操作在固定电压上。 In one embodiment, the bias voltage supply operation at a fixed voltage. 在其他实施例中,基于可以通过设置开关被提供或在微处理器控制下的命令,该偏置电压供应被配置为提供多个定义电压。 In other embodiments, may be provided on or under microprocessor control by setting a switch command, the bias voltage supply is configured to provide a plurality of defined voltage. 在一些实施例中,被使用的电压可以被提供的数字信号控制,例如数字代码控制数模转换器定义输出信号值。 In some embodiments, the voltage may be used to control the digital signal is supplied, for example, the definition of a digital code control DAC output signal value. 在另一个实施例中,利用具有可控频率的脉冲链作为控制信号,可以应用电压供应,其利用频率到电压转换器控制,例如National Semiconductor的UC907或UC917频率到电压转换器。 In another embodiment, the use of a pulse train having a controllable frequency as the control signal, can be applied to the voltage supply, which utilizes frequency-to-voltage converter control, such as National Semiconductor's UC907 or UC917 frequency-to-voltage converter. 应该相信在所述流体透镜内的电化学反应在充分高的应用电压下是可操作的,从而使得在一些实例中使用单电极供应是有利的。 It is believed that within the fluid lens electrochemical reaction at sufficiently high applied voltage is operable so that the use of a single electrode supply in some instances is advantageous.

[0379] 在其他实施例中,提供具有从一伏到上百伏级别的正和负峰值电压的电压信号的电源供应被提供。 [0379] In other embodiments, providing a power supply is provided from one volt to hundreds of volts level of positive and negative peak voltage of the voltage signal. 在一些实施例中,由驱动器集成电路产生的方波提供输出电压,例如通常被用来操作场致发光灯,例如被设置于蜂窝电话中。 In some embodiments, the driver integrated circuit generates a square wave output voltage to provide, for example, is commonly used to manipulate EL lamp, for example, is provided in the cellular phone.

[0380] 图83是表示示例性流体透镜驱动电路四00的示意方框图。 [0380] FIG. 83 is a diagram showing an exemplary schematic block diagram of a fluid lens driving circuit 400 of. 该电路由电池供应2900供电,典型地运行于在3到4. 5伏的范围内,虽然可以设计用其他电压电池操作和从固定墙配备电源供应操作的电路。 The circuit is powered by a battery supply 2900, is typically run in the range of 3 to 4.5 volts, although other voltages can be designed for use with battery-operated and power supply circuit operating from a fixed wall. 电压参考四20被提供,其具有与低压降电源调节器关联。 4:20 voltage reference is provided, which has low dropout power regulator association. 提供以时钟信号(频率或脉冲链)形式的输入信号和数字数据线给I2C串行接口四30 用于这个驱动器电路受外部设备的控制,例如图55的微处理器4040。 Provided with a clock signal (frequency or pulse train) in the form of the input signal and the digital data lines to four I2C serial interface 30 is used to control external devices by the driver circuit, such as a microprocessor 55 4040. 串行接口四30与控制器四40通信(例如商业上可获得的微处理器)用来调整流体透镜驱动器电路四00、用来设置输出频率的振荡器四60、用来设置输出电压的数模(DAC)转换器四50的激活。 Four serial communication interfaces 40 and 30 four controllers (e.g., commercially available microprocessor) for adjusting the fluid lens drive circuit 400, to set the output frequency of the four oscillator 60, the output voltage is set to the number of analog (DAC) converter 50 of four activated. 提供来自电压参考四20的参考电压给该DAC。 It provides a reference voltage from the voltage reference to the four 20 DAC. 在一些实施例中,该DAC是10位DAC。 In some embodiments, the DAC is 10 DAC.

[0381] 控制器四40与提供时序信号的振荡器四60通信。 [0381] The controller 40 communicates with four oscillator provides timing signals Four 60. 通过从自外部源四62传送的合适信号,可以设计控制器四40进入省电状态,外部源四62在一些实施例中可以是用户也可以是另一个控制器。 By appropriate signal from an external source four 62 transmitted from the controller can be designed four 40 power-down, four external source 62 in some embodiments may be a user may be another controller. 这里可预期的控制器大体上是任何基于微处理器的控制器,包括微控制器、与存储器和编程指令关联的微处理器、或通用数字计算机。 Contemplated herein is any substantially controller microprocessor-based controller, including a microcontroller, associated with memory and microprocessor programmed instructions, or a general purpose digital computer. 控制器四40也与为桥驱动输出器四80生成方波信号的波形产生器四45通信。 The controller 40 also communicates with four waveform generator output is four bridge driver 80 generates a square wave signal of four 45. 通过控制器四40应用所述输出波形,波形产生器四45也与所述DAC转换器同步。 Four by the controller 40 to apply the output waveform, the waveform generator 45 is also synchronized with the four DAC converter.

[0382] DAC2950的输出设置高电压产生器四70的输出电压级别以便该输出电压与DAC2920的输出成比例,并且从而将其配置为被例如计算机的数字源高精度控制。 Output [0382] DAC2950 is set high voltage generator output voltage level to the output of four 70 output is proportional to the voltage and DAC2920, and thus it is configured to be a digital source such as high-precision control of the computer. 在一些实施例中,适当的反馈电路被包含在这个电路的一部分以在一输入电压、负载和环境条件范围内保持该输出电压为常数。 In some embodiments, the appropriate feedback circuitry is included in the circuit to within a portion of the input voltage, load and environmental conditions of the range of the output voltage is kept constant. 由高电压产生器四70产生的高电压输入到桥驱动器四80。 A high voltage is generated by four 70 generates a high voltage input to the bridge drive four 80. 对于Varioptic ASM-1000流体透镜,该高电压产生器具有一个稳定输出范围从OV到接近40V。 For Varioptic ASM-1000 fluid lens, the high-voltage generator having a stable output range from OV to approximately 40V. 这个产生器可以使用感应器四72和/或电容来生成该高电压。 The generator can use four sensors 72 and / or capacitance to generate the high voltage. 然而也可以使用其他电路配置,例如容性电压放大器。 However, other circuit configurations may also be used, such as a capacitive voltage amplifier. 桥驱动器四80生成驱动流体透镜四95的高电压开关信号OUTP和0UTM。 Bridge drive four 80 generates a high voltage switch drive fluid lens 95 and four signal OUTP 0UTM. 在一些实施例中,利用图58的整流电路,该输出可以被应用给例如流体透镜四95的负载。 In some embodiments, FIG rectifier circuit 58, and the output may be applied to the fluid lens e.g. 95 four load.

[0383] 给所述流体透镜的输出是电压信号,其是由桥驱动器利用来自所述波形信号发生器的波形信号成型的波。 [0383] to the fluid lens output voltage signal, which is made from the use of the bridge drive waveform signal generator waveform signal forming waves. 术语“桥驱动”应该可以如下被理解。 The term "bridge driver" should be understood as follows. 所述负载被连接在两个放大器输出之间(例如,它在两个输出端之间“搭桥”)。 The load is connected between the two amplifier outputs (e.g., between its two outputs, "bypass"). 这样的布局可以使在所述负载上的电压摆动成倍,相比于被连接到到地的负载。 This layout allows the voltage swing on the load doubled, compared to being connected to the ground of the load. 接地负载可以具有从零到放大器的输出电压的摆动范围。 Ground loads may have a swing range from zero to the amplifier's output voltage. 桥驱动负载可以看到两个这样的摆动,因为放大器可以驱动+端也可以驱动-端, 有效地使电压摆动加倍。 Bridge to drive the load can be seen two such swing because the amplifier can drive + terminal can also drive - end, effectively doubling the voltage swing. 因为电压两倍意味着功率四倍,这是有意义的提高,特别在电池大小指示低电供应压的地方应用,例如汽车或手持应用。 Twice the voltage means four times because of power, which is meaningful improvement, particularly in the size indicates low battery power supply voltage of local applications such as automotive or handheld applications.

[0384] 如已经指出的,我们也可以用合适幅度和极性的参考信号累加已描述的电路的输出,以便由所述负载承受的所述电压摆动是单极性的,但是正极或负极电压信号相对于地的幅度变为两倍。 [0384] As already indicated, we can also use the output circuit of appropriate magnitude and polarity of the reference signal accumulation has been described, the voltage in order to withstand the load from the swing is unipolar, but positive or negative voltage signal amplitude with respect to ground into a double. 刚刚提及的所述电压优点已经表现在这个实例中,因为电源P是由关系V2/R或V2/Z给出,这里V是电压,R是电阻,Z是阻抗。 The voltage advantage just mentioned have been shown in this example, since the relationship between the power P is given by V2 / R or V2 / Z, where V is voltage, R is the resistance, Z is the impedance. 因为在两个实施例中电压摆动是相同的ν伏(例如,从-ν/2到+ν/2,从0到+ν,或从-ν到0),因此有效功率没有改变。 Because in both embodiments voltage swing is the same ν volts (for example, from -ν / 2 to + ν / 2, from 0 to + ν, or from -ν to 0), so the effective power has not changed. 那些知晓机电工程原理的人对于明确叙述的内容是熟悉的,因为电气系统的参考电压(例如地电势)可以以随意方式来选择,仅从一个参考到另一个不同的参考转移应用电压到所述流体透镜应该不会改变分配给所述流体透镜的电源网络。 Those who know the mechanical and electrical engineering principles for a clear description of the content is familiar, because the electrical system of a reference voltage (for example, ground potential) can be selected in a random way, only a reference to a different reference voltage to the transfer application fluid lens should not change the allocation to the fluid lens power network. 然而,当从电化学原理的观点来考虑,应该认识到不同的电化学反应可以被构造发生(或可以被禁止),依赖于是否被应用的电压相对于所述参考电压是正极阈电压,或负极阈电压(例如在特别的化学系统中极性可以是很重要的特征)。 However, from the viewpoint of electrochemical principles to consider, should recognize that different electrochemical reactions can be configured occur (or can be disabled), depending on whether the voltage is applied with respect to the reference voltage is a positive threshold voltage, or negative threshold voltage (e.g., in a polar particular chemical system can be very important feature).

[0385] 图84和85是表示LED模3010以正方向发射能量通过流体透镜3020的图。 [0385] FIG. 84 and 85 is a LED die 3010 emit energy in the positive direction through a fluid lens 3020 in FIG. 该发射光的发散被用所述流体透镜修正。 Divergence of the emitted light is corrected by the fluid lens. 在图84中,该发射光的发散被修正因为所述流体透镜的光学放大率。 In Figure 84, the divergence of the emitted light is corrected because the optical power of the fluid lens. 在所示的实例中发射出所述流体透镜的光可以被考虑为接近校准的光, 即使射出的光是发散的。 Emitted in the example shown the fluid lens can be considered close to the light collimated light, even if light is emitted divergent. 在所述流体透镜的曲率比图84中所示的更大的一个位置,所述光没有被聚集在更小的一个区域。 The fluid lens curvature larger than a position shown in FIG. 84, the light is not gathered in a smaller area. 在图85中,所述流体透镜的功率已经被减小到接近零以至于被LED发射的光的发散是完全没被改变。 In Figure 85, the fluid lens power has been reduced to near zero so that the divergence of the light emitted by the LED is not changed completely. 在图84和85中的光图案的比较指示出这样的系统可以被用来控制对感兴趣的目标的覆盖(在区域上),例如用在手持阅读器或成像器的阅读的感兴趣的条形码。 In FIG. 84 and 85 of the optical pattern comparison indicates that such a system can be used to control coverage of the target of interest (in the region), for example, for use in hand-held bar code reader or imager reading interest . 在一些实施例中,也可以使用阅读器或扫描器上的一个或多个窗口来在不利的环境条件下保护包括所述流体透镜的所述光学系统。 In some embodiments, the reader can also be used or one or more windows on the scanner to protect includes the fluid lens of the optical system under adverse environmental conditions.

[0386] 应该注意,虽然细节可以改变,但是这个概念也可以应用到封装的LED上,也可以应用到可以包括例如球形、非球形、柱面透镜的附加光学元件的流体透镜组合上。 [0386] It should be noted, although the details may be changed, but the concept can also be applied to the package of the LED, can be applied to fluid lens compositions may include, for example spherical, aspherical, additional optical elements of the cylindrical lens.

[0387] 在一个实施例中,期望这样的系统更有效地利用该LED发射光的更多部分。 [0387] In one embodiment, such a system is more desirable to use more efficient light emitting portion of the LED. 例如当观测所述成像器附近的条形码,为了确定在其整个延伸上有更大的条形码图案被照亮, 期望更发散的照亮图案,以及当在离所述成像器更大的距离看条形码,更会聚的照亮图案是可期望的,以便照明不被由于落到感兴趣光域的外部而遭到浪费。 E.g., when the observer near the barcode imager, in order to determine with greater bar code pattern is illuminated, it is desirable to extend over the entire illuminated more divergent pattern, as well as when away from the imager to see a greater distance barcode more convergent illuminating pattern is expected to fall due to the external lighting is not interested in the optical domain and have been wasted.

[0388] 图87、88和89表示包含激光3110、校准透镜3120和流体透镜3130的激光扫描器在各种配置中的图。 [0388] FIG. 87, 88 and 89 denotes a laser scanner includes a laser 3110, 3120 and collimating lens fluid lens 3130 in various configurations. FIG. 在图86中,所述流体透镜被配置为具有第一光学放大率、第一焦距和第一主要光束方向。 In FIG. 86, the fluid lens is configured to have a first optical power, a first focal length and a first main beam direction. 从流体透镜3130发射的光束在位于离流体透镜3130为第一距离Dl 的平面3140上聚焦为具有最窄光束宽度。 3130 from the fluid lens focuses the light beam emitted by a light beam having the narrowest width from the fluid lens located on the first distance Dl 3130 to 3140 plan. 在图87中,所述流体透镜被配置为具有第二光学放大率、第二焦距和第一主要光束方向。 In FIG. 87, the fluid lens is configured to have a second optical power, a first focal length and a second main beam direction. 在图87中,从流体透镜3130发射的光束在位于离流体透镜3130为第二距离D2的平面3141上聚焦为具有最窄光束宽度,以至于D2大于D1,并且当所述流体透镜3130的焦距被改变时第一主要光束方向没被改变。 In FIG. 87, the fluid from the lens 3130 is focused on the light beam emitted from the fluid lens 3130 located at a second distance D2 from the plane 3141 having a narrowest beam width, so that D2 is greater than D1, and when the focal length of fluid lens 3130 when changing the first main beam direction has not changed. 在图88中, 所述流体透镜被配置为具有第一光学放大率、第一焦距和第二主要光束方向。 In FIG. 88, the fluid lens is configured to have a first optical magnification, the focal length of the first and second main beam direction. 在图88中, 从流体透镜3130发射的光束在位于离流体透镜3130为沿着图86的第二主要光束方向测量的相应于第一距离Dl的平面3140上聚焦为具有最窄光束宽度,但因为在图88中的光束是以一个角度发射的,该光束的横向距离是“偏轴”的Li。 In Figure 88, the fluid lens 3130 focuses the light beam emitted by a light beam having the narrowest width in the fluid lens 3130 is located away from the main beam along a second direction 86 of the measurement corresponding to the first distance Dl plane 3140, but Because the beam in FIG. 88 is an emission angle, the lateral distance of the beam is Li "off-axis" of. 通过正确地配置和激励流体透镜3130可以实现其他的光学放大率、焦距和主要光束方向。 By properly configured and encourage fluid lens 3130 may implement other optical magnification, focal length, and the main beam direction.

[0389] 本发明的目的在于利用流体透镜变焦光学系统的优点。 [0389] The present invention is to take advantage of the fluid zoom lens optical system. 流体变焦透镜配置可以被使用在条形码扫描以使得能够在离该条形码扫描仪的各种距离成像不同的条形码。 Fluid zoom lens configuration can be used to enable the bar code scanning the bar code scanner from various distances of different imaging barcode. 在如今制造的条形码扫描仪,通过缩小透镜部件的光圈以增加光域的深度,一般可以获得大的工作距离。 In today's manufacturing barcode scanners, by narrowing the aperture of the lens unit to increase the depth of the optical domain, generally you can obtain a large working distance. 然而这样有两个缺点:第一,当该透镜缩得越小,该光学系统点扩展功能增加从而扫描使用窄条形元件的图案更加困难。 However, this has two drawbacks: first, when the lens is reduced as small, the point spread function of the optical system is increased to scan using a narrow strip element patterns more difficult. 第二,当该透镜变得更小,更少的光进入到该透镜从而减少该系统的信号与噪声的比例。 Second, when the lens becomes smaller, less light enters the lens to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of the system. 低的信噪比要求操作者静止地握持该阅读器更长的时间周期。 Low SNR require the operator to hold the reader is stationary for longer periods of time. 这种效果是该条形码扫描仪对手移动具有更高的敏感度。 This effect is the bar code scanner opponents move higher sensitivity. 另外,因为需要长周期的时间,用户将更可能变得疲劳。 In addition, because it takes a long period of time, users will be more likely to become fatigued.

[0390] 如果所述物体的范围或所述物体的距离是已知的,可以测量物体距离。 [0390] If the range of the distance to the object or the object is known, the object distance can be measured. 可以使用流体透镜系统实现范围查找系统。 You can use the system to achieve a fluid lens range finding system. 在一个实施例中,当由任意多个公制来确定,所述流体透镜将被聚焦在多个聚焦位置并且具有最佳聚焦的位置将与那个流体透镜位置相关联。 In one embodiment, when the metric is determined by any number of the fluid lens is focused at a focus position and having a plurality of best focus position that is associated with the fluid lens position. 通过知道导致所述所述流体透镜具有最佳聚焦图像的所述流体透镜驱动电压以及使用查找表, 对于那个特殊流体透镜操作电压可以确定距离系统的相关距离。 By knowing the cause of the fluid of the fluid lens having the optimum focus lens and the image of the driving voltage using a lookup table, for that particular fluid lens operating voltage can determine the relevant distance system. 通过知道所述范围,放大倍率可以被计算并且因此于在成像器上给定数目的像素关联的物体宽度是已知的或可以被推导的。 By knowing the range, the magnification can be calculated and therefore to the imager associated with a given number of pixels of the object width are known or can be deduced. 在这种情况下例如条形码阅读器或成像器的系统可以计算特殊物体特征的宽度,例如条形码元件宽度或包裹尺寸。 In this case for example, a bar code reader or imager system can calculate the width of the particular characteristics of the object, such as a bar code element width or package size.

[0391] 流体透镜可变部件可以被加到条形码系统中。 [0391] fluid lens variable component may be added to the barcode system. 在一些实施例中,该部件将被使用在光学系统的一部分中,该光学系统接收光并将允许该系统最佳地以光效率换取视场的点扩展功能宽度和深度。 In some embodiments, the components will be used in part of the optical system, the optical system receiving light and allow the system to exchange best light efficiency to the point spread function of the width and depth of the field of view. 当使用一个小的部件,该光学系统将具有大的视场深度,但不利的是该系统的光通过量是减少的(也就是说,更少的光通过该系统)并且该点扩展功能(也能够被分辨的最小元件尺寸成比例)也是降低的。 When using a small part of the optical system with a large depth of field, but the disadvantage is the amount of light passing through the system is reduced (that is, less light through the system) and the point spread function ( The minimum resolvable element size can be proportionally) is reduced. 在一些实施例中,期望将条形码系统配置为开始就具有该光学系统设有最佳光通过量,并且如果没有实现好的读取,那么为了延伸在解码可以在所述条形码扫描仪视场内的任何条形码图案的工作中的视场深度,可以减小该部件尺寸。 In some embodiments, it is desirable to configure the system to start the bar code of the optical system is provided with the optimal amount of light to pass through, and if not achieved good read, then extends to decode the barcode scanner in the field of view Work barcode pattern in any depth of field, the component size can be reduced.

[0392] 在一个实施例中,流体透镜被用作可变孔。 [0392] In one embodiment, the fluid is used as a variable lens aperture. 流体透镜的这种使用的一种执行包括增加着色剂到流体的至少一个以使那种流体在感兴趣的电磁频谱范围的至少一个区域不透明,例如在可见光频谱的特别范围内是不透明的。 An implementation of such lenses using a fluid comprising a colorant to the fluid to increase at least one fluid so that at least one opaque region of the electromagnetic spectrum of interest, e.g., within a particular range in the spectrum of visible light is opaque. 从电源施加电压到所述透镜以便缺少着色剂的所述流体在背靠相反窗口的特别区域“底部”吸收,从而在那个频谱范围内形成清晰。 Applying a voltage from the power supply of the fluid to the lens so that the lack of a colorant in the back area of the window opposite the special "bottom" absorbent, thereby forming a clear within that spectrum. 在一个实例中着色剂可以被加到油水流体透镜的水部分中。 In one example, the colorant may be added to the water portion of the aqueous fluid lens.

[0393] 在可选实施例中,如果窗口是弯曲的以便它有效地平行与水-油界面的弯曲,在一些实例中可以将该流体透镜配置为作为可变过滤器。 [0393] In an alternative embodiment, if the window is curved so that it is effectively in parallel with the water - oil interface bent, in some instances the fluid lens may be configured as a variable filter. 在这样的实施例中,所述油将不会背靠窗口在底部,而是将产生所述水的厚度,其本质上恒定地作为跨过该窗口一部分的半径的函数。 In such an embodiment, the oil will not be back at the bottom of the window, but the water will have a thickness as constant across the radius of the window function of a part of their nature. 这个厚度将通过改变被施加的电压而被变化。 This thickness will be varied by changing the voltage to be applied. 从而该吸收光的水的电压控制厚度将确定通过所述流体滤波器的光的数量。 So that the water absorption of light will be determined by the voltage to control the thickness of the fluid filter light quantity. 如果该着色剂在特殊的波长具有光吸收特性, 那么在这些波长内通过所述流体滤波器的所述光的幅度将通过改变该应用电压而被改变。 If the colorant having a specific wavelength of light absorption characteristics, so in these wavelengths by the filter, the amplitude of the light fluid will be changed by varying the applied voltage.

[0394] 通过具有超过一个透镜元件配置作为流体透镜,例如三个一组的透镜,因为透镜的组合,可以减少存在于单个元件的光色差,并且这将产生更高质量光学图像。 [0394] By having more than one lens element is configured as a fluid lens, e.g., a set of three lenses, because of a combination of lenses, can be present in a single device to reduce light color, and this will result in higher quality of the optical image. 最优化三个一组透镜技术在透镜设计领域是已知的。 Optimized lens technology in the design of a set of three field lenses are known. 然而,代表性的例子是为给定焦距系统最优化任何给定透镜。 However, the typical example is the system for a given focal length lens to optimize any given. 典型地,如果为了光学元件的一个组合而最优化透镜,当改变该透镜表面的一个并且碰巧当操作单个流体元件来改变光学参数,例如焦距时,它没有被最佳地配置。 Typically, if a combination of optical components for the most optimized lens, when changing one of the lens surface and happens when operating