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Publication numberCA2306249 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2306249
PCT numberPCT/FR1998/002143
Publication date15 Apr 1999
Filing date7 Oct 1998
Priority date8 Oct 1997
Also published asCA2306249C, DE69804119D1, DE69804119T2, EP1019758A1, EP1019758B1, US6369954, USRE39874, WO1999018456A1
Publication numberCA 2306249, CA 2306249 A1, CA 2306249A1, CA-A1-2306249, CA2306249 A1, CA2306249A1, PCT/1998/2143, PCT/FR/1998/002143, PCT/FR/1998/02143, PCT/FR/98/002143, PCT/FR/98/02143, PCT/FR1998/002143, PCT/FR1998/02143, PCT/FR1998002143, PCT/FR199802143, PCT/FR98/002143, PCT/FR98/02143, PCT/FR98002143, PCT/FR9802143
InventorsBruno Berge, Jerome Peseux
ApplicantUniversite Joseph Fourier, Bruno Berge, Jerome Peseux, Varioptic, Parrot, Parrot Drones
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Lens with variable focus
CA 2306249 A1
The invention concerns a lens with variable focus comprising a chamber (12) filled with a first liquid (13), a drop of a second liquid (11) being provided on a first surface zone of the chamber wall, wherein the chamber wall is made of an insulating material, the first liquid is conductive, the second liquid insulating, the first and second liquid are immiscible, with different optical indices and substantially of the same density. Means are provided for positioning said drop in inoperative position on said zone, comprising electrical means for applying a voltage stress between the conductive liquid and an electrode (16) arranged on said wall second surface, and centering means for maintaining the centering and controlling the shape of the drop edge while a voltage is being applied by electrowetting.
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US72276828 Apr 20055 Jun 2007Panavision International, L.P.Wide-range, wide-angle compound zoom with simplified zooming structure
US846037617 May 200611 Jun 2013Wavelight Laser Technologie AgIntraocular lens
International ClassificationG02B3/14
Cooperative ClassificationG02B3/14, A61B1/0019, G02B26/005
European ClassificationG02B26/00L1, G02B3/14
Legal Events
6 Oct 2003EEERExamination request